Odor control

Odor control

Odor control

Find your odor control filter, ozone generator or anti-odor gel among the wide selection of products available in our catalogue. All odor control treatments for your marijuana crop are available in our catalogue so that you don't encounter any problem when growing marijuana indoors.

When growing marijuana indoors, plants are restrained in a small space which needs to be ventilated. As it's well known, when plants are flowering they expel an intense odor . If you do not keep the smell under control not only may third parties be disturbed but you also take the risk of being discovered by people who shouldn't know about your activity.

There exist several systems to prevent odors from your grow op from being expelled to the outside: from air fresheners able to neutralize the strongest smells - such as gasoline's-, to the most complex ozone generation systems that destroy odor particles. 

The most common method among marijuana growers to prevent odor leaks is to use activated carbon filters. This type of filter retains odor particles inside, expelling a clean and odor-free air to the outside. Sometimes, when the extraction flow is very high, it is advisable to use several filters. This is when ozonizers play a major role.

Though ozonizers can also be used in small spaces, their deployment becomes almost mandatory in big crops. Ozone destroys odor particles by oxidizing them, leaving an odor-free air. In the case of big indoor settings, it is the best way to ensure the smell will never reach the outside and avoid risks, since a minimal failure might lead to undesired disclosure.

All products on our website come with a description to clarify their use, so you don't have any problem to make a choice. We also have tutorial videos that show how to install them in your grow op and what they can be used for.

Get rid of that smell that keeps you worried, once and for all!