RAW Products

  • Boquillas de cartón Raw - Caja de Tips Raw

    RAW Cardboard Tips

    If you use Raw Cardboard Tips to roll your joints you’re guaranteed a chemical-free experience – many brands use chlorine to whiten their paper and tips. Available in 50 pack boxes, and each pack contains 50 cardboard tips.

  • RAW Cone Tips Perceto

    RAW Cone Tips

    Raw Cone Tips are tips that come in a semi-circular booklet so that when you roll them, one end is larger than the other, making it much easier to roll cone-shaped joints.

  • Papel Fumar Raw 25 Libros Caja Entera

    RAW Rolling Paper Size 1¼

    Raw is the preferred strain by stoners all over the world. Each pack contains 50 paper leaves. If you buy the entire box you’ll have papers for ages – no more scurrying to find papers under the sofa.

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  • Papel Fumar Raw 25 Libros Caja Entera

    RAW King Sized Slim

    Raw King Sized Slim papers; each pack contains 32 L-sized leaflets – available individually and in boxes of 50.

  • RAW pre-rolled Tips

    RAW Pre-rolled Tips

    Each packet of pre-rolled Raw tips contains 21 natural, chlorine-free tips. They come in a small box, pre-rolled so that you can roll as comfortably and as fast as possible.

  • Papel Fumar Raw 25 Libros Caja Entera

    RAW Connoisseur King Size Paper with Tips

    Raw Connoisseur King-Sized papers for L-sized blunts, including tips. Take advantage of our offer on the entire box and walk away with a deal.

  • RAW Cone

    RAW Cones KS Slim

    KS Slim Raw Cones are pre-rolled papers that come in groups of three per pack, although we’re also selling entire boxes that contain 96 total cones inside.

  • Raw black King Size

    Raw Black King Size

    Raw Black King Size is Raw’s thinnest rolling paper. It’s made out of natural products and is larger than normal sized papers.

  • RAW boquillas Cones pre-rolled

    RAW Perfecto, Pre-Rolled Cone Tips

    These pre-rolled cone tips are perfect if you want to roll more comfortably; simply grab one and roll. No more needing to rip up random bits of cardboard.

  • RAW Hemp Wick (mechas)

    RAW Hemp Wicks

    Raw Hemp Wick is a natural alternative for lighting cigarettes or joints – get rid of the toxins released when gas is burned.

  • Papel de rollo RAW

    RAW Rolling Paper Roll

    This handy Raw paper roll is perfect – you can roll a joint however long you want. Those that smoke every day prefer paper rolls so they can match the size of the joint to the situation.

  • RAW Cone Imperador

    RAW Emperador Cone

    The Emperador Cone is a RAW paper cone that’s already rolled – simply fill it up with your preferred substance to smoke and enjoy yourself a gigantic blunt. 100% natural, non-whitened paper.

  • Papel Raw 300´s

    RAW Rolling Paper (300 leaves, 1 1/4)

    With this booklet, you’ll have 300 leaves of the RAW rolling paper at your disposal. Enjoy your joints with the favorite paper of all smokers.

  • Conos distintas medidas

    RAW 5 Stage Rawket Cones

    RAW’s 5 Stage Rawket set is perfect for challenging your friends to see who can finish them all in the shortest amount of time. Give it a try!

  • Giant Raw

    Giant Raw

    Giant Raw papers are here, and you won’t want to miss out on it. It’s 26cm long and 4cm wide – you don’t need to spend ages sticking papers together anymore. 20 papers per booklet.

  • RAW Caja Roll Caddy 1.1/4

    RAW 1.1/4 Roll Caddy

    RAW 1.1/4 Roll Caddy is basically a metal box that is designed to store rolling paper booklets and other accessories. You can even fit some pre-rolled blunts in there.

  • RAW Pin Bandeja

    RAW Magnetic Tray Pin

    This may look like a normal rolling tray, but in fact it’s a scale-sized model that can be used as a pin! It’s made out of metal and is attached to your clothes via two potent magnets.

  • RAW bandeja de liar

    RAW Rolling Trays

    Raw Rolling Trays to keep clean the area where you roll your joint, preventing the wasting of your weed. A convenient flat surface with raised edges.

  • RAW Grinder Shredder 1.1/4

    RAW Shredder Case 1.1/4

    The 1.1/4 RAW Shredder Case is a highly useful tool, allowing you to store your paper booklet as well as shred your weed.

