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Resin Extracts

Cannabis resin extraction supplies.

Make your own resin extracts in a safe and simple way, with the best systems and supplies to extract resin from your marijuana plants. There are several methods for extracting marijuana, such as dry sift, ice water extraction or with gas. Extractions can be made from your best buds, from the ones that remain small and aren't highly profitable or even from the leaves that contain small parts of resin.

One of the simplest extraction methods that offers the best results is what is commonly called dry sift. There are several ways to carry it out and depending on the amount of weed you want to process you will have to choose one method or another. Secret Shaker is one of the simplest ones: it consists of a plastic jar with two lids -one at the upper part and another at the bottom. Marijuana has to be frozen and put inside the upper compartment, then the lid has to be closed. Just with a few shakes, marijuana resin from the upper part will start falling through a sieve and when all the material has passed through it, you will only have to open the bottom lid to obtain a good amount of the finest hash.

Another way of extracting resin with a dry method is using a Hash Shaker, very similar to Secret Shaker but available in several sizes to fit the amount of marijuana we want to process. We have size S (diameter=8.5cm and length=13cm), size L (diameter=13.5cm and length=17cm) and XL (diameter=17cm and length=17cm).

If the shakers are too small you can resort to the Rotator or Secret Box. The Rotator is a kind of washing machine drum with a 132 micron screen, where frozen marijuana is set. As the drum turns around slowly, resin falls little by little into a container with a tray located under the drum. 5 to 10 minutes of work suffice to obtain fine quality extracts. You can then remove the tray and keep on using the Rotator for a second extraction (of second quality) in 30 minutes. Between 30 min and 1 hr you will obtain a third extraction (of lower quality). It is possible to keep it rolling for 8 hours to extract the remaining resin in the plant which, despite being of a lower quality, is still smokeable.

The Secret Box works in a similar way but it is only available in one size. It comes with a 225 micron screen but it is possible to install a second screen of 125 microns if you aim at obtaining a finer material. Rotation can be adjusted by means of a power regulator. We also sell replacement 225 and 125 microns screens.

You can make hash by sifting the resin, as it is done in Morocco, with the Tan Tam. It is a sieve set inside a box. Marijuana is to be put in the upper part and by tapping on the lid you will get the finest trichomes to fall on the lower part of the box, from where you can gather them up easily.

If you aim for obtaining the finest hash, the best method is Ice Water Extraction. For this, you can resort to the Secret Smoke washer and extraction sieves. There are several types of screen, in several sizes and models, made of different materials. Secret Icer and the Pure Factory extraction bags are the most affordable ones, and the Ice-O-Lator screens which, apart from being the pioneers in finest quality extracts, are the most resistant ones. In this way, you'll manage to get this "double resin", highly desired by hash lovers, which cannot be obtained through any other method.

Once the extraction is done, the product can be pressed in a Pollen-Press and made into pressed hash pieces. We have small presses for as little as 2g (to use what you can get from your grinders), others like the Magnetic Press that let you press up to 5g - what you can get from your Secret Shaker or Hash Shaker-, and the biggest ones for 10g, which let you press what you get from your dry extraction with the Secret Box or the bags for Ice Extraction.

If what you are looking for is a way to increase the strength or the purity of your extracts, you can make your own BHO. With this method it's possible to achieve 99% THC (when done under optimal conditions), but a 30-40% is guaranteed even for mediocre conditions. You will only have to put your weed inside an extraction tube such as the Gasolinator or Honey Bee and freeze it for 24 hr. Then, you will have to inject the content of two bottles of impurity-free gas such as Clipper or Colibrí Gas through the upper part and gather what comes out at the bottom in a flat glass tray. Then, allow the gas to evaporate by putting it on a Laboratory Heater Plate or in a bain-marie. When it is ready, use BHO Blades to scrape it off the tray. It will then be ready to be smoked as joints. However, if you increase the purity of the extraction by removing all the gas that might remain with a vacuum pump and a dryer, the final result can be smoked with a BHO pipe.

Whatever you are looking for to draw your own resin extractions, you will find it in our resin extraction supplies section. As always, all the products come with a detailed description and a mode of employment so you know how to use them by the time you receive them at home.