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Marijuana bud trimmers - trimming machines

You'll be able to save a lot of time when trimming your plants by using a handy bud trimmer. They let you remove all of the leaves from your cannabis plants in no time at all, without having to do it manually with scissors.

We have various different brands and models and each of them works in a particular way. Some of them are ideal for large grow rooms, with powerful motors capable of trimming several kg an hour. Others are ideal for the common grower and will help you save 2 or 3 days of trimming. After just a couple of hours everything will be trimmed.

One of the best-selling models is the Leaf Cutter, a trimming machine that's very easy to use and accident-free for common users. It is available in two sizes: the smallest one is designed with the smallest growers in mind, that is, for these people who have a simple grow room or a couple of plants on the balcony. The biggest one is made for more ambitious growers since it can process double the load and trim at the same time. There is a manual and an automatic model. The manual one works by turning a crank and isn't noisy at all, whereas the automatic one, though more convenient, is much noisier. If the plastic bands or the blades break there are also available spare-parts on our website.

Really ambitious growers will need more professional tools, capable of trimming larger quantities in less time. We have tables, such as the Trimpro Original, which can trim whole branches and even whole plants in few seconds. It is a table with a grid in the middle that has a blade turning at full speed just underneath. You can pass the branch with leaves or the whole plant through, and the blades will pull and cut the leaves, leaving all the trimmed product inside a bag. High trimming performances in one hour guaranteed. Your marijuana will be ready to be hung since there will be no need to remove the buds from the branches.

Trimpro Work Station models also let you get rid of the leaves easily, apart from providing you with a great product from which to make the finest hash. In order to trim buds off, they have to be removed from the branches and then discard everything but the flowers and the leaves (that is, stems and trunks are thrown away). Then, a layer of buds has to be set on the table before turning the peeler on. The buds have to be passed over the grid manually, like if they were small balls or marbles, twisting them with your hands until all the leaves are removed. Using silicone or latex gloves lets you gather resin of the finest quality (charas).

If you don't want to trim your weed manually, larger models, such as the Trimpro Rotor, Trimpro Automatik, Trimpro XL and Trimpro Gasoline can do it automatically. These models turn marijuana buds themselves, removing the leaves. All you'll have to do is open a lid to collect the buds in a bucket or a basket and bring them to the drying room. Capacity varies with the model, and some of them can process many kg per hour.

If this is still not enough for you, you can choose models as sophisticated as the Twister Trimmer.  Besides adjusting the cutting degree of the leaves, this trimmer finishes the leaves very closely, peeling whole branches off. Branches are put inside the machine through one of the sides and they come out peeled through the other one, while the leaves are being collected by very powerful hoovers inside a bag. This is the most efficient model in our catalogue.

If you want to save time when trimming your harvest, don't hesitate and get one of our trimmers with big discounts. You will find a detailed description of sizes, shapes and recommended uses for each model. Because in we like keeping you informed about what you buy and how to use it!