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Shishas & Hookahs

Several Models of Shishas and Hookahs

Find your favorite shisha or hookah model among our wide selection. There are unique handcrafted models so that you can smoke your cannabis or shisha tobacco in the best possible way. All shishas on our website come with everything necessary such as bowls, hoses, brushes to clean them and clamps for picking up the charcoal. Big ones, smaller ones, with several hoses or individual ones... you will find everything you need in our catalogue.

There are shishas for daily and personal use, in a smaller and more discreet size that you can take anywhere. The 25cm one is ideal for those who like to smoke flavored tobacco on a daily basis. A bigger one could easily become cumbersome and it is also much more difficult to clean.

Bigger models can also be used daily or on particular occasions. The 47cm and the 51cm ones are different models, but serve the same purpose. These shishas are mainly used at home since their size isn't very convenient for carrying them around. They are also nice decorative objects.

The biggest model is the 72cm Shisha, a water-pipe with 2 hoses from which two people can smoke at the same time. It is too big to be used everyday since it can be a true nightmare to clean! They are usually used at parties, tea houses or employed as decorative objects or gifts.

You can find tobacco of different flavors to smoke in your shisha. In order to smoke it, it is necessary to put charcoal on the top end, which you can also purchase in this section. The charcoal is lit using a blowtorch and when breathing in, it turns red-hot and lights up the tobacco. Ignited charcoal tends to last a lot so it won't be necessary to light it up constantly.

The most cutting-edge items in the world of shishas and hookahs are double bowl pipes for two flavors. There are spare bowls for just one flavor, too. There is also a model exactly like the one for single flavors, but with a separating wall in the middle of the bowl to separate two flavours. The most requested one is the shisha with a double bowl: a shisha whose bowl includes two independent compartments from where we can smoke two different products.

So, if you are looking for a shisha, water-pipe or any spare part such as a bowl, you can find it in our catalogue at the best possible price. All articles come with a detailed description describing size and what is included to avoid unpleasant surprises at home.