Utilizing fertilizers on your marijuana grow is one of the most important tasks when wanting to grow and yield correctly. It is vital that you use a series of specific products during different stages of your cannabis plant’s life. From root stimulators, growth enhancers to flowering or cleaning stimulators, a wide array of products exist to better the performance of your growing medium.

What are the fertilizers for the growth of marijuana?

These products are the input of nutrients, vitamins and other necessary elements to achieve the highest performance possible in your grow. Cannabis requires a series of nutrients that you must administer to increase its yield. Using solid nutrients or liquid nutrients in the soil, you will guarantee that your plants grow strong and healthy.

The intake of these fertilizer types will favour later flowering, elevating its yield through thick and dense buds full of resin. At the same time, it’s important that your plants are protected from fungi, plagues and other types of illness. The fertilizers and nutrients that you can find on GB The Green Brand are of the finest quality, high performance and fabricated by the best companies around the world. Among our products, you can find stimulators and hormones to complement the nutrition of your plants, as well as different fertilizer kits that include all the necessary elements to get incredible and envious crops.

Types of fertilizer for your marijuana grow

Fertilizer for cannabis plants has the function of feeding the plant during its different life cycles. It’s important to discuss that even though the fertilizer delivers nutrients, additives are important for balancing the quality of the soil. You can find them in both liquid and solid format. This means that your marijuana plants need multiple mineral elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, sulphur and magnesium. On the other hand, other important trace elements are necessary, such as zinc, iron, manganese, boron and molybdenum.

The principal fertilizers from mineral origin proceed from natural reservoirs, meanwhile other products are fabricated from chemical procedures, from which they reinforce their most important nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. However the organic fertilizers, are composed of vegetable and animal organic waste, whilst the organo-mineral products are made of both.

Different products exist for the different life cycles of your plants, as each one of them needs a type of fertilizer, such as nutrients or additives. During the growth phase, it’s important to give your plants the best nutrients, rich with nitrogen. It is also vital that you use rooting hormones or root stimulators so that the root system of your plants is able to absorb all the minerals from the soil or the water (in case of it being a hydroponic system).

Don’t forget the flowering stimulators, as they will help your grow to create flowers with large bud colas, that will stimulate a higher yield and product quality. These base flowering fertilizers and their sugars will be necessary before reaching the fattening phase, in which you will have to apply a stimulant for this function. In addition, we also have chelators and cleaners for your nutrients that work on all unnecessary excess elements that the plant hasn’t absorbed.

Benefits of utilizing fertilizers to grow marijuana

The main benefits of using fertilizers and additives in your cannabis grow are the following:

  • Strengthen and to stimulate the root system.
  • Delivers the necessary nutrients for the grow development.
  • Allows a larger and healthier growth of our plants.
  • Repels insects, fungi and other plagues.
  • Fattens and enriches your buds.
  • Increases the quality and size of your yield.
  • Uses organic elements and minerals.
  • They can be used either indoor or exterior.
  • They can be used on soil, coco or hydroponics.

