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Indoor grow tents are considered our plants' household. Your plants growth care and development will depend greatly on accessory choices and usage. This means that your grow room has to be conditioned with a reflective inner surface, as well as an extraction system and bars that hold your sheaves.

Experienced growers devoted to indoor gardening consider growing tents as an essential tool for their work. Therefore, it is one of the most important products if you want to grow indoors. At GB The Green Brand, we feature a wide catalogue that includes different labels, each of them has the best possible description and specification.

Requirements for a good growing tent

Grow tents should meet certain criteria in order to guarantee plants' proper care and development. To start with, its very important for the structure to be resistant and hermetic, stopping the light from leaking to the outside. It should also have holes for the intractor, extractor and cables.

The fabric’s quality, bar resistance, strength and zip durability or the amount of light that the interior walls reflect, are important qualities you have to assess when choosing your growing tent.

Each tent has its own usage and properties, so you have to make sure you don't saturate a small tent with too many plants. There are very cheap models, however you want the best of the best as it's an essential component for the growth of your plants.

Advantages of using growing tents made by GB The Green Brand

  • Equip your plants with the best ecosystem possible.
  • Higher chance of isolating your plants from fungus, plagues and other illnesses.
  • Energy efficient and easy to setup.
  • As you can grow all year round, you will have your own crop at home.
  • You can obtain a great yield.

A growing tent is made of a

  • Main structure
  • Interior reflecting fabric
  • Growing lights kit
  • Pulley set to hold your reflector
  • Ventilation gear used for extraction
  • Timer and thermohygrometer

As you are building your tent,important elements to add to it are: carbon filters,ventilator fan, temporizer and a thermo hygrometer as it will make your growing experience better. However, it's as important to take care of your tents' hygiene and cleaning before its use, by disinfecting the walls, roof, window and floor.

We recommend that you perform a drill before its first use, so that you verify the light, temperature and humidity that it produces.As well as measuring previously the zone where you want to grow properly.

Main growing tents used

Cultibox tents:good-quality, inexpensive grow tent which is easy to set up. The most affordable one is the Cultibox Light, which does the job perfectly. Available in many sizes, from 60x60x140cm to 120x120x200cm, to match your needs.

SG-Combi by Cultibox an extremely easy to set up tent made up of the best materials, is a quality grow tent that’s quite unique, as you can stack as many as you want side by size or in any shape you’d like to make your grow are as big or as small as you need it to be.

GT Grow Tents: They stand out due to their high quality and affordable prices. These cabinets are robust and every detail has been taken into account. With a strong aluminum structure, these tents can support the weight of your equipment comfortably. If you look carefully you can see that even the corner pieces are strong and made out of quality materials.

Secret Jardin tents: is a very prestigious grow tent brand that offers the best quality materials on the market, providing strong structures and robust fabrics to make a long-lasting home for your plants! 

For instance, the most affordable grow tent by Secret Jardin is the Dark Street II, the inexpensive version of the famous Dark Room II

It is noticeable that the fabric is somehow thinner, though it also has a Mylar layer that prevents heat from getting out or in. You can find it in different sizes: from 60x60x160cm to 300x300x200cm.

As mentioned above, their most famous model is the Dark Room II, a grow tent of excellent quality, sought-after by the most demanding of indoor growers! This model can reflect up to 97% of the light coming from the lamps.

The larger tents are called Intense. They are worth every cent of their price! With these kinds of tents you can build your indoor garden inside another room. This makes it undetectable by thermal cameras.

Dark Dryer is a tent for drying your buds. Its breathable walls avoid humidity accumulating inside the tent and allows air to flow to help dry your plants, preventing mold and fungus from ruining our harvest. Dark Propagator lets you root an enormous amount of cuttings, since it's intended to hold many propagators.

Mammoth grow tents: Mammoth grow tents are robust cabinets with a reasonable quality/price ratio. Both the fabric and the structure are strong to prevent light escapes. Their high inside reflectance helps you make the most of your lighting equipment. 

They are available in several models and prices which increase with quality. The most economical ones are the ones of the range Mammoth Classic that, though inexpensive, are still some of the best grow tents on the market. 

Mammoth Pro is the model by the brand that presents the best finishes. Also with a strong and thick fabric, its reflective inside lining reflects up to 95% of the light and will redirect all light from the wall back to the plants.

They consist of thick and strong canvas mounted on a strong aluminium structure and feature a reflective inside material. Light hitting the walls will bounce and be redirected towards the plants, while the thickness of the fabric will prevent any waste of light. 

For the drying of our harvest, this brand offers the Mammoth Dryer, with breathable walls and a small filtered ventilation system that refreshes the air. Likewise, you can also use the Mammoth Propagator as an ideal tent to keep cuttings.

Finally, we have Mammoth Dual, one of our best-selling products, ideal to grow from a mother plant endlessly. It presents two perfectly independent compartments.

