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Growing media - substrates

Quality Substrates for Cannabis Growing

Find the perfect substrate in this full catalogue of substrates designed for your plants and their various different needs. You can find nutrient-free peats with which you can mix your own organic substrate as well as nutrient-rich substrates that give your plants practically everything they need except water.

All of the substrates that we stock can be used to grow any type of plant, especially cannabis plants. Cannabis needs an airy substrate so that its roots can breathe, grow properly and fully absorb nutrients and minerals.

We stock substrates that are perfect for dry climates, such as our BioBizz substrates, which are capable of absorbing enormous amounts of water which is ideal for dry areas, where soil tends to dry out much faster.

When growing somewhere with high humidity, you’re better off choosing a substrate that retains much less water than usual or else you may end up with rot issues. One of the best substrates that you can use for humid climates is Cannaterra, the professional and professional plus versions. The first version has basic peat that doesn’t contain any sort of extra nutrient, and the second version has enough nutrients for about a month, which is enough for a successful growth period indoors.

If you live somewhere mild, where it air isn’t too dry or too humid, we recommend using Top Crop, Atami or Cannabiogen.

We also stock non-soil substrates for growing using other methods, such as clay balls for hydroponic growing, coco coir substrate, vermiculite, rockwool and various other modern materials such as peat foam.

You can also choose discreet shipping if necessary and your substrate should arrive covered in thick black tape so that nobody can tell what it is. Discreet shipping costs a little bit more, although if you have a store near you, you’ll be able to get it for cheaper.