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Flowerpots, Containers & Disposable Grow Bags

Pots and containers for growing cannabis plants indoors and outdoors. We have a large catalogue full of all types of flowerpots for any situation. Depending on when and how you’re growing you’ll need a specific type of flowerpot; not all flowerpots are the same.

You can get black or white flowerpots, depending on where you’re growing. White flowerpots are designed to be placed in areas with intense sunlight, as it reflects heat and stops your roots from heating up too much. Black flowerpots are perfect for indoor grows or areas where sunlight won’t be hitting the pot.

We have various sized containers and flowerpots that can adapt perfectly to the size of your flowerpots, whether they’re black or white or for indoors or outdoors – plants need to be transplanted sooner or later. When transplanting, you’ll need to go from smaller to larger flowerpots. If you go for a big pot straight away, your plants’ roots will end up growing out and around the edges and the middle part of the pot will end up becoming empty and accumulating unnecessary water.

We stock various materials and shapes. The most-used pots are out square plastic pots that come in various different sizes and make the most of your available growing area. The smallest ones are used to germinate or for cuttings. 3.5L pots are used for the growth period or for flowering cuttings directly indoors. 5L flowerpots are usually used for LED autos grown in coco, as it doesn’t need much space at all. Once your plants stop growing and begin drying up much faster you’ll need to transplant, as this means that their roots have taken up as much space as possible in their pots.

We also stock specific pots for Autoflowering plants. They’re square, white 18L flowerpots and they’re also perfect for growing 3-month autoflowering plants.

If the square pots are a bit small for your next transplant (if you have large mother plants or large outdoor plants) we recommend getting our white handle model. The last transplant outdoors should be between spring and summer.

Another one of our most-used pots is the AeroPot. These pots actually prune your plants’ roots while they grow, which allows them to grow much larger. AeroPot make for absolutely enormous ball-shaped bushy plants that keep growing. They should grow just as wide as they do tall thanks to constant root growth.

We also stock fabric flowerpots called Tex Pots, which are great for airing out your plants’ roots. They’re perfect for super humid climates, as they dry out super quick which can help you to avoid issues with rot and fungi. You can also transplant these pots straight into the ground, as the roots can grow out through the fabric. These pots can be washed and re-used a few times before they become too worn out.

If you’d prefer not to have to clean your flowerpots, you can always use our disposable Grow Bags, which can be used and thrown away without needing to clean or empty them – they save quite a lot of time, especially if you’re growing a lot of plants.

We also stock grid pots for hydroponic and aeroponic systems. We have spares for all types of grid pots, from 5.5cm to the large 8 inch crown pots for the DWC Pot.

If you need flowerpots designed for rockwool or coco slabs, we got you. They're perfect for placing on your hydro grow table that allows you to water and drain the slabs easily.

We also stock various different accessories such as trays for the pots or tags so that you can distinguish between your different strains. Take a look at our catalogue and you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for.