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Autoflowering seeds

  • Apex Seeds Auto
    <h2>Apex Seeds | Autoflowering US Strains</h2> <p><strong>Apex Seeds</strong> is a <strong>Californian</strong> seed bank that’s been at it since 2000, developing their own strains and bringing us extra special versions of already well-known strains. Their autoflowering range contains some true wonders, and these strains really do have their own style thanks to the fact that Apex’s team of experts used their expertise in botanic science to develop them.</p> <h3>High Yielding Autoflowering Strains</h3> <p>One of the biggest differences between Apex Seeds and other seeds banks is that the <strong>educational background of its members</strong>, as the main members of Apex’s team all have backgrounds in <strong>botanic science</strong>, especially epigenetic cytology and phenology. Thanks to this amazing team of professionals, all of their strains are extremely balanced and have marked, specific characteristics – they’re also all quite fast when compared to the yield achieved.</p> <p>Of course, this professionalism isn’t just obvious in the quality of their strains, it also directly affects the seeds capacity to germinate; this seed bank is known for their extraordinarily high <strong>germination rate.</strong></p> <h2>The Best Apex Seeds Autoflowering Strains</h2> <h3>High THC Strains</h3> <p><strong>Auto Ossis</strong> is their most well-known autoflowering strain thanks to its high yield and strength. This plant is perfect for those that love autoflowering strains; this plant has a productive structure, fast growth, and surprisingly big yield, especially considering that it has such a short life-span.</p> <p><strong>Auto Kalashnikov</strong> is the autoflowering version of one of their most incredible strains; it’s productive, flavorful and extremely powerful in just half the time as the original. The biggest difference is the yield capability, as the original is known for having a wide structure with long buds, and the new version centers most of its yield on the tips of the branches. It also yields quite a lot of resin, making it perfect for all kinds of extracts, whether they’re for recreational or medicinal purposes.</p> <p><strong>Auto Satelles</strong> is the autoflowering strain you’ve been looking for if you want something extremely strong; it’s capable of causing a heavy sensation just a few seconds after consuming it. It has a sweet, intense flavor, similar to old school strains, although it’s a bit stronger.</p> <h3>Apex Seeds' Large Seed Catalogue</h3> <p>These seeds and more are waiting for you in Apex Seed’s autoflowering catalogue; go ahead and take a look at the <strong>best Californian seeds</strong> for your indoor or outdoor garden.</p>
  • Delicious Seeds...
    <p>Seeds by <strong>Delicious Seeds bank in autoflowering format</strong>. The <strong>most exotic flavours and color s for plants that aren't affected by the photoperiod, in order to get quick harvests at any time of the year.</strong> Their flavor will make the biggest expert doubt if he's smoking an autoflowering strain. Get<strong> higher quality and flavour</strong> with all the autoflowering strains of Delicious Seeds.</p> <p>There are varieties such as <strong>La Bella Afrodita, a hybrid of autoflowering with AK47. It gives plants that look like and have a similar effect to an Indica,</strong> all in a size that is not common at all for autoflowering plants. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors. When grown outdoors, it must always be done in the central summer months to get the best yields. Indoors, it will always give you the best possible results. You will get <strong>plants that produce almost 80 g</strong> each and 9 plants will fit in a 1 m2 gap easily. Their <strong>fruity and sweet tastes</strong> are misleading and before you can tell you will feel the <strong>strong corporal effect.</strong></p> <p>If you a<strong>re looking for a more brainy effect,</strong> you can grow <a href="">La Musa.</a> This strain develops fully <strong>in just 70 days after sprouting,</strong> producing plants which <strong>yield 50 g of the finest quality weed.</strong> Their plants don't become too high, which is<strong> a very good thing for indoors growing</strong> so that light can reach every part of the plant and thick points develop all over the plant. Outdoors, it is a good way of doing camouflaged crops among other plants or an easy and discreet way of growing unnoticedly in the balcony. Their <strong>tastes remind of liquorice or bitter chocolate,</strong> it is slightly spicy and <strong>very different from any other variety you are used to smoke.</strong></p> <p><strong>If your thing is fruity flavours, your strain is La Diva, a strain coming from the well-known Blueberry.</strong> It will produce plants with<strong> a relaxing effect and a taste that reminds of grapes or blackberries,</strong> with a <strong>very flashy bluish color </strong>. One of its main characteristics is the <strong>high amount of resin</strong> it produces, which increases the taste and the strength of the final product. We'll get plants that get <strong>1.2 m high, producing an average of 50-60 g per plant</strong> in indoors growing with 9 plants per 600W spot. Outdoors we will get a slender, tall and thin plant with a good central point and heavy satellites at the edges of the branches, though the branches remain quite clear.</p> <p><strong>The lovers of Cheese strains are lucky</strong> since Delicious Seeds has a version of that variety that has been crossbred with Caramelo Auto. T<strong>he abundant resin</strong> of this variety makes it possible to do large extractions from it with an incredible return, even from the bigger leaves. <a href="">Delicious Candy</a> <strong>produces plants similar to fir trees, tall and wide at the lower part, so we should never go beyond 9 plants per m2 inside</strong> if we want a decent harvest. Outdoors, it has no limits. All we have to do is getting a good spot with loads of sunlight, a regular fertilizing program and protect the plants from insects. By doing this one should easily get <strong>plants that produce between 60-80 g in 2 months.</strong></p> <p>One of the novelties of the bank is <strong>JotaMayuscula Purple Auto, a purple strain with the taste of a sweet hash.</strong> It produces <strong>quite dense and hard buds and its relaxing effect</strong> lets us imagine it comes from an Indica ancestry. This strain <strong>can be easily camouflaged in any garden.</strong> Indeed, given it is purple, nobody would tell it is marijuana. It <strong>will be ready for harvesting in 55-60 days</strong> so it is one of the quickest strains we can plant. </p> <p><strong>If you are looking for autoflowering varieties of Delicious Seeds, you will find all their catalogue in our website and on offer.</strong> Besides, each strain comes with <strong>our written review</strong> so you have the opinion of trusted growers before making your choice. We <strong>trust our information is very helpful for growers who want extra information, in addition to the one provided by the seed bank.</strong></p>
  • Sweet Seeds Auto
    <h2>Sweet Seeds | Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds</h2> <p><strong>Sweet Seeds has made autoflowering</strong> versions of most of their cannabis strains, as well as creating <strong>completely new autoflowering strains</strong>, like Big Devil XL, using third and fourth generation seeds that have absolutely nothing to do with the old auto strains which hardly managed to get up off the ground. Sweet Seeds also has extremely fast autoflowering strains that take just<strong> 2 months</strong> to be ready like Fast Bud and other flavorful strains like Cream Caramel.</p> <h3>Large range of autoflowering sweet seeds strains</h3> <p>One of our favorite <strong>Sweet Seeds Auto strains is Sweet Skunk Auto</strong>. This strain is capable of being ready just 60 days after germination and rewards growers with nicely structured plants and a high yield. Its buds are hard, compact and very resinous; you can easily get up to 30-40g per plant. Its flavors are strongly earthy, which can be cough-inducing, and its effect is extremely relaxing. If you’re looking for a potent <strong>Sweet Skunk Auto</strong>, then this strain might end up being your favorite.</p> <h2>High-yielding XL Cannabis Strains</h2> <p>Another <strong>amazing strain is <a href="">Bid Devil XL</a></strong>, and while it takes 3 months to be ready after germination instead of 2 like most others, its yield will definitely make up for the difference. This strain has a sweet, incensed, pleasing taste combined with a <strong>smooth effect</strong> that allows you to smoke and go about your daily business. These plants grow tall and robust,<strong> around 1.2m tall</strong> and rather wide, filling your one meter squared slot with 4 plants. These plants take food on relatively well and don’t tend to cause many issues, so this strain is <strong>perfect for beginners</strong> that want an autoflowering strain that isn’t going to be tiny, and that’ll be <strong>ready to smoke</strong> without having to wait out the entire season.</p> <p><strong><a href="">Cream Caramel Auto </a></strong>is another of our favorites thanks to its <strong>unbeatable earthy, sweet flavor </strong>and its <strong>high quantity of resin</strong>, making this strain perfect for making extracts from leftovers. This strain makes for small plants with decent bud-filled heads, although most of the yield is concentrated in the apical bud. It lets off an <strong>intoxicating aroma</strong> that will have you wishing for harvest day to come, which should take <strong>more or less 60 days after germinating your seeds</strong>.</p> <h3>The fastest autoflowering cannabis strains</h3> <p>You can also get<strong> classic strains as autoflowering versions like Mohan Ram Auto.</strong> This strain grows into a similar structure as the original seasonal version, although it will be ready in a record breaking 2 months after germination. Its sweet incensed taste and relaxing effect make this strain extremely similar to the feminized seasonal version; the difference is in the fact that it only takes<strong> 8 weeks</strong> to be ready.</p> <p>If you’re looking for a strain that gives a <strong>mental, brainy high then Green Poison Auto</strong> is the strain for you. This strain offers up an extremely strong head effect, making you feel like your brain is rattling around in there. These plants grow big with long branches, making it look like a seasonal plant. This strain’s buds grow out in<strong> long, hard heads</strong>, and more or less thick depending on how it’s grown. This means that based on how this strain is grown you’ll get more or less <strong>100g</strong> per plant. You can get the most out of this strain by <strong>growing it mid-summer</strong>, in the ground and with a decent range of fertilizers.</p> <h2>Sweet Seeds Auto | Wide Range of Flavors and Effects</h2> <p><strong>Cream Mandarine XL is a high-yielding strain</strong> with which you can get a better production rate than with its sister strain without having to wait more time between germination and harvest. This strain offers up fruity and citric tastes, very similar to mandarins in as far as sweet and sourness, which is where it got its name. It grows to about <strong>120cm tall</strong> and can give <strong>up to 200g outdoors</strong> if planted in the ground around the middle of summer.</p> <p>If you’re <strong>looking for eye-catching plants</strong>, then have a look at the <strong>Red Family collection</strong> where you’ll find some eye-catching strains with purple and red hues to them. One of the strains that stands out the most is Red Poison Auto, a resinous and flavorful strain that offers a fruity, hash-like taste. These plants grow short, around 70cm tall, but can easily produce over <strong>50-60g</strong>, so if you decide to grow this strain indoors do not place more than 9 plants per square meter.</p> <h2>Weather resistant cannabis strains</h2> <p><strong><a href="">Black Cream Auto</a></strong> is another strain with <strong>red tones</strong> to it, combined with an <strong>authentic, earthy Cream Caramel taste </strong>that is easily camouflageable due to its red hues. This strain is perfect for growers that want discreet plants on their balcony or terrace where nobody would suspect these colorful plants of being marijuana. Your plants will be <strong>ready in just 60 days</strong>, getting <strong>up to 50-60g per plant</strong>. Try and not plant this strain in cold and humid climates, as it’s more susceptible than other autoflowering strains.</p> <p><strong>Dark Devil is another Red Family strain</strong>; it’s an exceptionally vigorous hybrid that has an extremely attractive coloring to it. These plants grow thick branches and trunks, making for a very strong structure. Once they begin to flower you’ll be able to appreciate this <strong>strain's characteristic purple hues</strong>, and once the bud is dry it’ll get even darker. It has a variety of sweet tones to it, and its effect is an active, pleasing one. This weed is perfect for those that smoke all day, as it<strong> won’t have a negative impact</strong> on your day to day business.</p> <h3>Sweet Seeds Auto Catalogue</h3> <p>Whatever you’re looking for in an <strong>autoflowering strain</strong>, be it flavor or any other characteristic, you’re guaranteed to find it in <strong>Sweet Seeds’ autoflowering seeds catalogue</strong>. To make it easier for you, each strain has a detailed description written by our team where we explain how to grow indoors and outdoors, as well as the effect and the <strong>taste that you can expect from each strain</strong>. Every strain also comes with a discount, so that you can plant the best quality seeds at the best prices.</p>
  • 00 Seeds Bank Auto
    <h2 align="left">00 Seeds Autoflowering Seed Bank</h2> <p align="left"><strong>00 Seeds Bank</strong> is a <strong>feminized seed bank</strong> that creates indica strains and their respective autoflowering versions. Autoflowering strains are made by crossing Ruderalis with high yielding and aromatic strains until they’ve been fully stabilized, making for <strong>excellent results in both indoor and outdoor grows</strong>. Thanks to these new strains, you can grow some of the best buds you’ve ever seen in record times. Discover the delicious flavors that the breeders at 00 Seeds Bank have created. Here’s just a few of their <strong>amazing autoflowering strains</strong>.</p> <h3 align="left">Fast, productive autoflowering strains</h3> <p align="left"><strong>Auto Northern Lights</strong> is a well-known strain that many different seed banks offer. Its super-fast flowering period allows you to grow thick, aromatic buds in no time. It grows extremely strong under grow lights in 18L flowerpots, producing up to <strong>250g per square meter</strong> with the right care. Outdoors this strain doesn’t grow too much, making it perfect for guerrilla grows. It-s ready in just <strong>60 days after germination</strong>, so we recommend not transplanting it. You can harvest up to 150g per outdoor plant.</p> <h2 align="left">World Renowned Autoflowering Strains by 00 Seeds</h2> <p align="left"><strong><a href="">Auto California Kush</a></strong> is a strain with a characteristic incensed aroma. This autoflowering plant can be planted at almost any time of year, assuming it gets a decent amount of direct sunlight. We recommend using greenhouse in humid or cold areas. Due to its <strong>extremely fast life-cycle</strong>, we also recommend planting them straight into their final pot, with no transplants necessary. This will avoid any sort of stress, which could cause your plant to stop growing and thus, decrease yield significantly. In the right weather conditions, you can get up to <strong>180g per plant</strong>. Indoors you should place around <strong>9 plants in 18L flowerpots</strong>, producing extra resinous, top quality flowers – <strong>up to 300g</strong> per square meter when professionally done.</p> <p align="left"><strong><a href="">Auto Afghan Mass</a></strong> is one of this bank’s most <strong>productive autoflowering</strong> strains, as its strong build allows it to hold the weight of its enormous central cola of thick, resinous buds. Indoors we recommend placing four plants in 18L pots in order to get the best results. You can get up to <strong>350g per square meter indoors</strong>. Outdoors we recommend finding the perfect spot for your plants in order to get the most sun, and therefore the most buds possible – you’ll be rewarded with up to <strong>150g of pungent buds</strong> per plant.</p> <h3 align="left">High Quality, Potent Autoflowering Seeds</h3> <p align="left">If you choose to <strong>acquire your autoflowering seeds from 00 Seeds Bank</strong>, you’re guaranteed top quality results. Thanks to their experience in autoflowering genes, their strains are extremely well made and have plenty of power to them. You’ll be able to grow fantastic, resinous buds in just 60 total days. <strong>Pick your favorite strain</strong> and grow your own buds – it’s that easy!</p>
  • Advanced Seeds -...
