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Extractor Fans

Extractor Fans for Growing Cannabis

When growing, some of the most important things you need to keep in mind are climate, temperature and humidity – these things can either be your best friends or your worst enemies. Temperatures under 20º can allow your plants to produce more resin, and humidity levels of 40% can allow them to grow compact, hard buds – although humidity levels over 60% can cause issues when flowering such as fungi, and temperatures above 30º grow open buds with hardly any resin.

This is why it’s important to choose the right exactor fan depending on your growing style and area. We can’t count the amount of times we’ve seen people use centrifugal fans like an axial extractor fan, but what exactly is the difference? Centrifugal fans are basically auxiliary fans, especially in large grows where the main extractor fan isn’t strong enough to exhaust all of the air – this is when centrifugal fans are used to support existing axial extractor fans. Axial fans have enough power to get the job done through a filter, whereas centrifugal fans are only power enough to exhaust a direct airflow.

Centrifugal extractor fans aren’t made to deal with high pressure and they tend to make quite a lot of noise. When growing with any sort of heat source, which could simply be a grow light, centrifugal extractors simply don’t cut it. You’ll need to exhaust the air in your grow at least once every two minutes, which is why axial extractor fans are used due to the fact that they’re more powerful.

Axial fans can deal with more air flow than centrifugal fans, allowing them to exhaust the air from your grow room and make up for pressure loss caused by the filter. They’re conical shape generate a continuous airflow and they can also generate more pressure than centrifugal fans due to the fact that axial fans’ air intake is inside the machine, creating a sort of tornado effect that can easily exhaust and renew the air in your grow room or tent.

Axial extractor fans are also quieter than centrifugal fans – the plastic covering lowers the noise by a few decibels, but what really makes the difference is that axial fans have less revs than centrifugal fans, making them more efficient and less noisy.

There’s also another type of extractor fan; soundproofed extractor fans. These fans tend to come in wooden boxes with insulation in order to block out the sound – more expensive models work so silently and efficiently that you’ll have trouble believing that it’s on at all.

We believe that Vents is one of the most well-rounded ventilation brands, offering both centrifugal and axial fan extractors at extremely affordable prices. RVK fans are where the difference lies; they’re made out of the best possible materials capable of putting up with plenty of air flow, making as little noise as possible. These machines are trustworthy and efficient, exhausting your growing room effectively.

There are also brands such as Dospel, offering extractors made out of plastic and metal for varying budgets – both are efficient though and highly durable, capable of lasting you for years if taken care of.

Only soundproofed extractor fans can guarantee silence in your grow room; we have Soundproofed Boxes and Pro Soundproofed Boxes available – when on, you’ll hardly believe that they’re even doing anything. Katrina extractors are extremely powerful too, but that power translates into a whole lot of noise – it’s not discreet but it’s definitely powerful. Iso Max extractors are also powerful and they come with inline soundproofed casing that silences the motor and the sound of airflow.

Go check out our extractor fan catalogue if you’re looking to find the perfect extractor fan for your grow. Each product has a description professionally written by our growbarato.net team so that you know what you’re buying before you buy it!