The difference between hemp and cannabis

What’s the difference between hemp and cannabis?

Aesthetically, for someone that doesn’t know much about cannabis, it may be hard to tell the difference between hemp and cannabis. There are quite a few significant differences that we’re going to have a look at in this article. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about […]



What is Mildew? Mildew is a fungal disease that can occur in plants that can cause a lot of varied illnesses when they manage to find their way to your cannabis plants; they end up growing and absorbing vital fluids, which therefore affects yield quite a lot – because of […]

hesi feeding schedule

Hesi Feeding Schedule for Professional Results

If you want to give your plants a professional feeding schedule that’s simple and easy to understand, search no more. The Hesi feeding schedule contains the perfect mineral products that can help you increase yield when growing cannabis in soil, coco coir and even hydroponically. Hesi Plantenvoeding was founded by […]

zumo de marihuana

Cannabis Juice

You’ve probably heard someone mention cannabis juice at some point or another, right? Not many people really know what it is because it’s still a relatively new way to consume cannabis without feeling any secondary effects. This miracle cannabis juice recipe was invented by Dr. Courtney. This cannabis activist began […]

semillas de cañamo

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds have been used and consumed as food for centuries now, being one of the most known uses of these super-seeds. In many bakeries around the world they sell hemp seed bread, and there are in fact traditional dishes around the world that are rich in hemp seeds. Nowadays, […]

Grotek Mega Pack

How to use the Grotek Feeding Schedule

Grotek is a Canadian brand specialized in creating nutrients. It was created by Greenstar Plant Products back in 1998 with the aim in mind to help amateur growers produce plants similar to those of professionals. The Grotek feeding schedule is designed to increase yield in cannabis plants; there’s a version […]

Weed vaporizers

Weed Vaporizers

What is a weed vaporizer? If you’re looking for a way to make the most of cannabis’s beneficial effects, weed vaporizers are the way to go; you can use them to absorb all of the possible cannabinoids from your cannabis without having to put up with nasty smoke from combustion, […]

Male cannabis plants

Everything You Need to Know About Male Cannabis Plants

How can you tell if you have female or male cannabis plants? It’s incredibly important to know how to tell male and female weed plants apart if you plan on growing one or another specifically. Both of them have magnificent properties that make them well worth growing. Female cannabis plants […]

The Difference Between Male and Female Weed Plants

Male and Female weed plants Cannabis plants have evolved enormously over the past couple of decades, mainly thanks to human kind. We’ve spent years combining different species from all over the planet. Every strain has its own specific characteristics, such as structure, type of buds, flavor and effects. When you […]

Sativa Weed, Top 5 Strains

Today we’re going to talk about our top 5 sativa weed strains that we’ve tried and tested. Hopefully our experiences will help you learn about more about this particular kind of weed, and pick out that perfect sativa strain that you’ve been thinking of growing; learn how to get the best […]

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