    <p>Feminized Autoflowering Seeds by <strong>Advanced Seeds. These are some of the best quality autoflowering seeds on the market, here at a more than affordable price. </strong>Advanced Seeds e<strong>mploys only natural insecticides</strong> and fertilizers, creating their seeds through organic agriculture systems. They employ <strong>very safe methods to feminize their seeds,</strong> <strong>without resorting to any kind of genetic manipulation.</strong> All Advanced Seeds <strong>grow rooms must undergo strict quality control to guarantee the identity of every seed and ensure their is no pollen mixture</strong> in between the different pollination rooms. All this ensures a genetic stability that few banks can guarantee.</p> <p>You'll find <strong>many varieties and for all tastes, all of them at very affordable prices.</strong> One of the favorites of autoflowering growers is the <strong>Auto Afghan Skunk, a strain that provides productive plants of great quality in just 2 months.</strong> This plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors and it's ideal for growers who want to do quick indoor grows, obtaining <strong>a decent yield with few plants.</strong></p> <p>Auto <a href="">Biodiesel Mass</a> is <strong>a strain that grows plants with a very good central cola,</strong> which is<strong> ideal for a SOG crop with autoflowering seeds</strong>. You'll only have to put <strong>some 16 plants together from the beginning</strong> and keep on separating the branches as they grow up. <strong>They will become very long and thin, but what really matter are the 16 central colas.</strong> The best thing to do is <strong>to train them with a stake</strong> <strong>so that they don't give way under the weight</strong> of the plants and so that hefty flowers can develop at the edges.</p> <p><strong>Auto Somango is a strain for daily smokers, since it doesn't knock you down too much with its high.</strong> It has a <strong>sweet and very pleasant effect along with an energetic effect.</strong> If you are a thinker, you'll notice it will give you great ideas. It is one of the strains that's<strong> used by painters, writers or people who work with creativity and inspiration,</strong> since it provides the user with new perspectives. When grown <strong>indoors height might be a problem,</strong> since it grows tall. If you plant it <strong>outdoors you'll get to see the plant at its peak and it can provide us up to 70g per plant in just a couple of months</strong>.</p> <p><strong>Auto Heavy Bud is a strain for the Skunk lovers.</strong> These plants grow <strong>long bud tails all over their structure, which is where their name comes from.</strong> Indoors, in only 70 days after sprouting, your plants will be ready to harvest. <strong>Outdoors this strain makes for discreet plants,</strong> almost as tall as large, growing much faster in comparison with seasonal plants. Wherever you grow this strain, you will get <strong>a muddy and relaxing effect</strong> perfect for the most demanding of stoners.</p> <p>If <strong>you'd rather go for Sativas</strong>, <a href="">Auto New York City</a> is your <strong>strain. Due to its ancestors, it produces a "high" and "active" effect, rather than a sedative one, so it's are ideal for regular smokers. </strong>Another advantage is that you <strong>won't have to wait more than 60 days after germination </strong>in order to collect the harvest. This is an unique feature of this strain since all other sativas take 60 days just to flower. If you are a <strong>trader-grower you'll be interested to know that every 2 months and with only 9 plants per m2, it is possible to obtain 450g with a 600w bulb.</strong></p> <p>The bank has <strong>many other strains such as Auto Kaya 47, Auto Sweet Dwarf, Auto Top 69...All of them can be found with great discounts in our catalogue</strong>. <strong>Each strain includes a review by our team </strong>so that you know which strain will suit your needs best. As always, we want you to make <strong>an informed purchase</strong> and avoid any unpleasant surprises.</p>
  • Barney's Farm Auto
    <h2>Barney's Farm Autoflowering Seed Bank</h2> <p>Barney’s Farm is known for their <strong>top-quality plants</strong>, and now you can get their best strains in a format that takes just 2 months to finish from seed to weed.</p> <h3>Dutch Cannabis Experience</h3> <p>They’re offering seeds such as the famous Pineapple Chunk in autoflowering format, taking no longer than 70 days to finish flowering – this version is, of course, called<strong> <a href="">Pineapple Xpress</a></strong>. These plants grow nice and balanced, taking on the same shape seed after seed, and it’s perfect for hot climates where you can make the absolute most of it. When grown indoors, this plant is perfect for <strong>SoG</strong> systems, as the central cola is one of its best features in as far as yield. It has a delicious earthy, incensed taste and its <strong>relaxing effect</strong> is perfect for unwinding.</p> <h3>Potent Psychoactive Autoflowering Strains</h3> <p><strong>Critical Rápido Auto</strong> is one of their most-sold strains due to its typically commercial name as well as its large yields. These plants are practically all central cola, making it perfect for indoor grows that produce buds every <strong>55-60 days</strong>. This strain has a relaxing, narcotic effect that <strong>medicinal</strong> marijuana consumers can benefit from. If you smoke recreationally to relax, this strain is also the one for you.</p> <p><strong>Blue Cheese Auto</strong> is another one of this bank’s best seeds, as it became a best seller in their feminized category in no time. You can’t tell by looking at it, but BHO extracts made from this plant turn a nice <strong>blue</strong> color, unlike the yellowish color that most strains produce. This plant is perfect for outdoor growing, as it grows quite wide which can be a problem for indoor growers. Outdoors, your plant will get as much sunlight as it needs, growing buds on each and every tip – you’ll need to train the branches if you don’t want them to break under the weight of the buds.</p> <h3>Easy Medicinal Cannabis Strains</h3> <p><strong>Sweet Tooth Auto</strong> is the best choice for those that love earthy, gravelly strains. This particular plant gives quite a relaxing effect, as well as large yields. It’s perfect for outdoor growers that like planting directly into the ground, where you can get up to <strong>200g</strong> from just one plant with the right care and a bit of luck. This strain is highly appreciated medicinally, as its sedating effect can help battle many issues. It takes around <strong>65 days to finish flowering</strong> after germination, making it one of the fastest and highest yielding plants this bank has to offer.</p> <p>For those looking for the perfect <strong>indoor autoflowering plant</strong>, <a href=""><strong>Sin-Tra-Bajo</strong> Auto</a> is the strain for you. This plant grows most of its flowers on the central stem, so you can easily fit anywhere from 16 to 25 plants in a square meter, obtaining up to <strong>400g</strong> in just two short months! It comes from a cross between a Mazari-Shariff with an autoflowering plant, giving it a characteristic hash flavor.</p> <h2>Barney's Farm Strain Catalogue</h2> <p>Every single <strong>seed</strong> that Barney’s Farm has to offer is of the <strong>utmost quality</strong>, created for growers that want to grow unique yet productive plants. Each seed has its own description written by our team of professionals, so go pick the perfect <strong>Barney’s Farm seed</strong>, or pick one at random; you’ll still love the results!</p>
  • Biohazard Seeds Auto
    <h2>Autoflowering Biohazard Seeds</h2> <p>BioHazard seeds is a seed bank that uses <strong>the latest technology and information to maintain the genetic makeup and stability of all their strains.</strong> Since the 90's their geneticists have been working hard to bring us a <strong>wide range of flavors and effects</strong>, with <strong>plants that are easy to grow,</strong> as well as affordable prices for their customers. Their top quality is that they select strains that always grow big, since their seeds <strong>tend to take 3 months to develop completely</strong> <strong>unlike most autoflowering types which usually take 2.</strong></p> <h3>Experience developing cannabis seeds</h3> <p>Their <strong>seeds are selected one by one, manually</strong>, to bring you the best quality and in order to always make a great impression. In their autoflowering catalogue you will find <strong>productive strains of great genetic stability and maximum quality.</strong> You'll find strains such as <a href="">Auto Chingon</a>, a <strong>strain capable of large yields, </strong>particularly when grown outdoors. This plant grows tall and strong, and takes about <strong>4 weeks to grow</strong> before it starts to bloom, which means it will always grow tall even if you're not great at taking care of autoflowering plants. Their <strong>taste is distinctly sweet and it has a very pleasant relaxing effect,</strong> ideal for relaxing after stressful work days.</p> <h2>Biohazard Seeds' best Autoflowering Strains</h2> <p>They have strains such as <strong>Auto Chingón</strong>, an autoflowering strain that produces <strong>enormous amounts of flowers, especially outdoors</strong>. These plants grow strong and tall, taking around 4 weeks to grow before they start flowering. This basically makes sure that your plants grow to a decent size, even if you're not an autoflowering expert. It <strong>tastes sweet</strong> and has a delicious, relaxing effect that's <strong>perfect for taking a break</strong> and relaxing at home.</p> <p><strong>Auto Power is another big plant.</strong> Though you won't see any flowers before the 3rd week, it will give you a heavy yield thanks to a long flowering period. Usually, <strong>autoflowering plants take 4 weeks to flower.</strong> <strong>Auto Power takes up to 65 days</strong> but it will make up for it with really heavy buds. It produces long colas of bud on all of its branches, making it an ideal plant for indoor growing with just <strong>4 plants per m2 and 20 hrs of light.</strong> Outdoors, due to receiving much more light, they will become quite hefty, making Auto Power<strong> ideal to be grown in your garden during the hotter months of the year.</strong></p> <p><strong>Auto Kratos is a strain that comes from the renowned Deimos.</strong> It is an autoflowering strain that takes 3 months and practically grows into a tree. These plants have <strong>a long growing period</strong>, circa 1 month, which makes them quite large before they even start to display their first flowers. It blooms quickly and in about 6 weeks your harvest will be ready for cutting. It makes for <strong>the ideal recreational weed, that kind of high that leaves you with a permanent smile.</strong> Its effect isn't sleep inducing at all and along with its <strong>sweet and delicious flavor, </strong>you won't be able to get enough of this weed.</p> <h3>Medicinally beneficial strains</h3> <p><strong>Auto 4:20 is a strain for those who are after relaxing and narcotic effects.</strong> This strain combines the structure and density of Deimos with the medicinal and indica effect of Mazar. This strain tastes sweet and smells like <strong>the best hash, leaving an acid </strong>aftertaste in your mouth after every drag<strong>.</strong> When grown indoors, make sure its flowerpot isn't too big as you don't want it reaching your grow lights; it is <strong>ideally grown outdoors.</strong></p> <p><a href="">Auto Somachigun</a> combines the strength of both<strong> Critical and Ak47,</strong> two of the biggest strains available. Prepare yourself for large yields of <strong>dense and resinous buds. </strong>They'll be ready to harvest<strong> in 3 months, rewarding you with a mentally stimulating high</strong> ideal for smoking during the day without being impaired. It has a sweet taste.</p> <h3>Guaranteed quality</h3> <p>So, if you're looking for a <strong>decent sized autoflowering plant,</strong> with distinct effects and precise characteristics, BioHazard Seeds Auto is one of the seed banks you ought to check out. You'll find <strong>all their strains in our catalogue with permanent offers</strong>. Get the <strong>best seeds at the best prices.</strong></p>
  • BSF Seeds Auto
    <p><strong>BSF Seeds (Bigger, Stronger, Faster)</strong> is a Spanish cannabis seed bank that was founded just a couple of years ago in 2017. Don’t be tricked by this short amount of time; their breeders already have decades of experience growing cannabis, which is what has allowed them to make their own feminized and autoflowering catalogue. They specialize in <strong>popular US strains</strong>.</p> <p>All of their seeds come from combinations that they made themselves, and the results really are quite impressive. We’re going to talk about <strong>some of our favorite autoflowering strains</strong> that, after years and years of work, produce enormous XXL yields thanks to BSF Seeds’ work.</p> <p>Our expert growers are quite a curious folk that felt the need to try out their <strong>delicious autoflowering strains</strong> and check out their results for themselves.</p> <p><a href="">Moby-D XXL Auto</a> is an absolute revolution in as far as autoflowering cannabis plants. It’s incredibly similar to the original Moby Dick. Of course, it’s an autoflowering version, but it produces some pretty impressive results. If you plant around 9 plants in <strong>11L flowerpots</strong> you can grow them up to a meter and a half tall. You can harvest up to <strong>450g</strong> per square meter. It has a delicious flavor and an amazingly euphoric effect. We recommend trying their other XXL autoflowering strains, such as <strong>Lebron Haze XXL Auto</strong>.</p> <p>Apart from their <strong>XXL strains</strong>, they have some amazing US varieties. We absolutely have to talk about <strong>Godzilla Glue Auto</strong>. This is definitely one of our favorite autoflowering strains that’s currently on the market. Godzilla Glue Auto comes from two potent strains such as <strong>Gorilla Glue #4</strong> and Girl Scout Cookies; an intense combination of two delicious US strains. We tried it outdoors and were quite surprised with the results and its general behavior. You can harvest an incredible <strong>350g</strong> per plant. It has a delicious flavor, and we recommend it for the end of stressful days and for relaxing.</p> <p>Those that are regular growers that tend to grow all year round indoors will highly appreciate BSF Seeds’ autoflowering mixes that contain up to <strong>12 autoflowering plants</strong>; perfect for your indoor grow tent. They have four different packs, although our favorite pack right now is the <strong>All Starts USA Automix</strong>, with strains such as GSC Auto, Sour Diesel Auto and Gorilla Glue Auto. If you’re an expert grower and like to grow aesthetically pleasing plants, you should try out the Red Line Automix, which contains strains such as <strong>Red Critical Auto or Red Sugar Auto</strong> which go a beautiful red, purple and pink color; they’re both beautiful and potent.</p> <p>Here at, we’re certain that you’ll enjoy BSF Seeds’ autoflowering strains; you’ll be astonished at the large yields received, as well as their <strong>intense flavor and growth speed</strong>.</p>
  • Buddha Seeds...
    <p>Buddha Seeds is a seed banks <strong>mainly devoted to autoflowering seeds that offers us a very extensive range of strains. Indeed, we can choose among tasty and small plants or gigantic but not less enjoyable varieties</strong>. They all have effects many people claim cannot be got with autoflowering plants. Well, Buddha Seeds are here to prove them wrong and won't disappoint you in terms of effect or production.</p> <p><strong>Some strains stand out thanks to their aroma and sweet taste. It is the case of Syrup,</strong> the closest you can get to eating candy when smoking. It takes <strong>60 days to perform a whole cycle</strong> since sprouting and it reaches a very discreet size, ideal for balconies and terraces and the <strong>beginner grower</strong>. It is possible to obtain a great production <strong>without providing expert cares.</strong> Another of its main features is the important amount of resin it contains. Indeed, even the larger leaves can be used to do extractions.</p> <p>If you are <strong>looking for heavier yields in the same time, you can resort to strains such as White Dwarf and Red Dwarf that complete their cycles in 60 days</strong>. Those two varieties were created to form short plants that develop very quickly. <a href="">White Dwarf</a> <strong>provides a marijuana that is prominently indica, with citric and sweet flavours very much like those of White Widow. Red Dwarf takes us closer to the Skunk side, a strain with a muddy taste and a strong smell</strong> very appreciated by old-skool smokers. They can be grown both indoors or outdoors since their short size allows light to reach every corner of the plant, even under lamps.</p> <p><strong>Buddha Purple Kush Auto is one of the star products in the bank. It is an autoflowering strain, 100% purple</strong> but with great quality. Indeed, <strong>purple strains tend to have a bad taste but Buddha Purple Kush is different</strong>. Besides, they have achieved an <strong>amazing homogeneity</strong> which results in very similar productions even when comparing different crops. Many people choose it just because of the fun color , but once you try this <strong>strong and sweet taste at once,</strong> you won't want to plant any other strain. All its production is mainly gathered at the central part, so it is an <strong>ideal variety for indoors growing</strong> and a great way of getting abundant productions in only <strong>9 weeks after sprouting.</strong></p> <p><strong>Buddha Seeds stands out also for being one of the best banks that provided autoflowering plants of a maximum yield</strong>. Instead of taking 60 days to complete <strong>the whole cycle, their strains usually need 90 days</strong>. This results in taller plants and heavier productions. Their plants are <strong>ideal in any kind of cultivation space, whether it is outdoors or indoors.</strong> Indoors they will get us quite <strong>a decent weight and of high quality with just a few plants whereas outdoors, they will yield every 3 months </strong>from spring until fall, with plants that look just like seasonal ones. There are two high production strains: Magnum and Deimos.</p> <p><strong>Deimos was the first one that appeared and the one nobody regrets having sown</strong>. It gives plants of a very nice height during the growing period that then <strong>become almost like seasonal plants</strong> when they are ready for being harvested. They <strong>don't require great cares and like any other autoflowering strain, the roots are the most delicate part</strong> (they only need to be taken special care at the beginning). Besides that, their cultivation is very similar to any Skunk. It is important not to be excessive with the number of plants indoors so that they can develop properly everywhere and we can make the most of the plant's structure. If we put <strong>more than 4 plants per m2 they will bother each other and become too tall, "screwing" your crop!</strong> Outdoors, they are endless. Indeed, you'll be able to have great productions every 3 months while the sun is still warm. Its <strong>flavour reminds of mud or incense</strong> and its is quite strong while its dense smoke satiates the smoker a lot.</p> <p><a href="">Magnum</a> is <strong>another of the best sold varieties</strong> of the bank. At first it was a commercial boom thanks to the ads and the pictures of gigantic plants. However, after that <strong>its fame has been consolidated little by little thanks to their important sizes and productions and their incense-like taste.</strong> In order to smoke weed of these characteristics you will have to wait 3 months of blooming plus whatever it takes to grow a Haze variety. <strong>Magnum has become a reference for those growers who look after the smell of an old church</strong> and that also want a <strong>production much bigger than the ones yielded by other incensed strains</strong>. Its <strong>buds are dense and heavy,</strong> Haze like. Indeed, they are <strong>very different from those Sativa strains such as the Jack Herer where buds are usually open and twiggy.</strong></p> <p>If you are l<strong>ooking for a seeds bank specialized on autoflowering plants y</strong>ou'll find the best genetic makeups at Buddha Seeds. Indeed, <strong>many varieties of other banks have been obtained through crossbreeds of Buddha Seeds specimens</strong>. In our catalogue you will also find the <strong>best deals for all packs along with a full description</strong> of the strain that will hopefully <strong>guide you to make your choice.</strong></p> <p></p> <p></p>
  • Cannabiogen...
    <p><strong>Autoflowering seeds of the Cannabiogen bank.</strong> These are the first autoflowering strains this bank has started to introduce and commercialize as part of their catalogue and they're a great means of obtaining <strong>quick and quality harvests.</strong> Autoflowering seeds<strong> enable a discreet cultivation</strong> in balconies and terraces or <strong>quick indoor crops</strong> since they complete the whole cycle of growing and blooming in barely 2 months after sprouting.</p> <p>Another advantage they have with regard to seasonal seeds is they <strong>aren't affected by light pollution s</strong>o if there is any type of light heating into your balcony that's preventing you from growing marijuana, autoflowering strains might be your salvation! In the past autoflowering seeds used to result in small plants that were good for nothing, but little by little they have covered a long way and a whole new market has developed around this type of varieties. Nowadays, <strong>autoflowering plants have improved in both quality and size.</strong></p> <p>Thanks to seed banks such as Cannabiogen <strong>we get plants very similar to the seasonal ones</strong> in all aspects but which don't correspond to any particular photoperiod and that start to grow or bloom when they reach a certain size or age (ie. after a certain number of days). Quality has been obtained <strong>thanks to crossbreeds of high quality plants with other specimens which didn't depend on the photoperiod and by selecting the different characteristics the geneticists were after.</strong></p> <p><a href="">Auto CBG</a> <strong>is an autoflowering strain of Cannabiogen which hides inside one of the most sought-after genetic makeups of the bank.</strong> <strong>Destroyer is one of their best sold strains due to a combination of factors: it's highly productive, it has an euphoriant and awakening effect and it is easy to grow.</strong> Its <strong>sativa predominance</strong> increases the <strong>brainy effect</strong> to unsuspected levels, producing <strong>an intense high</strong> that might be even a bit too much for a beginner smoker.</p> <p>As all autoflowering plants, <strong>they like hot weather and sunlight. These plants are ideal to be grown outdoors during the warmer months, from spring to fall.</strong> We should plant it where the sun hits it the most, in order to get the highest plant and the heaviest production. <strong>Another factor that plays a major role in the growth is the amount of water we employ for irrigating.</strong> At the beginning it's very important not to flood the soil in excess so that the roots can push freely. We can help them to do this by employing a rooting product instead if a fertilizer during the first days, since at this precise moment <strong>what counts most is to develop a healthy radicular system.</strong></p> <p>If we grow this seed <strong>indoors success is guaranteed: we can expose it to 20 hrs of light</strong> during the whole cycle and grow true marijuana monsters! Indeed, it is possible to get up to <strong>120 g per plant in just 65 days.</strong> However, we have to be careful when it comes to choose the number of plants per spot. Autoflowering strains grow big and<strong> if we put too many units per m2 they risk to clash in between and become too tall.</strong> This eventually leads to light not reaching the lower parts that remain in the shadow and the plant only blooming at the points. On the other hand, if we set 4 plants and light can reach everywhere, the plants will develop fully and the buds will have a great dry weight. </p> <p><strong>If you are looking top quality autoflowering seeds, CBG of Cannabiogen is one of the strains that won't leave you indifferent.</strong> Your mates will ask you what's that weed you gave them to smoke and will remain incredulous when you tell them is an auto strain. It is actually hard to believe when you get a plant really similar to Destroyer in just 65 days after sprouting.</p>
  • CBD Seeds...
