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Autoflowering Seeds are some of the most planted seeds in Spain, which is why this category only contains the best seed banks and the best autoflowering strains – get yourself some amazing flowers in record times. You don’t regret going with any of these prestigious seed banks, simply choose your preferred strain and get going! Plus, you can harvest multiple times a year thanks to how fast and efficient these plants are.

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Autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering seeds are perfect for less experienced growers who wish to obtain high quality yields without having to devote too much time to caring or learning about cannabis cultivation. Hereunder, we are going to explain what are autoflowering marijuana seeds and what are their main benefits when grown indoors or outdoors. We will also talk about the main autoflowering strains and the most important seed banks that can be found at GB The Green Brand (Growbarato).

Autoflowering marijuana seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds have become an essential product for marijuana beginner growers. These varieties are the result of crossing a Ruderalis with an indica or sativa strain and they stand out because they flower automatically without needing photoperiodic changes. This means that buds grow naturally much faster regardless of them being grown indoors or outdoors. These non-photoperiod dependent strains flower spontaneously after between 2 and 4 weeks of growth, therefore, they require less growth time. Autoflowering plants are short and compact, they rarely grow past 100 cm in height and offer various crops per season.

Autoflowering Seed Characteristics

  • They can be grown indoors or outdoors.
  • Their harvest period is short and fast.
  • Easy to grow.
  • More crops throughout the year.
  • Small variety that won't grow past 100 cm of height.
  • Great resistance against plagues, fungi and weather harshness.

Their adaptation to cold climates is greater than the one offered by feminized seeds. Thanks to the latest developments and research, these strains compete with their feminized counterparts in aroma, flavor and yield. Recreational consumers interested in high THC levels as well as those seeking high CBD percentages can find a great solution within autoflowering strains.

Best Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

These are some of the best autoflowering marijuana strains:

G14 Auto: G14 Auto by Fast Buds is the automatic version of Hashplant x G13, it is indica dominant and exhibits a compact appearance. It can be grown indoors and outdoors, withstanding all sorts of conditions and featuring a discrete but effective growth rate. It stands out for its sweet hash and chocolate touches and also for its relaxing effects, capable of alleviating stress and anxiety.

When grown indoors, 9 plants per square meter under 600W lights can yield approximately 450 g once dry. Their development lasts between 8 or 9 weeks since germination and they can measure between 0.6 and 1.1 m. They should be sown in 11 L pots filled with great quality substrate.

Sweet Cheese XL Auto: This Sweet Seeds strain stands out for its amazing yields smelling like sweet cheese. These sweet skunk aromas are perfect for cheese lovers. Its long-lasting effects reflect the perfect combination between mind and body. This plant was initially created with the intention of producing other auto strains with great yield capabilities, therefore, it can easily yield more than 100 g per plant.

Indoors, the general recommendation is to plan 7-9 examples per square meter in 11 L pots. These plants will grow to be 1 m tall and yield between 400-550g /m2, 55-60 days after their germination. Outdoors it can grow up to 1.2 m and yield around 150 g per plant. In order to obtain the best possible results, it’s best to grow it straight into the ground using an exquisite mixture of spongy substrates and other organic nutrients.

Super Skunk Auto: This Sensi Seeds autoflowering strain features the same flavors and scents as its original version. Its non-photo dependent aspect means it can be grown without taking lack of sunlight into account. Although it shares sweet flavors with its feminized counterpart, its relaxing effects are actually higher.

Indoors, this strain is very productive. Its buds are spongier than Skunk 1 but with the same weight. Two main reasons to choose this strain above its feminized version is that it features the same flavors and aromas but its yield is larger, as 10 plants per square meter can yield more than 500 g per m2.

Outdoors, this strain grows better in sunny and warm areas. If such weather isn’t available often, then it’s best to take full advantage of the summer months in order to grow Super Skunk Auto.

Gorilla Glue Auto: This BSF Seeds strain originated from a genetically created Gorilla Glue #4 clone. This fantastic strain produces compact and dense buds coated with sticky resin, which is quite unusual in autoflowering strains. Its cultivation is suitable for all types of growers.

