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Odor control

  • Carbon filters
    <p class="p1">All models and sizes of Carbon Filters <b>from all brand</b>s are available in our catalogue. At GrowBarato you will find permanent offers in all our products.</p> <p class="p1">Odor filters <b>will help you keep your garden secret, removing strong scents from the air expelled to the street.</b> They are<b> indispensable when growing indoors</b> since, unless you use them, the smell will irremediably reveal your growing op.</p> <p class="p1">There are <b>several brands and models of Carbon Filters,</b> each of them featuring <b>different characteristics</b>. </p> <p class="p1"><b>You will normally chose them according to the size you need</b> -which, in turn, depends on the size of your extractor- . Besides, they all work similarly and prices and quality don't differ much. <b>Some brands are well known</b> while others are new on the market. However, all the products we sell are effective.</p> <p class="p2"><b>Can Filters is the most famous brand of active carbon filters.</b> These are long filters with a thin carbon coating. This makes it possible for important air flows to pass through them without forcing the operation of the extractor. If carbon was of bad quality, with such a thin layer they wouldn't be able to work. However, Can Filters <b>use the best available active carbon on the market.</b></p> <p class="p1"><a href="">Mountain Air</a> <b>filters have become very popular over the last years due to their efficiency</b> and long duration. These filters have <b>thick walls and are quite short.</b> This makes it more difficult for odor particles to trespass them. They <b>last up to 3 years</b> which explains its price, which is a bit higher than other similar models.</p> <p class="p1"><b>Koa Filters are the ones that offer the best quality/price ratio.</b> Enjoy 100% of effectivity without having to make big investments. They are <b>made of aluminium and are filled with the best Australian Active Carbon,</b> one of the best in the world. They have <b>thick walls and are quite compact</b>, which makes them ideal for grow tents since with little weight they allow maximum airflow.<span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span></p> <p class="p1"><strong>Air Vanguard</strong> filters <b>are very similar to Koa Filters but the brand is quite new.</b> They are very light and will work perfectly in grow tents and small gardens. <b>The rods of your tent won't suffer</b> and yet, not an ounce of smell will go out through the extractor.</p> <p class="p1">There are <b>other novelties such as the Inline filters by Koalair,</b> which let you <b>remove the odor of the air passing through them</b>. Usually, carbon filters are set at the edge of the duct so, if you have a split tube, two filters are required. However<b>, thanks to Koalair, it is possible to use just one filter by placing it before the bifurcation point</b>. </p> <p class="p1">All the former filters include a short of membrane <b>that protects them from dirt </b>and increases their lifespan significantly. These are <b>usually called Filter Sleeves (or jackets) and you'll find them classed by brand in our catalogue.</b> Although they are washable, there is a moment where cleaning doesn't help and simply deteriorates them, which means it's time to change them.</p> <p class="p1">Sometimes - for instance, when you are rooting cuttings or plants are at the vegetative stage-, large filters are not necessary. <a href="">Odor Sock</a><strong> filters</strong> are made of a cloth that contains active carbon and although they are not as good as the ones made of aluminium, they do the job. <b>When smells are not aggressive, as it is the case with very young plants that simply smell like "a plant", these filters are ideal. For plants at the flowering stage, where scents can be really strong, it is advisable to choose one of the former types.</b></p> <p class="p1"><b>If your filter is too big and you are afraid of hanging it from the ceiling</b> or you cannot simply hang it, you can use one of our <b>stands for odor filters</b>. They consist of a structure with 4 legs that provide stability and include two adjustable holders where you can leave your filter. <b>Since the filter is supported at two points, the air</b><b>flow won't be stopped,</b> unlike when it is too close to the ceiling or to the wall.</p>
  • Ozonizers
    <p class="p1">Ozonizers, ionizers and air purifiers. These <b>devices will destroy the odor particles generated by your plants or smoking habits</b> by generating ozone through plates or bulbs. </p> <p class="p1">Ozone oxidizes surfaces, and when<b> it catches an odor particle in suspension, it oxidizes it and destroy it.</b> The ozone released in the air will also <b>kill fungi, bacteria and virus, the same as if you use it in water.</b> If you place an ozonizer in a room, it will <b>eliminate odors in that space. It can be used, for instance, to neutralize  smoke or marijuana smell </b>in a corridor leading to a drying room. <b>Ozone must never come into contact with marijuana directly </b>since it will oxidize the resin and leave it odorless.</p> <p class="p1"><b>Ozonizers can be placed in the air extraction system of an indoor grow</b><strong> op</strong> so they guarantee the air reaching the outside is clean and odorless. It is a <b>very effective system for large gardens.</b> Ozone Generators let you ensure the <b>air coming out of your growing space never smells like marijuana.</b> Some models inject air inside the duct while others are<b> mounted in line with the duct.</b> Whichever model you choose, you must ensure <b>at least 5 m of duct are left between the ozonizer and the stre</b><strong>et outlet</strong>, so there is enough length for the ozonizer to act and destroy the smell.</p> <p class="p1"><b>Domestic ozonizers such as <a href="">Cornwall Wall Ozonizers</a></b>,<b> Mini Ozon with cable or without it,</b> <a href="">Piranha Ozonizer</a>, <b>Ovni Ozonizer or Water Master Air/Water Ozonizer can be used in rooms to fight odors. They are usually used when you smoke at home so that smell doesn't leak to the stairs</b> where neighbors could feel it or<b> to prevent the smell from spreading all over the house.</b> In many occasions, and particularly <b>while manicuring the harvest, your home can release a very strong fragrance that might reveal your activity. By using any of these ozonizers you will keep the smell under control. </b>Depending on the model you choose, you will enjoy some features or others, such as a continuous, discontinuous (air gusts) or timed operation. </p> <p class="p1">Some<b> manufacturers state their products can be used on a wall in the very same room where plants are grown. This is the case of Ozotres Pared</b>. It is available in several models (different power) to meet the needs of your room.<b> However, we recommend using a duct ozone generator so that ozone is not supplied to the plants.</b></p> <p class="p1"><b>3G Cornwall Electronics Ozonizer </b>is one of the most efficient and economical devices in our catalogue. <b>It can produce up to 3000 mg/h, enough for a 2500 m3/h extraction system. It releases ozone into the air</b> of a room with strong scents, no matter if they come from weed, animals or any other intense and unpleasant source, they will all disappear almost immediately. <b>It can also be used to inject ozone into the current of our extraction duct</b> through a small silicone tube so it eliminates all odor particles that passes through the extraction duct before the air reaches the street.