Main fertilizer brands

  • Boom Nutrients: Exclusive GB The Green Brand that values the importance of producing the best and most optimal formulae for cannabis. Its products are Roots Boom, Crecimiento Boom, Floración Boom and Candy Boom, as well as its incredible tripacks, are the perfect solution for your cannabis grow.
  • Shogun Fertilizers: Well-known English brand in Europe thanks to its extraordinary organic extracts. We recommend Dragon Force to fatten buds, as well as SmartZen to boost its performance and quality, and AquaZen to optimize the distribution of irrigation water in the grow medium.
  • Advanced Hydroponics: brand specialized in the growth of marijuana in hydroponic systems. A product of great quality, with its main base products being Grow, Micro and Bloom. You can also add a great stimulator such as Excellerator and Enzymes+ to take care of your roots.
  • Advanced Nutrients: the most cutting edge inside the fertilizer market, thanks to the efficient pH Perfect technology. Its main products are Sensi Grow A+B, Connoisseur Grow A+B, Bud Ignitor and Bud Candy.
  • Atami: with more than 20 years of experience, Atami is one of the best fertilizer companies of the market. It has divided its products in three ranges: ATA, B’cuzz, ATA Organics. Specialized in phytology, they stand out because of their rich composition of necessary nutrients for their plants.
  • Agrobacterias: Spanish brand specialized in biotechnology with products created based on living microorganisms. It has insecticides of the finest level against red spider and powdered mildew, such as Baktomatik Rex and Snake Poison.  In addition to Bactobloom for the bud flowering.
  • Aptus: Aptus Holland is a company based in Holland renowned for the quality of its stimulators. The most known ones are N-Boost for the growth of plants and others such as Humic Blast, Fulvic Blast and CaMg-Boost.
  • BAC: Dutch fertilizer brand of the finest level that counts on excellent base products such as Organic Grow and the Plan Vitality Plus. Likewise, it also has Organic PK Booster, ideal for the best fattening of the bud possible.
  • Bio Nova: more than 20 years in the development and yield of the organic nutrients and minerals for the cannabis grow. Its line of products has as its star product Soil Supermix, the best for growing in soil.
  • Bio Tabs: organic fertilizer delivered directly to the flower pot, ideal for systems such as the Autopot. In its catalogue the products that stand out are are Bio Tabs, Guerilla Box, PK Booster Compost Tee and Boom Boom Spray.
  • Biobiz: Biological nutrient and fertilizer Company, with fully biodegradable products. The most renowned products are Top Max (flowering stimulator), Bio Heaven and the Leaf Coat for the protection of plants.
  • Canna: famous for its bio range and its proven experience for more than 10 years. Its most sold products are Bio Rhizotonic (root growth), Bio Boost(flowering) and other such as Canna Cure or Canna Start.
  • Cannabiogen: brand specialized in fertilizers with more than 20 years of experience in this sector. Featured for its Delta 9 (flowering stimulator), Delta 8 (growth) and Delta 10 (fattening of buds).
  • Cyco: Australian brand that does their investigations in independent laboratories. Its most important products from the Cyco Platinum Series  range are the Kleanse, Potash Plus, Ryzofuel, Silica, B1 Boost and Dr Repair, among others.
  • Flower Power: Dutch company that works with fertilizers renowned for its effectivity and years of work. They have a great catalogue and different packs such as the Starter kit.
  • Genethtik Nutrients: extremely valued products for their organic compounds, amino acids and minerals. It contains 3 packs: flowering, growth fertilizer and a third one more complete for indoor or exterior.
  • Green Hope: company centred in the production of bio stimulators of growth and flowering. Its catalogue is formed by Root Max, Bio protect, Flora Max, Booster Max and Amino Max.
  • Green House Feeding: water-soluble fertilizers, that last the entire life cycle. Nutritive substrates in which Powder Feeding Short Flowering, Powder Feeding Hybrids and the Powder Feeding enhancer are featured.
  • Green Planets Nutrients: Company with more than 20 years of experience in the nutrition of plants. Its product Dense Bud Compactor is a great solution for the fattening of the buds. They also have available Terpinator and Purpinator.
  • Grotek: Its reputation has grown thanks to the quality of its bio mineral nutrients. The bases Solo-Tek offer the necessary NPK during the growth and flowering. We also recommend Bloom Fuel, Heavy Bloom and Final Flush.
  • Grotek Organics: the green range of products from Grotek, with organic and natural fertilizers. Some of the main products are Black Pearl Organics, Rype Organics, Core Organics and Growth Max Organics.
  • Guanokalong: Bat Guano for the flowering phase and Liquid Guano for better growth are the two most renowned fertilizers of this company. They make organic products from natural sources.
  • Hesi: fertilizer of mineral origin for the growth of plants either indoor or outdoor. The most important ones are Supervit (germination and growth), Hesi Boost(flowering phase), Powerzyme ( root stimulator) and Compejo TNT (explosive growth).
  • House & Garden: products with excellent results in which the featured ones are Top Booster, Stimulator 1, Drip Clean and Top Shooter among many more.
  • Hy-Pro Nutrients: known for its Dutch growth method form the 80s, it has the finest products such as Rootstimulator, PH- and Terra Hy-Pro.
  • Ionic: the brand Ionic selects the most optimal mineral salts for the development of your plants. The most relevant fertilizers are Formulex (root stimulator), Liquid Oxygen (increases the oxygen levels), Liquid Silicon (increases the thickness of the cellular walls), Nitrozyme( growth phase) and GreenMist Humic(strengthening of root system).
  • Mammoth Microbes: Ecological fertilizer with great performance with Mammoth P as its main product, which allows the plants to be healthier so that they offer greater growth and flowering.
  • Maria Green: brand that defends the organic self-growth of marijuana. It has an ample range of fertilizers from which Raíz, Vitamina, Floración and Sugar Clean are featured.
  • Metrop: fertilizers with high organic content. Its star products are MR1 (growth phase), Amino Root( root stimulator), Cal Green(flowering), Enzymes( enzyme selection) and Mam 8 (for cuttings).
  • Mills: Dutch company that values tradition, the fineness and purity of its products. Its best liquid additives are Basis A+B, Cal-Mag and its pH balancing product.
  • NPK Industries: fertilizer company totally organic, in which Spray PM Wash is featured for washing our leaves and relieve of all types of stress during its growth.
  • Organik: brand that proclaims its compromise with the environment. It has a root stimulator, Delta THC for the flowering phase and PK Plus to fatten the buds.
  • Plagron: Dutch company that works with fully organic and mineral fertilizers and products. The most remarkable are Alga Grow (growth), Green Sensation (flowering) and Pure Zym (maintenance and renewing of the root system).
  • Pro XL: brand of organic-mineral additives in which the most known ones are Pro Star (improvement of the root system), Grow A+B  (growth), Stop Grow (flowering) and Quick Boost (increase in yield).
  • Technaflora Plant Products: simple but effective Canadian fertilizer company. Its main products are BC Grow (growth) and BC Boost (fattening of flowers and resin production).
  • Terra Aquatica GHE: premium quality natural substrates for hydro. The most important ones are Pro Roots, Final Part and TriPart Bloom.
  • Terranabis: spanish bio stimulator company founded in 2016. Featured products are Enzynabis, Repelnabis, Bionabis and Floranabis, among others.
  • THC fertilizantes:  Featured for its premuim quality products such as potassium soap, Guerrilla Grow to absorb humidity, Epsonita, Dolomita and Gel de Sílice.
  • Top Crop: Spanish Company with a selection of biological addtives, in which Top Veg ( growth additive), Top Bloom (flowering), Top Vulcan (protection) and SuperGuano (bud fattener).
  • Trabe: renowned ecological growing brand that has the flowering fertilizer Bachamus Evolution F, the repellent Propolix and the insecticide Urtifer Ortiga as its featured products.

