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If you’re looking for somewhere where you can get high quality cannabis seeds, as well as one of the largest seed catalogues in the cannabis sector, GB has designed this spectacular category in which you can take a look through the following ranges; Bulk Seeds, Feminized Seeds, Autoflowering Seeds, Regular Seeds, Bulk Autoflowering Seeds, CBD Seeds, Autoflowering Regular Seeds and Regular Seeds.

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Runtz Feminized Marijuana Plant

Grand Daddy Purple (GDP) Marijuana Plant

Grand Daddy Purple (GDP)

Price €7.65
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Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version Marijuana Plant

Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version

Price €19.13
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Auto Banana XL 100% feminized cannabis plant

Gorilla Zkittlez Cannabis Plant

Gorilla Zkittlez

Price €29.76
Regular price
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Auto Unicorn Poop

Auto Unicorn Poop

Price €8.50
Regular price
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Gorilla 4 Fast 100% Feminized

Solomatic CBD Marijuana Plant

Solomatic CBD

Price €31.05
Regular price
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Cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds

Quality cannabis seeds from all seed banks at the best price in our headshop; on GB you’ll find your strain among our 5000-strong catalogue of all seed banks.

When growing cannabis for the first time, the idea if choosing a strain may seem slightly complicated at first. There are strains of marihuana that grow taller, shorter, produce more or less branches, and a long list of differences that doesn’t end there. Apart from physical differences between plants, there are also many other unseen differences; some strains produce more sedating and relaxing effects, whereas others may cause energetic and euphoric sensations, known to be more uplifting.

Every hybrid strain has its own characteristics, and within each strain there may also be various types of phenotypes, which are variations on the same strain that may differentiate in aroma, effect or even appearance.

What Seed Banks Can you Find on GB?

On GB’s website you can find different types of seeds from various seed banks; you can choose from the best in the world, almost seventy cannabis seed banks from around the world, plus you’ll also be able to choose from some of the best seeds chosen with care by GB. Some of the best seed banks on our page are Dinafem, Sweet Seeds, Medical Seeds, CBD Seeds and Delicious Seeds.

You’ll also find seed banks known for having a large amount of medicinal seeds including CBD; these seed banks are Sweet Seeds, Dinafem, Green House Seed Co., Genehtik and many more.

The Best Cannabis Seeds for Indoor and Outdoor Cannabis Grows

We have a super-wide range of possibilities when it comes to choosing your cannabis seeds and strain, covering the needs of all types of growers thanks to these potent, high-yielding plants that these strains produce.

GB will always help you to choose the perfect strain for you and your growing method; there’s quite a large difference between the thousands of strains that we have available.

All of our cannabis seeds are stored in the best possible humidity and temperature conditions so that our customers receive them as fresh as possible; GB The Green Brand has the best cannabis seeds at the best prices.

Types of Cannabis Seeds: Pros & Cons

  • Bulk Seeds: Pro – these are high quality strains at a much lower price than seed banks. Con – Each bank has their own version of each strain, so loose seeds may not be similar to the particular bank in mind.
  • Feminized seeds: Pro – these feminized cannabis seeds stop males from sprouting in your grow. Con – they cannot be used for breeding and stabilizing your own strains.
  • Autoflowering seeds: Pro – you can grow decent-sized strains in record times, some taking just 2 months. Con – yields are usually less than normal seasonal cannabis strains.
  • Regular Seeds: Pro – you can choose your own phenotypes and make your own strain. Con – you need to get rid of every male (+/- 40%).
  • Bulk Autoflowering Seeds: Pro – you can choose from 1 – 1000 seeds of your favorite auto strain at the best price.
  • CBD Seeds: Pro – these CBD strains produce flowers high in CBD, known for its medicinal properties. Con – the strains produced from these seeds don’t produce any psychoactive effects.
  • Autoflowering regular seeds: Pro – with these seeds you can grow your own autoflowering strains. Con – there’s very little time to work with them for hybridization.
  • Hemp seeds: Pro – you can make oils, fiber, ropes, paper and a very long list of thing using these plants. Con – these plants produce almost no medicinal or psychoactive cannabinoids at all.

