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Hydroponics Systems - Wilma by Atami

Wilma systems by Atami are some of the most efficient, simple hydroponic systems. Growing in hydro was never so easy. Now, thanks to Wilma, you can grow hydroponically as easily as if it were soil. Wilma systems allow you to grow in individual pots from 4 to 20 plants in an easy and convenient way.

These systems are as close as you can get to growing in a pot with regular soil. They consist of independent pots where plants are grown in expanded clay pellets. The pots stand over a tray that covers the nutrient solution tank. Plants can be treated individually: they can be taken out to be sprayed or turned around so light reaches them everywhere evenly.

A tank placed at the lower part of the system stores your plants' nutrient solution. All you have to do is to prepare the solution, measuring and adjusting pH and Ec levels to ensure nutrients are properly absorbed. A water pump pushes the solution to the pots, and the tray itself will act as a drain, draining the water back to the tank. As a result, your plants will always be hydrated and fed. Eventually, they will grow incredibly large.

Depending on the type of plant you use or if you grow from seed or clones, you must choose one type or another. Indeed, there are 6.5L and 11L pots. The 11L are much better for growing mother plants or growing from seed. On the other hand, 6.5L ones can also be used to grow short-cycle plants (indoor plants) or clones which are allowed to grow for very little time before being set to flower. In order to keep your system working, all you have to do is change the water weekly and prepare a new nutrient solution with the corresponding amount of fertilizer and additives for that week.

Made of highly sturdy plastic and not porous at all; it can be cleaned easily after every use since dirt doesn't stay attached to the surface and can be easily removed.

If you need any accessories or spares such as hoses, drippers, pots or a new tray... you can find everything you need for your Wilma systems here. Do not hesitate anymore, try this fantastic system and unravel the mysteries of the hydroponic world!