Soil and ambient air

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Soil and ambient air

Soil and air quality meters for growers

These measuring instruments are perfect for controlling the environment in your grow room. They allow you to know if your plants have the right humidity or pH levels. When given the right parameters, your cannabis plants produce higher quality flowers that taste and smell much better.

Thermo-hygrometers can be used to find out the temperature and relative humidity in your grow room. It’s super useful for knowing how far away from your plants that your lights have to be. Simply place the sensor at the top of the plant closest to the bulb and move the light until the temperature is at a steady 25°. You can also measure relative humidity, which needs to be around 60% during the growth period and 40% during the flowering period – excess humidity towards the end can cause fungi to appear and rot.

Our Max-Min Digital Thermo-hygrometer is used by placing it directly wherever you’re planning on taking the measurement; the humidity and temperature sensors are inside the device itself. You can use it to figure out the lowest temperature that your grow room reaches with the lights off, as it has an internal memory system that allows you to go back and check the registered temperatures. Make sure that it doesn’t go below 10° at any point or you run the risk of mold and rot.

The best type of thermos-hygrometer are the ones with sensors, allowing you to test the temperature in your grow room without having to put the device anywhere near your plants. This avoids shading your plants and possibly stressing them out a bit.

We also stock gauges for your plants’ substrate, which allow you to test pH levels and the humidity in your soil, as well as the amount of salts that have accumulated in your soil. These meters are super easy to use; simply place the probe in your soil and you’ll be able to almost instantly check all of its parameters. We sell various models, some of which are for specific parameters and others that measure various different things at once.

Soil pH and hygrometers are super affordable and highly recommendable thanks to how easy and precise they are. If you don’t keep an eye on the pH of your cannabis plants, they may not be able to absorb all of the nutrients that you’re giving them. If you don’t keep an eye on your soil’s humidity you may end up accidentally overwatering, which can lead to root rot. Our soil hygrometer is perfect for growers that are having serious doubts when it comes wot how often they should water their plants.

The Fertometer is a device used to gauge the amount of nutrients in your plants’ soil, which is useful if you’ve accidentally over-fed your plants or you’ve been under-feeding them. It’s designed to show three colors depending on the results; yellow is not enough nutrients, green is perfect and red is too many. In order to use it simply stick it into the soil and press the button.

Rapitest is a meter that can provide you with three different parameter readings. You’ll be able to check the humidity and the pH in your plants’ soil. You can also check if your plants are receiving enough sunlight. Like the previous meter, simply place it in your plants soil and place the lever in the position that corresponds with the parameter you’d like to measure and it’ll be ready in a manner of seconds.

We also sell controllers with large screens that allow you to check the amount of Co2 in the air, which allows you to know if your extraction system is working correctly. If you don’t give your indoor plants a source of constant fresh air, they’ll begin to suffocate and if left like this for long enough they can die off. Use one of these meters in order to see if your plants can breathe properly or not.

If you want to go a step further and find out how good the light is that you’re giving your plants, you can get yourself one of our Luxometers, which allow you to measure the amount of lumens that your grow lamp is letting off. You should get no less than 5000 lumens during the growth period and 45000 during the flowering period – if you’re not getting this much you may need to replace an old bulb or simply upgrade your system.

If preferred, you can also get various different meters that work via Bluetooth, sending all of the information straight to your phone or computer. The Flower Power Parrot is capable of telling you the humidity, light and temperature in your plants flowerpot periodically.

We also stock sound level meters, which allow you to measure how much noise the devices in your grow room are making. You’ll be able to tell if you’re making enough noise for the neighbors to hear, which can be an issue if their nosy. We also have laser thermometers that allow you to gauge the temperature of certain surfaces.

Regardless of what parameter it is that you need to measure, we have the device you need. Every product that we sell has quite a complete description, where you can read the instructions on how to use this product.