Pots and trays

Pots and trays

Pots and trays of all sizes and shapes for growing cannabis. You can find all types of containers for your plants, plates for underneath pots or trays for collecting excess water and bringing it back to the tank or channel it towards a drain.

You will find classic square pots, which are usually used in indoor cannabis growing. This type of pots allow you to optimize your growing space, since more plants fit in. Besides, your plants will reflect the shape of the pot they are planted in when growing. Therefore, when using square pots your plants will also be square. This shape allows you to stack plants beside each other without wasting any space.

We also sell round pots, that will also transfer their shape to the plant. When using rounded containers plants will look much more like a rounded shrub, which is ideal for outdoor growing when you should aim for lower and wider plants so they are properly lit by the sun everywhere. These pots have the additional advantage of being white, which will reflect sunlight so it doesn't burn the roots.

In addition, you can find different types of trays to catch excess water: from the typical black flat trays in a large number of different sizes to the trays that collect water and redirect it towards a drain. In this section, we also bring you new items such as flexible rubber trays, like the Roll Tray model, which can be cut out to the desired size and will let you make a customized tray, in any possible size.

Whatever pot or tray you are looking for, you will find it in our catalogue. The detailed product description comes with tutorial videos that highlight their uses and drawbacks, so you know precisely what you are getting before you buy it and don't get any unpleasant surprises when you receive it at home.