    <h2><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us">CBD Seeds, High Quality Autoflowering Seeds</span></h2> <p><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us"><strong>CBD Seeds’ autoflowering collection</strong> is designed to offer customers feminized autoflowering and medicinal strains to be grown either outdoors or indoors. CBD Seeds bank has top quality autoflowering seeds designed for growers all over the world.</span></p> <h3><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us">CBD Seeds' large seed catalogue</span></h3> <p><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us">They have <strong>many different strains</strong> in order to adapt to the needs of the consumer, so you have various strains to choose from between indica, sativa and hybrid strains. All you have to do is give them a look and pick the one that’s right for you. </span></p> <p><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us">If you’re looking for a <strong>sativa-dominant</strong> plant, <strong>Yumbolt</strong> is the one for you. It makes for decent sized plants with open buds – this plant is celebrated not for its yield, but for the amazing energetic and happy effects it can induce, creating new and original ideas. It has a <strong>sweet, fruity flavor</strong>; the perfect strain for daily smokers, as it doesn’t interfere with mundane activities.</span></p> <h3><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us">Sativa-dominant cannabis strains</span></h3> <p><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us">Another of their <strong>sativa-dominant</strong> strains is <strong>Auto Amnesia,</strong> a strain that gives high yields and top quality weed. It has an earthy flavor, similar to freshly cut grass, and a pungent smell that will fill your lungs. It has a mentally and bodily stimulating high, beginning with non-stop laughter and ending in a soft relaxing sensation. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, although indoor plants will look, and taste much better. </span><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us">You’ll be rewarded with <strong>400g of top quality weed in just 65</strong> <strong>days </strong>after germination.</span></p> <p><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us">If you’re looking for <strong>indica</strong> effects, <strong>Auto Critical</strong> is a strain you simply can’t miss out on. This plant grows thick, dense buds all over its branches – just stick it under some lights. It’s the perfect plant for indoor growing, as it grows with the branches nice and close to the main stem. It doesn’t produce many leaves, so trimming is quite an easy job. You can get up to<strong> 45-50g per properly grown plant</strong> both indoors and outdoors.</span></p> <h2><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us">Highly potent, relaxing and stimulating cannabis strains</span></h2> <p><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us"><strong>Auto Northern is another relaxing indica by CBD Seeds,</strong> and it’s eerily similar to its seasonal version. Autoflowering versions grow less branches than seasonal plants, so you can fit more inside your grow tent. You can grow it both indoors and outdoors, as it does well in both as long as it gets light and heat. Indoors you can place around 9 plants per light so that they grow out nice and even. If you plant too many, they can intertwine and get too tall, which could ruin them. <strong>Outdoors</strong> even the lowest branches will grow buds.</span></p> <p><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us">If you’re looking for a<strong> sweet plant, Auto Lavender</strong> is the one for you. Its floral fragrances will take over your senses. Just looking at this plant is entertaining, as it produces resin absolutely all over. After just 2 months you’ll be rewarded with plants that are barely a meter tall but can easily produce up to <strong>50g</strong> when treated right. Just make sure that they root properly when they begin to grow and keep up a <strong>light feeding</strong> schedule, as this particular strain can be a bit easy to overfeed.</span></p> <h3><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us">High Quality CBD Seeds autoflowering strains</span></h3> <p></p> <p><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us">Whatever kind of plant you’re looking for, <strong>CBD Seeds has the exact strain for you</strong>. Go have a look through their catalogue on our page and find out which one is the right one for you thanks to the helpful <strong>descriptions</strong> written by our very own professionals. You can also make the most of our permanent <strong>discounts</strong> and get your CBD autoflowering seeds at an affordable price.</span></p>
  • DNA Genetics Auto
    <h2>DNA Genetcs | Experienced Dutch Autoflowering Seeds</h2> <p><strong>DNA Genetics is a renowned Dutch seed bank</strong>, which has always taken part in the best cannabis competitions with their seasonal varieties. After many years of research of the best strains, DNA launched their catalogue of selected and professional strains. <strong>It acquired a good reputation among growers very quickly</strong> since <strong>their strains were very stable and balanced:</strong> from the best commercial indicas to the weirdest and oldest sativas. After winning many prizes and renewing their catalogue of former strains, <strong>DNA started to research autoflowering varieties.</strong></p> <h3>The best autoflowering breeders</h3> <p>Some years ago, the<strong> autoflowering wave started to spread around the world,</strong> due to its easiness of cultivation and excellent results in a record time along with a non-dependence on photoperiod. The genetic makeup of these strains contains the Rudelaris, a strain of cannabis with little resin that doesn't depend on light exposure to bloom, but just on its own growth. Therefore, <strong>breeders of all over the world started to use this variety</strong>, crossbreeding it with feminized strains in order to increase the amount of resin in the Rudelaris and to get buds similar to the ones of other types of marijuana.</p> <p>DNA Genetics has currently <strong>3 strains of autoflowering plants.</strong> We will describe them here below so that you know more about them since all cannabis lovers should try them.</p> <h2>Autoflowering Strains Ready to Harvest in 60 Days</h2> <p><strong>60 Day Lemon of DNA Genetics is a very stable autoflowering strain.</strong> It produces medium sized buds that are very heavy and have almost no leaves. It is v<strong>ery easy to grow and will give very good results with a minimum effort.</strong> Indoors it is quite a gratifying variety, since it can give us up to 400 g with  9 plants per m2. Its buds release <strong>a very citric lemon-like smell,</strong> a feature inherited from its "father", the Lemon Skunk. It will be ready in 60 days after sprouting which makes it <strong>one of the quickest varieties with the highest production</strong>.</p> <p><strong>The Fuego Auto (Auto Fire) of DNA Genetics</strong> is very <strong>easy to grow,</strong> even easier than the 60 Day Lemon, while offering us almost the opposite in terms of flavours and effect. It is an electrifying plant which give you <strong>no high, it is very pleasing and easy to smoke on a daily basis.</strong> When exposed to the right levels of light and humidity the leaves and flowers will adopt a very attractive purple color and when the plant is dry they will become black. Fuego can yield up to 120 g pero plant outdoors.</p> <h3>DNA Genetics' Best Autoflowering Strains</h3> <p><a href="">60 Day Wonder</a> was <strong>the first autoflowering strain launched by DNA Genetics.</strong> It is a low and robust plant able to bear anything and will give us a lot back, even if we neglect its care. Some 500 g per m2 in indoors growing is what we can expect from this plant that<strong> will surely satiate us with regard to effect and taste</strong>. With a nice branching, the plants of this variety have <strong>strong branches</strong> that will endure wind, rain, hail and anything you can think of. It is excellent to <strong>be grown in any type of media</strong> and it will always be stable and homogeneous. 60 Day Wonder <strong>is the  gemstone of the Autoflowering and one of our favorite s so far.</strong></p> <p><strong>These are the strains offered by this famous seeds bank.</strong> Some u<strong>nique strains now at very affordable and competitive prices</strong> when we look at the quality they give. We could keep on talking for ages but there is nothing like trying things by yourself. <strong>Take advantage of our permanent offers and try now these wonderful autoflowering strains and see the difference.</strong></p>
  • Dr. Undergound Auto
    <h2>Autoflowering Dr. Underground Autoflowering Seeds</h2> <p>Dr. Underground is a seed bank that offers <strong>very special strains.</strong> They have all been selected for their combination of <strong>great yields, </strong>flavor and high resin content. <strong>All of their strains are delicious </strong>and easily capable of producing large yields with amazing effects. These strains are now available in an autoflowering format. You <strong>won't have to wait for ages for your plants to be ready to harvest; </strong>now it is possible harvest after just 2 months, <strong>both indoors and outdoors.</strong></p> <h3>Melon Gum autoflowering version</h3> <p>You'll be able to enjoy <a href="">Auto Melon Gum</a> just <strong>9-10 weeks after sprouting</strong>, so you can easily harvest various times a season outdoors or <strong>harvest every 2 months</strong> if you are growing indoors. This strain is very easy to grow; it <strong>doesn't require much care</strong> nor does it need any sort of special treatment. The leaves it grows are wide and large in order to absorb maximum light and accelerate the whole process while increasing final yield. <strong>Around days 25 to 28</strong> you'll see the first flowers on your plant begin to grow and from that point it will be flowering non-stop. Buds will keep on growing until approximately day 65 when it will be ready for harvesting indoors - you will need to wait 10 additional days if you are growing outdoors. You can get yields of <strong>30-50g per plant</strong> in any growing media; the more you expose them to sunlight the bigger they will grow. <strong>This strain has a sweet and muddy flavor, and while its effect is relaxing, it's not too heavy. You can enjoy this weed with your friends or before bed after a hard day.</strong></p> <h3>Large yields after just 90 days</h3> <p><a href="">Auto King Kong</a> is <strong>an ideal strain for large yields,</strong> particularly outdoors. Besides, it's very <strong>easy to camouflage it among other plants.</strong> This plant <strong>produces most of its flowers on the central stem,</strong> although it grows quite tall and sometimes it is difficult to grow indoors.<strong> Growing tall and thin, it can be easily disguised among other plants.</strong> When growing indoors, if you place 9 plants in 7L pots, you can get 400g just<strong> 70 days after germination;</strong> record-times for commercial growers. Outdoors, it'll take a couple of extra weeks to complete its cycle. When the plants are around 3 months old, it should be sporting around 100g of cannabis. Its taste is <strong>muddy and incense-like with a slight lemon touch,</strong> very similar to the original Haze. Its effect is a <strong>very pleasant relaxing feeling</strong> that intensifies quickly and can be long-lasting.</p> <h2>Dr. Underground, High THC Autoflowering Strains</h2> <p>If you're looking for <strong>autoflowering plants and give particular importance to taste and quality,</strong> Dr. Underground has the ideal strain for you. <strong>Choose the one that fits your growing needs the best, </strong>the one that offers you the <strong>effect you are after</strong> or the one with an intriguing flavor. Each seed has a detailed description including the <strong>characteristics and cultivation techniques</strong> of each one, so you can make the most of your purchase. Besides, we have<strong> permanent discounts</strong> for all Autoflowering seeds by Dr. Underground, so that you can<strong> acquire the best strains at unbeatable prices.</strong></p>
  • Dutch Passion Auto
    <h2>Autoflowering Dutch Passion Seeds</h2> <p><strong>Dutch Passion is a Dutch</strong> seed bank that has won many cannabis competitions. Anyone looking for quality autoflowering seeds, Dutch Passion is the bank for you! They have some of the best strains out there, now available in Autoflowering format – enjoy a Mazar or Blueberry just 70 days after germination!</p> <h3>Renowned Dutch Passion Autflowering Seeds</h3> <p><strong><a href="">Taiga #2</a> is an autoflowering</strong> strain that has a legendary Power Plant in its genes, which is a fast-flowering sativa plant. These plants should be ready just <strong>10 weeks</strong> after germination, producing up to <strong>80g per plant</strong>. It gives an energetic, uplifting effect that’s perfect for smoking with your friends. It grows quite tall, which isn’t too god for indoor growing but it’ll do amazingly outdoors where it can get the absolute most out of the sunlight.</p> <p>If you’re looking for sweet flavors, <strong>Tundra 2 is the strain for you</strong>. This plant has a deliciously citric, orange smell. Its buds grow out thick, covered in little droplets of resin – this plant is perfect for resin extracts. After just <strong>70 days</strong>, it’ll be ready to harvest, yielding up to <strong>75g per plant.</strong></p> <h3>Delicious flavors and psychoactive effects</h3> <p><strong>Polar Light Auto</strong> is a strain that’s made for <strong>smokers that like heavily incensed and sweet flavors</strong> – after just <strong>75 days</strong> you’ll be able to make the absolute most out of this beauty. Up until now, incensed strains tend to take forever to flower, but Polar Light Auto is ridiculously fast and perfect for indoor growing, as it grows out <strong>long side branches</strong> with thick buds. It’s one of Dutch Passion’s most resinous strains.</p> <p><strong>Polar Light #3</strong> is a version of Polar Light that’s been crossed with a Sativa strain in order to increase size and yield, doing best in the sun. It has quite a lemony, citric flavor with an intensely thick, dense smoke. It doesn’t need much care at all, and you can get up to <strong>100g outdoors</strong>. Indoors it can be a bit picky and hard to grow, but you can get up to <strong>500g after 75 days with 9 plants per square meter</strong>.</p> <h2>Large, High-Yielding Dutch Passion Strains</h2> <p><strong>Auto Mazar</strong> is one of their star strains and possibly the highest yielding plant in their autoflowering catalogue. You can get up to <strong>200g per </strong>strain after just<strong> 10 weeks</strong>, so it’s a great option for both indoors and outdoors. It’s indica-dominant and has a relaxing effect, with a sweet, smooth smoke that’s easy to get down. It has a long lasting effect, and you’ll be <strong>couch-locked before you know it</strong>. They can grow up to 80-<strong>90cm tall</strong>, with large side branches full of buds.</p> <p><strong><a href="">Auto Blueberry</a> </strong>is a strain that grows short and compact, and when it flowers it lets off sweet aromas that have a beautiful blue color. It gives a<strong> berry/candy-like flavor. </strong>This strain is known for its<strong> high yields and indica-dominant</strong>. It’s easy to get around <strong>50-70g</strong> from this delicious plant, and it’ll be ready <strong>after just 70-80 days</strong>.</p> <p><strong>Blue Auto Mazar</strong> is the perfect combination of the two previous strains, which just happen to be two of Dutch Passion’s best and most famous strains – now available in one plant! It gives the same <strong>high yields as Mazar</strong>, with an intense Blueberry flavor.<strong> After just 75 days</strong> you’ll be ready to harvest these beauties that do well indoors and outdoors.</p> <h2>Dutch Passion Seed Catalogue</h2> <p>If you’re looking for quality seeds, <strong>Dutch Passion is the place to go</strong>. This prestigious Dutch Seed bank is one of the longest running banks out there. They practically invented feminized strains and now they’re here to take over the world of autoflowering plants, bringing you strains that mature fully in just <strong>60-70 total days</strong>.</p>
  • Elite Seeds Autoflowering
    <h2>Elite Seeds, Perfected Autoflowering Strains</h2> <p><strong>Elite Seeds</strong> is a seed bank <strong>based out of Valencia</strong> that began their adventure over 15 years ago, working on an intense selection process in order to create a name for themselves; now, they represent the most professional breeders and growers of the area.</p> <p><strong>Valencia</strong> is known for its fertile soil full of micro-life and sunshine all year round. Keep in mind that Valencia is extremely well-known for its oranges and many vegetables, including juicy and giant Valencian tomatoes. This is all due to <strong>Valencian soil</strong> which has plenty of carbohydrates and other important nutrients.</p> <p>This means that Valencian gardens get to make the most of the <strong>natural substrate and natural strains</strong> that have adapted to this particular climate. <strong>Elite Seeds</strong> has years and years of experience growing in these <strong>climates, creating strains</strong> that are highly resistant to frequent issues due to humidity such as fungi and rot.</p> <h3>100% Feminized Seeds for Indoor and Outdoor Grows</h3> <p><strong>Elite Seeds’ Autoflowering</strong> strains are entirely feminized – you’ll never find a male in your grow when using these seeds. This seed bank <strong>puts a lot of effort into their seeds</strong>, ensuring that you won’t have any problems in your grow when it comes to accidental male plants, which can <strong>pollinate female plants</strong> and thus make them weaker, as well as cause seeds to appear everywhere. Thanks to their experience with hybrids, these plants <strong>are perfectly symmetrical and stable</strong>, making them easier to grow.</p> <h3>Fast growing, potent strains</h3> <p>If you’re looking for autoflowering plants without needing to wait forever to harvest and without sacrificing any quality, strains such as <strong>Elite 47</strong> are perfect for you. <a href="">Elite 47</a> has AK-47 genes, and it’s been adapted perfectly to the Valencian climate; it’s strong and vigorous and will be ready <strong>just 70 days after germinating</strong>.</p> <p>It performs perfectly <strong>outdoors</strong>, and <strong>indoors</strong> you’ll be able to harvest about 10 days earlier than outdoors; both growing mediums are perfect options. If you get a chance you should definitely try out this strain – <strong>you won’t be disappointed</strong> with Elite 47.</p> <h2>CBD-Rich Autoflowering Seed Catalogue</h2> <p>If you <strong>browse our catalogue</strong> you’ll notice that each seed has its own description written by professionals here at Growbarato so that you know exactly what to expect when you grow them. <strong>Take a look at our prices</strong> too – we have discounts all year round!</p>
  • Exotic Seed Auto
    <h2>Exotic Seeds Autoflowering Strains</h2> <h3>Large, THC-Potent Plants</h3> <p><strong>Exotic Seeds</strong> has been creating and <strong>selling autoflowering seeds</strong> for a while now, creating strong plants capable of flowering regardless of the season or sunlight – this was done using ruderalis genes. This bank made <strong>their own specific gene and strain selection</strong> in order to give their customers a varied selection of effects and flavors in high yielding plants. People tend to believe that autoflowering plants can’t grow proper buds, but thanks to genetic advancements in the last year, this seed bank has been able to create giant <strong>autoflowering plants with plenty of resin and high THC levels</strong>.</p> <h3>Exotic Seed's Best Autoflowering Strains</h3> <p><strong><a href="">Black Haze</a>,</strong> for example, is an excellent strain created for those that love purple weed, keeping its green leaves nice and dark. This strain is<strong> 100% indica</strong>, an obvious characteristic that affects its structure and its dense, balanced buds. After just <strong>9-10 total growing weeks</strong>, this beautiful plant should be ready to harvest, producing up to <strong>450g per square meter</strong>. Outdoors these plants grow to an average size, making them easy to hide.</p> <p><strong>Monster Mash Auto</strong> gives an intense indica relaxation and yields quite a lot, making it perfect for massive medicinal grows. It takes <strong>just 8 weeks to grow in total</strong>, and it comes from a Kush (F1) x (Black Domina x Skunk Auto – F4), so you can expect this plant to be bursting with resin. It does extremely well indoors, growing out short with plenty of branches, as well as a <strong>spectacularly large calyx </strong>that can grow extremely thick.</p> <p><strong><a href="">Russian Automatic</a> </strong>is the last plant we’re going to talk about; this beauty grows nice and balanced right until the end. It doesn’t grow too tall indoors, so it’ll need an airy substrate and scarce waterings at the start of the grow. This plant comes from a combination between<strong> an AK47 and a Skunk Auto. </strong>It has an intensely<strong> narcotic AK effect</strong>, combined with a strong Skunk effect. It’s extremely easy to grow in pretty much any setting, growing super strong and stress-resistant. It gives average yields, as its colas aren’t that long but they are thick and dense. You can get around <strong>500g per square meter</strong> with 9 plants, ready <strong>after just 11 growing weeks</strong>.</p> <h2>Autoflowering Sativa Strains - Exotic Seeds</h2> <p>Exotic Seeds offers quite a lot of strains, making for intensely <strong>narcotic indicas</strong>, <strong>energetic sativas</strong> and <strong>high yielding hybrid</strong> strains. You’ll find the one for you in our <strong>Exotic Seeds catalogue</strong>!</p>
  • Family Ganjah Auto
    <h2>Autoflowering Seeds by Family Ganjah Seeds</h2> <p>This Spanish <strong>company from Valencia</strong> called <strong>Family Ganjah Seeds</strong> is all about offering their customers collectable cannabis seeds, as well as offering their very own strains that were bred with extreme care by some of the best breeders in Spain.</p> <p>The workers at this company use an entirely artisanal and <strong>ecological process</strong> to make, select and pack their seeds. They’ve been growing non-stop since 2008, both in business and plants! The breeders are constantly working to keep their strains healthy and in top-shape for clients. Their seeds make for healthy, strong plants that grow nice and balanced, making them easier to grow.</p> <h3>Weather-resistant, sturdy plants</h3> <p>These seeds grow well in various different areas, climates and pretty much anywhere that you can grow cannabis, producing large thick buds that are just as good as their seasonal plants. These plants generally do well with <strong>stress, fungi and insect infestations</strong>.</p> <h2>Family Ganjah's best Autoflowering Seeds</h2> <p>Thanks to the fact that Ruderalis (autoflowering cannabis plants) are quite resistant to issues like cold and other extreme types of weather, means that the resulting plants are also extremely strong. Both <strong>indoors and out</strong>, these plants produce quite a lot of buds that have delicious flavors and aromas. This seed bank has strains such as:</p> <p><strong><a href="">Crazy Lola Auto</a>, </strong>an autoflowering strain with an intense aroma and incensed flavor. This plant has jack Herer genes in it and it’ll take just<strong> 75 days to finish its cycle</strong> after germination and one week less indoors. Get ready for giant central calyxes and intense Jack Herer-like aromas and flavors; incensed and Haze-like.</p> <p>One of their most “mainstream” strains, quite popular here in Valencia, is <strong><a href="">Critical Man Auto</a></strong>. This plant comes from a selection of old school Big Bud plants, crossed and re-crossed in order to bring us citric flavors and sweet aromas, similar to Valencian oranges, known around the world for their intense sweet smell.</p> <p>We also have <strong>Ganjah Auto 47</strong>, their most sativa autoflowering plant. It grows extremely fast at the start and gives amazing yields due to how well it flowers in just a few weeks – it’s quite easy to grow. In as far as flavor, it’s sweet with earthy hints, giving quite a relaxing, psychoactive effect.</p> <h3>Intense flavors and potent effects</h3> <p>You can check out their full seed catalogue right here on our website with the added benefit of our <strong>year-round discounts</strong> on all seeds, as well as <strong>professionally written descriptions</strong> on each seed.</p>
  • Fast Buds American...
