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RAW Products

RAW - Stoner Products and Accessories

RAW is a Spanish company dedicated to satisfying the needs of the most demanding stoners.

Originally, they started with rolling papers such as their typical classic 1/ ¼ papers. All of their rolling papers are completely natural; the normal ones, the long ones, and even the pre-rolled papers. They also have a water mark, meaning that your joints should smoke perfectly and evenly.

Over time, the company decided to expand their product line to include other objects and accessories. Now they sell storage boxes, grinders and shredders, trays, filters etc. They also have an accessories section where they sell all sorts of RAW products, some of which are quite curious; they have everything from magnetic ashtrays to rings that can hold your joint for you. They have some original quality accessories

They have products such as their famous 1 ¼ papers, available in booklets of 300 so that you never run out of papers. The papers in this pack are entirely organic and have been made out of natural fibers and hemp. They’re super thin and don’t contain any sort of whitening product, ensuring a 100% natural experience and a much healthier one too. Even the booklet they come in are made out of recycled materials.

The RAW Magnetic Tray Lid is simply a thin plastic lid with the same design on it as the RAW tray. The back of the tray is essentially a large magnet, so it sticks to the tray perfectly. This lid is extremely helpful and it can be used to either keep your objects hidden, or to stop your papers or weed from blowing away if you put the tray down.

The RAW 24k ring: This product is absolutely killing it right now. It’s a ring that has the Brand’s name on it like a seal and made out of 24k gold-coated metal. The exiting part, however, is the hole in the ring that allows you to place your joint inside and smoke completely hands free. Now you can do whatever you want with your hands without having to put down your joint or cigarette. This is the perfect gift for your stoner friend, or for yourself!

If you’re looking for the best smoking accessories and quality, natural papers, RAW is the brand for you.