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Water Timers

Water Timers and Controllers For Growing

Water timers and controllers are perfect for large grows or for those that don’t have time to take care of their plants every day – make growing easier! The model that you need depends on where you’ll be taking the water from.

One of the most used timers is our battery-powered automatic watering controller that can be set to water up to 10 plants. This controller acts as a timer, water pump and water distribution center at once. It has 10 different outlets that you can either cover or attach 6mm piping to – each pipe goes to one plant and when on it waters all of them at once in the exact same quantities. It comes with a battery powered pump that pushes the water to your plants, allowing you to set the amount of time that it’s on for. It’s highly practical for outdoor growing, especially if you want to go away for a few days.

We have much simpler controllers that are placed straight into running water, allowing you to feed your plants by hand using nutrients while watering nutrient-free. We stock digital and analog models so that you can choose the best way to feed your plants. They work using batteries, so you’ll need to switch them out every now and then – if you forget and it turns off in the middle of a process, you may have an issue on your hands if you take too long to notice.

One of our best, most high-end water timers is the GSE Water Controller, which has a myriad of helpful functions. You can set watering times in second increments, from 1 second up to 18 hours. It also has a sensor that detects whether it’s day time or night time – you can set it to water less during the day and more during the night, allowing you to optimize your plant watering process. This device is great for ebb & flow watering systems or rockwool growing systems.

Whatever type of timer or water controller that you’re after, you’re sure to find it here at Growbarato.net! Perfect for growing cannabis indoors and outdoors.