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Vaporizers and Spare Parts

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Vaporizers and Spare Parts

In this section you’ll find all of our various BHO and cannabis vaporizers, as well as many spare and replacement parts and accessories. From normal cannabis vaporizers and their spare parts, to tabletop vapes like the Zephyr Ion, one of the most affordable bag vaporizers. Enjoy your cannabis using these vaporizers and say adios to burning weed!

Get your very own cannabis, hash or BHO portable pocket vaporizer – we stock vapes perfect for all types of budget. This category combines various different brands and models – from the cheapest models such as the BHO Deluxe, to tabletop bag vaporizers that make the most out for your weed like the Herbalaire H3.

We also stock all sorts of spare and replacement accessories and parts for vaporizers, such as mouthpieces for your DGK vaporizer or bowls for your wooden vaporizers. Check out our full catalogue of spare parts.

The BHO Deluxe is an electronic pipe that can be used to vape BHO. These pipes are super easy to use, allowing you to vape your oil in a matter of seconds. They are essentially a battery attached to a bowl with a coil inside. Simply press the button and it’ll heat up within a few seconds, producing vapor. Begin inhaling after pressing for a couple of seconds in order to vape BHO anywhere you want. This device is USB charged, and takes no time at all to fully charge. It also has a safety feature that stops it from turning on in your pocket.

The 3 in 1 Arthur electronic pipe is quite similar to the BHO Deluxe, although it has various different bowls that you can switch out depending on what you want to vape. It has a bowl for BHO, another for hash which is great and making the most of small amounts, and another that’s specifically for cannabis flowers. However, we must warn you that if you use this to vape cannabis flowers it may burn a bit, although this is more satiating for regular smokers.

They also stock portable vaporizers such as the DGK, which is one of the most discreet portable vaporizers on the market. Turn it on for it to start heating up; after just over a minute it should have reached its highest temperature. You can choose between three different temperature settings; simply hold the main button for five seconds to change temperature. It has quite a long-lasting battery, so you can bring it out and about with you.

VapoMax vaporizers stand out from the rest due to how fast they heat up, taking just a few seconds to reach incredibly high temperatures. The VapoMax V.5 is easily the most affordable model, and it’s still pretty amazing. Using the light as a guide, you can choose between three different temperatures. The VapoMax V.8 is incredibly precise, allowing you to adjust the temperature by degrees. It reaches higher temperatures than other portable vaporizers, satiating those that prefer thick vapor. The screen shows the temperature and battery life.

The Iolite vaporizer is one of the most prized devices – it works using gas, and heats up incredibly fast and the vapor it produces is much denser than other vapes tend to produce. This is one of the most satiating portable cannabis vaporizers on the market. Simply fill the bowl, press the on button and wait for it to heat up. When it’s fully heated up, a light beside the button will come on. The other model, the Wispr, works essentially the same although it has been improved slightly; it lasts longer and its bowl is larger – up to three hours with just one gas charge.

The Arizer Solo vaporizer is one of the most recommended portable vaporizers for smokers, as it produces enormous amounts of vapor which is highly satiating when needed. You’ll have complete control over the temperature at all times, increasing the amount of dense vapor although using your cannabis up much faster. It has 7 different temperature levels, rather than low, medium and high like others. Absorb the vapor using its borosilicate mouthpiece, which leaves the flavor fully intact. Its battery life lasts for around 40 minutes.

The Herbalaire H3 is a tabletop vaporizer that allows you to vape your cannabis, obtaining much more vapor than from bagless vaporizers. Its system works by pumping plenty of hot air through your cannabis, vaporizing it, and then into the bag, filling it up. You have 15 minutes to absorb all of its vapor before it deteriorates. You can also vape using a hose with a mouthpiece, although we recommend using the bags as it’s much fresher. You can choose from a wide range of temperatures using the wheel on the base. It never goes over 200° so that your cannabis doesn’t burn, and it turns off automatically after a certain time without being used.

The Zephyr Ion is another bag-vapor vaporizer for cannabis; these types of vapes make the most of any cannabis used in them. This device has a digital screen and two buttons which you can use to select and adjust the temperature. The screen will begin to blink until it reaches the right temperature, stopping and turning green once it’s ready to be used. Attach the bag and press the air button and your bag should be full of vapor within a matter of seconds.

Regardless of what type of vaporizer that you’re looking for, you’re guaranteed to find one that fits both your needs and your budget! Every product has its own description, and in each description you’ll find instructions on how to use each device and spare parts.