    <p></p> <h2>Fast Buds American Autoflowers Cannabis Seeds</h2> <p><strong>Fast Buds American Autoflowers</strong> is a seed bank consisting of a team of professional breeders from <strong>Los Angeles, California.</strong> After many years working together with the best breeders in the US, they <strong>decided to found their seed bank in Spain, in 2010.</strong></p> <p>The reasons that made them move to a different country were varied. However, the main reason was a set of <strong>more permissive laws with regards to production of seeds and growing</strong>. Once they could relax about legal matters they started focusing on production, and <strong>stabilizing autoflowering feminized seeds</strong> of the <strong>best and most sought-after strains in the USA.</strong> These strains can easily compete with feminized seasonal plants in terms of appearance, flavor, aroma and effect.</p> <h3>The best American high THC strains</h3> <p>The most remarkable feature of this seed bank is the fact that they offer <strong>strains with a very high levels of THC.</strong> Almost all of their hybrids contain <strong>about 20% or more of THC</strong>. In order to achieve this result, they started working with Canadian Rudelaris strains, selecting phenotypes in shiny and lively colors and sturdy appearances. Then, they stabilized them with the best seasonal strains to finally obtain these fantastic hybrids.</p> <p><strong>Research concerning these hybrids was done outdoors in Canada</strong>, where temperatures are low. Therefore, all of these strains acquired resistance and tolerance to cold-induced stress. They produce more resin and take on purple tones which can become almost red. Among their numerous available strains, the most remarkable ones are <strong>West Coast OG Auto, Girl Scout Cookies Auto and Six Shooter Auto.</strong></p> <h2>Fast Buds American Autoflowers Best Seeds</h2> <p><strong>West Coast OG Auto</strong> is a delicious selection of the feminized seed line called West Coast. It's <strong>ready in 8-9 weeks,</strong> growing to a good size, somewhere between <strong>70-100cm</strong>. Its THC content is high while its CBD content is about 1%. Mainly indica, this plant is very narcotic and powerful and will leave you lying down with a smile on your face for a good while.</p> <h3>Resinous autoflowering strains for BHO extracts</h3> <p><a href="">Girl Scout Cookies Auto</a> is a plant that won't go unnoticed among your mates who try it. It has a fantastic sweet flavor which is similar to<strong> freshly baked cookies.</strong> They have a very high THC content and should be ready after 9 weeks after germination, yielding between <strong>70 to 200g per plant</strong> if we grow it in hydroponics. Optimal and <strong>highly recommended for drawing BHO extractions.</strong></p> <p><a href="">Six Shooter Auto</a> is a powerful <strong>cross between Crystal Meth x Mexican Airlaines</strong>. It's ideal to draw essential oils extractions. It grows to a decent size and also grows numerous branches. It can become <strong>100-140cm tall.</strong> Indoors, its average yield is <strong>500-600g per 600W lamps.</strong> A true champion and big producer of compact and resinous buds.</p>
  • Genehtik Auto
    <h2>Autoflowering Genehtik Cannabis Seeds</h2> <p>Introducing Genehtik, a very well-known seed bank thanks to <strong>their famous Kritikal Bilbo. Kritical Bilbo Auto</strong> is one of their precious autoflowering strains and has been leading the auto seed market<strong> for the last 3 years.</strong> During this time, the bank has developed other strains of equal or superior quality to suit different smoking preferences.</p> <h3>100% feminized fast flowering strains</h3> <p>The seed bank's most famous strains now have<strong> an autoflowering counterpart such as Amnesia Bilbo Auto, Neville Bilbo Auto, Northern Lights Auto and Goxuak Auto</strong>. They are all 100% feminized and will give you abundant yields after very few weeks of flowering. Kritical Bilbo Auto will be ready for harvesting a maximum of 8-9 weeks after sprouting. These seeds are <strong>super quick and of great quality.</strong> An interesting piece of data is it can produce around<strong> 70g per plant</strong> outdoors, and around 500g per m2 in our indoor crops. We can verify that they are ready for harvest after the promised 2 months <strong>both indoors and outdoors.</strong></p> <p>To develop such a famous strain, several crossbreeding processes were done. A <a href="">Kritical Bilbo</a> was crossbred along with fathers and mothers of autoflowering strains. When stabilized, this combination resulted in a <strong>sweet and fruity taste</strong> with a rather sedative effect, along with high yields in a Kritical Bilbo-looking plant. These are new seeds that <strong>yield a lot and are considerably potent</strong> without growing too large. This last feature makes them ideal for growing discreetly in balconies or terraces. It is then ideal for discreet yet productive grows. The plants will reach <strong>80cm at most, but with a nice branch structure </strong>to make up for its short height. It is a plant for those with the sweetest of teeth.</p> <h3>Our favorite Sativa, Amnesia Bilbo Auto</h3> <p><strong>The sativa strain par excellence by Genehtik is </strong><a href="">Amnesia Bilbo Auto</a>, a whole new generation of strain. It comes from the strictest selection from various sativa plants, choosing the strongest ones or the ones with higher yields, best appearance etc. until they were all condensed into one single strain. This is our adored Amnesia in its auto-flowering version and it is able to produce more than half a kilogram per m2 indoors. <strong>Outdoors, it will almost touch the sky!</strong> In a properly prepared substrate it can easily reach a meter and a half in height with basic care, just like its predecessor <strong>Amnesia Bilbo.</strong> In addition, it will be ready to harvest in just <strong>65 days</strong> but it will be also possible to leave it for 15 extra days in order to boost the effect of the <strong>Haze varieties.</strong> Its <strong>smell of liquorice and incense will inundate your room</strong>. Without a doubt, it is a true delight.</p> <h2>Genehtik - Synonymous with Success</h2> <p>These strains are perfect for both beginner and experienced growers. Genehtik has developed and consolidated so many qualities that the seeds will grow perfectly in <strong>any grow tent or terrace</strong>. Genehtik has carved out <strong>a position in the mainstream and professional market for themselves and it is well deserved.</strong> They have done it through honest, hard work by <strong>creating one of the best seed banks in Spain</strong> with their own stabilized strains and great genetic diversity. On our web page you can find all of their strains, available on permanent offer. Grow the best quality at the best price.</p>
  • Grass-o-Matic
    <h2>Grass-o-Matic | Specialists in Autoflowering Seeds</h2> <p><strong>Grass-o-matic</strong> is the first ever seed bank that started creating <strong>autoflowering</strong> <strong>cannabis plants</strong>, which were considered quite a luxury when they first came onto the market.</p> <p>Ruderalis strains <strong>were practically unheard of back then</strong>, but now almost every grower in the world has planted or <strong>is planting autoflowering plants</strong>. There always seems to be a constant race to get autoflowering plants to be just as efficient and effective as seasonal plants. If you decide to grow grass-o-matic seeds you’ll see that there really doesn’t need to be that much of a difference between the two when it’s done right.</p> <h3>60 day autoflowering strains</h3> <p>Autoflowering plants are cannabis plants that, regardless of the season, will have fully matured within <strong>60-80 days total</strong>, allowing growers to get quick harvests all year round. Here in Spain we’re in the right spot for autoflowering plants thanks to the heat and the sun, and we can practically grow all year round too.</p> <p>After years and years of breeding and choosing phenotypes to crossbreed again, they managed to create a <strong>wide range of autoflowering plants</strong> of all kinds, sizes and flavors, as well as indica and sativa.</p> <h2>Important Grass-o-Matic Autoflowering Strains</h2> <p><a href="">Auto Sugar Gom</a> is quite a large plant that can grow up to a meter and a half tall, which is quite unusual for an autoflowering plant. When this strain came on the market, large autoflowering plants simply weren’t a thing, and skeptical growers were astonished at how big it could grow. It can yield up to <strong>110g outdoors</strong> when grown correctly. It has quite a sweet flavor, one of the sweetest autoflowering plants. It grows well indoors and outdoors all year long in warm climates.</p> <p>Just because these plants are autoflowering, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the flowers they yield are going to be any less decent than those of a seasonal plant. There are slight flavor variations, but they still have intense and characteristic flavors as well as many varied effects, structures and behaviors.</p> <p>Autoflowering plants are particular in that they don’t like large amounts of water during the first few days, and we <strong>recommend watering just enough</strong> to keep them alive as overwatering can cause them to dwarf easily.</p> <h3>Auto Mass - Large yields in record times</h3> <p><strong>Auto Mass by Grass-o-Matic </strong>is a strain that takes just 65 days to fully mature after germination. It can be planted both indoors and outdoors, although it performs best indoors where it can get the exact parameters it needs. Indoors it yields short plants with plenty of flowers along the central stem, so it’s perfect for a <strong>SCRoG</strong> system. After 60-65 days it should be ready, yielding up to <strong>500g </strong>per square meter when done right.</p> <p>Outdoors it can grow a bit larger and taller and it does quite well with fungi infestations. It has a <strong>caramel like flavor</strong> which is quite intense; you won’t even realize you’re smoking an autoflowering bud!</p> <p><strong>Grass-o-Matic has a strict selection process</strong> for their strains and seeds in order to bring their customers the best possible experience. All of their strains were chosen from large selections of phenotypes in order to find the most balanced, well-rounded version for their customers.</p> <h3>Affordable autoflowering cannabis seeds with amazing results</h3> <p>Consult each strain’s aspects and qualities in the description written by our team here at to find out which weed is perfect for you.. <strong>Find the perfect strain for you</strong>!</p>
  • Green House Seeds Auto
    <h2>Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds by Green House Seeds</h2> <p><strong>Green House Seeds</strong> is a growing seed bank and master genetecists for all kinds of plant:<strong> indicas, sativas, hybrids and autoflowering types.</strong> They offer high quality seeds at very affordable prices.</p> <h3>Green House experts guarantee germination</h3> <p>Their seeds germinate easily, which is a direct consequence of the extensive work carried out by the breeders at the bank. They have received <strong>more than 25 awards</strong> in cannabis growing and marijuana related competitions and are internationally renowned. All<strong> Green House strains are of high quality</strong> and give amazing results for autoflowering types. <strong>Some of them can even be used for medicinal purposes</strong>. The bank has all kind of autoflowering plants: sativa-dominant types and hybrids as well as some indica-dominant ones and a <strong>large range of autoflowering varieties.</strong> Their seeds are available all around the world.</p> <h2>Green House Seeds' Best Autoflowering Strains</h2> <p>One of their <strong>autoflowering</strong> strains for <strong>medicinal use</strong> is <a href="">King Kush Auto</a>; the result of crossbreeding an original Hindu Kush over 30 years old and one of their elite autoflowering types, selected for its vigor, robustness and its flowering speed. They managed to create a strain with an exotic taste, with a medium-short height, tough and capable of dealing with bad weather. The plant won't reach even 1m indoors and will be slightly taller outdoors. It will complete the blooming period just <strong>9-10 weeks after sprouting</strong>. The effect of this strain is a<strong> durable "high" that will have you feeling super stoned and heavy - perfect for pain relief.</strong></p> <p>Another of their most appreciated strains is <strong>Super Bud Autoflowering.</strong> This strain is easy and quick to grow. It produces <strong>a short-medium plant</strong> that we'll be able to harvest just <strong>8 weeks</strong> after sprouting. Just water it and it will produce delicious Skunk-like buds, full of resin. This plant wont grow 1m outdoors, nor indoors. However, its <strong>fast growth and vigor</strong> make it one of the best possible strains. Despite its size, it can produce up to <strong>90g/plant</strong> under the right conditions, particularly during the months from <strong>June to August.</strong></p> <h3>High yielding resinous strains</h3> <p>Last but not least, we will talk about <a href="">Super Lemon Haze Automatic</a>. This strain has an energetic and stimulating effect. It comes from Super Lemon Haze crossed with a <strong>Rudelaris elite.</strong> The result is delicious. In only 70 days after germination you'll be able to enjoy very good yields for an autoflowering strain. Now, many growers can enjoy <strong>sativa buds in a record time</strong> while not worrying about space problems or long blooming times. <strong>Buds are long and full of calyxes</strong> and will result in very hefty yields, particularly outdoors where the plant can reach 1m of height. Buds will be resinous and with a marked sweet-incensed aroma. Productions will be around 80g/plant outdoors and around<strong> 400g/m2 indoors.</strong> This strain is very easy to grow and has a good capacity of nutrients absorption. Remember not to go beyond a level of EC of 2. This is particularly important during the last 2 weeks where the fertilizer dose must be reduced to less than a half since the plants start to eat much less <strong>during the ripening time.</strong></p> <p>All these strains of autoflowering plants of <strong>Green House Seeds ar</strong>e available at GrowBarato at the best price since we enjoy permanent offers all year round. We provide you with <strong>assessment</strong> too, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any doubt.</p>
  • Heavyweight Seeds Auto
    <h2>Autoflowering Strains by Heavyweight Seed Bank</h2> <h3>Wide range of strains</h3> <p><strong>HeavyWeight Seeds</strong> is a seed bank that offers a wide range of cannabis seeds chosen for their quality and yield – their breeders specifically chose strains with large yields. All of their seeds offer <strong>high yields and effects depending on the genes and strains used</strong>. Now, you can get your hands on autoflowering versions of these strains which you should be able to harvest 60-65 days after germination.</p> <h2>Heavyweight Seeds' Top Strains</h2> <p>Strains such as <strong>Short &amp; Sweet Auto</strong> is a strain that comes from AK49 and White Widow, making it perfect for indoor growing. It yields hard buds in short, compact plants that are perfect for artificial lighting. 60 days after germinating it should be ready to harvest, yielding up to <strong>450g per square meter</strong>. It has a fruity, metallic flavor and an intense effect. Its effect is bodily relaxing alongside a light psychedelic high – recommended for experienced smokers looking for a strong high.</p> <p><strong><a href="">Fruit Punch Auto</a> </strong>is a sweet strain that has a delicious flavor and energetic high. This 80% sativa plant, even though it’s autoflowering, gives large yields thanks to the fact that it takes around<strong> 20-30 days longer</strong> than normal autoflowering plants. In return for this extra wait, you can harvest up to <strong>100g per plant</strong>.</p> <p><strong><a href="">Jackpot Auto</a> </strong>is a combination of Jack Herer and Fast2Vast, producing deliciously sweet plants with an intense Jack Herer aftertaste. This weed is perfect for those looking for more intense flavors. It grows perfectly in almost any climate as long as it<strong> doesn’t get as cold as 10º</strong> so that it doesn’t get stressed and end up with stunted growth. It gives an energizing, active effect that’s perfect for day to say stoners.</p> <p><strong>Turbo Bud</strong> is a strain that gives incredibly large yields in record times – it grows strong and takes just 60 days to fully mature thanks to its explosive flowering period. This weed gives a mixed effect, starting off energetic and turning into a more relaxing come-down. It can<span>  </span>be grown both indoors and outdoors, and it puts up a fight against insect infestations as well as fungi. You can get around <strong>60g per plant</strong>.</p> <h3>Quality, sturdy, cold-resistant strains</h3> <p>If you’re looking for <strong>quality, autoflowering seeds</strong>, look no more! HeavyWeight Seeds has the strain for you. Make the most of our <strong>offers and discounts</strong> and get your seeds at a ridiculously low price here at</p>
  • Humboldt Seeds...
