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Autoflowering Seeds are some of the most planted seeds in Spain, which is why this category only contains the best seed banks and the best autoflowering strains – get yourself some amazing flowers in record times. You don’t regret going with any of these prestigious seed banks, simply choose your preferred strain and get going! Plus, you can harvest multiple times a year thanks to how fast and efficient these plants are.

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Autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering seeds

Auto flowering seeds are the perfect product for less experienced growers that want to obtain high yields without taking too much care of their plants.Down below there will be a detailed description on what autoflowering marijuana seeds are, as well as their main benefits indoors and outdoors. In addition, we will showcase the main strains and seed banks that you can find on our webpage GB The Green Brand GrowBarato.

Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

The autoflowering cannabis seeds have improved and become the best seed for starters. A result of the cross of the cannabis strains Ruderalis with either Indica or Sativa, they stand out for their automatic flowering and not having to change photoperiods. 

This means that the buds grow fast and naturally. Therefore you can plant either indoor or outdoor. These non-photoperiodic plants can flower by themselves after 2-4 weeks of growth. Small and compact, they can grow up to 100cm tall and offer various yields a season.

Properties of auto flowering seeds

  • Can be grown indoor or outdoor.
  • Its harvest cycle is shorter and faster.
  • Easy to grow.
  • Offers more yields during the year.
  • Autoflowering strains are a smaller size that wont pass 100cm tall.
  • Great resistance to plagues, fungus and other inclement conditions.

They have the ability to adapt better to cold climates compared to feminized seeds. As a result of research in the past years, this strain is able to compete with feminized seeds in terms of aromas, taste and yield. The same as recreational users that are looking for high thc levels, or ones that prefer a higher CBD percentage, this strain fulfils all those needs.

The best autoflowering marijuana seed strains

Some of the best autoflowering marijuana seed strains are:

G-14 Auto: G14 Auto by Fast Buds is the autoflowering, feminized version of the legendary Hashplant x G13, it's a compact, powerful plant that can be grown in all sorts of climates, and it grows compact and discreet.

This indica-dominant plant is quite resistant to sudden temperature changes with sweet, hash-like flavors that taste kind of like weed mixed with chocolate. Indoors with 9 plants per square meter using 600w bulbs you can harvest up to 450g. Outdoors you can harvest anywhere from 50-80g per plant.

Sweet Cheese XL Auto: is a strain that comes from a selection of Sweet Cheese strains, resulting in an enormous strain that produces flowers that let off an intense sweet cheese aroma. It was developed with the purpose of creating autoflowering plants that give incredibly large yields, easily producing over 100g per plant. In addition to a perfect psicoactive and corporal effect.

When growing indoors, it is recommended to plant 7-9 specimens in 11L plant ponts per square meter, from which we will obtain 1 meter tall plants that will yidl 450 to 500 grams (55-60days after its germination).

Outdoors is where you’ll get some of the best possible yields, allowing you to harvest up to 150g per plant. It can grow a bit larger than indoor grows, too, easily growing over 1.2m tall and producing plenty of branches. In order to get the best results we recommend growing it in the ground with a spongy substrate.

Super Skunk Auto: famous for its rapid flowering, the Super Skunk Auto by Sensi Seeds maintains the smell, taste and form of the colas from this legendary strain.

Thanks to its photo dependent component, we can grow it without having to worry about hours of light missing. Keeps the sweet touch from its feminized version, however its calming effects are superior.

Indoors, this strain offers huge results with spongier buds than the Skunk 1. The two reasons this plant is chosen frequently is that it doesn't lose its original smell and flavour, as well as yielding higher quantities, up to 500g with 10 plants per square meter.

If you grow outdoors, this plant grows the best in sunny and warm zones. However if you don't live in a climate like this, you should take advantage of summer to grow it.

Gorilla Glue Auto: Gorilla Glue Auto by BSF Seeds is an amazing strain that comes from a special clone of the original Gorilla Glue #4, which has taken over the cannabis market. The result is a potent plant that produces amazing compact buds and quite an unusually large amount of resin for an autoflowering plant. It’s incredibly easy to grow, which is why it’s perfect for any grower; both experts and beginners.

Its flavor is the perfect combination between sweet, fruity, earthy and pine, making for quite a complex and varied fusion. Its effect is active and euphoric, although the come-down is much more physical and relaxing. This strain is highly recommended for stress and muscle pain.