</p> <p class="p1"><b>Duct Ozonizers produce ozone by means of bulbs, electronic plates or crowns.</b> Proper maintenance is paramount to keep ozonizers in good condition and avoid expelling smells to the outside. For example, <b>Uvonair UV-80 works with some bulbs</b> that can last up to 800 hr with a regular use. <b>After that time, bulbs must be changed</b> to ensure they don't break down without users noticing it.</p> <p class="p1">Other models such as <b>Uvonair CD work by means of crowns, a type of electrical plates</b> that generate a tension that joins air particles, turning O2 (oxygen) into O3 (ozone). These types of crown generate a certain amount of ozone that depends on their power.<b> Their main advantage is they never fuse.</b> In order to maintain them, all you have to do is<b> open them once in a while, in order to remove dust</b> from the crowns. Do this and you will never have to replace them.</p> <p class="p1"><b>Ozotres Ozonizers use a type of bulbs full with neon </b>which can generate great amounts of ozone but<b> must be replaced over time </b>in order to avoid problems. Neon gas is consumed little by little, until the bulbs stop being effective. However, the <b>average service-life of a bulb is 25000 hr.</b> Depending on the quantity of bulbs, the amount of ozone produced will vary to suit a certain number of m3/h of extraction.<b> Approximately, it can said you would need a 30% more mg/h of ozone than m3/h of extracted air: ie.</b> an ozonizer generating 1500 mg/h would be ideal for a 1050 m3/h extractor.</p> <p class="p2"><b>Ozotubo and <a href="">Steril Tube</a> are two of the most affordable duct ozonizers on the market.</b> Those two models by the same brand<b> produce ozone by means of Long Life bulbs.</b> <b>Long Life bulbs don't contain neon inside and they are actually hollow.</b> Its <b>maintenance is limited to ocasional cleaning </b>so that dust doesn't build up and bulbs can keep on working <b>without fusing</b>. Ozotubo generates barely the same amount of ozone than <span class="s1">one SterilTube</span> of the same diameter, the only difference being it has more lamps. If you want a normal ozonizer for 125 we will choose Ozotube. But if you are looking for a powerful ozonizer, SterilTrube would probably be better.</p> <p class="p1">If you have <b>a large grow op you can use several devices or even an ozone injection system to supply from 3000 to 16000 mg/h.</b> This would be enough for even the largest extraction systems. These devices <b>work as industrial generators and will suit the needs of even large seed-producers.</b></p> <p class="p2"><b>If you are looking for an ozonizer to fight odor, we have an ideal model for you.</b> Just take a look at our <b>wide selection of ozone generators and their detailed descriptions to find yours.</b></p>
  • Air fresheners
    <p class="p1">Purchase air fresheners that <b>destroy odor particles instead of camouflaging or hiding them.</b> These products are <b>much more effective than regular air fresheners.</b> They work in a different way and are <b>ideal in places with very aggressive scents, such as your growing room or weed dryer. </b></p> <p class="p1">Odor Eliminators <b>were first invented for industrial use and designed for</b> places such as <b>oil refineries and wastelands</b> where one can barely breathe. They can<b> fight smells as strong as the ones let off by petrol or garbage</b> and thus, will prove very handy when it comes to preventing the discovery of your growing space or to prevent your house from smelling when you smoke inside.</p> <p class="p1"><b>Particles released by air fresheners are lighter than air and capture odors inside them</b>. Once both types of particles <b>mix together, they become heavier than the air and fall to the ground where they disintegrate.</b> We sell several brands with different fragrances. It's important is to <b>respect the mode of use of each of these products</b>, which might differ from one to another.</p> <p class="p1"><b>Air Fresheners can come in the form of sprays, gels, blocks or liquids.</b></p> <p class="p1"><a href="">Sprays</a> have <b>immediate effects</b> in any location. They can be used <b>in the car</b> where you might smoke occasionally and it is not cool to have an incriminating smell of weed if the police stops you. They can also be used <b>at home,</b> after you have smoked in order to prevent the scent sticking. <strong>I</strong><b>t is a good idea to spray the landing</b> so that the stairs of your building don't smell like marijuana. Generally speaking, you will only use this type of air freshener in <strong>specific</strong><b> occasions to get rid of the smell quickly.</b></p> <p class="p2">Air Freshener <a href="">Gels</a> <b>are normally used in places where a certain level of smell is usually present. The gel evaporates progressively, releasing agents that destroy odors all over the room and keep on acting as they locate new odor particles. It is usually used all at once so it doesn't evaporate too quickly, but it can also be split in smaller parts to increase its effectivity</b> in certain cases. For instance, when you are trimming your harvest, your home can smell for hours or even days and if you split the gel in several containers at different locations of the house, it won't smell at all, even if this implies the gel will run out very quickly. It is thus <b>ideal for harvest and drying days</b> since it won't impact the scent of your plants.</p> <p class="p1"><b>Air Freshener Blocks are made to be used in ventilation ducts.</b> They look like a hand soap bar. When<b> the air passes through the ducts and comes into contact with them, anti odor particles are released.</b> The hotter the weather and the higher the airflow, the quicker this product will run out. However, this kind of air freshener tends to <b>last between 3 to 4 weeks</b> under conditions where gel would only last 1 or 2 days. Not only will the marijuana smell be destroyed, the air being extracted will also have a nice fragrance.</p> <p class="p1"><strong>Air Freshener <a href="">Liquid</a>s</strong><span class="s1"> </span><b>have several uses. You can use them to fill up spray bottles and keep on using them as such or to hydrate your gel freshener so it regains its original properties.</b> Air Freshener Sprays are actually filled with liquid air freshener and so you can use liquid ones to <strong>r</strong><b>efill your sprays when they're over or simply to try a different fragrance.</b> Air Freshener Gels can dehydrate quickly if it's too hot, causing the balls that contain the neutralizer agents to dry out. When dried, they don't evaporate as much as they originally did-or they simply don't evaporate at all- and they stop working. If you hydrate your gel again with water you risk diluting the mix too much, so <b>the best thing to do is employ Liquid Air Freshener.</b> By doing this, the gel will maintain its properties.</p> <p class="p1">Now, you just need to<b> choose your fragrance from </b>your preferred brand. Whatever air freshener you're looking for, <b>you will certainly find it in our Odor Elimination Section.</b></p>
odor control systems for marijuana growing

