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Green House Seeds

Green House Seeds - Feminized Seeds

Green House Seeds Company is one of the most successful Dutch seed banks. They have raked the entire world to find the best wild strains of marijuana and to create unique plants. Here, you can find strains for all tastes: from the purest Sativas to the most narcotic and fastest Indicas, along with hybrids of all strengths and strains with high medicinal values. Their strains have been awarded hundreds of cups and prizes in cannabis competitions all over the planet; every grower has heard of GreenHouseCo.

One of their star strains is Super Lemon Haze which has won many High Times Cannabis Times Cups, among other prizes. This strain has to be kept under control when grown indoors since it can grow much too tall. This can be done by pruning, using a mesh or by directly flowering clones. If you grow it properly and don't overuse fertilizers during the 11 weeks it takes to flower, you can easily get more than 1g per W. Outdoors, you can grow gigantic plants as long as they aren't planted in a very humid climate; excess humidity might cause the long colas of buds to rot. If you plant them under sunny, hot weather, they should be ready towards mid-October, yielding up to 1.5kg.

Those who are looking for large yields and sweet tastes will appreciate Great White Shark, a strain that produces long branches of buds pointing upwards. Indoors, it produces large and short plants, with open branches full of flowers. Such open branches result in buds pointing upwards that look like shark teeth. After 9 weeks of blooming they can yield 500g/m2 easily with their dense and resinous buds. Outdoors and under hot weather you should grow very productive plants, yielding up to 1kg at the beginning of October. You'll be rewarded with a very strong and relaxing weed, with a long lasting effect.

Super Bud is a strain for those looking for medicinal relief for pain, insomnia or for getting their appetite back. This strain can be grown indoors and outdoors, providing very good results in both. Indoors, it will lead to short and productive plants, ready for harvest after just 8-9 flowering weeks. Outdoors, you can also grow awesome plants. Besides, since you can harvest very early, they'll be finished before the end of summer rains, avoiding potential rot. You can expect to cut up to 1kg per seasonal plant at the beginning of September. So, if you need a medicinal plant this strain should really be in your garden.

Whatever you are looking for in a marijuana seed, GreenHouse has an ideal strain for you. We have reviewed them all so that you can find your way easily among the different varieties in our catalogue. Whether you're looking for flavor, effect or suitability to given climate conditions, you'll certainly enjoy the result. As always, we have permanent offers for all feminized seeds of the bank. Get the best genetics at the best prices.