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Plant lighting

Lighting systems for marijuana growing

Choose the ideal lighting for your marijuana garden among all the products in our catalogue. Aware as we are of the importance of lighting in marijuana growing, our products are always in stock and ready for quick shipment.

Find the lamps you need for your indoor setting according to your specific needs. We offer you low consumption lamps, that let you grow your plants in small spaces without increasing the temperature as it is the case with other bulbs, while consuming very little power.

If you still want to save money while gaining light quality, you can look for alternatives among the LED systems. Since they do not emit heat, LED lamps will let you grow your plants in both small and big spaces, enabling even summer cultivation. LEDs always result in better blooms than low consumption lamps and give great results with a minimal power consumption. However, the highest yields are achieved with HPS lamps.

HPS lamps are the most widely used in marijuana growing, since their colors and powerful light lead to important productions. Although these lamps produce a substantial increase in temperature, you can prevent heat from accumulating by renewing the air within the growing space. In this way, you will keep good growing parameters at all times. In summer, it is better to use LED lights but when cooler temperatures arrive nothing can beat HPS: it is the closest you can get to having a "personal sun".

In order for lamps to work, a ballast is required. It acts as a power transformer that makes bulbs function. Ballasts can be either electronic or digital. Electronic ones make the most of power, since they don't heat up and all their power is used to produce light. On the other hand, digital ones heat up so they waste part of the energy. 

Another parameter is frequency (Hz). If we look at lamps through a camera, we can see that with digital ones, the light flickers, while with the electronic ones, the light appears to be continuous. In practice, this means electronic ballasts provide our plants with 30% more light than the digital ones.

Reflectors are responsible for spreading the light produced by the ballast and several of their features can change your growing op. In gardens with heat concentration you can resort to refrigerated reflectors that will remove the heat generated by the bulb, such as the cooltube or the famous Spudnik. You can also find reflectors that ensure a more even distribution of light such as the Adjust a Wings, which will result in more homogeneous plants. Finally, you can find reflectors that concentrate light, covering less space but penetrating down to the lower layers of the plants; this is the case of the Daystar reflectors.

All lighting systems must be timed, so you will also have to envisage some space for the timers and all you need in your installations (from cable protecting hoses and plugs, to pulleys to hang your lamps and lift them at will).

Whatever you are looking for to light your plants, you will find it in our catalogue at the best price.