LEC Lighting for Indoor Grows

For years now, new types of lighting have been popping up on the market, and a lot of them are perfect for indoor medicinal marijuana growing. Most of these new lighting systems are somewhat of a gimmick, although every now and then a new system will pop up that is […]

The Most Common Mistakes when Cooking with Cannabis

Cooking your own homemade meals is becoming more and more of a craze, mainly due to the amount of new reality TV shows that are centered on food. Many chefs that consume cannabis have begun using this ingredient in their recipes. Today, we’re going to talk about the most common […]

The Best Flower Pots for Root Growth

In this article we’re going to have a look at various types of flowerpots used when growing cannabis; they’re designed specifically to boost root growth, making for much healthier, stronger plants that are ready for each and every growth phase. What type of flowerpot should I use? Usually, when you’re […]

Roots: Parts, Growth and Care.

In this article we’re going to talk about one of the most important parts of cannabis plants; the roots. Your plants’ health and yield quality depends on them. We’re going to talk about the importance of your plants’ roots, the importance of keeping them healthy and clean and how to […]

How to Avoid Nutrient Excess and Deficiencies for Beginners

Nutrient excess and deficiencies are common issues when it comes to growing cannabis, especially if you don’t have much experience growing. Sometimes it’s incredibly hard to figure out what is causing these issues in your plants. This article contains a few basic snippets of advice that’ll help you identify nutrient […]

How to use Advanced Nutrients Professional Pack

Here at Growbarato.net we’re always trying to innovate, which is why we’ve put together some interesting nutrient packs that contain Advanced Nutrients’ pH perfect technology, which makes feeding your plants much easier. You can choose the size of your pack, depending on how many plants you’re growing, and you can […]

Cannabis: Types of Fungi

Fungi are microorganisms that generally live on/off other organisms such as animals, food and many, many kinds of plants. Today we’re going to talk about different types of fungi that can infest cannabis plants and how to get rid of them; keep your plants healthy and stable without losing any […]

Peyote Cookies Grow Diary

Last year we had a hefty promo with Barney’s Farm, in which they were giving away their famous Peyote Cookies seeds, so we decided to plant our own and make our very own grow diary from start to finish! Materials Used: Lighting: 1 winged reflector. 1 250w CFL light. 2 […]

How to Make Your Own Quality Substrate

Can’t find the right kind of substrate for your plants? Thinking of making your own soil? This article will show you the exact ingredients that you need in your substrate and how to mix it together properly. Whether you’re a commercial grower or a small-time home grower, follow our instructions […]

Seasonal Cannabis Menu

T’is the season to cook great food that warms the heart, and we have just the menu for you! This Spanish take on a traditional festive meal contains a hidden ingredient; cannabis. Enjoy the holiday season this year with our seasonal cannabis menu, perfect for amazing your friends and family, […]

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