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Green House Feeding

GreenHouse fertilizers and nutrients

GreenHouse Seeds Co., the famous seeds bank, has launched its own nutrient brand. You will find an all-in-one fertilizer for each type of genetics base: indicas, sativas and mother plants. Fertilizers to cover the whole growing cycle by simply adding them to the irrigation water: a real progress. Each of these fertilizers has been specially designed for each type of plant, contributing with more or less of a certain macronutrient accordingly to the genotype of our plants.

Get very high yields from your Indica-dominant plants by using a single fertilizer. With the simple addition of 1g of nutrient per litre of water you will provide your plants with everything they needs for a whole cycle. Being Indica plants, the appropriate NPK is 16-6-26. This implies a low dose of nitrogen will have to be supplied, since the vegetative stage is short. Phosphorus dose is also low, since its function is mainly to induce the change towards the flowering and this is done very quickly. On the other hand, potassium dose has to be high since an abundant flowering will requires a lot of this mineral.

Powder Feeding Mostly Sativa is a customized fertilizer for your sativa plants. Its 18-12-18 NPK will contribute a high dose of nitrogen to support long vegetative stages and also an important supply for the flowering stage. You should also notice that the potassium supply drops to about 18% since sativas tend to consume less of this mineral at once, but for a longer time.

Powder Feeding Hybrids will help you grow plants with mixed genotypes. With an NPK of 15-7-22, they are ideal for short-time growths, short transitions towards the flowering and fattening stages with high needs of nutrients. 50% Hybrids are usually the best well fed by this type of fertilizer.

Powder Feeding Mother Plants is one of the star products from the brand. As a good seed bank, the company has a lot of experience in the keeping of mother plants and this is easily noticed when employing their product. Your plants will have all they need for a permanent growth, producing green and healthy cuttings non-stop. Never before mother plants displayed such as good color and for such a long time. NPK is 24-6-12, a combination that provides a high dose of nitrogen without neglecting the rest of required components.

With Calcium will be able to increase the level of calcium in your irrigation water when using inverse osmosis. Indeed, since osmosis water is mineral-free, plants tend to present deficiencies of this mineral. A serious deficiency of calcium has a deep impact on the bloom, so it is better not to take this risk.

Whatever fertilizer by Green House Co. you are after, you will find it in our catalogue, always in stock and at the best price.