HomeBox grow tents: Are the pioneers in the field of grow tents, and they came up with the first model for indoor marijuana growing. They feature top-quality strong bearing structure, while their hard plastic parts are very resistant to the heat. 

HomeBox tents' canvas is very hard-wearing and features a white reflective inside with one of the highest PAR reflectance on the market. HomeBow sells two main types of tents: a regular tent intended to host plants and a small version for growing cuttings called Clone Box.

The Clone Box houses 2 shelves that create three different compartments. Each compartment can host up to 3 propagators with 150 cuttings each, amounts to a total of more than 1000 cuttings.

Other products related to Growing tents

In our webpage GrowBarato, you will find all types of accessories and spare parts for your tents, that will allow you to maximize the benefits of your indoor grow. The most featured are:

  • Drying rack :These cannabis drying racks have various compartments that allow for quite a lot of fresh buds to be dried in small spaces thanks to its vertical shape.
  • Standard Grow Tent Piece: perfect replacement as it easily breaks 
  • Easy Roller Pulley Kit: With the Easy Roller pulley kit you can easily adjust the height of your hanging lights; with just one movement you can lift them up and the pulley will automatically block itself so they don’t come crashing down.
  • Pulleys With Hook And Rope – 5kg: These pulleys have a handy hook to raise or lower your reflector by simply tugging on the included rope; to lower, simply release the break.
  • Brake Pulleys - 68kg: These Neptune Hydroponics brake pulleys can hold over 30kg each. These tools are perfect for holding up heavy lights, filters or holders for ballasts.
  • SCRoG Elastic Trellis Netting: Elastic SCRoG netting can be adjusted for grow tents that measure from 60x60 to 120x120 in order to train and bend your plans for maximum comfort and yield when growing.
  • Four-Way Grow Tent Corner Piece: Corner piece for longer grow tents that have extra support in the middle. This piece breaks quite easily, so now you can easily get a replacement.
  • DryIT 45 Secret Jardin: is a modular drying-rack system that’s used by hanging it from the ceiling, drying your cannabis in the grow tent you grew it in.
  • Flange Cable Sleeve For Grow Tents: this cable sleeve is designed for indoor growing. You can use it to add and remove ports for cables and hydroponic piping.
  • Cutter For Grow Tents-  Cable Flange: The cable flange cutter for grow tents is a device used to cut perfectly round holes into the walls of your tent. rather than having to use scissors which can be a messy and uneven job.

Discover the best indoor grow kits

Our indoor grow kits made by GrowBarato are ideal to set up your crop at home, with all of the necessary equipment. With the range of products available, you will ensure your grow area is totally isolated from the exterior, receiving the necessary amount of light and fresh air thanks to its extractor equipment.

A best seller is the Complete Grow Tent Set 400/600w. You will give your plants the best possible climate with this kit – it contains everything you need so that you can start growing as soon as possible. It comes with a large quality grow tent; a palace for your plants!

We also have available other options such as the Complete Grow Tent Kits for beginner growers. Depending on its size and light strength, you can choose from either our Complete Indoor Lite Growing Kit or Pro Complete Indoor Growing Kit.

However if your intention is to expand your growing area, we recommend our Cultibox SG-Combi L Grow Tent Kit, which includes It includes a modular grow tent that can be added to others in order to increase your growing space as much as you’d like. GT Grow Tent kits are also available.

How to Mount A Growing Tent

Before installing our growing tent, we should disinfect and use pesticides to avoid pests such as aphids, spider mites or the emergence of fungus. It will help to clean every wall window, floor and walls as your first step.

Afterwards, you will start building the backbone of the structure, composed of plastic fitting and aluminium tubes is an easy indicated step easy to follow. After that, you will have to unfold the tent at the same time you open zips and sides. Find the spot where you want to place it, and put it on top.

Once you have built it, cover the structure with its tent fabric. We recommend that you check the zips and make sure they are all zipped up correctly. 

Immediately you start installing the extractor and intrator. Your first by installing the power cord and placing the extractors support.  Secondly, you fix it to the tent's ceiling with ropes or flanges. Lastly check the extractor works correctly.

The following steps on building our tent is the odor control filter, which you should decide whether you add it from the start or its 12/12 photoperiod. It's really easy to add, as you only have to attach a meter aluminium tube to the filter's mouth with duct tape. After doing this you will fix it to the tents ceiling and the outer part of the tube in the extractors mouth.

Consequently, you will add another aluminium tube from the extractor to the closest window, with the objective to get rid of the stale air. It's time to add your lighting kit or lamp, which we recommend the use of Easy Roller pulleys to modify the lamps height. In order to completely finish our build, you should install our ventilator supported by ropes, flanges or pegs; an analog timer to select the photoperiod, and a thermo hygrometer to measure the temperature and humidity of our grow.

Find the best growing tent in GB The Green Brand

In our online grow shop you can find a wide catalogue of growing tents with different sizes, prices and modalities, from which we recommend that you compare them so you can find the one that adapts best to your needs.

We also have videos available so you can learn to use and build your growing tent.

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