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Boom Nutrients

Boom Nutrients | Nutrients for Cannabis

Boom Nutrients is a new brand that specializes in creating nutrients for cannabis plants. These nutrients were made for, following our specific instructions in order to create nutrients in the perfect proportions for cannabis plants. This is where it differs from other brands; many of them are generic, whereas Boom Nutrients is specifically designed for cannabis plants.

It contains exact and specific amounts of nutrients that allow your plants to grow to the best of their abilities during each period; from rooting to bud fattening. This brand is sold exclusively here and in stores.

Roots Boom by Boom Nutrients is the first product that you’ll need to use; it’s designed to exponentially increase your plants’ root system. With just one dose you’ll already be able to notice the results, with your plants shooting up at a young age. Next up, it’s Crecimiento Boom’s turn. This base fertilizer gives your plants a little push at the start thanks to its high amounts of nitrogen. It’s super easy for your plants to absorb, making it much harder to accidentally over-feed your plants when they’re still young.

Boom Nutrients also stock flowering fertilizers that’ll surprise you. They contain high amounts of phosphorus and potassium, improving yield quite a lot. Floración Boom by Boom Nutrients expertly helps your plants to flower successfully, increasing the size and amount of plants. This flowering base fertilizer is perfect for using during the entire flowering period until two weeks before harvesting. You can use it alongside Candy Boom by Boom Nutrients, which is a bud fattener. It’s used from the third flowering week until a couple of weeks before harvesting. It increases flavor, aroma and flower yield too. It’s made out of organic ingredients (plant extracts and fulvic acids) and it also increases flower size and yield.

If you prefer growing in coco coir or peat mixes, you’ll need to use Soil Coco Boom A+B by Boom Nutrients. This flowering fertilizer comes in two parts and gives your plants everything they need during this period. Your buds will absolutely explode, doubling in size and creating an enormous amount of resin. Like most flowering fertilizers, you’ll need to stop using it a couple of weeks in order to flush out the roots effectively.

Boom Nutrients also stocks their own three-pack sets. The Start Tripack offers growers base fertilizers that are used during each period respectively; rooting, growth and flowering. If you’re looking for a slightly more specific set, you can try out their Candy Tripack too, which contains Candy Boom, used to fatten your plants flowers towards the end of the flowering period.

Keep in mind that Boom Nutrients is a brand that has been designed for cannabis home-growers and contains specific nutrients for cannabis plants. These products are unique and exclusive to and our stores across Spain. Boom Nutrients is here to stay, and this is the only place you can get it!