Indoors, it can yield up to 500 grams per square metre, with a size ranging from 0.7 to 1.2m tall. You will be able to harvest your grow after 60-65 days after its germination. It's important that you use stimulants to increase the yield of resin. 

Outdoors, you can grow specimens that up to 1.2 m high, capable of producing up to 150g. Its optimal climate is soft and easy.

Best Autoflowering Seed Banks

GB The Green Brand GrowBarato offers more than 45 autoflowering seed banks: Sweet Seeds Auto, Apex Seeds Auto, Delicious Seeds Auto, 00 Seeds Bank Auto, Advanced Seeds Auto, Barney’s Farm Auto, Biohazard Seeds Auto, BSF Seeds Auto, Buddha Seeds Auto y Cannabiogen Auto, entre otros.

In addition to CBD Seeds Auto, DNA Genetics Auto, Dr. Underground Auto, Dutch Passion Auto, Elite Seeds Auto, Exotic Seed Auto, Family Ganjah Auto, Fast Buds American Autoflowers, French Touch Seeds Auto, Genehtik Auto, Grass-o-matic, Green House Seeds Auto, Heavyweight Seeds Auto, Humboldt Seeds Organisation Auto, Kannabia Seeds Auto, Medical Seeds Auto, Ministry of Cannabis Auto, Mr.Hide Auto, Nirvana Seeds Auto y Paradise Seeds Auto.

Similarly, you can also find autoflowering seeds in Philosopher Seeds Auto, Positronics Auto, Pure Seeds Auto, Pyramid Seeds Auto, Royal Queen Seeds Auto, Samsara Seeds Auto, Seedmakers Auto, Seedman Auto, Seeds of Life Auto, Serious Seeds Auto, Super Strains Auto, T.H. Seeds Auto, Venus Genetics Auto, White Label Auto, World of Seeds Auto, Sensi Seeds Auto y Dinafem Auto.

What is the process of growing autoflowering marijuana

Autoflowering strains have become the most effective solution for cannabis growers. To perform an effective grow, you should use light and drained soil.

Likewise, temperature should be kept at around room temperature (21ºC) in our growing region as extreme temperature harms the development of your plants. It is also vital to give the plants a humid atmosphere during its first life cycle weeks, and when they flower, reduce humidity to avoid mold.

If you are going to use fertilizers on your cannabis plants, you have to take into account that as their size is inferior, lesser quantities are needed. They also need less water, so we should avoid over watering them and let the soil dry every time we are going to water again. Optimal pH levels are 6 to 7.

Whilst being grown, it is not advisable to perform apical pruning, as it delays the plants development. Indoors, it is not necessary to change the lighting via a flowering programme. Meanwhile outdors does not depend on the seasons, offering various harvests during the year.

Benefits from choosing autoflowering seeds indoors and outdoors

  • The most obvious benefit is their fast flowering and growth indoors.
  • Easier to grow.
  • You can obtain various crops a year.
  • HIgher quality buds.
  • Resistant strain thanks to its Ruderalis genetic.
  • Thanks to its size and height it allows us to have discrete crops indoors or outdoors.

Tips when growing autoflowering marijuana

Even though its considered an easier process, there are basic concepts that we should know and follow. Firstly, we recommend planting them during the months with best climate and longer days, most likely summer.

Similarly, you should expose them to 18 hour light cycles as a minimum if we are planting indoors. The more it follows this light schedule the better and faster it will grow.

As they have short life cycles, it is better no to stress them out by moving them or pruning to avoid having to heal from these actions.

Last but not least, you should use high quality substrates so that the roots can easily penetrate. Therefore, it is advisable to use fertilizers rich in nitrogen and phosphorus.

More important data

In GB The Green Brand you can find the best seed banks and autoflowering seed strains to find the best crop posible. Each seed in our catalogue has been subjected to quality controls that guarantee a 90% germination rate. They are stored in fridges without humidity until sold.

Whilst the seeds are germinating, most of the mistakes are done when growing autoflowering seeds. Therefore , if you want to replace your seeds, you have to follow the steps in our blog, taking the necessary pictures during its process and save the packages. If they don't germinate with these steps, we will send the seeds asked for by the client.