Plant lighting

Plant lighting

Plant lighting

Choose the ideal lighting for your marijuana garden among all the products in our catalogue. Aware as we are of the importance of lighting in marijuana growing, our products are always in stock and ready for quick shipment. ¡In GB The Green Brand you will find the best lighting kits for indoors, as well as different components, reflectors and ballast. You can also learn in detail the differences between LED lighting and LEC lighting. Likewise, you can buy light bulbs for interior marijuana, induction light bulbs, low consumption lamps, nocturnal lights, generators and Light Rail.

Choose the perfect lighting for your cannabis grow

If you intend to save up and improve the lighting quality for your grow, it is necessary to study the different alternatives that LED systems offer. With LED light bulbs you can fulfill your indoor grows, either large or small spaces.  You can even grow in summer thanks to the low heat emissions. With LED lighting, you will always obtain stupendous flowering with low electricity consumption, but to get the best yields HPS lamps are the best.

HPS lamps are the most popular when growing marijuana, this is because they offer high yields thanks to their colours and potent light. Their light bulbs produce a high temperature. however renewing the air in your grow zone you will prevent heat being accumulated and stay within the required parameters. In summer, it is better to use LED lighting, however during lower temperatures, HPS is closest to the sun.

Essential products to ensure proper lighting in your cannabis grow

So that everything works correctly, you have to acquire a series of complementary products, which are very important. Firstly you should look into a ballast, it acts as a transformer to supply the lamp enough voltage to light up. It can be electronic or magnetic.

Electronic ballasts use better the electricity they use, as they don't overheat and all of their power is used exclusively on producing light. Magnetic ones however do heat up, meaning they waste energy. Another important characteristic is the amount of Hz, which demonstrates that the electrolytes emit continuous light and the magnetic ones make the light flash. This converts to more than 30% light.

A reflector is very useful. This product is in charge of distributing the light produced by the light bulb. In warm grows, it is recommended using refrigerated reflectors that lower the heat in the bulb. The best known reflectors are the Cooltube and Spudnik.

In our webpage you will find reflectors that distribute better the light, favoring the probability of homogenous plants. Amongst them we can highlight the Adust-a-Wings. In addition there are also reflectors that guide the light in a more concentrated way, penetrating more the lower layers in the cannabis plants, use Daystar.

You can also use a temporizer, as lighting systems need to be timed to maximize the wellbeing and development of your plants. Likewise, you can also find cable hoses, plug pins, pulleys to hang your LED lighting for example and other essential components.

Find the best lighting products at the best price

The products and lighting kits from GB The Green Brand which are made of all the necessary products and have been subjected to different quality tests that guarantee their reliability and effectiveness when using them to grow weed.

You can also visit our blog and Youtube channel to learn tricks and tips on how to grow cannabis indoor and outdoors.