Pipes and spare parts

  • Unión Empalme de 16mm para tubo de riego

    16mm connector

    16mm polyethylene connector to join two straight sections of irrigation pipe.

  • Tapón final de tubo de 16mm para riego

    End-plug for 16mm pipe

    There is no longer need for pinching your pipe and prevent water escapes. Place an end-plug at the end of the branch and eliminate water leaks at this point.

  • Unión en T de 16mm. para riego

    16mm T-connector

    16mm T-connector for splitting the flow in automatic drip irrigation systems.

  • Enlace Mixto de rosca macho 1/2" ó 3/4 a 16mm

    Multi-thread male adapter (1/2" or 3/4) for 16mm pipe

    Multi-thread tap connector to take water lines with a 16mm hose from any water intake.

  • ConeFast Codos

    ConeFast Elbows

    ConeFast Elbows. L-shaped elbows to connect and disconnect hoses in drip irrigation systems easily and fast.

  • Codo 90º para tubo de riego de 16mm

    90º elbow for 16mm watering hose

    Using a basic 90° 16mm elbow lets you avoid pronounced curves in your irrigation system layout. .

  • Rácord con tuerca loca de 16mm a 1/2" o 3/4"

    16mm threaded adapter 1/2" or 3/4"

    Thanks to these threaded hose connectors you can get a line from any threaded water intake. Available for 1/2" or 3/4".

  • ConeFast uniónes en T

    ConeFast Tee-connector

    ConeFast Tee-connector to join hoses in your irrigation system. Assemble and disassemble your system in a record time.

  • ConeFast unión en Y

    ConeFast Y connector

    ConeFast Y connector for drip irrigation systems. "Plug and Play" connection, fast and easy to install.

  • Tubo atoxico de silicona

    Non-toxic silicone hose

    Non-toxic silicone hose to connect air pumps to air stone diffusers.

  • ConeFast unión triple

    ConeFast triple connector

    ConeFast triple connector for drip irrigation system. Fast and quick manual installation. There is no need for tools.

  • Set de piezas para tubo de 16mm.

    Kit of spare parts for 16mm hose

    Kit with spare parts to set up your own drip irrigation system. It contains 5 elbows, a tee-piece and a plastic punch to insert microtubes.

  • Saca-bocados de plástico para micro-tubo

    Plastic punch for micro tube

    This punch will help you to drill the hole you need in the 16mm hose to place drippers with micro-tube

  • Válvula / manguito / llave para tubo de 16mm.

    In-line valve/ sleeve for 16mm or 25mm hose

    You can now adjust the flow rate passing through each branch of your irrigation system by simply opening or closing the valve set in line in any given section of your 16mm or 25mm hose.

  • Drenajes


    Drains for irrigation systems made of very resistant plastic. Availbale in several sizes, all at the best price.

  • ConeFast racord

    ConeFast connector 3/8 to 10mm

    ConeFast fittings for drip irrigation systems are very easy to connect and disconnect and require no tools. Great for both hydro and aero systems.

  • Tapón final para tubo de 25mm.

    End plug for 25mm pipes

    End plug for 25mm polyethylene hoses. It lets you close the ending section of a hose safely and make sure it won't burst, causing a flood.

  • Manguito unión de 25mm

    25mm pipe polyethylene connector

    25mm pipe polyethylene connector. It lets us join two different pipes, joint two parts we have previously cut or do longer sections of pipe.

  • Enlace Macho 25mm. a 1 pulgada

    25mm to 1" male adapter

    25mm to 1" adapter. It lets you connect any 1" hose to your irrigation system.

  • Codo de 90º para tubo de 25mm.

    90° elbow for 25mm hose

    90° elbow for 25mm polyethylene hose. It allows you to create curves in your system without bending or forcing it.

  • Unión en T para tubo de 25mm.

    T-fitting for 25mm hose

    Tee-piece for 25mm irrigation hose to split a line at the desired location of your layout.