Regarding flavors, this cultivar features different fruity, pine, sweet and earthy touches that make it tasty and highly recommended. Its effects are initially active and euphoric but a relaxing feeling soon invades the entire body. For this reason, it’s a great option for people that suffer muscle aches, stress or depression.

When grown indoors, this hybrid can yield up to 500 g per square meter and its height can range between 0.7-1.2 m of height. The crop will be ready for harvest 60-65 days after its germination and the use of stimulators is very convenient in order to increase resin production. Outdoors, this strain does best in soft climates, it can grow up to 1.2 m and yield around 150 g per plant.

Best Autoflowering Seed Banks

GB The Green Brand places more than 45 autoflowering seed banks at your disposal. These are just some of them: Sweet Seeds Auto, Apex Seeds Auto, Delicious Seeds Auto, 00 Seeds Bank Auto, Advanced Seeds Auto, Barney’s Farm Auto, Biohazard Seeds Auto, BSF Seeds Auto, Buddha Seeds Auto and Cannabiogen Auto, among others.

Other banks worth mentioning are: CBD Seeds Auto, DNA Genetics Auto, Dr. Underground Auto, Dutch Passion Auto, Elite Seeds Auto, Exotic Seeds Auto, Family Ganjah Auto, Fast Buds American Autoflowers, French Touch Seeds Auto, Genehtik Auto, Grass-o-matic, Green House Seeds Auto, Humboldt Seeds Organisation Auto, Kannabia Seeds Auto, Medical Seeds Auto, Ministry of Cannabis Auto, Mr. Hide Auto, Nirvana Seeds Auto and Paradise Seeds Auto.

Autoflowering seeds can also be found in the following autoflowering seed banks: Philosopher Seeds Auto, Positronics Auto, Pure Seeds Auto, Pyramid Seeds Auto, Royal Queen Seeds Auto, Samsara Seeds Auto, Seedmakers Auto, Seedman Auto, Seeds of Life Auto, Serious Seeds Auto, Super Strains Auto, T.H. Seeds Auto, Venus Genetics Auto, White Label Auto, World of Seeds Auto, Sensi Seeds Auto and Dinafem Auto.

How to Grow Autoflowering Marijuana Strains

Autoflowering cultivars have become the most effective solution for cannabis growers. For best results, the soil has to be light and properly drained and the temperature should be kept at 21° C within the grow area, as drastic climate changes could damage the plants. High humidity levels during the first growth weeks is also very important, but once plants flower, humidity ranges should be lowered in order to avoid mold.

When applying fertilizers, take into account that these plants are smaller and therefore, require smaller doses. The same goes for water, they shouldn’t be excessively watered and soil should be allowed to dry in between. Ph levels should range between 6 and 7.

Autoflowering strains aren’t suited for apical pruning as it delays their growth. When grown indoors, there is no need to change lighting to a flowering scheme. Outdoors, this cultivar is not season dependent and can offer various grows throughout the year.

Benefits of indoors and outdoors autoflowering seeds

The most obvious indoors advantage is its fast growth and flowering.

  • Easy cultivation
  • Various crops within the same year
  • Great quality buds
  • These strains are very resistant thanks to their Ruderalis gene.
  • Its discreet size and height keeps prying eyes away.

Tips when Growing Autoflowering Plants

Although growing autoflowering cannabis plants is easier, there are some basic notions that should be taken into consideration. First of all, we recommend growing them when the weather is good and days are longer, basically during the summer.

These plants should be exposed to at least 18 hours of light when grown indoors. Greater light exposition promotes better and faster growth.

Due to their short life stages, it is best not to stress them with transplants or prunes that would pose a recovery period. For this reason, it is best to make sure that all the seeds are growing correctly by closely monitoring them without having to exceed our care.

Last but not least important, high quality substrates should be used to enable better root development. Using nitrogen-rich and phosphorus rich fertilizers or even trichodermas is highly advisable.

Other important questions

GB The Green Brand features the best seed banks and the best autoflowering varieties, which will enable great crops in as short a time as possible. All the seeds included in our catalogue are subjected to quality controls that guarantee the germination of up to 90% of them. They are stored in moist-free refrigerators until they are sold. Due to the fact that most seed failures are due to germination mistakes, we highly recommend following the steps explained at our blog and taking photos throughout the entire process, as well as saving the packages. If they don’t germinate, we will process a refund if requested.