Armario Dark Room II

Dark Room Grow Tent

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Dark Street Wide Grow Tent solder

Dark Street Wide Grow Tent

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Dark Propagator IV for growing cannabis indoors solder

Dark Propagator IV 90 x 60 x 90cm R4.0

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Lodge R Grow Tent diagonal angle solder

Lodge R Grow Tent

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Secret Jardin Grow Tents

Secret Jardin Grow Tents

Secret Jardin is a very prestigious grow tent brand that offers the best quality materials on the market, providing strong structures and robust fabrics to make a long-lasting home for your plants!

These tents' structure, made of high resistance and light weight aluminum, will make them easy for you to assemble, even the big tents. They are available in several models, intended for different uses, which will determine the quality of the fabric and their size.

For instance, the most affordable grow tent by Secret Jardin is the Dark Street II, the inexpensive version of the famous Dark Room II. It is noticeable that the fabric is somehow thinner, though it also has a Mylar layer that prevents heat from getting out or in. Another of its characteristics is the reflective interior walls. This model can reflect up to 97% of the light coming from the lamps. You can find it in different sizes: from 60x60x160cm to 300x300x200cm.

As mentioned above, their most famous model is the Dark Room II, a grow tent of excellent quality, sought-after by the most demanding of indoor growers! When you look for Dark Room II you know what you want: maximal quality. It features a thick and resistant canvas which can bounce 97% of the light reaching the inner walls and won't waste a bit of light. Besides, it is available in numerous sizes to suit your growing space. Accessibility to plants is certainly a plus, since it has two windows that allow access to the back part as well as the front one.

The bigger models are called Intense. These tents provide very discreet growing spaces; one is 480x240x215cm and the other one is 600x300x215cm. They present the same finishes and qualities as the Dark Room II models, and that is why they are slightly more expensive. However, they are worth every cent of their price! With these kinds of tents you can build your indoor garden inside another room. This makes it undetectable by thermal cameras.

The brand sells other models for different purposes. Dark Dryer is a tent for drying your buds. Its breathable walls avoid humidity accumulating inside the tent and allows air to flow to help dry your plants, preventing mold and fungus from ruining our harvest. They are ideally designed for putting a drying net inside along with a small ventilation system.

Dark Propagator lets you root an enormous amount of cuttings, since it's intended to hold many propagators. These cabinets are divided inside by different shelves and in each shelf we can set lighting equipment and several propagators. Depending on the size, you will be able to host more or less cuttings. However, since there is enough space for some 150 clones in each propagator, you will be able to host more than 1000 cuttings even if you choose the small model!

Another remarkable model by Secret Jardin is the Dark Room Twin. This model of grow tent includes two independent compartments within the same tent so you can grow plants with different photoperiods at the same time; i.e. you can grow a mother plant and root cuttings in one while you flower them in the other one.

No matter what you're looking for, if you choose a grow tent from Secret Jardin's range you have chosen one of the best quality options on the market.