    <h2>Humboldt Seeds Organization Autoflowering Seeds</h2> <p>Humboldt Seed Organization was born in a society with <strong>a less prohibitive vision with regard to the recreational use of cannabis.</strong> We are talking about California, where the <strong>normalization</strong> of the "drug" has already happened, and has been accepted even by the higher classes of society. Research into cannabis started in the 60's. At that time, the use of cannabis spread quickly among the emerging hippie community. The persecution and police pressure exerted on them, forced these communities to run away from the big cities and find less populated areas where they could smoke discreetly. The mountains became perfect for them since there wasn't as much control and the community was less oppressive than L.A.</p> <h3>Cannabis seeds right from the heart of it</h3> <p>As a result, <strong>Humboldt became a Mecca of cannabis culture in the USA</strong>. It's still where most of the country's cannabis is grown, and where the prices are obviously the highest.</p> <h2>Humboldt Seed Organization's Best Strains</h2> <p><a href="">UK Cheese Auto</a> is <strong>their star strain;</strong> it is very different from the Cheese strains we are used to in Europe. This strain smells stronger than its younger sister, and this version has improved in terms of <strong>rot and mildew resistance.</strong> Its high yield, both in terms of resin and weight, makes it our first choice when it comes to autoflowering indica strains.</p> <p>When it comes to sativas, we choose, <strong>without hesitation, the impressive Dr. Greenthumb Haze Auto</strong>. This automatic strain is sativa-dominant and has a quick and impressive growth, providing a delicious spicy flavor with fruity nuances. After 80 days, the plant will be <strong>covered with dense and incredibly resinous buds</strong>. It can produce up to 500g per plant outdoors and 400g/m2 with properly grown indoors plants.</p> <p><a href="">Blue Dream Auto</a> is a <strong>safe bet</strong> for those who are looking for a stable hybrid, combining colossal yields and the sweet and muddy tasty of the best Afghan strains. It is an original crossbreed between a Blueberry and a Haze, specifically selected for its<strong> vigorous appearance and amazingly quick blooming</strong>. Abundant crops both indoors and outdoors for those after a productive and stable hybrid.</p> <h3>Exclusive US strains, on th European market</h3> <p>HSO offers some strains new to the European market along with classic ones created from genotypes that are different from what we're used to. These strains have been <strong>perfectly selected by their breeders</strong> in their awesome and professional installations. Thanks to their numerous awards, this bank has made its way to Europe and now we have the opportunity to try and verify by ourselves<strong> the quality and reliability of their strains. Humboldt Seeds Organization</strong> brings us Autoflowering and Regular strains, from sativa to poly hybrids and an infinity of growing possibilities. This American bank never ceases to amaze us and all their genetics are safe bets for both indoor and outdoor crops.</p>
  • Ibiza Seeds Auto
    <h2>Ibiza Seeds Autoflowering Seed Bank</h2> <p><strong>Ibiza Seeds</strong> is a cannabis seed bank from Ibiza, Spain. They started off way back in 1996, stabilizing some of the best strains in order to offer their customers some of the best strains out there. Have a <strong>peak at their autoflowering range</strong>; you’ll be astonished at their quality.</p> <h3>Versailte, fast-growing strains</h3> <p>All of the strains in their catalogue have been designed to improve upon some of the following qualities; flowering times, flavor, effect and yield. These strains can be grown both indoors and outdoors, so it doesn’t really matter where you grow them – these plants are capable of growing in plenty of different environments.</p> <h3>Guaranteed germinated fem seeds</h3> <p>All of the seeds this bank provides undergo a rigorous selection and control process, guaranteeing that <strong>99% of their seeds are entirely feminized</strong> and also germinate easily; perfect if you still don’t have much experience with your plants.</p> <h2>Ibiza Seeds' Main Autoflowering Strains</h2> <p><strong>Cetme</strong>: This autoflowering hybrid has a compact structure and an average-to-tall height. Even though it can grow large, it actually has quite a short flowering period. If you add on the fact that it can be grown in pretty much any environment, this strain truly is astonishing. It has quite a fruity flavor and an intensely relaxing effect.</p> <p><strong>Godiva Gold</strong>: This autoflowering plant gives large yields in short amounts of time. It has quite an indica shape with short, strong branches. Even though it grows quite big and gives large yields, it doesn’t need much care when grown at all. When grown indoors and under a constant 20h of light you’ll increase yield considerably. It gives quite an active and energetic effect that’ll slowly turn into a relaxing sensation that will take over your entire body.</p> <p><strong>Jelly Sweet</strong>: This autoflowering strain has quite a short flowering period while also giving large yields. This strain is perfect for small growing areas such as balconies. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors as long as it doesn’t get too cold. It has a fruity flavor, similar to sweets, alongside a potent effect that can couchlock you if you smoke too much.</p> <h3>You can bet on Ibiza Seeds' quality</h3> <p>Ibiza Seeds has delicious <a href="">autoflowering</a> <strong>quality, trustworthy seeds</strong> – choose which ever strain is the right one for you!</p>
  • Kannabia Seeds Auto
    <h2>Autoflowering Kannabia Seeds</h2> <p><strong>Kannabia Seeds is a seed bank</strong> that has improved considerably over the years only to become <strong>one of the biggest marijuana seed banks in the world.</strong> All their auto strains flower <strong>independently of the photoperiod</strong>. Around the third or fourth week, you'll start to see how buds begin to form. From the fifth week the plants will be ready for harvest.</p> <h3>Autoflowering strain origins</h3> <p>At the beginning, the bank only had hybrids between autos and some indica strains such as<strong> Northern Light crossed with a Rudelaris.</strong> This allowed them to them progress a lot in the selection of autoflowering strains. After breeding amazing Rudelaris strains they decided to make a leap and started to crossbreed them with <strong>indicas, sativas and hybrids</strong>. They have managed to take autoflowering strains to their highest levels of efficiency, producing plants which are taller<strong>, more productive and with better aromas and flavors.</strong></p> <h2>Kannabia Seeds' Best Strains</h2> <p>They created a range of autoflowering strains mixed with sativas they called <a href="">Max Auto</a>. They are a set of very productive strains. Now you can enjoy two classes of autoflowering strains: normal ones and Max Autos, <strong>adding up to a total of 13 strains to enjoy. There have strains such as Thai Fantasy, Smile Max Auto, Power Skunk Max Auto or La Blanca Max Auto. </strong>Within their first generation of autoflowering strains there have plants such as <strong>Speedy Gonzales Auto, Gnomo Auto or</strong> <a href="">Micromachine Auto</a>.</p> <p>Strains such as Citric 70 Auto are complex hybrid chosen from hundreds of plants. Critic 70 has one of the fastest autoflowering times of all times, c<strong>rossbred with a Critical and test crossed with a Producer Skunk.</strong> It can be harvested 70 days after sprouting, with <strong>big and compact buds of high density which are covered with resin.</strong> Under the best conditions, this plant will grow beyond 1m and yield more than 100g/plant. You'll harvest <strong>citric-spicy weed, with a sweet aftertaste and an sativa euphoric effect.</strong></p> <h3>Experts in fast-flowering indica strains</h3> <p>They also have Smile Max Auto, one of the latest strains introduced to their catalogue. With very similar characteristics to the<strong> Ak-47</strong> with regard to its robust and twiggy appearance, it produces large flower bunches of hard as stone buds. This very same strain was <strong>crossbred with a Rudelaris</strong>. Thanks to this mix the strain acquired <strong>its sweet taste with a muddy aftertaste along with a tough resistance to climate harshness.</strong> It is thus recommended for outdoors growing.</p> <p><strong>Mataro Blue Max</strong> is one of the most sought-after autoflowering plants by the followers of this bank. It is a smoking delicatessen in autoflowering format. By going with the auto version you will save a lot of time and will be able to enjoy their famous strain very quickly. This strain has received <strong>many awards and enjoys international recognition.</strong> The auto version has the same taste -a slight muddy background and a very similar taste, less intense on the body-. The <strong>taste will have you drooling </strong>due to a high density of smoke and will induce a lot of coughing in beginner smokers. A professional strain available now for all levels. <strong>Good quality/price ratios affordable for all budgets.</strong></p> <h2>Kannabia Seeds Strain Catalogue</h2> <p>In our website you can find all the strains of Kannabia Seeds bank and <strong>enjoy great permanent discounts i</strong>n all their seeds.</p>
  • Medical Seeds auto
    <h2>Autoflowering Medical Seeds Strains</h2> <p><b>Medica</b><b>l</b><b> Seeds is a Spanish seed bank</b> that mainly deals in feminized seeds, although they’ve just recently released two autoflowering seeds to give their catalogue a bit more accessibility. All of their strains are carefully selected and worked on in order to create perfectly balanced seeds. They are guaranteed to germinate.</p> <h2>Strains rich in THC</h2> <h3>Potent, psychoactive strains</h3> <p><b>No Name Auto</b> is the autoflowering version of their No Name strain. It’s incredibly indica and it has a strong, highly resistant structure. It grows to an average height with short internodes and it can be grown both indoors and outdoors – in warmer climates you can even grow it out of season. After around 9-10 total weeks it should be ready to harvest, yielding up to 160g per plant. Its buds are incredibly thick and produce resin trichomes all over. It has a sort of old school Skunk flavor, similar to cured cheese. It also has a sort of double effect that starts off quite energizing and ends up in an intense relaxing sensation. <b>THC: 12-15%</b></p> <p><b>Blue Hell Auto</b> is an autoflowering strain that was obtained thanks to a combination between Blueberry from DJ Shorts very own private selection, with an Auto Medical Ruderalis, making for a delicious fast-flowering plant that can easily be grown both indoors and outdoors. Outdoors it does perfectly as long as it gets good weather, just like with any autoflowering plant. This strain can be grown by experienced and beginer growers. It should take two months from seed to flower, producing up to 180g per plant outdoors. It has a strong, penetrating aroma that turns fruity when smoked. It gives a relaxing, soft effect that’ll allow you to go about your business as usual. <b>THC: 12-15%.</b></p> <h3><b>Premium Autoflowering Strains</b></h3> <p>So, if you’re looking for <b>potent, autoflowering, feminized strains</b>, Medical Seeds has two wonderful choices for you. This professional seed bank allows for easy, guaranteed germination and quality yields at quite an affordable price. Grow Medical Seeds today and you won’t be disappointed!</p>
  • Ministry of Cannabis Auto
    <h2>Autoflowering Ministry of Cannabis Seeds</h2> <p>The seed bank Ministry of Cannabis began<strong> in Amsterdam,</strong> where there has been a thriving cannabis culture for more than 20 years. There, <strong>smokers from all over the world come to try new strains</strong> and become acquainted with the growing culture that has developed in the country over those years.<strong> The work carried out by Ministry of Cannabis over the last 10 years consists in preserving classic strains, such as White Widow,  so that the original genes are not lost. </strong>During the few last years, they have introduced Carnival, a variety that feels like a true colorful carnival to the mind.</p> <h3>Pure genes in their strain catalogue</h3> <p>They have <strong>been preserving the characteristics of the purest Haze strains for years,</strong> to get the best quality seeds possible. Zensation, an improved White Widow, is the result of many years of selection. Ministry of Cannabis <strong>started to develop their work with autoflowering strains in 2008.</strong> They weren't pioneers in the field, but thanks to their large experience in the preservation of indicas and sativas of great quality with a long genetic line, they have been able<strong> to produce a good linage of autoflowering strains</strong>. They have ensured their strains are of <strong>very good quality and very easy to grow</strong>, leading to optimum results.</p> <p>At a certain point they decided to <strong>develop their two different lines of work separately.</strong> Thus, they decided to devote their<strong> Dutch installations to indoor growing</strong> while the <strong>Barcelona HQ would be in charge of developing everything related to autoflowering strains.</strong></p> <p>In the past <strong>they used to sell regular seeds, but nowadays they only do feminized ones.</strong> They wanted to do a good job and develop 100% feminine seeds for the most demanding grower. Their <strong>autoflowering strains are also 100% feminized</strong> and since they are automatic, they will complete a whole life cycle <strong>independently of the photoperiod,</strong> allowing you to cut them from the 8th week after sprouting.</p> <h2>Ministry of Cannabis Autoflowering Strain Properties</h2> <p>Some of their auto strains might take a bit longer, but in no case will it take you more than 10 weeks to enjoy these strains. These autoflowering varieties offer you the advantage of <strong>being growable all the year round,</strong> both indoors and outdoors. They will <strong>endure winter weather well;</strong> though, <strong>productivity will not be that great.</strong> Autoflowering strains come from a hybrid with Rudelaris which is what gives them the autoflowering capacity. These genetics come from very cold climates and the longest and coldest nights where the higher summer temperatures won't go beyond 15°C or 16°C.  Autoflowering strains <strong>were bred to survive under any conditions,</strong> and now they bring us the best if their genetics. We can enjoy their organoleptic qualities along with their effects.</p> <p>Also, the bank is proud of presenting Premium seeds. These seeds have a maximum quality and are <strong>a safe bet for those growers who want to sow just the best material.</strong></p> <p>Among the <strong>different auto strains of the bank, the following three are our favorites: White Widow Auto, Blueberry Domina Auto and Cheese NL Auto</strong> (which has an original taste and very intense to the palate, along with amazing resin). All their varieties are full with top quality trichomes, even in the largest leaves.</p> <h3>Potent, quality autoflowering strains by Ministry of Cannabis</h3> <p>If you want autoflowering plants with old and powerful genetics, <strong>Ministry of Cannabis brings you great quality for an affordable price.</strong> You will find all their strains in our catalogue where you can check their main properties such as taste and effect, its blooming days since sprouting or approximate size. Thus, it will <strong>be easy for you to make your ideal purchase</strong> enjoying our great discounts.</p>
  • Mr. Hide auto
    <h2>Autoflowering Mr. Hide Seeds</h2> <p><strong>Mr. Hide Auto</strong> is a seed bank founded in Spain, in 2015, when they decided to begin letting the world see what they had created.</p> <p>They spent years growing and accumulating a lot of experience. They then found that Kritikal was the perfect strain upon which to base the rest of their seeds, and they began churning out strains – this particular Kritikal strain came from Mr. Nice’s reserve.</p> <p>Their seeds are known for being easy to germinate, extremely stable, medicinal and potent hybrids.</p> <h3>CBD-rich strains for medicinal purposes</h3> <p>They also have <strong>CBD rich strains</strong>, allowing medicinal users to experience their top quality strains too.</p> <h2>Some of Mr. Hide's Best Autoflowering Seeds</h2> <p>Now that we know a bit more about Mr. Hide, let’s have a <strong>look at their strains</strong>:</p> <p><strong>Auto Diesel Mass</strong>: This autoflowering plant is indica-dominant. It has a sort of Christmas tree shape with short internodes and plenty of branches. It can be grown indoors and outdoors, offering great results both indoors and outdoors. You’ll need to keep in mind that it needs a properly prepared substrate as the roots need quite a lot of space to grow properly. It grows kind of short, making it perfect for discreet areas. It has an intensely fruity flavor, which can be citric at times thanks to its Diesel genes. It has a potent, long-lasting effect that’ll have you relaxing in no time.</p> <p><strong>Auto Black Banana</strong>: this autoflowering, feminized plant is capable of giving large yields. It was made from Afghani plants, meaning that it won’t need much food to grow large. Start off with small dosages. Indoors, we recommend using a SCRoG mesh of some sort, as it can grow quite tall. Outdoors it does perfectly and can be used in guerrilla grows, where you can leave them on their own for a while and they’ll survive just fine. In as far as flavor, its sweet and sort of banana-like. Its effect is almost instant, and it’ll have you relaxed but happy.</p> <p><strong>Auto Amnesia</strong>: This is one of the best autoflowering plants that this bank has on offer. It’s a sativa-dominant plant that grows to an average size and produces plenty of buds. It grows extremely strong and long branches, although its roots can be weak at times, so you might want to use some sort of stimulant to get them going. When grown indoors it's extremely easy to control and tame, and it loves artificial lighting, although outdoors it will grow much larger and put up well against issues such This plant has an intense effect that will have your entire body buzzing with energy.</p>
  • Nirvana Seeds Auto
    <h2>Autoflowering Nirvana Seeds</h2> <p>The founder of <strong>Nirvana Seeds</strong> bank started selling seeds in a small seed shop in <strong>Amsterdam, way back in 1995.</strong> He had the idea of <strong>collecting his own seeds </strong>to create his own bank and then share them with other growers. After more than 20 years travelling and looking for the best seeds of the most amazing varieties <strong>all over the world</strong>, he managed to gather a nice selection of great genetic makeups for himself. By crossbreeding them he was able to create improved strains from <strong>original natural treasures.</strong></p> <h3>Strains straight from the heart of Amsterdam</h3> <p>During all these years he <strong>experienced and created hybrids</strong> with the best characteristics in order to adapt them for all growing levels, stabilizing them as much as possible &amp; making new strains from landrace ones.</p> <p>The <strong>name of the bank makes reference to the state of love and blessing from which he has created his strains during all these years and the love he's put in all his travels</strong> towards new accomplishments.</p> <p>Finally, he joined forces with other people and <strong>created a bank to satisfy the needs of the most selective smokers of the cannabis community</strong>. They have quite a<strong> solid reputation in Amsterdam</strong> from where they can reach every corner of the world thanks to <strong>international connections.</strong></p> <h3><strong>The forefront of seed technology</strong></h3> <p>They <strong>didn't rush into the production of autoflowering seeds - the breeders</strong> <strong>were patient and spent years experimenting with these strains </strong>before they were released on the market. They <strong>didn't seem to see automatic strains as a 100% viable option,</strong> therefore they decided to do some research and develop the best specimens before commercializing them - and that's exactly what they did.</p> <p>They have developed<strong> breathtaking strains capable of satifying</strong><strong> even the most demanding of smokers </strong>and amazing everybody with a range of feminized autoflowering strains with great strength, flavor, easy to grow and affordable for pretty much anyone.</p> <h2>Nirvana Seeds' Best Autoflowering Strains</h2> <p><strong>They have developed autoflowering strains worthy of the best and biggest seed banks.</strong> This is the case of <a href="">Lemon Og Haze Auto</a>, with <strong>a lemony flavor and a delicious aroma</strong> that will make your mouth water. <a href="">Bubblelicious Auto</a> is an explosion of sweetness and <strong>Swiss Cheese Auto </strong>is one of their fan-favorites. Its taste will <strong>remind you of cured cheese,</strong> with a strong scent but a certain sugary hint to it. It is very easy to grow but its<strong> super strong scent is very hard to hide,</strong> which means you'll have to be extremely cautious as not to have problems with the neighbors or the law.</p> <h3>Nirvana Strains - Potent Aromas and Effects</h3> <p>This strong fragrance is clearly mirrored in its taste, similar to Swiss cheese. It <strong>produces buds hard as stone.</strong> It is a safe bet and highly recommended for all outdoor growers. With a <strong>powerful mental effect</strong> -and slightly corporal-, <strong>you'll be totally intoxicated.</strong></p> <p>We have <strong>all formats and strains of Nirvana seeds at unbeatable prices.</strong></p>
  • Paradise Seeds...