Find your odor control filter, ozone generator or anti-odor gel among the wide selection of products available in our catalogue. All odor control treatments for your marijuana crop are available in our catalogue so that you don't encounter any problem when growing marijuana indoors.

When growing marijuana indoors, plants are restrained in a small space which needs to be ventilated. As it's well known, when plants are flowering they expel an intense odor . If you do not keep the smell under control not only may third parties be disturbed but you also take the risk of being discovered by people who shouldn't know about your activity.

There exist several systems to prevent odors from your grow op from being expelled to the outside: from air fresheners able to neutralize the strongest smells - such as gasoline's-, to the most complex ozone generation systems that destroy odor particles. 

The most common method among marijuana growers to prevent odor leaks is to use activated carbon filters. This type of filter retains odor particles inside, expelling a clean and odor-free air to the outside. Sometimes, when the extraction flow is very high, it is advisable to use several filters. This is when ozonizers play a major role.

Though ozonizers can also be used in small spaces, their deployment becomes almost mandatory in big crops. Ozone destroys odor particles by oxidizing them, leaving an odor-free air. In the case of big indoor settings, it is the best way to ensure the smell will never reach the outside and avoid risks, since a minimal failure might lead to undesired disclosure.

All products on our website come with a description to clarify their use, so you don't have any problem to make a choice. We also have tutorial videos that show how to install them in your grow op and what they can be used for.

Get rid of that smell that keeps you worried, once and for all!