Prozono Ozone Generator 5000 mg/h - 150mm

Prozono Ozone Generator

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Ozonizador 18W-500mg/h de Pared

18W-500mg/h Wall Ozonizer

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ProOzono Ozone Generator Parts

ProOzono Ozone Generator Parts

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DWC Pot system and components


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Ozone Generators

Ozone Generators

Ozone generators, ionizers and air purifiers; these devices generate ozone using plaques or bulbs, which then destroys odor particles generated by cannabis plants or residual weed smoke smells in your room or at home.

Ozone gas oxidizes surfaces, and when an odor particle is caught in ozone it ends up being destroyed. It keeps the air free of pathogens, particles, bacteria and fungi, plus it also works when used in water. If you place an ozone generator in a room it will get rid of any bad odors left behind by smoking or cannabis – perfect for rooms you’ve used to dry your cannabis. Make sure that your cannabis plants and flowers never come into direct contact with ozone or it’ll destroy its resin.

You can use ozone generators in your extraction system when growing indoors in order to clean the extracted air so that you don’t stink up your street. It’s a great method for large growing rooms and is much more efficient and effective than carbon filters for large grows. You can easily set an ozone generator up in your extraction system with the inline models, - make sure to leave at least 5m of ducting between your generators and the outlet so that it has time to get rid of any odors.

We also stock household ozone generators such as the Cornwall ozone generators, Mini Ozon, the Piranha ozone Generator, the UFO Ozone Generator and the Water Master Air/Water ozone generator. These generators are perfect for people that smoke at home and don’t want to stink their entire building up with the smell of weed. You can also use them in your hall or in front of your door if you have weed drying in the house. When trimming fresh cannabis, you might not realize it, but the odor travels quite a bit – that’s where ozone generators come in, with various designs and settings to choose from.

We stock wall-mounted ozone generators that, according to the manufacturers, are designed for indoor grows. They’re available in different models and strengths, depending on the size of the room, although we recommend using a generator in your ducting system so that the ozone doesn’t get anywhere near your plants.

The 3g Cornwall Electronic ozone generator is one of the most affordable and efficient models in our catalogue, capable of producing 3000mg/h, which is enough for a 2500mh/h extraction system. It’s perfect for rooms with intense odors; grow rooms, rooms where animals are housed or any other room that has an intense odor. You can also use it to inject a steady flow of ozone into your ducting so that all of the air that’s extracted comes out the other side odorless.

Many ozone generators use bulbs, a “corona” discharge design or electronic plaques. Each one needs specific maintenance in order to make sure that they’re still working properly. For example, the Uvonair UV-80 model uses a bulb that can work for about 8000 hours. After 8k hours, you’ll need to change it out or it might break without you even realizing it.

The Uvonair CD model uses coronas, which are electrical plaques that generate tension that changes the particles in the air, turning Oxygen into Ozone. These plaques work differently depending on their strength; unlike the bulbs, they never burn out. The only maintenance that the Uvonair CD model needs is a light dusting every now and then.

Ozotres Ozone Generators use neon-filled bulbs that are capable of generating large amounts of ozone. You need to replace these bulbs also in order to avoid issues, although they should last for up to 25000 hours. Depending on the amount of bulbs used, you’ll be producing more or less ozone; you’ll need about 30% more mg/h than m3/h when producing ozone for mazimum efficiency. For example, an ozone generator that produces 1500mg/h would be perfect for a 1050m3/h extractor.

Two of the best models that we stock are the Ozotube and SterilTube models; both of these models use Long Life ozone bulbs, which don’t contain neon and simply need to be cleaned every now and then – they do not burn out. Ozotubes generate slightly less than SterilTubes of the same size, as they have more bulbs.

If you’re running a large growing operation, you can use various different devices or simply use the amazing 3000 Ozone Generators which produces 16000mg/h, which is enough for the largest extractors – even two of them. They’re essentially industrial generators used in growing operations where large amounts of seeds are made or for other large, smelly operations.

Whatever type of device you’re looking for, you’re guaranteed to find it in our massive ozone generator catalogue.