    <h2>Autoflowering Paradise Seeds Strains</h2> <p><strong>Paradise Seeds</strong> is a world renowned seed bank which has gained a solid reputation thanks to their more than 25 years experience selecting and improving the most fascinating strains. Th<strong>e quality of their seeds is superb</strong> just as their genetics. With great professionality they take care of their selected seeds, thoroughly keeping the best nuances.</p> <p>Since they started working they haven't stopped growing and getting better, staying true to their raison d'être: <strong>selecting the sweetest and tastiest strains.</strong> Besides, they own a Coffee Shop where one can enjoy all their delicacies.</p> <h2>Main Paradise Seeds' Autoflowering Strains</h2> <p>In their catalogue you will find autoflowering<strong> strains of great vigor, high production and intense flavor. They have varieties such as Pandora, Auto Cid, Auto Wapa or Auto Whiteberry,</strong> selected by the best breeders of their farms in order to bring us the finest autoflowering plants.</p> <p><a href="">Auto Acid</a> is a strain that doesn't depend on the photoperiod, but that will start growing buds after 3 weeks. In <strong>only 6 weeks</strong> since the appearance of the first flowers it will be mature for being harvested. It is an indica crossbred with a hybrid of Sativa and has a diesel smell, with very citric nuances. It has the trippy and stimulant effect of a Diesel.It has been test crossed with a very vigorous Rudelaris, and will grow at any location. Indeed, it's the all-terrain strain. One should count with a <strong>75 days delay</strong> until the harvest and slightly longer if grown outdoors. Outdoors, it will produce around <strong>100 g/plant</strong> while indoors, <strong>9 plants per m2 can produce about 350 g/m2.</strong> It is a very sought after variety in the market of autoflowering strains thanks to its characteristics that will make any smoker become infatuated with it!</p> <h3>Award-winning THC and CBD Strains</h3> <p>Pandora is one of the <strong>award-winning strains at the Highlife Cannabis Cup Amsterdam 2012, in the autoflowering category.</strong> It has medicinal uses thanks to its <strong>balanced levels of THC and CDB,</strong> which makes it ideal for inexperienced users. Providing a soft high, a feeling of fluidity and relaxation will run through your body, a result of its<strong> Sensi Star ancestry.</strong></p> <p>Thus, it will provide solace to people in pain, looking for relief. A healthy plant with a vigorous appearance, compact, dense and with hard buds full with resin. It is <strong>ideal to be grown in reduced spaces</strong>, though it will almost certainly reach 1 m of height (outdoors, a few more handspans are expectable). It <strong>can be harvested 65 days after sprouting</strong>. Outdoors, you can leave it for an extra week to see what its optimum ripeness point is. It is sweet and by curing it will adopt sugary nuances.</p> <p>Its effect will be slightly prolonged, which is a very interesting feature to treat patients who employ marijuana with medicinal uses.</p> <h2>Autoflowering resinous strains</h2> <p>The most celebrated strain of Paradise Seeds is the <a href="">Whiteberry</a><span>,</span> a real delicacy in all aspects. Very demanded by the best growers who like its strong high, exotic flavour, robust demeanor and health. It also produces dense and hard as stone buds that shine due to the impressive amount of trichomes they have.</p> <p>No matter whether you grow it indoors or outdoors, this variety will produce plants a<strong>bout 75 cm high</strong>, with a 9 weeks cycle from sprouting. This plant is particularly suitable for reduced spaces where it is possible to put <strong>up to 16 plants/m2 indoors</strong>. After 63 days some of they will be already ready for cutting, while they will require some extra days if grown outdoors. Their inherited genetics has given them many organoleptic properties and<strong> a strong high that will leave you knackered on the couch.</strong></p> <h2>Paradise Seeds Strain Catalogue</h2> <p>In this section you will find these and many other strains by Paradise Seeds, as always with a full description and a review done by our team. Take advantage of our discounts and get your Paradise Auto Seeds at the best price. </p> <p></p>
  • Philosopher Seeds Auto
    <h2>Philosopher Seeds Autoflowering Strains</h2> <p><strong>Philosopher Seeds</strong> was created in 2008 with the only purpose of offering a selection of the best marijuana seeds they could find, crossbreed and stabilize since the mid-90's.</p> <h3>Seeds obtained from the best breeders</h3> <p>Philosopher Seeds was created by<strong> growers who decided to join forces in order to offer their best strains </strong>and share them with others. The underlying idea was to launch new cannabis strains frequently and renew their seed catalogue by <strong>improving existing strains</strong>. Following this idea, they tried to enrich their catalog with new collections they had developed. Since 2013, their new strains were put into a <strong>new line called Golo Line</strong>, created by breeders of Reggae Seeds by combining renowned varieties of their own catalogue with other non commercialized strains. They also included some strains from Philosopher Seeds' classic line.</p> <h2>Some of Philosophers Seeds Best Autoflowering Strains</h2> <p><a href="">Cheesy Auto</a> is the result of combining an Exodus Cheese brought from the United Kingdom with a Lowrider that was <strong>robust and resinous. Together they created an aromatic bomb with a delicious sugary taste.</strong></p> <p><strong>Indoors, it behaves like a seasonal plant </strong>and it's one of the safest plants to grow indoors; they are very easy to handle and provide amazing results under the right conditions. You can get up to 500g with 7 plants per m2. Its <strong>quick flowering period makes it perfect for impatient growers who are looking for high yields in short periods of time.</strong></p> <p><strong>Outdoors,</strong> it looks just like a Lowryder look but with the odor and the sticky and dense trichomes of a Cheese. Thanks to its Exodus genes, it is very resistant to high temperatures, since <strong>it comes from areas where humidity levels can reach 80%.</strong> However, it doesn't react very well to excess heat, which can hinder its growth considerably. If all goes well,<strong> after 60 days you'll be able to collect your buds full of sweet and fruity fragrances.</strong></p> <h3>Perfected aromas and flavors</h3> <p>The <strong>smell and the taste</strong> of Cheesy Auto are certainly its best characteristics. Philosopher Seeds managed to keep its <strong>blue-cheese smell</strong> intact, adding a hint <strong>of wildberries</strong> that make it very appealing.</p> <p><strong>The second strain we want to highlight is</strong> <a href="">Fraggle Skunk Auto</a>. This has incredibly stable and balanced genes<strong>,</strong> the result of a very careful selection of Skunks. Philosopher Seeds have managed to obtain the perfect genotype that will make you want to plant it every year thanks to how easy it is to grow.</p> <p>Indoors, it <strong>grows like an autoflowering strain trapped inside a feminized one.</strong> It grown tall and slender, something unusual for a plant with Afghan genes. It produces good buds full of fresh aromas that will bring us back to the 90's, where Skunk was one of the most smoked strains. You can get up to 400g of this excellent Fraggle Skunk with 9 plants per m2.</p> <p><strong>Outdoors,</strong> it produces nice plants. However, they will require sufficient light and heat in order to develop properly. <strong>Its indica appearance makes them quite robust but it will still bloom as if it were a sativa. </strong>Calyxes close perfectly and will be ripe for cutting after 65 days since sowing. It possess a dense foliage we'll have to remove perfectly before drying it, since the leaves will make the weed <strong>adopt a spicier and less intense flavor.</strong></p> <p>It tastes like a <strong>pure Skunk, with lemon and wooden touches,</strong> very tasty to smoke and a <strong>light experience in terms of effect</strong>. Any grower with or without experience will love this fantastic autoflowering strain that will surely grant you the results you expected.</p> <h3>Highly psychoactive indica and sativa seeds</h3> <p>White Yoda is one of the main reasons that keeps us working at GrowBarato. We love this strain which is one the best known varieties of Philosophers Seeds thanks to its <strong>excellent crops and the colossal reception it has everywhere, no matter how you grow it (indoors, outdoors, guerrilla style or in greenhouse).</strong></p> <p><strong>It's one of the most adaptable strains to indoors growing</strong> since, just like any other autoflowering strain, it does love the heat. If we spoil it with a 20/4 cycle since the very beginning it will offer us<strong> hard and compact buds with acrid and penetrating smells</strong>. It is very fast and it will be ready for cutting in just 50 days after sprouting, yielding up to 500 g/m2.</p> <p><strong>Outdoors, it behaves wonderfully.</strong> It is a real monster, developing branches all over and its <strong>dark green color will prevai</strong>l if we provide it with the right growing conditions. You can plant it in soil or in big pots (11l to 25l). By doing this, your plants will give your t<strong>he best buds you've ever seen in an automatic strain.</strong></p> <p><strong>Its exquisite fragrance is just surpassed by its amazing flavor</strong>, sweet but with muddy reminiscences. A true delicacy for cannabis lovers. Its <strong>effects are noticeable after only 2 or 3 puffs,</strong> relaxing your mind and your body, transporting you to a state of general well-being.</p> <h2>Philosopher Seeds Strain Catalogue</h2> <p>Apart from the former collections, Philosopher also has<strong> its Test Line.</strong> As most of our followers know, it is a <strong>line of non-commercialized strains</strong> consisting of crossbreds done by their breeders and brought to the consumers in order to get their opinion.</p> <p></p>
  • Positronics Auto
    <h2>Autoflowering Strains by Positronics</h2> <p><strong>You can now get Positronics most famous strains, available in autoflowering format.</strong> These autoflowering seeds will undoubtedly impress you, making you come back for more, although <strong>every single strain by this seed bank is amazing and you should try each one at least once.</strong> Positronics seeds go through <strong>an extensive quality-control</strong>, meaning that they hardly ever fail to germinate correctly. That, combined with our experience here at, practically guarantees a successful germination.</p> <h2>Some of Positronics' Best Strains</h2> <p><strong><a href="">Critical Express</a> is one of the most demanded strains</strong> here at Positronics due to <strong>how</strong> <strong>fast and productive it is</strong> both indoors and outdoors. This strain <strong>produces thick, dense buds and takes only 70 days</strong> to be ready for harvest after germination. It has a <strong>relaxing, narcotic effect</strong>, making it perfect for relaxing after a hard day at work. It has a <strong>citric but sweet flavor</strong> that almost any smoker will find delicious. It isn’t hard to grow at all; all it needs is a <strong>warm environment,</strong> some decent fertilizers and regular watering.</p> <p><strong>Afghan Express is a strain that rewards growers with a high yield,</strong> although instead of taking two months it takes almost three. The plants you get from this strain will be much <strong>bigger than those of other autoflowering strains</strong>, meaning that you’ll need fewer plants to get the hefty buds you want. Outdoors, this plant does best during the hottest months of summer, <strong>giving up to 120g per plant.</strong> <strong>It has a sweet hash taste and a relaxing effect,</strong> which is to be expected due to its indica genes.</p> <h3>Autoflowering strains ready in 60 days</h3> <p><strong>MayDay is a strain that will be ready just 65 days after germination</strong>, rewarding growers with small but <strong>powerful plants</strong>. <strong>This strain is ideal for those who want more of an active effect</strong> from their bud; this strain gives quite a <strong>euphoric effect</strong>. It has a s<strong>weet taste, and some people say it has a lemony, fruity taste</strong>. This plant likes the heat, and won’t turn out too well if you plant it in unfavorable climates.</p> <p><strong><a href="">Super Cheese</a> is a strain that gives both a physical and mentally relaxing effect</strong> combined with <strong>strong flavors that will invade even the most experienced smokers’ lungs</strong>. This plant is quite <strong>eye-catching due to its high levels of resin</strong> and the<strong> shape of its buds,</strong> which look like little horns without any pistils towards the end of the flowering period. You can already see how powerful this bud is just by looking it, but the proof is in the pudding. <strong>In just 65 days you’ll get up to 75g per plant</strong>, which is incredibly decent for a 2 month autoflowering strain.</p> <h2>Large yields from Postronics Seeds</h2> <p><strong>If you’re looking for higher yields you can find Critical #47 Express</strong> here at Positronics; this plant grows strong and large, capable of giving <strong>up to 100g in just 65 days.</strong> It has <strong>strong branches and a resistant trunk</strong> inherited from AK 47, and its<strong> flowers are dense and hard with typical citric Critical flavors</strong>, making this strain the perfect fusion for both <strong>indoor and outdoor</strong> growers. It can grow to up to 1.2m, meaning that although its tall you can grow it under grow lights without any issues.</p> <h3>Amazing flavors and intense psychoactive effects</h3> <p>If you’re looking for an <strong>incensed strain, look no further because Positronics</strong> has the perfect autoflowering strain for you; <strong>Northern Haze Express</strong>. <strong>Your plants will be ready just 80 days after germinating the seeds</strong>, producing up to 120g per plant. You can grow this strain both <strong>indoors and outdoors</strong>, <strong>although it does better in outdoor areas</strong>. The <strong>branches it grows are short and close to the main trunk</strong>, which slowly separate as the flowers grow and add weight, allowing light to reach the branches fully, therefore creating more flowers and buds. Its<strong> high quantity of sticky resin</strong> and Haze flavors make this strain the <strong>perfect choice for those that love that old-church smell.</strong></p> <p>Find your <strong>favorite strain in Positronics autoflowering strain</strong> catalogue; we’re certain that you’ll get a hefty, abundant harvest. All of their seeds are here on our <strong>online catalogue with permanent discounts applied</strong>, meaning that you’ll get the <strong>best strains for the best price</strong>. To make your choice just read the <strong>description of each one that we personally wrote; you can find out how it grows, its taste and its effect</strong> in our extremely in-depth descriptions.</p>
  • Pure Seeds
    <h2>Pure Seeds Autoflowering Strains</h2> <p><strong>Pure Seeds</strong> is a seed bank founded <strong>in 2008</strong>, after a years of work and<strong> stabilization that took many years</strong>. In the end, all that hard work led to amazing results which can be now seen in their strains. Throughout the years, they've been able to collect quite a few incredible strains with<strong> outstanding value in terms of quality, indoor and outdoor yields, effects and marked flavors.</strong></p> <h3>Easy to grow, stable autoflowering seeds</h3> <p><strong>The autoflowering strains in the catalog are stable and easy to grow.</strong> Those who have just got started in the growing world will have the opportunity of experiencing with resistant genetics that <strong>adapt easily to their environment and tolerate quite well eventual failures or mistakes in the growing process</strong>. All this guarantees very decent crops in terms of quantity and quality. Most experienced growers will be able to enjoy the sight of plants that can yield up to <strong>100g of dried weight if grown in hydroponics.</strong> No matter the substrate, we'll have to keep a <strong>constant photoperiod of 18-20h indoors</strong> and plant these genetics in <strong>10-11l pots,</strong> feeding them with the best fertilizers in order to face the nutritional needs of our beloved plants.</p> <h3>Fast to flower</h3> <p><strong>Outdoors,</strong> we can also<strong> check the speed and productivity of these varieties</strong>. We can do several crops from the month of April and plant the last seeds in August in areas with longer summers. If we plant every month, we'll be able <strong>to get 4-5 fast crops in our balcony in the city or garden in the countryside.</strong> <strong>Pure Seeds genetics</strong> complete their cycle before pests of insects and fungi can affect their buds. <strong>Strains with different effects</strong> compose the catalogue of this bank and reflect the hard work done by the team. You'll be able to find medicinal, relaxing and awakening strains. Among them all,<strong> we recommend Custom X, Speed Haze and autoflowering THC.</strong></p> <h2>Pure Seeds: THC-Rich Autoflowering Strains</h2> <p><strong><a href="">Custom X</a> is an automatic strain obtained from a stable, fast, compact and super tasty cross: Rudelaris x Critical. It completes its cycle in 60-70 days from sprouting</strong>, it grows <strong>up to 1m high</strong> and its central cola <strong>concentrates almost all the production.</strong></p> <p><a href="">Speed Haze</a> is plant lovers of sativa effects will love. It's a feminized autoflowering cross of <strong>Rudelaris x Haze.</strong> Its <strong>powerful and clear effect</strong> awakens the mind, making you float for hours. <strong>Intense citrus and incensed taste</strong> both in terms of smoke and in the palate.</p> <p><a href="">THC</a> autoflowering is <strong>a true champion with regard to resin production</strong>, thanks to the cross of a special <strong>Afghan x Rudelaris.</strong> Compact size and internodes close to each other. With just <strong>40 to 80cm in height this plant produces 50-100g of dried product per plant.</strong></p> <p>Total cultivation time is <strong>75 days from germination.</strong></p>
  • Pyramid Seeds Auto
    <h2>Pyramid Seeds - Autoflowering Specialized Seed Bank</h2> <p><strong>Pyramis Seeds</strong> has become <strong>one of the big names in the growing Spanish world </strong>thanks to a hard work in doing great crossbreds that have developed <strong>a large catalogue of strains of different tastes, shapes and color s.</strong> Since their prices are quite affordable you will certainly find a strain that suits your needs. Year after year their genotypes have gained stability and have become very homogeneous. All strains in their large catalogue of autoflowering are<strong> easy to grow and of the highest quality,</strong> and are the result of years of selecting the strongest ones.</p> <p>Their <strong>powerful genetics</strong> are ideal to be grown both in 21 l and in 7 l pots. They <strong>adapt amazingly well to any environment and their roots are particularly vigorous.</strong> They have been created in the Iberian Peninsula and are adapted to its conditions, which increases its outdoors resistance. If you used to find problems of resistance to harshness, you won't have them with these seeds. <strong>They will grow as any other garden plant, yielding their exquisite fruit with no problem.</strong> The Catalan climate -where they come from- go through almost all seasonal conditions and the seeds endure it very well.</p> <h2>Main Pyramid Seeds Autoflowering Strains</h2> <p>Their first autoflowering appeared as the result of crossbreds between hybrid strains. It was from one of these crossbreds, in particular between the strong White Widow and the tasty Somango, that the Anubis first saw the light. The other strain par excellence of this bank is the famous <a href="">Tutankhamon</a>. The analysis of the last one revealed <strong>super high levels of THC</strong> and it's one of the autoflowering strains with the highest content in THC so far. A good smoker is always after a great content of THC in his daughter plants and he will also appreciate the<strong> great and sugary buds of this variety.</strong></p> <h3>Strains with high THC</h3> <p>They have kept progressing and today they have many other strains with <strong>improved quality and flavours</strong>. Along with the two previous strains we could highlight varieties such as the <a href="">Auto Purple</a>, <strong>Auto Alpujarreña, Auto Fresh Candy or Auto Lennon,</strong> used by the professionals and connoisseurs. This bank has consolidated its activity much quicker than any other one thanks to a great work and a very clever management and marketing in more than 6 languages. Many experienced growers will confirm you their <strong>results are as good as those of other banks with the double of years of experience.</strong></p> <p>Their <strong>best results in autoflowering are got when sowing in May and cutting in July or August,</strong> when it's really hot. We recommend to plant at the beginning of May (before June, anyway) but it is <strong>also possible to do several crops during the spring-summer cycle.</strong></p> <h3>Pyramid Seeds | Quality Autoflowering Strains</h3> <p>If you are looking for <strong>quality autoflowering plants and besides, you'll like to plant strains that are adapted to the Spanish outdoors climate,</strong> Pyramid Seeds has a large catalogue of strains for you. You'll find <strong>attractive discounts</strong> in all their formats, so all you have to do is reading their detailed descriptions and choose your favorite one .</p>
  • Royal Queen Seeds Auto
