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Samurai Terra Grow

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Shogun Fertilizers

Shogun Fertlisers UK - Product Range

Shogun Fertilisers is a UK brand that makes professional fertilizers used in growing cannabis – they’re becoming one of the best European brands out there thanks to the extreme quality of the materials they use and their innovative technologies. They combine organic extracts from various types of plants and algae that increase and improve your plants’ health and final yield. What are you waiting for?

With Shogun you’ll be able to use specific base fertilizers when growing in coco, hydroponics and soil, such as their Coco A+B product which is used in substrates that contain at least 65% coco coir. They also have Hydro Grow A+B and Hydro Bloom A+B, allowing you to work hydroponically, and of course they have Terra Grow and Terra Bloom for working in soil or mixed substrates.

They also have various stimulants that can be used alongside these products during your plants’ various phases, each one with a specific concentration of nutrients so that your plants can absorb them in a flash.

They make products such as Katana Roots, a rooting stimulant that causes your plants’ roots to grow and absorb many more nutrients. Geisha Foliar is another stimulant used during the flowering and growth periods, preparing your plants to flower. Silicon is a silicon-rich product that your plants can absorb in no time, and CalMag is a fast acting product used to revive your plants when they get stressed due to deficiencies. They have products for the flowering period, such as Warrior PK, a fattening product that contains the perfect PK proportions, and Sumo Active Boost which is a flowering stimulant that cause your plants to start flowering earlier than usual. Last but not least, Dragon Force is used during the end of the flowering period, which gives your plants a little extra push during their last two weeks.

If you use these stimulants right you’ll be able to get amazingly professional results. Your plants will be incredibly healthy, yielding resinous, thick, juicy buds – every homegrowers dream.

Shogun Fertilisers also offers quite a few nifty tricks in their products; they have a patented technology called SmartZen and AquaZen. SmartZen is an additive that their base fertilizers and some additives have which essentially increases production and yield up to 8%. AquaZen is water distribution technology, which causes water to expand laterally around your plants’ substrate rather than going straight to the bottom. These two innovative ingredients are included in various base fertilizers and additives.