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Grow Tents

  • Cultibox
    <p>Find <strong>all models and sizes of Cultibox Grow Tents gathered in one single section.</strong> Compare at a glance all the available Grow Tents so you can easily set up your new growing space. From <strong>the most economical ones to the modular ones (units to be assembled one to another)</strong> that let you create a tailored grow room.</p> <p><strong>The most affordable one is the Cultibox Light,</strong> an inexpensive grow tent that does the job perfectly <strong>though savings have been made in the choice of materials.</strong> Indeed, if there is a weak point to highlight it is that the cloth is gray and thus, non-reflective inside. Apart from that,  it is <strong>a great grow tent to get started</strong> with your indoor grow op without spending too much money. Available in many sizes, from <b>60x60x140cm to 120x120x200cm, </b>to match your needs.</p> <p>Another model and <strong>one of the most famous ones from Cultibox is the SG-Combi. </strong>It is a very good quality cabinet, with a <strong>thick and reflective cloth and strong zippers.</strong> One feature makes it unique: 3 out of its 4 walls can be fastened and detached by means of velcro. This lets you<strong> join several modules of same sized <a href="">SG-Combi</a></strong><strong> tents to create a customized growing space</strong>. With this system you can add an extra unit whenever you feel like or, on the other hand, you can choose to use them individually as independent growing units. <strong>The aluminium bars of the structure are also stronger</strong> than Cultibox Light's ones, so this grow tent will support heavier loads.</p> <p><strong>One of the novelties by Cultibox is the model called <a href="">Open</a></strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">:</span><strong> a 4-side-openable cabinet</strong> which provides great accessibility to plants. It can be opened individually on 2 sides and can be left completely opened, exposing its entire inside, by just opening the zippers. This feature <strong>facilitates access and lets you water your plants without having to move them around. Save time and enjoy an easy gardening experience.</strong></p> <p>In short, if you are looking for a <strong>good-quality and inexpensive</strong> grow tent, Cultibox might be the brand for you.</p>
  • Grow Tent
    <p>GT Grow Tents stand out due to their <strong>high quality and affordable prices</strong>. These cabinets are robust and every detail has been taken into account. With a strong aluminum structure, these tents can support the weight of your equipment comfortably. If you look carefully you can see that even the corner pieces are strong and made out of quality materials.</p> <p>A canvas that will act as the walls of the tent is mounted on this structure. It is a <strong>strong and thick fabric</strong>, that guarantees that no light can get inside the tent and affect your plants. Besides, its silver and reflective inside can easily reflect the light from your grow lamps, redirecting it towards your plants. There is a pocket in one of the walls where you can easily keep measuring instruments such as a <strong>pH-meter or a thermohygrometer.</strong></p> <p>The tent has several tube outlets to host the extraction and ventilation system, and there is even a window intended for passive air supply systems. If you choose not to use any of the tube outlets, there are Velcro squares that you can use to cover the holes and ensure that the tent itself is air-tight and that no unwanted light can get in.</p> <p>This tent is available in many sizes, from the smallest (<strong>80 x 80 x 160cm</strong>) to the largest one, which is as big as an entire room (<strong>3.00x3.00x2.15m</strong>). They are all made with the same care and quality as to never let our customers down. As always, we have tutorial videos at your disposal showing the assembling process so that you don't encounter any  issues when it comes to putting your grow tent together.</p> <p>We sell <strong>several sizes</strong> of the same model in our catalogue. They all look the same and are made out of the same materials. If you are looking for an <strong>efficient tent</strong> without having to pay extra just to have a fancy brand name, <a href="">Grow Tent</a> might be a good choice.</p>
  • Secret Jardin Grow Tents
    <p>Secret Jardin is <strong>a very prestigious grow tent brand that offers the best quality materials on the market</strong>, providing <strong>strong structures and robust fabrics</strong> to make a long-lasting home for your plants!</p> <p>These tents' structure, <strong>made of high resistance and light weight aluminum, will make them easy for you to assemble, even the big tents.</strong> They are available in several models, intended for different<strong> uses,</strong> which will determine the quality of the fabric and their size.</p> <p>For instance, the <strong>most affordable grow tent by Secret Jardin is the Dark Street II</strong>, <strong>the inexpensive version of the famous Dark Room II.</strong> <strong>It is noticeable that the fabric is somehow thinner, though it also has a Mylar layer</strong> that prevents heat from getting out or in. Another of its characteristics is the reflective interior walls. This model can<strong> reflect up to 97% of the light</strong> coming from the lamps. You can find it in different sizes: from 60x60x160cm to 300x300x200cm.</p> <p>As mentioned above, their most famous model is the <a href="">Dark Room II</a><span style="text-decoration:underline;">,</span> <strong>a grow tent of excellent quality, sought-after by the most demanding of indoor growers!