Buy Cannabis Seeds on GB, The Green Brand

GB is currently one of the best online headshops when it comes to buying high quality weed seeds. The seeds that we sell have a 99% germination rate when done right. Since the 70s, THC content in cannabis plants has been steadily rising, and over the last few years strains have been found very close to 30% THC, whereas in the 70s it was hardly reaching 10%; it’s much easier to find strains with high THC counts these days.

Regarding CBD, the famous medicinal cannabinoid, it has also evolved a lot over the past few years; you can now grow strains that produce large amounts of CBD and that can be consumed while still going about your business.

Seed Search Engine

We have the best seed search engine on the market; choose your seed using various different filters including seed bank, indica/sativa percentage, climate, flavor, price, recommended use, seed type, recommended grow type, cannabinoid profile, effect and flowering times both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to these filters you can save quite a lot of time choosing a strain that adapts perfectly to your needs.

You’ll find pure indicas, hybrids and sativas, plus we also have seeds from all around the world, from US strains, Dutch strains, Spanish strains and many more.

This page also offers loose and bulk autoflowering marihuana strains, and feminized seeds, including CBD seeds. These seeds don’t have packaging, are high quality seeds and much cheaper than those found in seed banks.

Buy Cannabis Seeds via Cash on Delivery & Free Shipping

One of the best advantages of CoD purchasing is that you don’t have to provide bank details at any point. This option is available for over one thousand cannabis seeds, however it’s only available for purchases made within mainland Spain.

Most orders within Spain are delivered within 24h, taking up to 48h in case of delays; we ship to all countries except for those where selling and germinating marihuana seeds is illegal. Additionally, all national purchases receive free shipping over 30€.

10 Cannabis Seed Facts

  • For proper germination, cannabis seeds must be conserved in a low-humidity environment that doesn’t go over 8°C.
  • There are seeds for all types of budgets; from 3€ seeds to exuberantly priced strains.
  • April 20th is known worldwide as World Cannabis Day.
  • Cannabis seeds have a 99% germination rate.
  • Every strain is different and requires a different type of climate.
  • THC percentages have increased almost 300% since the 70s.
  • Cannabis seeds can take between 1 and 14 days to germinate, without varying in quality.
  • Cannabis seeds that float can germinate.
  • Stored in a fridge, with low humidity levels and low lighting, cannabis seeds can last for up to 10 years.
  • Cannabis seeds are the most nutritional seeds in the world.

What Cannabis Strain is best for Outdoor Growing?

Contrary to what most growers think, there really isn’t any specific type of strain made for indoors or outdoors. All cannabis seeds are valid for both methods, although when taking into account other factors you may have more luck with one strain than another. If you’re growing outdoors, your climate is super important; some strains do much better with the cold and humidity than others, which may be more suited for hot, dry climates.

How to Store Cannabis Seeds

Storing cannabis seeds correctly is incredibly important when it comes to germination; if you don’t store cannabis seeds correctly they end up deteriorating and losing germination power. In order to increase the lifespan of your cannabis seeds you should keep them in a cold area, between 6 and 9 °C with a humidity range of 20-30%.

How Long do Cannabis Seeds Take to Germinate

How long it takes for a particular seed to germinate depends on many different factors, such as the state of the seeds, the climate conditions in your germination area and the method used. All of these factors make germination times vary quite a lot; you might be able to germinate seeds in two days, or they may take up to 15 days.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds

GB has the best seed selection that you can find online. We stock from most classic, old school strains to top-gen strains that are slowly taking over the world. All of these strains can be found in our wide range of seed banks, some of which are world-renowned. We also have some lesser-known seed banks that will surprise you with their prices and quality.