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5L Nebula Sprayer

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Sprayers and Nebulizers - marijuana growing

In this section, you can find all types of spray bottles and sprayers needed to give your plants the perfect dose of whatever they need; from 1L sprayers to larger watering wands that hold up to 5L.

With the 1L pistol sprayer you can treat small plants or use small amounts of organic insecticides and pesticides. It’s perfect for specific issues such as when you need to spray once or twice a week – it does not work upside down, which can be an issue as many products are designed to be sprayed on the bottom of your plants. It’s great for spraying clones, however; comfortable and easy to use.

Our pressure sprayers are some of the most used models, as they make working with your plants super easy. It has a piston, so as soon as you press the trigger it’ll spray water – no need to pump anything, so it makes the process much comfier.

Our 2L pressure sprayer is ideal for treating plants with either fertilizers or insecticides, as it can be used upside down for spraying the bottom of your plants. It only works upside down for about 10-15 seconds, but it’s still much handier than the other types. Once it stops spraying upside down, just right it and spray a couple of times.

The 5L pressure sprayer is definitely one of the best sprayers that we stock – you don’t even have to turn it upside down. It has a watering wand and hose that allows you to spray the exact part you want of your plants, both on the top and bottom of the leaves. Press the trigger and the piston inside works to push the water out, creating decent pressure. You can wear it as a backpack which is incredibly hand for outdoor growers with loads of plants that they need to spray.

If you’re looking for a spray bottle for your plants, you’re sure to find exactly what you need right here; everything you could possibly want for spraying your cannabis plants.