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HomeBox grow tent

Catalogue of grow tents  by HomeBox

In this section you will find all models and all sizes of grow tents by the brand that invented indoor grow tents. HomeBox grow tents are made of tough materials and have white reflective walls able to bounce up to 91% of the light and redirect it towards the plants. 

HomeBox are the pioneers in the field of grow tents, and they came up with the first model for indoor marijuana growing. They feature top-quality strong bearing structure, while their hard plastic parts are very resistant to the heat.

HomeBox tents' canvas is very hard-wearing and features a white reflective inside with one of the highest PAR reflectance on the market. There is no other brand which uses this color and it has thus become a distinctive sign of the brand. Grow tents can be washed easily with water since they are waterproof. They are also opaque so no light will pass through any of the seams.

HomeBow sells two main types of tents: a regular tent intended to host plants and a small version for growing cuttings called Clone Box. The regular grow tent comes in several sizes, to fit the available space. You will find them from an S size (80x80x160 cm) till the XXL (which measures 240x120x200 cm). In this grow tent you can grow your plants and get them to flower with no problems, obtaining higher yields thanks to their PAR reflectance.

Clone Box is made of the same materials as the Home Box regular tent and reflects light in a similar way. However, its specific dimensions make it ideal for the rooting of cuttings. It houses 2 shelves that create three different compartments. Each compartment can host up to 3 propagators with 150 cuttings each, amounts to a total of more than 1000 cuttings. A low consumption lamp or or fluorescent tubes are usually placed inside to avoid excessive temperature which could lead to cuttings' dehydration.

If you are looking for a highly reflective cabinet with a thick and hard canvas that won't waste any light, you just need to choose the size: HomeBox is your brand.