</strong> When you look for Dark Room II you know what you want: maximal quality. It features a<strong> thick and resistant canvas which can </strong><strong>bounce 97% of the light</strong> reaching the inner walls and won't waste a bit of light. Besides, it is <strong>available in numerous sizes</strong> to suit your growing space. <strong>Accessibility to plants is certainly a plus, since it has two windows</strong> that allow access to the back part as well as the front one.</p> <p>The bigger models are called<strong> Intense.</strong> <strong>These tents provide very discreet growing spaces; one is 480x240x215cm and the other one is 600x300x215cm.</strong> They present the same finishes and qualities as the Dark Room II models, and that is why they are slightly more expensive. However, they are worth every cent of their price! With these kinds of tents you can build your indoor garden inside another room. This makes it <strong>undetectable by thermal cameras.</strong></p> <p>The brand sells other models for different purposes. <strong>Dark Dryer is a tent for drying your buds.</strong> Its<strong> breathable walls</strong> avoid humidity accumulating inside the tent and allows air to flow to help dry your plants, preventing mold and fungus from ruining our harvest. They are <strong>ideally designed for putting a drying net inside along with a small ventilation system.</strong></p> <p><strong>Dark Propagator lets you root an enormous amount of cuttings,</strong> since it's intended to hold many propagators. These cabinets are divided inside by different shelves and in each shelf we can set lighting equipment and several propagators.<strong> Depending on the size, you will be able to host more or less cuttings. </strong>However, since there is enough space for some 150 clones in each propagator, you will be able to host more than 1000 cuttings even if you choose the small model!</p> <p>Another remarkable model by Secret Jardin<strong> is the <a href="">Dark Room Twin</a>. This model of grow tent includes two independent compartments</strong> within the same tent so you can<strong> grow plants with different photoperiods at the same time;</strong> i.e. you can grow a mother plant and root cuttings in one while you flower them in the other one.</p> <p>No matter what you're looking for, if you choose a grow tent from Secret Jardin's range you have chosen one of the best quality options on the market.</p>
  • Mammoth grow tents
    <p>Mammoth grow tents are <strong>robust cabinets with a reasonable quality/price ratio.</strong> Both <strong>the fabric and the structure are strong </strong>to prevent light escapes. Their <strong>high inside reflectance</strong> helps you make the most of your lighting equipment. They are <strong>available in several models and prices</strong> which increase with quality. <strong>The most economical ones are the ones of the range Mammoth Classic</strong> that, though inexpensive, are<strong> still some of the best grow tents on the market</strong>. They consist of <strong>thick and strong canvas mounted on a strong aluminium</strong> structure and feature a <strong>reflective inside material</strong>. Light hitting the walls will bounce and be redirected towards the plants, while<strong> the thickness of the fabric will prevent any waste of light</strong>. A tent model for those who are looking <strong>for good quality at a reasonable price.</strong></p> <p><a href="">Mammoth Pro</a> <strong>is the model by the brand that presents the best finishes.</strong> Also with <strong>a strong and thick fabric, its reflective inside lining reflects up to 95% of the light</strong> and will redirect all light from the wall back to the plants. With this model allows to <strong>achieve much higher lateral yields</strong> than any other grow tent of inferior ranges. It also features<strong> two lateral windows,</strong> in addition to a door,<strong> to facilitate the access to plants during cultivation.</strong> Its high quality aluminium bars are light but can, nonetheless, support high weights (enough, for instance, to bear all our equipment such as the refrigerated reflector or an an odor filter). <strong>In short, a top quality grow tent for those growers who are after the best possible product.</strong></p> <p>Then, we have<strong> Mammoth Elite and Mammoth L, which are real grow rooms</strong>. With finishes as good as Mammoth Pro's, both in terms of fabric and reflectance, these models are available in big sizes that <strong>go from 240cmx120cmx2m to 3mx6mx2,4m.</strong> They let you create a genuine grow room inside any room, totally insulated from the outside. <strong>Growing this way will make it very difficult for a thermal camera to detect your garden</strong>. Besides, it will be much safer in terms of light or odor escapes since before reaching the outside they will come out towards the room where the problem can be detected and solved.</p> <p><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Mammoth Dryer</span><strong> is an ideal grow tent for drying</strong> our harvest. <strong>Its walls allow the inside to breath,</strong> so humidity does not get stuck inside. These tents let you <strong>put a drying net inside</strong> and host a small ventilation system with filter, to prevent marijuana from rotting, at least during the first days. In this way, odors will be kept under control much better than when drying it inside a room.</p> <p><strong>Mammoth Propagator is an ideal tent for keeping cuttings.