    <h2>Royal Queen Seeds Autoflowering Strains</h2> <p>The company <strong>Royal Queen Seeds</strong> is one of the <strong>biggest cannabis seed banks in Europe.</strong> Their breeders spent many years in Holland where they learnt<strong> everything about breeding their own seeds.</strong></p> <p>They bring us <strong>high quality autoflowering and feminized seeds</strong> so that you can grow them and get delicious buds in no time. They offer a whole range of flavors and different strains for all growers. Their quality/price ratio is admirable taking into account they have worked <strong>with some of the best Dutch growers.</strong> They don't have regular seeds, but their 100% feminized seeds can produce<strong> Coffee Shop quality buds</strong>. They have received <strong>many awards</strong> by both the public and  judges. Among their awards, they've won the<strong> Highlife Cup and the High Time's Cannabis Cup</strong>, which they got thanks to their classic Shining Silver Haze, Northern Lights, White Widow and Amnesia Haze along with renowned strains such as Critical, the super famous OG Kush and the mythic Skunk#1.</p> <h3>Entirely feminized quality seeds</h3> <p>Besides, they offer a great number of <strong>super quick autoflowering strains,</strong> very easy to grow and top-notch quality. Some of them can be <strong>harvested only 8 weeks after sprouting.</strong> By growing these autoflowering strains you'll be able to harvest it much sooner and <strong>avoid running out of your precious natural medicine.</strong></p> <p>Autoflowering sativas tend to take around two weeks longer to fully mature. Thanks to these plants you'll be able to enjoy weed that will make your days much more fun and entertaining, with a <strong>more energetic effect than other strains.</strong></p> <p><strong>This bank grows all their strains with organic products,</strong> with no chemical supplies. This is a way of ensuring a sowing and a harvest of quality and a way to respect the original and true flavor of the different strains. By doing this, it is <strong>much simpler to do natural selections.</strong></p> <h2>The Best Royal Queen Seeds autoflowering strains</h2> <p>Here you can find <strong>autoflowering strains such as the super easy to grow Easy Bud. Royal Critical Auto is one of their most popular strains and it's now available in autoflowering version.</strong> The incredibly well-known<strong> Northern Light Auto, which provides very good yields and buds as hard as stones.</strong></p> <h3>THC-rich strains</h3> <p>We cannot forget to mention their <strong>incensed sativa, Royal Haze Auto</strong>, which will fill your room with its <strong>incensed scent and will get you high thanks to its large THC content. Its psychedelic effect is fun </strong>and something to consider for having a good time. It is also highly productive thanks to<strong> its Haze sativa-dominance.</strong></p> <h2>Grow Royal Queen Seeds autoflowering strains</h2> <p>The bank also has<strong> a Mixed format (their own collection),</strong> so that you can enjoy their best strains. Their <strong>best strains gathered together in one pack so that you can try them all.</strong> The growers concerned about their health will appreciate that all Royal Queen Seeds are <strong>100% organic and contain no chemical or pesticide residue</strong> and that their g<strong>enetics are widely recognized</strong> as being some of the best ones.</p> <p>This bank has a selection of more than <strong>21 autoflowering strains</strong> which makes it one of the seed banks with <strong>the largest amount of autoflowering strains.</strong> Their seeds are always available and they do their best to satisfy their clients and keep the <strong>best quality</strong>.</p> <h3>Large seed catalogue - indicas and sativas</h3> <p>In our catalog you can find a <strong>full description and our review so that you can know everything about them before making an informed choice.</strong> Besides, you'll be able to purchase them at an <strong>unbeatable price since we enjoy permanent discounts</strong> in all seeds formats of Royal Queen Seeds.</p>
  • Samsara Seeds Auto
    <h2>Autoflowering Cannabis seeds by Samsara Seeds</h2> <p><strong>Samsara Seeds</strong> was born with the aim of <strong>offering growers a brand new point of view on cannabis</strong>. They see their work as a new philosophy or a way of life. Many growers already shared this idea and it was something needed in the cannabis world.</p> <h3>Samsara Seeds' work philosophy and ethic</h3> <p>Though the bank is Spanish, <strong>its name comes from a philosophical concept from India. Samsara means the everlasting cycle of birth, life, death and reincarnation.</strong> We start sprouting a seed, with time it develops into a seedling, which after a while grows into an adult plant that yields its fruit. <strong>Samsara is then an analogy for the everlasting life cycle which we wish not to interrupt.</strong></p> <p>Their autoflowering strains are wonderful, and most of their strains can be collected after <strong>some 9 weeks since sprouting</strong>. Their tastes will let you mouth-watering for a long time, too.</p> <h2>El Alquimista Auto, amazing results</h2> <p>One of their most sought-after varieties and most appreciated one is <a href="">El Alquimista Auto</a>. It is a crossbred of a selection kept for years as a Northern Light, of predominantly indica genetics (<strong>With an Afghan ancestry, it was resinous and with hard buds,</strong> making it a real autoflowering delicacy). If this wasn't enough, it was <strong>crossbred with an AK-47</strong> and a elite specimen of White Dwarf. This resulted in a plant that <strong>starts to flower after 21 days,</strong> automatically. In less than 40 days after the appearance of the first signs of blooming, the crop will be ready for cutting. This makes it <strong>one of the quickest autoflowering strains so far.</strong></p> <h3><strong>Samsara Seeds medicinal properties</strong></h3> <p>With very intense and sweet flavours and a muddy aftertaste at the palate, <strong>it will remind you of the weed you could smoke 10 years ago.</strong> Indeed, those mythic varieties are now available in auto format. They are accessible for every grower, no matter how big is the space you have. Both <strong>the contents of THC and CBD are quite high</strong> for an auto strain and its incensed aroma will make your mouth water.</p> <p>This autoflowering strain and many others by this bank can be purchased in our website. You can enjoy the best quality at affordable prices thanks to our <strong>permanent discounts all year round</strong> in any of the formats of autoflowering seeds of Samsara Seeds. You'll get the best quality with <strong>the best assessment thanks to our professionals.</strong></p>
  • Seedmakers Auto
    <h2>Autoflowering Seeds by Seedmakers</h2> <p>Seedmakers is a legendary <strong>bank in the world of cannabis</strong> and has established itself as <strong>one of the 5 banks with the best quality/price ratio.</strong> Their catalog includes a great variety of <strong>fantastic strains,</strong> which have been chosen and worked on over the last 20 years in both Europe and America. Thanks to them you'll be able to enjoy their feminized seasonal seeds or their <strong>wonderful autoflowering strains</strong> at very affordable prices.<strong> Their autoflowering strains are a real delicacy; their sticky buds, fulls of trichomes,</strong> will release their incredible aroma wherever you go - not the most discreet...</p> <h2>Seedmakers Best Strains</h2> <p>Their selection includes <strong>amazing strains such as Low Dwarf, Auto Critical, Auto Blue</strong>... They are <strong>all automatic strains that will be ready for harvest just 9 weeks after germination.</strong> They are vigorous and produce <strong>large buds and intoxicating scents.</strong></p> <p>They also have larger strains such as <a href="">Auto Max</a> that <strong>can reach almost 1m.</strong> It has a huge central stem and will take the same time as the other to be ripe.</p> <h3>Our favorite strains for small areas</h3> <p>When it comes to growers' favorite strains, due to its old-school genes, we should mention Auto Blue. Since it comes from a Blueberry crossed with a Rudelaris it doesn't grow too big. However,<strong> its dense and resinous buds with fruity scents will remind you of wildberries.</strong> It will fill your mouth with a sugary taste while leaving an aftertaste of blueberry. It will be ready for harvest just<strong> 55 days after germination.</strong> Undoubtedly, a great choice along with the also very demanded Low Dwarf.</p> <p>Low Dwarf is also very sought-after by experienced smokers. Its genes, a combination of <strong>2 Rudelaris Connoisseur,</strong> makes for a plant that can easily grow up to 0.8m tall. You'll appreciate its robust structure and many lateral branches, with interesting yields of <strong>50g per plant</strong> under the right growing conditions. Indoors, you'll see by yourself that they can grow beyond 1m tall and yield more than 60g per plant. It is therefore an i<strong>deal strain fplant 9 plants per m2.</strong> It will yield wonderful and shiny buds that will be ready for harvest only<strong> 65 days after sprouting.</strong></p> <h3>Classic, conserved autoflowering strains</h3> <p><strong>Another great selection feat is<a href=""> </a></strong><a href="">Auto Critical</a>. <strong>A crossbred of Bid Bud with Skunk</strong> so that it acquires more stability and vigor. <strong>Recognized as one of the best strains in the bank</strong> thanks to its great characteristics all grower will appreciate. Besides, it has a <strong>sugary taste,</strong> very "critical", inherited from its parental side.</p> <p><strong>All the strains of this bank are available in our website at a very affordable price so that all growers</strong> can enjoy them. <strong>Take advantage of the permanent discounts</strong> we have on the seeds of Seedmakers.</p>
  • Seedsman Auto
    <h2>Seedsman Autoflowering Seeds</h2> <p><strong>Seedsman</strong> began their journey in the UK back in 2003. They started by selling other banks’ seeds. In 2007, after having grown cannabis for years, they began breeding and selling their own seeds. They started off selling feminized, seasonal seeds and then a few years later, in 2011, they began <strong>adding autoflowering strains</strong> to their catalogue.</p> <h3>One of the first every autoflowering strains: Lowryder</h3> <p>The results were amazing. They decided to use an<strong> incredibly potent Lowryder to create most of their autoflowering strains</strong>. They’ve won over thousands of growers and smokers all over the world due to the quality and affordable prices of their absolute gourmet cannabis seeds. Seedsman is definitely a safe bet.</p> <h2>Our Favorite Seedsman Strains</h2> <p> is proud to say that we now stock <strong>Seedsman’s <a href="">Lowryder 2 Auto</a></strong>. This autoflowering strain should be ready to harvest in <strong>under three months</strong>. This is probably one of the fastest, most discreet and most compact strains on the market right now, so it’s perfect for growing in small areas or cramped areas such as small balconies.</p> <p>They also have the <strong>amazing Chronic Ryder Auto</strong>, which was created from a Lowryder 2 Auto and Chronic. Our favorite thing about this strain is its enormous yield compared to how long it takes to grow. Indoors, with a small grow tent we managed to harvest around <strong>450g per square meter</strong>, and it took just <strong>6 weeks</strong> to fully finish flowering; incredible. Its effect is incredibly potent, producing quite a mental and physical impact that’ll have you couchlocked in no time.</p> <h3>Seedsman - High quality seeds</h3> <p>We had great fun growing Seedsman strains, and we’ve reached the conclusion that their seeds are <strong>top quality and worthy of professionals</strong> and beginners alike; an up and coming seed bank.</p>
  • Seeds of Life Auto
    <h2>Seeds of Life - Seed Bank Specialized in Autoflowering Strains</h2> <p><strong>Seeds of Life is an innovative seed bank specialized in large autoflowering plants</strong> which will take a bit longer than usual to develop, but will produce double the amount. Here, you'll <strong>find stable and balanced strains</strong>. <strong>Their breeders and genetic specialists are always working to keep their work up to date with the latest innovations regarding autoflowering plants</strong>.</p> <h2>The Best Autoflowering Strains</h2> <h3>Auto plants ready in 60 days</h3> <p><strong>Kabala</strong> is a version of the classic Ak-47 to which a Rudelaris gene was added so that it could finish flowering in<strong> record times.</strong> It's <strong>a very resistant plant</strong> and it's <strong>also super easy to grow.</strong> It was created in 2010 and has been one of the most powerful strains in their catalog for more than 6 years. It's incredibly fast and will be ready in <strong>just 60 total days</strong>, allowing you to harvest up to 90g per plant outdoors. This plant is <strong>not recommended for indoor growing </strong>since it grows <strong>wide but also quite tall,</strong> so they can end up intertwining.</p> <p><strong>Sol Haze</strong> is a new strain bred by this fantastic Spanish bank. <strong>A Haze strain in autoflowering format so that you can enjoy its clear and recreational effects much sooner</strong>. Thanks to this version, you can enjoy<strong> classic incensed flavors in just 60 days indoors,</strong> <strong>and about 10 days more outdoors.</strong> Sol Haze comes from a cross between a Kabala and a wondrous Haze from Cordoba. <strong>It grows long and with large branches which support the weight of flowers, brimming with resin, effortlessly.</strong> Its <strong>70% sativa genes</strong> make for an energetic effect and airy, spongy, yet dense buds.</p> <p><strong>Hindiana is a Hindu Kush plant which has been converted into an autoflowering one</strong> while respecting all the properties of the original plant such as its tight buds and an indescribable sweet and muddy aroma. When you smoke this strain you'll feel an intense<strong> sedative effect,</strong> sometimes used to <strong>treat insomnia and lack of appetite.</strong> It'll be ready just 55 days after germination. <strong>A very stable plant with the <a href="">hardest buds</a> you've ever seen.</strong> The resin layer of this plant reveals its indica origins and you'll be able to feel them when you try it since it's similar to Moroccan hashish, somehow similar to charas o hardala, with a bittersweet aftertaste.</p> <h3>Quality, XL Auto Strains</h3> <p><strong>There are more and more banks offering quality seeds such as Seeds of Life but not all of them can offer XL strains.</strong> This is exactly what makes this bank special and different, with seeds capable of yielding large crops whenever you plant them. If you're looking for good results, both indoors and outdoors, don't hesitate; <strong>purchase some of these wonderful seeds at a great price.</strong></p>
  • Serious Seeds Auto
    <h2>Dutch Autoflowering Strains by Serious Seeds</h2> <p><strong>Seeds by Serious Seeds are guaranteed to be a success</strong>. You can find the <strong>most potent autoflowering seeds</strong> in this Dutch seed bank, one of the most famous seed banks. Serious Seeds has just launched their very own autoflowering line with which <strong>you’ll be able to obtain fast harvests both indoors and outdoors.</strong></p> <p><strong>Right now, this bank only has one autoflowering strain; <a href="">White Russian Auto</a></strong>. This strain has a <strong>100% indica ancestry, and it will reward growers with hefty, potent and resinous plants</strong> just <strong>80 days after germinating</strong> your seeds. <strong>Until now, if you wanted potent strains then you’d have to wait</strong> to plant seasonally outdoors or set up an indoor grow due to the fact that there was <strong>no available option to get a real White Russian to flower so fast.</strong></p> <h2>The best Dutch autoflowering seed by Serious Seeds</h2> <p>This strain grows out <strong>tall with long branches that open up as they gain weight during the flowering period. The density and high quantity of resin</strong> in this strain makes its buds (which are slightly more open than those of the seasonal version) acquire a <strong>hefty weight for their size</strong>. This means that when you go to roll a joint with a small bud<strong>, it will open up so much that it’ll seem like you were using a rather large one.</strong></p> <h3>Grown both indoors and outdoors</h3> <p><strong>You can grow this strain both indoors and out, although it’s perfect for outdoor growers</strong>, who won’t have to wait as much to get a top quality harvest. Furthermore, <strong>if grown in the sun the cannabinoids in this strain will be activated by the potent UV rays</strong>, making for an even higher quality if possible.</p> <p>Just like all autoflowering strains, <strong>what this strain loves the most is being under the heat of the sun</strong>, which is where it will do the best it can. <strong>If you live in a cold area then you should either wait until it heats up or grow this strain indoors</strong> under grow lights.</p> <h3>White Russian Auto Strain Properties</h3> <p><strong>You can get up to 90g per plant</strong>, rewarding growers <strong>with citric and sweet flavors</strong> that will fill your mouth up, a real treat for the palate. <strong>This strain is one of the highest quality autoflowering plants on the market</strong> in as far as potency. Now, you can buy it here in our catalogue at an unbeatable price due to <strong>the discounts we have applied to all Serious Seeds packs</strong> on our website.</p>
  • Super Strains Auto
    <p><strong>Super Strains</strong> is a seed bank specialized in feminized strains that now <strong>also have an autoflowering range</strong> with incredible strains in as far as yield and basic characteristics.</p> <p>Super Strains is known as one of the most experienced seed banks in Europe, and they’ve created certain seeds that have gone down in history in the world of cannabis such as <strong>Amnesia</strong> or the lethal <strong>Enemy of the State</strong>.</p> <p><strong>Automatic Fini</strong> is an autoflowering version of the incredible AK-47, an absolutely legendary strain with an effect and flavor you’ve never experienced. So much work was put into this auto version in order to get it as similar to the original as possible in as far as flavor. This strain offers flavors that those that love strong old school tastes will appreciate. The effect can vary depending on the mental state of the consumer, as it’s both mentally stimulating and physically relaxing, offering a complex but balanced effect.</p> <p><strong>DFA Autoflowering</strong> is a balanced hybrid that is extremely simple to grow, as it takes just 60 days to fully develop regardless of climatic conditions. It combines sweet and earthy flavors, similar to classic Skunk strains, offering an extremely penetrating aroma. It has quite an open structure that favors light absorption on the lower parts of the plants, making sure that it produces as much as possible.</p> <p><strong>Turing Autoflowering</strong> is a strain that will flabbergast you with its extreme potency; it offers a unique effect, beginning with a heightened sense of euphoria and ending with a heavy relaxing sensation. When grown indoors, this plant can surpass your expectancies, growing over 1.5m in some cases.</p> <p>All autoflowering plants created by Super Strains have been <strong>rigorously worked on before being placed on the market</strong>. They come from many generations of crossing and stabilizing seeds. These strains are a whole world apart from the autoflowering strains you know and love, as the yield given from these plants is absolutely astonishing, and their THC level is similar to that of seasonal strains.</p>
  • T.H.Seeds Auto
    <h2>Autoflowering Dutch Seeds by T.H. Seeds</h2> <p><strong>T.H. Seeds is a Dutch seeds bank</strong> with their HQ in Amsterdam. This bank has been in the seeds market for many years and they know perfectly what they are doing when it comes to <strong>obtain stable genetics,</strong> as the <strong>numerous awards</strong> they've gotten over the years confirm. Founded in 1993, T.H. Seeds have been responsible for <strong>some of the greatest and most famous strains</strong> in the cannabis world (though you might ignore they came from this bank).</p> <h3>Presenting you with a piece of Amsterdam's History</h3> <p>Since the arrival of autoflowering genetics, T.H. Seeds also started to develop and create <strong>their own photoperiod independent strains</strong>, given the demand for them is growing by the day. Their <strong>catalogue of automatic strains is quite small</strong> but they are all of the highest quality, and it is actually quite superior to the quality of many prestigious banks. A good reception by the public has lead T.H. Seeds team to keep on researching these strains and they have stated <strong>they will keep on launching new varieties</strong> to the market.</p> <h2>Important T.H. Seeds Autoflowering Strains</h2> <p>You'll find genetics such as the <a href="">MK-Ultra Kush Auto</a>, which has carved out a place for itself among the most powerful strains in the market. A <strong>unique variety in terms of aroma and resin production</strong>, it is a precious plant. Easy to grow both indoors and outdoors, its main strength is not a great productivity but the amazing and aromatic resin it yields. Thus, it is <strong>perfect for BHO and hash extractions</strong> and will let you try a unique taste. A crossbred of <strong>a very powerful OG Kush with a superb G13</strong>, this strain has given rise to much debate since its first appearance, at the end of the 90's.</p> <h3>We love Bubblegum Auto's deliciously sweet flavor</h3> <p>The maximum success of the bank in terms of taste is <strong>Bubblegum Auto</strong>, and its name itself makes you feel like trying it! This <strong>strain really smells and tastes like chewing gum,</strong> which is something very attractive for those seeking a commercial strain. It is very easy to grow and <strong>we recommend it to any user who loves sweet varieties</strong> with an important indica component. It requires quite a lot of nutrients so we have to be ready to cover these demands so that<strong> its buds develop as sweet and aromatic</strong> as they should. Bubblegum Auto is very quick and will give you amazing results in 65 days after sprouting. </p> <p>The last strain we describe in this section is the <a href="">Critical HOG Auto</a>, a strain that has acquired a lot of fame in the West Coast. It keeps the body of an HOG while its tails reveal a very appealing after taste, both sweet and citric. <strong>It is also the easiest to grow strain of the T.H. Seeds Catalogue.</strong> <strong>Critical HOG contains a main part of Indica,</strong> with thin branches and tight internode spacing, the whole resulting in quite short and discreet plants. With regard to aroma and flavour, it is sweet as candy, with an aftertaste of ripe fruits and mango. Its <strong>very powerful and sedative effect</strong>, very Indica, will leave your mind out of service for several hours.</p> <h2>T.H. Seeds Catalogue</h2> <p>These and other strains can be found in the catalogue of this wonderful Dutch Bank which <strong>guarantees excellent results with any of their genetic makeups</strong>. Their breeder have been doing <strong>research for many years and offer undeniable quality seeds with extremely competitive prices.</strong> Try them and check by yourself their autoflowering strains haven't lost an ounce of their unique personality.</p> <p></p>
  • Venus Genetics Auto
