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Water treatment

Irrigation water osmosis and carbon filters

Osmosis and carbon filters for irrigation water to provide your plants with water of the finest quality. Plants will reward you by feeding well on the nutrients you give them and will yield a great product. Quality water will make your plants improve notably, but remember that in order to install an osmosis filter in your system, a pressure of 2-3 kg is necessary. If there is not enough pressure you can resort to other types of filter such as carbon ones. Whichever filter you need, you will find it in our filter catalogue so you can provide your plants with the quality water they deserve.

Roots absorb water and thus, nutrients, but if water contains too many salts the plant is unable to absorb water properly. It's like if roots had some filters through which water with too many salts cannot go. Therefore, the lesser the amount of salts in the water the easier it will be for the roots to absorb it. By using nutrients we are adding salts to the ones already present in the water and thus we also increase conductivity (Ec) a lot (which depends, basically, on the amount of salts in the water).

Osmosis filters will help us achieve a very low Ec, close to 0.0, so that all minerals can be absorbed by the plants easily. In hydroponic systems, using an osmosis filter is essential. The same can be said for crops using coco or rockwool as growing medium. If we grow in soil, it will be more difficult for the substrate to get saturated with salts and you will notice an amazing change in your plants, particularly in seasonal outdoor crops.

We sell osmosis filters of several models and sizes to fit your needs, from the smallest ones (150L/day) for your little garden, to the biggest ones such as the GrowMax 3000 (3000 L/day) for those who need larger quantities of water everyday (for instance, for large rockwool crops).

Carbon filters are also a good option if we cannot use an osmosis filter since they don't lower Ec too much but they still eliminate many residues and elements dissolved in irrigation water, such as soaps and pesticides. By removing so many harmful components from the irrigation water, your roots will absorb the essential nutrients better and thus your plants will produce better quality marijuana.

Carbon Filters are ideal for grow ops where pressure is not too high, making it possible to get great quality water under conditions where osmosis filters wouldn't work. The smallest ones can filter up to 240L/h, ideal for your grow tents or for your autoflowering plants at the balcony. The biggest ones will filter up to 2000 L/h and are perfect to be installed in a watering wand or for larger crops that are directly irrigated with whatever comes from the water supply network.

Provide your plants with quality water and see the difference for yourself: your plants will grow healthy from A to Z, showing no deficiencies, while their taste and power will be unique. You can also expect higher yields.