The best fertilizer kits in our large catalogue

If you are thinking about growing cannabis but you still don’t know all the products that you have to use, we recommend that you take a look at our fantastic fertilizer kits in GB The Green Brand. With these packs, you will have every item necessary to nourish your cannabis plants during their different life stages.

The Boom Nutrients Complete Kit is a fantastic solution to your grow, as it has every ideal product for the growth and flowering stages. It includes Crecimiento Boom, Floración Boom and Candy Boom. From this brand, you can also find the kits Candy Tripack and Start Tripack.

From the Top Crop range you can acquire a series of packages such as the Kit básico Top Crop, the Autoflowering Top Crop Kit, the Complete Top Crop Kit and the Kit with the entire range of Top Crop products. Likewise, you can also discover other big name brand kits such as Hesi, Grotek, Canna and BioBizz. All their products have been under different quality controls, so that their quality is assured.

Find the best products at GB The Green Brand

In GB The Green Brand you can find an endless amount of fertilizers, substrates and ideal additives for any class of growers and grow. Find and discover in our grow shop online an impressive array of incredible products for the different stages of rooting, growth and flowering of your plants.

Likewise, all the products from Growbarato count with an ample and detailed description, from which you will obtain all the details and specifications you need to use for your plants. We also recommend that you visit our blog and YouTube channel, in which you will be informed of the latest news, different tricks and advice for your cannabis grow.