    <h2>Autoflowering Venus Genetics Cannabis Seeds</h2> <p><strong>Venus Genetics </strong>seed bank<strong> started to sell their seeds in 2011</strong>. After <strong>10 years of selection</strong> they managed to offer their creations to their clients at an incredible quality. This Spanish bank now has followers in <strong>every corner of the world</strong> and have established themselves as one of the best international cannabis seed banks.</p> <h3>High-THC Venus Genetics Strains</h3> <p>Now you can enjoy selection of their most <strong>delicious and powerful strains</strong>. They have autoflowering strains which are <strong>exact replicas of their seasonal ones in terms of smell, taste and strength. Their automatic strains include Kritikal Max Auto, Red Skunk Auto, Afgan Ryder Auto or Northern Light Auto.</strong></p> <h2>Venus Genetics Best Auto Strains</h2> <p><a href="">Red Skunk Auto</a> is a marijuana strain that goes reddish shades during the last 4 weeks of the blooming stage. It will dye itself a bit darker everyday! It <strong>won't take more than 65 days from sprouting</strong> until completing a full cycle. Indoors, it is super fast. It has a fruity taste with a muddy aftertaste. Its <strong>dense smoke</strong> will make your mouth water. It won't grow beyond m but will display an <strong>enormous central stick.</strong></p> <p>One of the most productive strains is Afgan Ryder Auto. It's a pure Afghan refined for years and crossbred with a selected Rudelaris of<strong> high resistance and vitality</strong>. Its Afghan side contributes with its best qualities and dense and hard as stone buds, along with a thick resinous covering. The Rudelaris adds its blooming speed which makes the Afgan Ryder Auto be ready for cutting<strong> in only 55 days since the start of the blooming.</strong> Some plants will need an extra week which will make the taste slightly earthier. This strain won't grow over 0.8m, ideal for growing indoors 16 plants per m2.</p> <h3>Resinous strains for BHO extracts</h3> <p>One of the<strong> classic strains and preferred by regular smokers is the famous Northern Light,</strong> in its auto version. It produces resinous buds and has a sweet taste like its parental side along with a strong and robust structure that will enable to stand the weight of the heavy bud tails at the end of the harvest. It acquired its automatic qualities thanks to a crossbred with a <strong>Rudelaris</strong> (an elite selection of the bank) and it's now independent from the photoperiod and displays a quick blooming. The plant will reach 1m easily and has a proper ramification from the lower part, along with <strong>an unparalleled central point. Very resistant to fungus, pests and diseases, its selective genetics makes it an all-terrain plant.</strong> Minimum cares and a weekly irrigation without excessive fertilization will result in <strong>very good yields in less than 2 months</strong> after sprouting. If you take care of this strain properly, you'll see by yourself it acquires a<strong> macerated taste like honey</strong> and becomes a true delicacy for all palates.</p> <p><strong><a href="">AkTombe Auto</a> </strong>is one of the favorite strains of<strong> Venus Genetics breeders. </strong>It has the sweet taste of a<strong> true Ak47 </strong>and<strong> yields fast </strong>enough to meet the expectations of the most demanding and impatient growers. This strain can be harvested in only 8 weeks after sprouting. Outdoors, it will have to stay for 1 week and a half longer so that it can reach its ripeness point. It is usually <strong>around 0.9m tall</strong>. Its average production is about 60g per plant. An ideal strain for those looking for a quick cultivation of top quality marijuana, both indoors and outdoors.+</p> <h2>Discover Venus Genetics Strain Catalogue</h2> <p>You can purchase any of the Venus Genetics' strains from our website, with permanent discounts all year round. Take advantage of the assessment and advise of our team and read carefully the reviews we've written for you. Choose your favorite strain and grow at any time of the year, both indoors and outdoors.</p>
  • White Label Auto
    <h2>White Label Seed Company Autoflowering Seeds</h2> <p><strong>White Label is a seeds bank that belongs to Sensi Seeds.</strong> It brings us now their best strains in autoflowering version. It is possible now to get quick productions of our favorite marijuana with their great selection of feminized autoflowering strains.</p> <h3>Autoflowering White Label Strains Ready in 60 Days</h3> <p>You'll find some of the classic strains, now ready for harvest in just <strong>2 months.</strong> They count with strains such as Northern Light and Super Skunk that used to take several months outdoors available in a record time. These strains perform a whole cycle in basically what a seasonal plant would take just to start blooming. By flowering so early automatic varieties save you time and allow you to get <strong>up to 3 crops in a single cycle</strong> (instead of 1). This can be pushed <strong>indoors, where it is possible to get up to 6 crops.</strong></p> <h3>White Label Seed Company, quality seeds for Sensi Seeds</h3> <p>White Labels gives us all the guarantees of an established seeds bank with very affordable prices for all budgets. Its high quality comes from the selection of Sensi Seeds strains. It is undoubtedly one of the banks with the best quality price ratios.</p> <h2>White Label Seed Company Best Autoflowering Seeds</h2> <p><a href="">Snow Ryder Auto</a> is an automatic strain, <strong>quick to harvest.</strong> Indeed, you'll be able to smoke it in less than 8 weeks after sprouting. It has <strong>an abundant veil of resin crystals covering it</strong>. It is not particularly small but won't reach an excessive height neither. Indeed, you can expect plants to be<strong> between 80 cm and 1.20 m high,</strong> which makes them ideal for being grown both .indoors and outdoors It will reach its peak during the most favourable 4 months for its cultivation: <strong>May, June, July and August where you'll get the highest and most productive plants.</strong> Along with its citric aroma and a muddy aftertaste, inherited from its Rudelaris ancestry, it has a very relaxing and soft effect.</p> <p><strong>White Haze Auto</strong> is a very tasty and sugary strain. <strong>Its Haze aroma will fill your mouth with a dense and very pleasant smoke</strong>. It is one of the best autoflowering strains available in the bank since it is a direct descendant of the <strong>award winning White Haze which won the Cannabis Cup</strong> and has great vigor and strength. Its blooming stage starts from the 6th to the 9th node in the branches <strong>around 45 days after sprouting. After 35 more days it will be ready for harvest,</strong> since it completes its blooming in a record time.</p> <h3>White Label XXL Strains</h3> <p><a href="">Super Skunk Autoflowering</a> will flood the palate with i<strong>ts original taste, the same it had 26 years ago</strong> when it was first introduced to cannabis users. It will yield a very decent production, <strong>almost as big as an XXL automatic</strong> since <strong>it holds to the ground very firmly</strong>. From the 3rd week it has a growing spurt to reach almost 1.5 m at the end of the blooming. It produces abundant resin even at the largest leaves and sticky buds hard as stone. It has a very enjoyable and light effect, stimulant and soft for the body at the same time, which make your day fly by with a clear head.</p> <h2>White Label Seed Bank</h2> <p>In this bank you can find f<strong>eminized autoflowering seeds</strong> for all publics with different flavours, effects and sizes. Choose the one you prefer and enjoy them. You can purchase these delicacies at the best price since we enjoy discounts in all seeds banks.</p>
  • World of Seeds Auto
    <h2>World of Seeds Autoflowering Strains</h2> <p><strong>World of Seeds is a seed bank that travels all over the world in search for the best indigenous seeds. </strong>Very special strains from every corner of the planet are now available for us to enjoy at home. You'll find seeds of all kinds: from Sativa or Indica types, to all kinds of hybrids. <strong>Strong and sweet flavors and anything exotic in between</strong>. This seed bank offers a selection of the most sought-after genetics, able to satisfy the curiosity and palate of the most demanding smokers.</p> <h3>3 month autoflowering seeds</h3> <p>Now, they also have autoflowering strains so that you don't have to wait for a whole season in order to enjoy your favorite flowers.<strong> After 2-3 months</strong> at any time of the year you'll be able to get yields unheard in automatic strains. You'll also have the opportunity of growing autoflowering seeds all year round thanks to their high resistance. This bank has several seed banks such as <strong>Regular Collection, Autoflowering Collection, Pure Origin Collection, Legend Collection, Medical Collection, Special Collection.</strong></p> <h2>World of Seeds Main Autoflowering Cannabis Strain</h2> <p>In their Autoflowering Collection you'll find a type of seeds that have been crossed with Rudelaris. This has resulted in them flowering automatically after three weeks, maturing fully in just 8 weeks. Some of the strains in their catalog are: <strong>Wild Thailan Ryder, Northern Light X Big Bud Auto, Afgan Kush Ryder or Neville Haze Auto. They all provide amazing results.</strong></p> <p><a href="">Pakistan Ryder</a> is <strong>one of the most coveted autoflowering strains</strong> by consumers and fans of the bank due to its enormous flowers. It gives large yields, since it is a plant of Indica ancestry crossbred with a Rudelaris. It has musk notes characteristic of a Hindu Kush along with certain wooden aromas. Its buds are shiny and full of resin. It gives large yields considering its size. Indoors, they <strong>won't grow beyond 90cm</strong>.</p> <p><a href="">Sugar Mango Ryder</a> is a crossbred of a <strong>Brasil Amazonia</strong> - from the Brazilian jungle - with a plant of Rudelaris genetics. It has the characteristics and the very pleasant sugary aroma of an Indica. The genetics of the Rudelaris contributes to the <strong>autoflowering feature and a short height</strong> of less than 1m. The Indica contribution results in a large number of flowers in the branches despite its short size.</p> <h3>Potent medicinal effects</h3> <p>The bank also has the very well known Northern Light X Big Bud Auto. Thanks to its amazing versatility it can be grown both outdoors and indoors. It reaches 1.7m of maximum height depending on the size of the pot: <strong>the biggest the pot, the tallest the plant.</strong> It yields big and dense buds covered with resin. Their very strong scent with citric touches that remind of a pineapple are very remarkable. <strong>At the end of the blooming stage it adopts a very flashy color and it is the strain with the highest medicinal value in the bank.</strong></p> <h3>World of Seeds Strain Catalogue</h3> <p>In our website you can find all varieties of World of Seeds in any of their formats. <strong>Purchase your autoflowering seeds from World of Seeds at and enjoy unbeatable prices.</strong> As always, you can count on our advise and assessment to guide you through your choosing process.</p>
  • Sensi Seeds Auto
    <h2>Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds by Sensi Seeds</h2> <p><strong>The prestigious Dutch seeds Sensi Seeds launches its collection of autoflowering strains.</strong> These seeds will change your mind about autoflowering plants if you're still a skeptic. <strong>All these strains are very easy to grow,</strong> feed well and don't require much fertilization. What they need most is a warm climate or indoors growing, water (without excesses) and a balanced nutritional program.</p> <h2>Sensi Seeds' Best Autoflowering Strains</h2> <p>You'll find <strong>Sensi Skunk Auto,</strong> a strain which will that can give enormous; it won't start to bloom until the 4th or 5th week. You'll get <strong>vigorous plants with strong trunks</strong>, from which you can collect <strong>up to 100 g/plant; i</strong><strong>n 80 days from sprouting i</strong>t will be ready for harvest. Its flavors <strong>are sweet and has a relaxing effect(80% Indica).</strong></p> <h3>Exclusive Sensi Seeds Strains</h3> <p><a href="">Skunk#1</a> <strong>is of the most sown varieties of Sensi Seeds. Now, you have the autoflowering version with a very similar taste and effect but in just 75 days</strong> after sprouting. This strain, famous since the 80's for its <strong>easiness to grow and quality, is still one of the most abundant in growers' gardens. You'll get productive and heavy plants</strong> which will produce weed of a very <strong>fine quality and a strong effect. Its hybridization -35% Sativa, 65% Indica</strong>- makes them induce both a brainy and corporal high, and a <strong>very dense and penetrating smoke.</strong> It is <strong>ideal for beginner growers</strong>, since no special knowledge is required to get a nice crop from these plants.</p> <p><strong>Super Skunk is an improved selection of the true Skunk#1.</strong> When crossbreeding it with many other strains they couldn't achieve what they expected, until they tried to cross it with an Afghan strain. Then, the result was the amazing Super Skunk. It produces plants with a<strong> fruity and sweet taste, many buds and few leaves, and which yield a lot and of the highest quality weed. Its 80% indica results in a very pleasant relaxing effect. You could get up to 80g from a single plant in some 70-80 days after sprouting.</strong></p> <p><a href="">Northern Lights</a> <strong>is another of their most grown strains. It used to be available only in regular format but now you can enjoy its automatic version, too. It is also present in an infinity of crossbreds of Sensi Seeds and other banks. You can enjoy now its appearance and vigors in plants that will be ready in just 11 weeks</strong> after sprouting, and which produce a lot both indoors and outdoors. As we are used to, these plants develop long branches full with buds, which increases the weight per plant considerably. Its <strong>relaxing effect is a direct consequence of its 80% Indica genetics while its muddy taste and dense smoke has become its hallmark.</strong></p> <h3>Strains perfected for the best results</h3> <p>I<strong>f you're looking for vigorous and resistant plants in autoflowering version, Sensi Seeds have a strain for you. Get your Sensi Seeds Auto at the best price, enjoying the offers on our website.</strong> In order <strong>to facilitate your choice, we have written the reviews of each strain ourselves,</strong> based on our personal experiences, so that you are aware of everything you need to know about their cultivation, effect, taste, etc.</p>
  • Dinafem Auto
    <h2>Dinafem Seeds - Large Autoflowering Catalogue</h2> <p><b>Dinafem</b> <b>Seed</b> <b>Bank</b> offers very specific strains that are extremely stable and balanced. Dinafem offers all kinds of strains for all kinds of growers; they have sweet, potent and high yielding strains, so that you can find the one that fits your needs perfectly.</p> <p>Ever since <b>autoflowering</b> strains have been around, Dinafem has been backing them wholeheartedly with their fast-flowering strains; they’re made by crossing normal, seasonal strains with ruderalis plants from the north of Europe and Rusia, where these plants grow in such extreme conditions that they flower according to age or size, rather than the sun. When crossed with seasonal plants, the resulting hybrid has practically the same ruderalis characteristics, fully maturing just 60-90 days after germination.</p> <h3>Dinafem autoflowering seeds properties</h3> <p>Dinafem’s autoflowering catalogue began with <b>RoadRunner</b>, a plant that’s quite surprising in as far as how fast it is and the quality of weed it produces. It doesn’t grow too big, and the yield isn’t ridiculously heavy, but it does take just 60 days to mature after germination. If you give it the right care and perfect climate, you can get quite a large yield per square meter.</p> <h2>The Best Dinafem Seeds Autoflowering Strains</h2> <p><b>Critical</b>+ is a plant that grows a large central stem alongside branches that point upwards in search of light. With 9-16 plants per grow light indoors you can get large yields, depending on how experienced you are; this plant likes being taken care of, and it’s easy to overwater during its first few weeks, which can cause quite a significant stunt in growth. It’s perfect for old school smokers that want to get decent yields all year round.</p> <h3>Dinafem strains ready in 60 days</h3> <p>If you’re looking for large yields in just 60 days, one of the best strains that you can pick is <a href=""><b>White</b> <b>Widow</b></a>, a plant that grows almost as wide as it does tall. This plant produces quite a lot of side branches from which you can get amazing yields if you use a flowering stimulant. Its buds are resinous, dense and quite hefty; perfect for people that enjoy harvesting all year long.</p> <p>If your preferred flavors are that of sweet, incensed <b>Haze</b>, you’re in luck; Dinafem has an autoflowering version that takes just 65-70 total days to finish up. These plants are practically entirely central stem when it comes to yield – and they’re perfect for growing hidden among other outdoor plants as it grows short and doesn’t really look like cannabis from a distance. If you’re growing indoors, 9-16 plants per square meter and a 600w light is the best way to grow – and you can even do a kind of SoG system adapted to autoflowering plants.</p> <h3>Dinafem's XXL Autoflowering Strains</h3> <p>Dinafem also has <b>XXL</b> strains, that take 90 days instead of 60, making for much higher yields. They’re perfect for outdoor growing, where they can grow as big as they need. Indoors, you might have issues with size, as you can’t set these plants to flower whenever you want and they’re going to grow as big as they’ll grow either way.</p> <p>They have a <b>White</b> <b>Widow</b> <b>XXL</b> format that really looks like a seasonal plant, and if you grow it outdoors straight in the ground you’ll be astonished by the results. Its long branches fill up with buds from top to bottom, making for quite a hefty final yield. You’ll want to train its branches halfway through the flowering period so that the buds can fatten properly.</p> <p>You’ve probably already heard of <a href=""><b>Moby</b> <b>Dick</b></a>, as it’s one of Dinafem’s most famous strains. They have it in a normal autoflowering format, and an <b>XXL</b> one which takes about a month longer – that time is used to flower even bigger and heftier buds, increasing both yield and quality.</p> <h2>Discover Dinafem Seeds's Enormous Strain Catalogue</h2> <p>So, if you’re looking for a large, productive autofloweing plant, Dinafem definitely has the one for you as they have <b>over</b> <b>25</b> <b>strains</b> to choose from; you can look for a specific flavor, size or effect, as each seed has its own description and review written by <b>professionals</b> here at Growbarato, in order to make the choice that much easier for you. All seeds have <b>permanent</b> <b>discounts</b> when bought through our page.</p>
Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds on Offer

Find the autoflowering marijuana seeds you were looking for in the GrowBarato catalogue. A wide selection of the best seed banks in the cannabis world with great discounts on all strains. Purchase the genetics you were looking for, for much cheaper than you had imagined and regardless of the bank.

Many growers refuse to grow autoflowering marijuana because they claim resulting plants are unproductive and that they all taste the same. In we've been growing Autoflowering strains virtually since they first appeared, and we have seen their evolution, crop after crop. It might be true that in the past they were of a poor quality and plants could stay tiny, but it was also true we didn't have experience on how to grow them. But all this has changed. Whatever strain you decide to plant, as long as you take proper care of them, you will get a fine quality and decent sized plant. On the other hand, if you don't make sure the right parameters are kept, administering a poor watering plan (for example, by flooding the pot at the beginning) or plant it straight away in a huge pot, you will certainly get smaller and bad quality plants. But the seeds are not the ones to blame! If you do it your way you might be lucky sometimes, but if you want to get your autoflowering plants right always and since the start, just follow our advice by reading our blog and watching our tutorial videos!

There is an essential difference within the two types of autoflowering seeds: seeds of the first type take 2 months to complete their cycle after sprouting, whereas seeds of the other type take 3 months.

The 2-month ones are the most sought-after since they will yield quick harvests indoors or outdoors during the summertime. In this way, you will get to smoke your own weed much quicker than with seasonal plants. In the same time you get a crop with feminized seasonal plants you can get almost 2 crops with autoflowering ones, getting more weight in a shorter period. Autoflowering seeds are thus ideal for those who smoke a lot and tend to run out of weed, since having to wait for 2 weeks to smoke isn't as hard as 1 month and a half!

The 3-month strains provide very productive yields with very few plants. We can grow them indoors in a grow room, and with only 4 plants we will have more than enough to cover the space of a 600W spot. Outdoors it is possible to get very important productions with discreet plants since they can be grown all year round as long as we have the right weather.

Many seed banks offer most of their seasonal varieties in autoflowering version so that if you love a certain strain you can have it ready for harvesting much sooner. We have many favorite ones, because we are real smokers who appreciate different flavours. Each person prefers a different feature, such as to get large plants or an incense-like taste. All you have to do is read the reviews we've written in order to make an informed choice. Over the last years, we've had time to taste most of them, either because we've grown them or someone has invited us to try them, so we have tried virtually 80% of the strains we sell.

If you ask for a quick recommendation, we can tell you about a few strains and the best of each of them, so that you don't spend too much time searching and are aware of a few safe bets, at least. If you are looking for a powerful plant, with an effect that will make you sweat and a earthy taste, you can certainly go for the 2-month Sweet Skunk by Sweet Seeds. If you're looking for very productive plants, with a lot of resin and an incensed-earthy taste, Deimos of Buddha Seeds might be the right one for you. If you intend to get a very high production growing indoors, get 16 Critical + Auto by Dinafem under a 600W spot for 2 months. If what you want is an important  outdoor production, try any of the XXL strains of Dinafem, Big Devil XL of Sweet Seeds or Magnum of Buddha Seeds.