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Water Treatment

Irrigation water osmosis and carbon filters

In this section you can find osmosis filters and carbon filters for your watering system – some of the most high-end devices available. Your plants will be able to feed much better and produce larger yields with clean water. If your plants receive high quality water they’ll be able to grow much better, although in order to use an osmosis system you’ll need about 2-3kg water pressure. If you don’t have enough pressure you can also use active carbon filters. Whatever it is that you need, you’re guaranteed to find it in this section!

Your plants roots essentially absorb water and nutrients for your plants, but if the water isn’t of good enough quality or it contains too many salts, your plants won’t be able to absorb it correctly and their roots will have to work a lot harder. If you add nutrients to your solution, the amount of salts increases considerably, which is why it’s important to use already pure water when starting out.

Osmosis filters allow you to clean water and leave it practically pure, which means that you can add plenty more nutrients to your plants and still have them absorb it. When growing hydroponically it’s absolutely essential to use pure or osmosis water, as well as when you grow using rockwool and coco coir. If you grow in soil you’ll notice a massive difference; your plants will look flawless due to not ever having any sort of excess salts.

We stock Osmosis filters of all kinds, shapes and sizes that are perfect for any growers’ needs; from small filters that can do 150L a day for small gardens, to massive GrowMax 3000L a day filters for those that need enormous amounts of water every day, such as in large hydroponic growing rooms. Our carbon filters are also super handy, especially if you can’t use an osmosis filter. They’re not that good at decreasing the EC directly but they do get rid of all types of sediments and bits of residue in your water – this makes for a smoother flow and much happier plant roots.

Carbon filters are perfect for growers that don’t have access to very high water pressure, as you can improve the quality of your water without needing an osmosis filter. The smallest one is capable of filtering up to 240L per hour; perfect for indoor grows or for large amounts of autoflowering plants. The largest carbon filters allow you to filter up to 2000L per hour, which is great for large grows.

Give your plants the best possible water and watch them grow incredibly healthy; no nutrient deficiencies and incredibly healthy roots!