Microscopes and magnifying glasses

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Microscopes and magnifying glasses

Microscopes and magnifying glasses.

Find a magnifying glass with which you can check your plants for infestations, or a microscope to check on your plants’ resin trichomes, here on our microscopes and magnifying glasses page. You can find different sizes and models to suit the needs of any grower.

We have simple magnifying glasses like the “thread-counter” magnifying glass, which magnifies up to x10 and it can be used to differentiate between different pests and infestations. It’s extremely easy to use, and you can use it to have a look at your plants every now and then. If you want something a bit easier to manage, you can get the bifocal magnifying glass that comes with a light attached, and it can help you to find insects or bites on your plants Sherlock Holmes-style. The best thing about this magnifying glass is that it lights up wherever you’re looking, making it much easier to use than the “thread-counter”.

If you want to magnify your plants even more you’ll need to use a microscope. We have big, small, and adjustable microscopes, so depending on your needs you can choose between various models.

If you want to see the resin on your plants correctly, you’ll need at least a x50 microscope, like the Lumagny 50x microscope. Its top quality and you won’t have to spend forever turning your sample around to see it properly thanks to its lenses. Lumagny microscopes are favorable due to their white light; many microscopes have yellow lights which can alter the color of your sample when you’re looking at it.

The Mini 60x Microscope is perfect to look for small insects in between the bites on your plants’ leaves; a lot of insects like red mites are extremely difficult to spot, even with a magnifying glass. You can also use it to check the trichomes on your plant and see how ripe they are. Thanks to its light, you’ll be able to get the microscope close enough to your sample or plant without any awkward shades getting in the way.

The 60x-80x-100x standing Microscope is one of the best ones you can use to check your plants’ resin; in the viewing slot, when set to 100x, you’ll be able to clearly see 10 to 15 trichomes. You’ll know exactly when your plants are ready for harvest, if they have stains on their leaves, bite marks, or just how your plants are doing on a daily basis. You can attach the stand that comes included for optimal usage. It has three magnification levels; from 60x to 100x. You can then adjust the visor to focus on your sample clearly.

The Lumagny 60-80-100x microscope is similar to the one mentioned above, although it’s made out of better quality materials. Lumagny is a renowned microscope company that uses the best available lenses. You can adjust and put in to focus each of the different magnifications depending on what sample you’re looking at. It has a white light, allowing users to see the color of their samples more clearly. You can also adjust the strength and reach of the light depending on the ambient light in the room or space in which you’re checking your samples.

If you want the newest technology, you can always get a USB Microscope, which allows you to take pictures and videos of your samples. There are two available models; 200x and 400x, allowing you to augment the magnification by 10x in 10x. It has four white LED lights, which will stop your samples from heating up too much under the microscope.

If you’re looking for a microscope or magnifying glass to keep an eye on your crop, then you’ll most definitely find one that is perfect for your needs in our online catalogue. All of the products in this category have a complete description that details their characteristics and how to use them; you can investigate each device so that you know exactly what you’re purchasing.