</strong> Wider than taller, it possesses a solid base to host many clones. It is not necessary to have longer heights since <strong>in this type of cabinets fluorescent tubes are used. These tubes don't produce heat </strong>and can be close to the plants without burning them.</p> <p>Finally, we have <strong>Mammoth Dual</strong>, one of our best-selling products, ideal to grow from a mother plant endlessly. It presents <strong>two perfectly independent compartments. The first </strong>one is intended to keep your mother plants and root cuttings while the second one is used to flower the cuttings. By proceeding this way, you can<strong> produce uninterruptedly </strong>without having to buy seeds never again. You <strong>can also use the two compartments to keep mother plants and take cuttings,</strong> and then flowering the cuttings somewhere else (in a different tent or growing substrate). </p> <p>In conclusion, <strong>Mammoth grow tents are the ones offering the best quality/price in our catalogue.</strong> They are somehow more expensive than the rest but its superior quality makes the price well worth it!</p>
  • HomeBox grow tent
    <p>In this section you will find <strong>all models and all sizes</strong> of grow tents by the brand that invented indoor grow tents. HomeBox grow tents are made of tough materials and have white reflective walls <strong>able to bounce up to 91% of the light</strong> and redirect it towards the plants. </p> <p>HomeBox are the pioneers in the field of grow tents, and <strong>they came up with the first model for indoor marijuana growing.</strong> They feature top-quality strong <strong>bearing structure</strong>, while their hard plastic parts are very resistant to the heat.</p> <p><strong>HomeBox tents' canvas is very hard-wearing and features </strong>a white reflective inside with <strong>one of the highest PAR reflectance on the market</strong>. There is no other brand which uses this color and it has thus become a distinctive sign of the brand. Grow tents <strong>can be washed easily</strong> with water since they are waterproof. They are also opaque so no light will pass through any of the seams.</p> <p><strong>HomeBow sells two main types of tents: </strong>a regular tent intended to host plants and a small version for growing cuttings called Clone Box. The regular grow tent comes in several sizes, to fit the available space. <strong>You will find them from an S size (80x80x160 cm) till the XXL (which measures 240x120x200 cm).</strong> In this grow tent you can grow your plants and get them to flower with no problems, obtaining higher yields thanks to their PAR reflectance.</p> <p><strong>Clone Box is made of the same materials</strong> as the Home Box regular tent and reflects light in a similar way. However, its specific dimensions make it <strong>ideal for the rooting of cuttings. It houses 2 shelves that create three different compartments.</strong> Each compartment can host up to 3 propagators with 150 cuttings each, amounts to a total of <strong>more than 1000 cuttings.</strong> A low consumption lamp or or fluorescent tubes are usually placed inside to avoid excessive temperature which could lead to cuttings' dehydration.</p> <p>If you are looking for a <strong>highly reflective cabinet with a thick and hard canvas that won't waste any light</strong>, you just need to choose the size: HomeBox is your brand.</p> <p></p>
  • Grow Tent Accessories
    <p>In this section you can find <strong>accessories for your grow tents</strong>, with which you can repair corner pieces and acquire many objects that can make your job much easier. We have a large supply of replacement parts and accessories such as drying racks, pulleys with breaks, and support pieces for the bars in your grow tent.</p> <p>Here you can acquire all of the replacement pieces you could need from all available brands like <a href="">plastic corner holders</a>. If you’re looking for something that we don’t have in our catalogue, go ahead and <strong>contact us as we can get you whatever piece you’re looking for</strong>.</p> <p>You can <strong>revamp your grow tent</strong>, whether you need to replace one of the plastic corner holders (which are hard to find) or you simply need somewhere to <strong>dry your plants</strong>. We have products for all kinds of grow tents, like Secret Jardin, Grow Tent, Cultibox Light and Cultibox SG-Combi.</p> <p>Drying racks are very important when it comes to having enough space to dry your weed, and if you <strong>hang your rack in your grow tent</strong> you can easily make the most out of the ventilation and dry your weed right there.</p> <p>With the <a href="">pulleys</a> we have you can easily raise or lower the reflector in your grow. The <strong>Easy Rollers can put up with 7kg</strong>, and the Cultibox Pulleys are less pricey and can put up with 5kg. If you’re looking for even better ones, we have pulleys with breaks included that can hold 68kg.</p> <p>Make the most out of your grow by using a <strong>SCRoG mesh</strong> – you can grow your plants in any shape you want, and once they flower you’ll be rewarded with a screen of green buds in small spaces. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, we have it here; if you don’t see it, feel free to <strong>contact us</strong> and we can get anything you need.</p>
  • Complete grow kits
