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Grotek Organics

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Grotek Organics

Grotek Organics - Organic Nutrients

The Canadian fertilizer brand Grotek has just released a brand new range of eight entirely organic and natural fertilizers; Grotek Organics or Grotek’s Green Range. This company’s main objective is to help growers to give their plants everything they need in every phase, allowing for larger and naturally obtained yields.

Some of their brand new products include liquid fertilizers such as Core, a natural fertilizer that contains organic residues that give your plants a balanced diet with the perfect NPK content (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) that allows your plants to grow healthily by increasing the quality of the soil, which can help avoid deficiencies which can affect flavor and lower quality of the final yield.

Grotek also created a product called Vital Organics, a natural fertilizer that allows you to give your plants the calcium they need without adding in chlorides, which allows you to reinforce your plants’ cell structure and stabilize them.

Micro Power Organics gives your plants the perfect amount of oligo-elements such as zinc, copper, boron and sulfur, which enrich the life in your plants’ soil and avoids any sort of deficiency, allowing your plants to grow nice and healthily.

Root Force Organics allows your plants to root incredibly strongly, increasing the size of the root structure which therefore increases the size of your plants., without the need of hormones or phosphorus.

Growth Max is a natural fertilizer that’s rich in nutrients extracted from Kelp algae – this product helps your plants in every phase; growth, pre-flowering and flowering.

Last, but not least, every plant should have the perfect balanced of life and nutrients. Black Pearl gives your plants all of the necessary micronutrients, containing elements such as active carbon, volcanic rock dust and algae extract. Synergy is a dissolvable powder that contains beneficial fungi for your plants, helping your roots to flourish like never before. These products work best when combined as one.