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Night lamps

Night Lamps for Marijuana Indoors Growing

These green light lamps allow you to check on your plants in the dark without needing to turn the lights on. These lights are incredibly soft and don’t provide a wide light radius but they will stop your plants from getting too stressed out due to an interruption in their light cycle. Due to being green, it reflects off the leaves and your plants don’t receive any light.

If your plants detect light during the night cycle, they may develop issues later on. If they’re in the growth period, it’s usually fine, although during the flowering period you may have more problems. If a blooming plant receives light when it’s supposed to be night time, they’ll detect a change in the cycle. This change is interpreted as shorter nights, so they might begin to grow again and stop flowering. If this happens you’ll need around 2-3 months to get it to flower again, which can be disastrous for some.

If you can’t check on your indoor plants during their light cycle or even outdoor plants that you can’t check on during the day, these green lights allow you to check them rather than using a normal light. Your plants will be able to keep growing on their normal cycle and you can get your work done. These lights aren’t strong enough to check their individual trichomes though – if you bring the light too close, you may cause hermaphroditism on that area of the plant. These lights are for simply having a general look at your plants. We stock various different types of night lamps so that you can choose whichever one suits your needs best.

Agrolite’s Dark Night model is one of the most used night lamps when it comes to growing indoors cannabis, as it uses the same type of thread as any normal house bulb. You can place it in your grow room, where your normal room light would go. If you need to go in at night, all you have to do is flip the switch to turn it on. It’s a 100w light, so if it’s too close to your plants it may bother them and you’d be better off getting another lamp. As long as your plants are a meter away, you’re good.

We also have lamps that are perfect for outdoor areas or specific situations. One of the most used models is our head lamp, which is a green lamp that can be worn around your forehead. This allows you to work comfortably without having to hold anything in your hands while you check out your plants.

We also have a portably keychain lamp which is perfect for checking out outdoor plants. If you use a strong light outdoors, you may be seen from a distance, which could give away the location of your plants. This light, however, isn’t that strong although it still allows you to check on your plants. Simply stick it on your keys and you’ll never leave it behind.

The 2-in-1 Green Eye lantern is the perfect combination of two models. You can screw it into your grow room just like the Dark Night lamp, and you can also remove it and use it anywhere you want as long as it has batteries. The batteries inside are chargeable, simple place it in a socket to recharge it. It also comes with a remote control for turning it on and off. Also, when charging make sure that the remote is off or it won’t charge. This is a great option for those that grow indoors and outdoors; you’ll be able to see your plants perfectly at night.

If you’re looking for a soft light for going in and out of your grow room at night, you’ll find the right one here! Check out our different models; each one has a full description which allows you to see how they’re used and what you can expect.