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Products for marijuana concealment.

The best camouflage items are now available at at great prices. Hide your weed in a Coca-Cola or Pepsi can or in a bottle of water in a very simple and effective way. Concealment products of all types and for all budgets, made in maximum detail and quality. 

You will find hermetic jars to keep your marijuana in and hide it anywhere without any annoying smells popping up. Avoiding smell escapes is essential to marijuana concealment. Jars are available in several sizes according to the amount you need to hide and the room you have. The smallest jars can be taken with you and placed inside other concealment items such as camouflage bottles. The biggest models can be used to transport weed safely, as these containers don't let off any odor and they're incredibly well detailed.

Camouflage bottles are one of the most striking products since it is hard to believe what can be kept inside, even after seeing them. Some models are imitation bottles of water or cans of soda. The bottles are transparent and it's incredible what can be hidden inside. If you put an air-tight jar inside a concealment bottle and wrap it in paper so it doesn't move or make any sound, you will have the perfect camouflaged weed.

All products perfectly mimic the weight and hardness of real cans and bottles, making it impossible for anybody know what's inside. They have a compartment inside that can be closed with a lid so that no smells can filter out. They're available in different designs (brands) and sizes so that you can choose your favorite drink and keep your weed hidden among your regular cans while you travel or even at home.

We have an empty beer barrel, that you can leave as is or fill to add weight, which you can carry with us or put on top of the fridge. You can hide money or light objects inside and nobody will be any the wiser. There is also the soda can model that can easily be kept among your beers in the fridge without raising any suspicions.

You will also find normal daily objects that can hold important secrets, such as a marker with three compartments for different substances, lipstick to carry in a bag or pocket, a torch that can be used as a key ring, an imitation Duracell battery in three sizes, the lense of a photograph camera with a big compartment inside, a fried tomato can, a partially filled crisp bag, a fire-extinguisher that can be opened in half, an air-freshener spray for the car and even a car lighter. No one would suspect these objects that raise no suspicions when put in the right location and they can hide anything.

Another object that doesn't attract attention at all is a book; we have plenty of camouflage books in stock. They have a cover and paper pages that imitate a normal book, but they have a box inside that closes by means of a key. You can leave it on any table or desk without anybody realizing you're hiding your precious objects inside.

One of the most widely-used objects is the camouflage Ultra-Magnetic Jar, which can be filled with whatever you want and fixed to a metal surface. A powerful magnet will keep it attached even if it gets bumped about. It is ideal to carry under a car or trailer, to attach it to metal beams at home, etc. We've even attached it to the metal parts inside of a sofa. Thanks to this jar you'll be able to hide whatever you want in unsuspected places.

If you're looking to hide any drug substances in a test, that can also be done. There are different products that, when ingested or mouth-washed, can eliminate any drug residues from your body even if it's only for a few hours. They are available in different types, since there are different drug tests.

For urine analysis you'll need a liquid product that can cancel out any positive drug-test results. Generally, these drinks require you to drink a whole lot of water too, and contain minerals that substitute ours, diluting urine a lot but without eliminating minerals which will lead to a null result (diluted urine with no minerals is a revealing sign that you might have drank a lot in order to pass the test). It is not a miracle-worker nor does it remove any high you might be on, but it tricks urine tests during a certain amount of time.

If what you are going to take is a blood test, you can take Magnum Instant Flush. This liquid manages to cancel out positive-results to all drug tests from a few minutes after the taking until 6 hours after. If your spit is going to be tested the result will also be negative, but you need to take the liquid a few minutes before the test is done.

Whatever you are looking for to hide your products you will most certainly find it in our selection of camouflage products and novelties. Models for all tastes and needs so that you can acquire the object you'll make the most of.