  • ConeFast válvula

    ConeFast 6mm shut-off valve

    ConeFast 6mm shut-off valve is a valve to be installed in 6mm water pipes.

  • Tubo polietileno de 16mm de 8m. y 25m.

    8m and 25m / 16mm flexible irrigation pipe

    Polyethylene 16mm pipe to water our plants. It is useful to lay any kind of irrigation system of that diameter, although it is mainly used in drip irrigation.

  • Tubo de riego flexible 6 y 10 mm

    6 and 10 mm flexible water hose

    Flexible water hose made of black plastic for drip irrigation. Available in 6 and 10mm diameters and 25m rolls, so that you can reach all your plants.

  • Tubería de polietileno de 25mm.

    Flexible 25mm polyethylene hose

    This hose lets you install large automatic irrigation systems. This tube can deliver a nice flow rate to a large number of plants.

  • Tubo Aquatape 16 mm de 1 m
    out of stock

    Aquatape 16 mm hose (1m)

    Aquatape 16 mm hose (1m) for 16mm watering hoses. A tape for drip irrigation systems for substrates with a lot of drainage that need many drippers close to each other.

    19,50 €
Pipes and spare parts

Pipes of several lengths and diameters and an endless list of spare parts and fittings to set from the simplest to the most complicated irrigation system. Here you will find connectors and couplings for getting a water take from any point of the water supply network both at home or in the garden, T joints for splits, elbows for curve sections, drippers and hole punches to insert the drippers wherever you want.

There are polyethylene tubes of several diameters and lengths, so you can do anything you want: from very small installations where 8 m of tube are enough to large ones where you will need many meters. Depending on the flow rate and the drippers you are going to use, you must choose one diameter or another. With 16 mm tubes you can make drip systems easily, you'll only have to punch a hole with a punch and stick in a dripper with one or several outlets. The 25 mm tube can bear more pressure and is therefore ideal for larger installations. External threaded elements can be added to the 25 mm pipe (elbows or joints such as drippers). Since pipes of this diameter can stand higher pressures, it is possible to get up to 12 outlets with the drip manifold from a single take.

You can use many spare parts to make a good irrigation system and avoid shoddy works. The system needs to be properly balanced so that water comes out everywhere evenly (and flow isn't reduced at some parts as a consequence of friction). In order to do that, you have to lay down a balanced system of tubes: if there are 4 sections of tube, they all need to be the same length, there must be the same distance between them and the water pump must be virtually equidistant from them all. If you have to make a trident setting, you can start with 3 branches, and then take 6 or 9 new secondary branches (that is, take 2 or 3 secondary line from each originary branch). Remember it is always about balancing distances and lengths.

Elbows are needed to make curved sections. Otherwise, if the tube was bent, flow could be restrained or even blocked. If you need to split a pipe, you must use T joints and then you can take as many branches as you wish from the main one. If you want to increase the length of the pipe or fix a pinch, then you can use a coupling or and end-plug. Coupling pieces help to join two lengths of tube avoiding water leaks.

All waterworks need to be fed from a main water source. This can work by gravity or by means of a water pump that propels water from a tank. It is also possible to take water directly from the water supply network. Wherever you are taking water from, there must be a safe connection between your system and the main source. In order to do this type of union, you can use a connector and junctions that have one part to be threaded to the pump, tap or running water network and another one that fits in the irrigation main pipe. Completing a safe installation with all these fittings should be easy for you.

There are other accessories such as end plugs to put an end to your system and avoid water leaks at these points. There are also shutt-off valves to choose where to carry water and divide water flow as planned.

All these parts along with the tubes and pipes can be chosen in 16mm and 25mm and are made of polyurethane. These are the preferred types of tube for drip irrigation systems due to their economical price and ease of installation. They will also make you feel confident about the safety of your system, since you'll know you have a well made irrigation system with no leaks.