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100% organic BioBizz fertilizers for cannabis

BioBizz is one of the best known fertilizer brand among cannabis growers using organic solutions. There is a wide range of products by the brand available in our catalogue and in all formats. BioBizz are totally biodegradable and this results in tasty and heavy yields.

BioBizz products guarantee healthy and lush green plants with any of their growing bases. Bio Grow can be used for short growing stages, such as in indoor settings. It supplies the nitrogen dose needed for the proper development of the plants during the first days. For long-lasting growth,  Fish Mix can be employed. This fertilizer gives plants vigor and good height, and its thus ideal for outdoor growing.

A powerful bloom stimulator is waiting for you: Top Max will induce a good production of new flowers that will result in long colas and the end of the flowering. Slightly increasing the dose will help you harvest much more weight in the end.

The brand has several additives to improve your plants' life such as Bio Heaven. It works by increasing the soil's service life since nutrient intake is considerably enhanced. Leaf Coat will help your plant's immune system get stronger to face pathogens or stresses of different kind (heat, lack of watering). Alg-A-Mic will help with the nutrients transport and Root Juice will make your plant develop a full radicular system which will occupy the whole flowerpot.

So, if you are looking for a natural treatment that will let you harvest weed of the finest quality, take a look at the BioBizz catalogue and choose your products.