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LEC Innotech 150w Kit

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LEC Lighting

LEC Lighting for Indoor Cannabis Growing

LEC lighting is a brand new lighting system that’s fixing to revolutionize the world of indoor growing; these lights allow growers to get extremely similar results as when using classic HPS lights – but using quite less power. Thanks to many different tests done to improve the efficiency of LED lights, the available knowledge we have on plants and how to grow them has grown; this allowed developers to create new systems and highly improve those that already exist.

One new discovery made was that plants grow stronger and healthier if grown under lights that have blue and red tones, as these colors are much easier for plants to absorb.  This kind of lighting LEC lighting, was designed based on the idea of taking the new information learnt about how plants feed off of light and putting into grow lamps – thus, creating a sort of half-way light much cheaper than LED lights that also guarantees more yield per watt than HPS lights.

Sunburst CHM 315 by Hydrofarm Lighting is the pacesetter for these new LEC lights – it has a reflector with an internal ballast, making for a comfortable device that has all of its parts in one singular piece. It has a robust structure made out of aluminum alloy, guaranteeing a long-lasting device. It also includes a Philips 315w CMH light with a color spectrum between 3100k and 4200k – both mixed.

The LEC Solux lighting kits are perfect for any grower, as you can use them from 315w to 630w, depending on your needs. Both power setting kits include an adjustable electro-magnetic ballast with which you can save power by reducing it during the vegetative stage and then turn it all the way up during flowering. It also comes with a classic stucco reflector plus the corresponding LEC socket so you can easily adapt this product to your grow needs. There are various different light spectrums to choose from (3000k, 3100k, 4200k, 10000k etc.) as well as some of the best bulbs from the best lighting brands out there such as Solux or Philips.

The complete LEC grow kit includes a lighting kit from which you have to choose either 315w or 630w, as well as everything you need to set up your indoor grow – this makes for quite a discount as it includes the grow tent, the extractor and intractor, the filter, the pipes, the fan and all of the other components that you need to grow indoors.

The 360 Magnetic LEC lighting kit is slightly more affordable, and it’s the perfect option for you to simply try out this lighting method. It contains a Philips 360w LEC with a classic screw and a reflector to choose from between a classic stucco or a stucco reflector with cooltube, and it also includes a 400w special LEC ballast.

With the LEC bulb socket you’ll be able to attach your LEC light to your old reflector without needing to buy a new one. On one side it has a screw that simulates classic bulbs, which means that all you need to do is screw it into your ballast and then connect the bulb!

Adjustable LEC Solux ballasts are perfect if you’re looking for a safe, guaranteed-to-work product – their LEC bulbs are some of the most successful bulbs on the market. You can find then in two different formats, 315w and 630w – both come with dimmers so that you can find the perfect setting.

You can also count on our replacement LEC bulbs, knowing that you’ll always find the perfect spare or replacement here – all you have to do is pick the brand and color!