Water & Air Pumps

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Water & Air Pumps

Air and water pumps for all systems

In this section you can get water and air pumps for setting up your irrigation system, using water in a tank. You’ll be able to feed your plants nutrients on a timed schedule.

We stock submersible pumps that have many uses. Depending on what you’re using them for you’ll need to get a larger or smaller model. We also stock circulation pumps that are used to being on for long amounts of time and pumps that are only meant to be on for a few hours.

When it comes to air pumps, some of them can be used in small tanks such as hydroponic clone systems, and larger compressors designed for enormous water tanks.

Our Atman air pumps are perfect for working in both small X Stream systems, watering wands and drop irrigation models. We recommend having a 400-600L/h flow in small systems and 2000L/h in hydroponic and aeroponic systems that are 1m squared. All of our Atman models come with an adjustable flow.

The Neptune Hydroponics submersible pumps are similar to Atman models; they’re perfect for hydroponic and aeroponic systems, for drippers and for watering wands. Make sure to check out their flow before making a choice. For NFT and circulation systems such as aeroponic and hydroponic systems, we recommend using 2000L/h per square meter – two square meters require around 4000L/h.