    <p>Complete indoor grow kits including grow tents to<strong> start your own grow at home with all the materials required in one single kit</strong>. This kit provides you with an insulated growing space, the required lighting equipment and a supply of clean air thanks to the included exteractors. Quality, components or lightning equipment may vary depending on the kit you choose.</p> <p>One of our best-selling kits is the<strong> complete grow tent 400W/600W</strong>, which was also the first kit in our catalogue. It includes a Cultibox Open grow tent of very good quality and lets you choose between a 400W and a 600W light. You will have the required air extraction system to keep heat away from your plants and supply them with fresh air, and an odor filter that will guarantee that the expelled air does not smell like weed. In the kit you will also find a timer to turn the lights on and off, pulleys to hang the light, a thermo-hygrometer to let you know the temperature and humidity and <strong>even the pots and seeds</strong> you need to get started! The most complete kit by GrowBarato.</p> <p><strong>Light grow kits</strong> are ideal for growers who want to start with the strictly necessary equipment and most affordable materials without leaving out anything important. It comes in several sizes and power options to fit your grow space. For instance, the <strong>Light Kit S</strong> comes with a 80x80cm and a 250W lamp while the <a href="">Light Kit L</a> comes with a 1.2mx1.2m and a 600W lamp. <strong>Kits include the extractors required</strong> for ventilation and an odor filtering system to avoid expelling revealing odors. Like all our kits, it also includes a timer to turn the lights on and off and the pulleys to hang your light.</p> <p>If you want to <strong>improve your grow in the future</strong>, you're better off going with our <strong>Cultibox Sg-Combi Kit</strong>. This kit includes a modular grow tent to which we can attach other units of the same size. If you only own one unit but you would like to double or triple its capacity in the future, all you'll have to do is add extra tents on. To do this, just remove one wall in every unit you want to attach and link them together, making a single space out of two modules. Several sizes are available: from S to XL. The S includes a 80cmx80cm grow tent and a 250W light, whereas the <strong>XL includes two 1.2mx1.2m units and two 600W lamps.</strong></p> <p>You can also choose one of the <strong>grow kits by Grow Tent</strong>, a grow tent brand with a great quality/price ratio. Their kits include almost the same components as <strong>SG Combi Kit</strong>, the difference lies in the grow tent. The Grow Tent kits include a much higher quality tent in terms of zippers, reflective inside material, etc. Their components were chosen individually so that you have enough room and good materials to grow your plants with no hassle from the very beginning.</p> <p>We also have a <a href=""><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Kit with a harvesting and drying tent,</span></a> where you can <strong>trim and dry our marijuana once it's harvested</strong>. A Lumagny microscope will let you decide whether the plant is ready for harvesting or not, you just need to observe the color of the trichomes before harvesting. Then, you will have to remove the leaves, leaving only the flowers, so they dry out as quick as possible; you can install a drying net inside your tent. A <strong>dehumidifier will take care of the excess of moisture during the first days</strong> while a extraction system with a filter will exchange the air constantly. The tent itself is made out of breathable material, so once the old air is extracted you don't have to worry about the supply of fresh air: it will get in through the walls. <strong>Having a filter</strong> will easily hide the smell expelled to the outside, so you'll be able to dry your cannabis discreetly and out of sight.</p> <p>If you are looking for a <strong>cannabis grow kit featuring all required components</strong>, and you also want to enjoy our hefty discounts, you just have to choose one of the kits in our catalogue. The descriptions are well detailed so that you know what's included before buying and know how to <strong>use every component once you receive your kit</strong>.</p>
Grow tents and cabinets for cannabis growers

When looking for a grow tent for your cannabis, you need to keep in mind that the tent you buy will be your precious plants’ future home; make sure that you pick a grow tent that’s going to meet your needs in as far as size and quality – don’t get a smaller tent and try cram more plants it, as this is what many newbies do and it always leads to bad results.

There are strong and cheap grow tents, but don’t always go for the price first when you’re looking for such an essential part of your grow room. Of course, we have tents for all walks of life and for all budgets so that you can get yourself into the world of growing even if you don’t have much money to work with.

We have a wide catalogue of all kinds of grow tent companies and brands – each one has their own characteristics that are explained in detail in each description. This way, you can easily choose the grow tent that’s closest to what you’re looking for, instead of just buying something and having to figure it out when it arrives.

We have top quality grow tents that are quite obviously made out of quality materials; the fabric, the metal bars, strong zippers etc. Each tent has certain aspects that make it unique and apt for certain kinds of grows, such as tents that can be combined with other tents, or having specific windows, or specific sizes for small spaces.

Whatever kind of grow tent you’re looking for, you’re guaranteed to find it here, alongside professional descriptions by our very own team of experts here at GrowBarato, so that you know what you’re buying before it arrives at your door.