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Ventilation supplies

Ventilation supplies

Find the perfect type of ducting and required components in order to create your own ventilation system, from the most basic aluminium duct to more sturdy ones that will distribute air all around your grow room.

One of the essential pieces when making your ventilation system is ducting. The most basic and widely-used one is the aluminum duct. It allows us to connect the extractor to an outdoor area in order to remove the warm air from your indoor grow. The air flow, similar to a river flow, can be quite noisy. If you're intracting or extracting a lot of air, you might find that the passing air through the duct is very noisy and you'll have to use a Soundproofed 5m Ducting. Soundproof Ducting has a fiber layer around it which insulates it from the outside (providing thermal and noise insulation). The additional use of Soundproof Boxes can help you to reduce the noise produced by the extractor.

In order to set up a ventilation system it's necessary to employ some parts such as tee connectors to distribute the input of air, couplings to lengthen the ducts or duct reducers. In our catalogue you will find all the spare parts you need to achieve an optimal distribution of the air to your plants in all diameters: from 100mm to 315mm.

Sometimes, the simplest parts such as the connectors are the key ones to a properly functioning system. If different ventilation elements are not properly linked or the joints are not adequately sealed, unfiltered air might get inside your ventilation system. While assembling your ventilation system it is paramount to check all joints are properly attached and sealed, and that there are no leaks. One way of ensuring this will never happen is using Aluminum Adhesive Tape – Metal Shine and then, bridling it.

In this section you can find accessories to help those growers who usually encounter problems with the air coming from the street. An anti-pollen filter will help to prevent surrounding male plants to pollinate your plants. It is a risk you are exposed to but that can be removed very easily. You can also find anti-return valves that ensure no birds or insects will get inside your grow in case the extraction system turns off.

Air Sock allows you to distribute all the hair all around your grow. Made of breathable fiber, it will let air get in through while filtering insects. It is entirely washable and very recommendable for any indoor grow op.