Cannabis Paraphernalia

Rolling Papers + Filter Tips + GB Leaves Tray

Rolling Paper Leaves GB 4 in 1

GB 4-Parts 60 mm Wooden Grinder open

GB 4-Parts 60 mm Wooden Grinder

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Powdered Milk Camouflage Stash Photo - To hide your valuables

Powdered Milk Camouflage Stash

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Cannabis Paraphernalia

Cannabis Paraphernalia

Cannabis paraphernalia includes hundreds of products and accessories aimed at smokers, such as grinders, rolling papers, tips, etc. At GB The Green Brand you can find all sorts of items suitable for marijuana lovers, like for example bongs, water pipes or vaporizers, among others.

This category also includes books that address marijuana cultivation in depth, which could be of great help to beginner growers, or even experienced ones, as they too can benefit from acquiring new knowledge and improve their indoors or outdoors growing techniques in order to increase their yield and its quality.

Grinders are Star Products

Buying paraphernalia is a synonym for acquiring a grinder. This cannabis chopper is, without a doubt, one of the most useful utensils among smokers as it allows for a homogeneous and uniform grind that will facilitate combustion. GB features a wide selection of grinders differentiated by their functions, as they can include 2, 3 or 4 parts, or by the material they are made of, which can be metal, silicone or plastic.

Grinder varied formats respond to smokers’ preferences. Some designs feature elegant metallic colors, while others show more psychedelic iridescent colors or even extravagant models shaped like an apple, a letter or a cylinder, like the electric grinder.

Rolling paper and other accessories for marijuana smokers

Most famous rolling paper booklet brands are included in GB The Green Brand’s catalogue and they stand out for their excellent quality and different make. Mythical companies like RAW or CBD and even GB’s private label are available in King Size, 1 ¼ or pre-rolled cones. Smokers will also be able to buy other accessories such as tips, biodegradable filters, Clipper lighters, rolling trays, containers, anti-odor cases, ashtrays and a great selection of tridents.

The Best Pipes, Bongs and Hookahs

GB The Green Brand bongs, water pipes and hookahs' section includes plenty of models featuring different designs, colors and sizes that will surely meet smokers'preferences. Bongs are available in all sizes and shapes, from psychedelic and old school to futurist and innovative. This section also adds other smoker items such as karb caps, bong silicone filters, heat reactors, timers with terpene thermal heat sensors as well as filters, extraction tools, screens or spare parts for bongs, pipes and hookahs.

Great Quality Smoker’s Vaporizers

Marijuana vaporizers promote the enjoyment of intense flavors without inhaling harmful substances related to combustion. They can be portable or fixed, are available in a wide range of models and are especially popular among marijuana medicinal users due to the fact that these devices facilitate the absorption of up to 90% of cannabinoids. This product also enjoys a certain reputation among recreational consumers, mainly to vaporize cannabis concentrates like BHO or other extracts.

Weighing scales, Stash items and Post-harvest Tools

Digital precision weighing scales are an essential tool for all growers as they guarantee exactitude. They are manufactured and made of different materials and sizes and some models are stashed in other products, like for example the PC mouse with hidden scale, which can also be used as a mouse and includes a USB connector to plug it to a computer.

GB The Green Brand sells a series of ingenious stash products that are perfect for hiding valuable objects, like the camouflage car lighter, the stash fire extinguisher, the stash cola bottle or the stash tomato sauce can.

Products aimed at curing, drying and storing marijuana after its harvest, such as Ziploc bags, glass jars with hygrometers, moist retention bags or drying racks can also be purchased at GB's.