Grow Tent Accessories

  • Cutter for Grow Tents – Cable Flange

    Cutter for Grow Tents – Cable Flange

    The cable flange cutter for grow tents is a device used to cut perfectly round holes into the walls of your tent, rather than having to use scissors which can be a messy and uneven job.

  • Poleas Cultibox de Gancho con cuerda

    Pulleys with Hook and Rope – 5kg

    These pulleys have a handy hook to raise or lower your reflector by simply tugging on the included rope; to lower, simply release the break.

  • Recambio esquinera armario Standard

    Standard Grow Tent Corner Piece

    These corner pieces for grow tents can break easily; get your replacement corner piece here and get back to using your grow tent.

  • Malla Elásticas Scrog

    SCRoG Elastic Trellis Netting

    Elastic SCRoG netting that can be adjusted for grow tents that measure from 80x80 to 120x120xm in order to train and bend your plants for maximum comfort and yield when growing.

  • Flange Cable Sleeve for Grow tents

    Flange Cable Sleeve for Grow tents

    This cable sleeve is designed for indoor growing. You can use it to add and remove ports for cables and hydroponic piping.

  • Esquinera de 4 tubos para armario

    Four-way Grow Tent Corner Piece

    Corner piece for longer grow tents that have extra support in the middle. This piece breaks quite easily, so now you can easily get a replacement.

  • Kit Easy Roller (2 unidades) Poleas para reflectores

    Easy Roller Pulley Kit

    With the Easy Roller pulley kit you can easily adjust the height of your reflectors; with just one movement you can lift them up and the pulley will automatically block itself so they don’t come crashing down.

  • Drynet Malla de secado modular

    DryIT 45 Secret Jardin

    DryIT is a modular drying-rack system that’s used by hanging it from the ceiling, drying your cannabis in the grow tent you grew it in.

  • Brake Pulleys – 68kg

    Brake Pulleys – 68kg

    These Neptune Hydroponics brake pulleys can hold over 30kg each. These tools are perfect for holding up heavy lights, filters or holders for ballasts.

  • Mallas para Secado Marihuana

    Drying Rack

    These cannabis drying racks have various compartments that allow for quite a lot of fresh buds to be dried in small spaces thanks to its vertical shape.

Grow Tent Accessories

In this section you can find accessories for your grow tents, with which you can repair corner pieces and acquire many objects that can make your job much easier. We have a large supply of replacement parts and accessories such as drying racks, pulleys with breaks, and support pieces for the bars in your grow tent.

Here you can acquire all of the replacement pieces you could need from all available brands like plastic corner holders. If you’re looking for something that we don’t have in our catalogue, go ahead and contact us as we can get you whatever piece you’re looking for.

You can revamp your grow tent, whether you need to replace one of the plastic corner holders (which are hard to find) or you simply need somewhere to dry your plants. We have products for all kinds of grow tents, like Secret Jardin, Grow Tent, Cultibox Light and Cultibox SG-Combi.

Drying racks are very important when it comes to having enough space to dry your weed, and if you hang your rack in your grow tent you can easily make the most out of the ventilation and dry your weed right there.

With the pulleys we have you can easily raise or lower the reflector in your grow. The Easy Rollers can put up with 7kg, and the Cultibox Pulleys are less pricey and can put up with 5kg. If you’re looking for even better ones, we have pulleys with breaks included that can hold 68kg.

Make the most out of your grow by using a SCRoG mesh – you can grow your plants in any shape you want, and once they flower you’ll be rewarded with a screen of green buds in small spaces. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, we have it here; if you don’t see it, feel free to contact us and we can get anything you need.