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Fertilizers and additives for marijuana

Fertilizers, nutrients and additives for marijuana plants of all brands, from the most renowned to the newest ones. Keep up to date with the fantastic world of marijuana growing! Give your plants the nutrients they need at each stage. At each stage of their life cycle, marijuana plants have different needs that must be satisfied for them to yield at their best.

Here you can find the best fertilizers for the vegetative stage which are rich in nitrogen. Use them and get green and healthy plants, with strong branches and trunks able to support all the weight of the future buds. By properly feeding your plants, you are setting the basis for a good skeleton that will be able to bear the weight of the flowers. These products also help the plant to gain weight if it is weak at the start of the flowering.

Also, there are rooting products to help your plants develop a root system able to absorb all the minerals available in the soil or in the water of your hydroponic system. Roots are an essential part of the plant and play a major role in the final result, so you will have to be particularly careful when choosing this type of products.

Flowering boosters are another important type of products. Apart from causing an earlier bloom, they induce the creation of long cola buds that multiply the weight of the plant at the time of the harvest. Base flowering fertilizers help with the production of flowers and the main reason why we grow marijuana, i.e. buds. Thanks to a balanced combination of flowering fertilizer and sugars, we will achieve a solid foundation so that, when the fattening period arrives, we can switch to a fertilizer with high PK values and avoid  flabby buds.

We also have cleaners or flushing fertilizers and chelators of nutrients, which help get rid of all the excesses (minerals, salts, etc.) that have not been absorbed and are not needed by the plant. In this way, you will harvest a clean marijuana with all its properties intact.