  • RAW Grinder Card

    RAW Three-Way Shredder Card

    These shredder cards are an easy way to shred your cannabis before rolling up your joint. It looks and weighs the same as a normal card that you can simply pop in the wallet.

  • RAW Grinder Shredder 300

    RAW Shredder Case 300

    The RAW Shredder Case 300 is a metal case that has a shredder on the lid, allowing you to shred up your buds without making a mess.

  • RAW Boquillas cristal Xtips

    RAW Glass X-Tips

    With RAW’s X-Tops, you’ll be able to get a much cleaner, nicer smoke. These glass tips are hand-blown and capable of putting up with high temperatures.

  • RAW Tapa Bandeja Magnética

    RAW Magnetic Tray Lid

    The RAW magnetic lid is designed to cover your RAW rolling tray. The lower part of the lid is basically one big magnet, allowing you to simply stick it on the top of your rolling tray.

  • RAW Trident

    RAW Trident

    RAW Trident is the ultimate accessory for experienced smokers, a wooden mouthpiece for smoking up to three joints at the same time, a high-quality product by RAW.

  • Unidad llenado conos

    RAW Six Shooter

    The RAW Six Shooter is an incredible, practical system with which you can roll joints. More specifically, you can roll up to 6 king sized joints at once!

  • Raw Level Five

    Raw Level Five

    RAW Level Five is their brand new model for the bravest of smokers – you cannot attempt to smoke 5 joints at once, making for some hard hitters.

  • RAW Anillo 24K

    RAW Gold Smoker Ring

    The RAW ring is extremely handy for smokers. Be the quirky guy at the party with a joint attached to his ring with this beautiful, gold-plated smoker ring.

  • Raw Tabla Skateboard

    RAW Street Deck

    RAW Skateboards are part of a limited edition that RAW has designed for their customers – if you love cannabis and skateboarding, this is definitely the collectable for you.

  • RAW Tabla Long Board Cone

    RAW Cone Board

    This beautifully designed long board will have your friends in awe with jealously; it’s not a normal long board, as it looks just like a giant blunt.

  • RAW Double Barrel
    out of stock

    RAW Double Barrel KING SIZE

    RAW Double Barrel KING SIZE is a wooden cigarette holder for smoking up to two joints at the same time. Perfectly made, it comes with a brown case and a cardboard box.

    9,60 €
  • Bandeja de liar Wiz Khalifa
    out of stock

    RAW Wiz Khalifa Rolling Trays

    Metal tray to roll your joint without worrying about dirtying or wasting your precious "green gold". Made by RAW with an illustration of rapper Wiz Khalifa. 

    10,50 €
  • RAW Cone Challenge
    out of stock

    RAW Challenge Cone

    The RAW Challenge Cone is possibly the biggest pre-rolled cone blunt on the market right now. Get together with your friends and accept the challenge!

    19,95 €
RAW Products

RAW is a Spanish company dedicated to satisfying the needs of the most demanding stoners.

Originally, they started with rolling papers such as their typical classic 1/ ¼ papers. All of their rolling papers are completely natural; the normal ones, the long ones, and even the pre-rolled papers. They also have a water mark, meaning that your joints should smoke perfectly and evenly.

Over time, the company decided to expand their product line to include other objects and accessories. Now they sell storage boxes, grinders and shredders, trays, filters etc. They also have an accessories section where they sell all sorts of RAW products, some of which are quite curious; they have everything from magnetic ashtrays to rings that can hold your joint for you. They have some original quality accessories

They have products such as their famous 1 ¼ papers, available in booklets of 300 so that you never run out of papers. The papers in this pack are entirely organic and have been made out of natural fibers and hemp. They’re super thin and don’t contain any sort of whitening product, ensuring a 100% natural experience and a much healthier one too. Even the booklet they come in are made out of recycled materials.

The RAW Magnetic Tray Lid is simply a thin plastic lid with the same design on it as the RAW tray. The back of the tray is essentially a large magnet, so it sticks to the tray perfectly. This lid is extremely helpful and it can be used to either keep your objects hidden, or to stop your papers or weed from blowing away if you put the tray down.

The RAW 24k ring: This product is absolutely killing it right now. It’s a ring that has the Brand’s name on it like a seal and made out of 24k gold-coated metal. The exiting part, however, is the hole in the ring that allows you to place your joint inside and smoke completely hands free. Now you can do whatever you want with your hands without having to put down your joint or cigarette. This is the perfect gift for your stoner friend, or for yourself!

If you’re looking for the best smoking accessories and quality, natural papers, RAW is the brand for you.