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Compo - Insecticides and Preventives

Compo is a company that specializes in creating biological and chemical products for your house and garden. They began way back in 1956 in Munster (Germany), having accumulated over 70 years of experience. Compo still gets better each day, expanding and improving their products so that people like us can make the most of them.

You’ve probably used or seen your parents use Compo products when you were a kid to get rid of pesky ants; these products are a must-have in any household. That’s why we’ve included them among our wide catalogue of products; we know perfectly well that they’re incredibly efficient when it comes to getting rid of insects without affecting your plants’ health.

They have a wide range of preventive products and products used to control and get rid of insect infestations, especially Neemic; this multifunctional insecticide is incredibly efficient at getting rid of any infestations that may get to your plants such as spider mites and caterpillars. Its organic ingredients allow you to spray it on your plants without worrying about negatively affecting your plants’ buds.

They finally have a product used to repel dogs and cats, keeping them away from your plants – we always think about how much insects can ruin cannabis plants, but some people have pets that like to dig their plants up, pee on them or even eat them. They’ve designed various different formats that let off an odor that your pets will absolutely hate, so they should stay away from it.

These products are biodegradable, eco-friendly and long-lasting. Compo is one of the best insect repellent brands on the market and has been for years; keep your plants perfectly safe, and get Compo now.