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Cannabis seeds

  • Bulk seeds
    <p>Here at we’re constantly <strong>aiming to meet our customer’s needs</strong>, which is why we have an entire section of affordable bulk seeds, where you can find some of the best strains at an amazing anti-recession price. Quality seeds can be sold at <strong>affordable prices</strong> too!</p> <p>Breeders and various seed banks send us plenty of <strong>different strains</strong> so that we can sell them on at much more affordable prices. These seeds are just as cared for and meticulously created as seeds from any seed bank on the market right now. These seeds are <strong>100% feminized</strong>, <strong>controlled</strong> and <strong>genetically</strong> stabilized so that they don’t cause germination issues or other issues such as hermaphroditism. Of course, there are cheaper seeds on the market than some of these bulk seeds, but we don’t suggest trusting any seed bank that sells cheaper than bulk, as there’s no quality guarantee. Those kinds of seeds tend to be quite unstable and they can really mess up your grow and reputation, which is why we don’t sell them on our website.</p> <p>Take a look and you’ll find <strong>all kinds of seeds and effects</strong>, such as <strong>Critical 100% Feminized</strong>. This indica strain is widely appreciated by indoor growers looking for high yields in short flowering periods. It grows out a large central stem which is where most of the flowers grow, so it’s easy to place plenty of them per square meter and set them straight to flower – this’ll make for long, thick colas of hefty, resinous buds.</p> <p>If you’re looking for indoor <strong>sativas</strong>, we have plenty of options such as <a href="">Amnesia</a>, or strains that you can use to get enormous yields using a <strong>SCRoG</strong> system, such as <strong>Mexican Brazilian</strong>. Amnesia is fast-flowering, which is helpful indoors for height issues, but the only way you’ll be able to control Mexican Brazilian is by training it with a mesh or net. Amnesia should be grown in a <strong>SoG system</strong>, placing your plants straight under 12/12h of light and dark with around 16 plants per square meter. Mexican Brazilian is perfect for <strong>SCRoG systems</strong>; you’ll get never seen before results.</p> <p>We also <strong>have perfect outdoor strains</strong> such as large plants like <a href="">Baby Dirck</a> or plants that deal well with outdoor humidity such as <strong>Kali Mist</strong>. Both of these strains give enormous yields, although they differ quite a lot in cycle length and flavor. <strong>Baby Dirck</strong> is a plant that grows out as wide as it does tall, turning into a big ball of buds. It’s perfect for hot climates as it needs plenty of heat until October or else it might rot and ruin your grow. If you live somewhere prone to humidity, Kali Mist is probably better for you, as it gives <strong>large yields and does well with humidity</strong> and rot. It has beautiful fresh flavors, making the wait until November worth it.</p> <p>Whatever strain you may be looking for, you’re sure to find it here in our bulk seeds section; <strong>we have indicas, sativas and hybrids for indoors, outdoors and both</strong>. Every seed has its own complete description including characteristics etc.</p> <p>ALL OUR SEEDS <strong>UNDERGO QUALITY CONTROL, GUARANTEEING 90% GERMINATION </strong>AND ARE KEPT IN THE FRIDGE UNTIL SOLD. <strong>THE MAIN CAUSES OF FAILURE IN SEEDS ARE RELATED TO GERMINATING PROBLEMS.</strong> FOR EXCHANGES OF FAILED SEEDS YOU NEED TO <strong>FOLLOW THE GERMINATING STEPS DETAILED ON OUR BLOG,</strong> TAKE PHOTOS OF THE PROCESS WITH A DIGITAL CAMERA (INCLUDING THE DATE) AND KEEP THE CONTAINERS. IF YOUR SEEDS DO NOT SPROUT WHILE FOLLOWING THESE STEPS, WE WILL REPLACE THEM IF YOU SEND US THE PHOTOS BY EMAIL AND THE FAILED PACKS TO OUR SHOP.</p>
  • Feminized seeds
    <p>One of the biggest consequences of cannabis prohibition was the constant <strong>search to increase the amount of female plants in grows</strong>, as male plants have hardly any sort of psychoactive effect; the limited and dangerous prospect of growing cannabis needed to have a guaranteed positive result, avoiding accidental pollination as well as wasting time and space on useless male plants – growers generally look for psychoactive and <a href="">medicinal</a> or recreational effects in their plants.</p> <p>The whole panorama of wanting female plants but risking getting males pushed seed companies and others to try and find out a way to increase the presence of female plants in grows. The first thing they started doing was picking female plants which showed the most resistance to stress – the less stressed the plant got, the less likely its offspring was to become a hermaphrodite plant. The chosen plant was cloned, and its sex was reverted so that as well as being XX, genetically, they also began to show XY chromosomes. This is how they’d pollinate female plants that hadn’t had their sex reverted. This means that genetically, any plants born from this cross will be female, as both parents have a set of XX chromosomes.</p> <p>In the 90s this was done by using a high amount of gibberellin, a hormone found naturally in plants which, depending on the concentration found in the plant, controls whether they’re female or male. This method, however, didn’t ensure stable feminization like with the method that we use today – keep in mind that even with all of these advancements, there is absolutely no way to 100% feminize seeds, and right now we have a success rate of around 99.7% due to the fact that male plants can appear on female plants due to stress and other external factors. Years ago, hermaphrodite plants were actually quite common but thanks to STS (steroid sulfatase) we’ve been able to stabilize them, and now it’s much harder to find a hermie hiding in your grow – keep in mind that all of these genetically modified plants are much more sensitive to light contamination and other kinds of stress that can force them to change sex during mid-grow.</p> <p>The two cases in which plant hermaphroditism is likely are when the genes of the plant itself have been badly chosen, or if they’re in a less than ideal grow environment; if you don’t respect your plants’ needs, then you might end up with some hermaphrodites on your hands. Issues such as light contamination, temperature stress, excess nutrients and many others can easily affect your plant to the point where it can become a hermaphrodite.</p> <h3><strong>Feminized Seed Pros</strong></h3> <p>One of the biggest advantages when it comes to using these kinds of seeds is that you don’t have to keep an eye on your grow to <strong>make sure that there aren’t any sneaky male plants</strong> – having a male in your grow could spell disaster if you don’t catch it before it pollinates your female plants. Nobody likes finding seeds in their meticulously grown plants, knowing that they take up space, ruin <a href="">THC </a>levels, and they taste terrible – apart from getting you a longer sentence if the police discovers your grow (in Spain, at least).</p> <h3><strong>Feminized Seed Cons</strong></h3> <p>The downside to feminized seeds compared to regular seeds that can be either male or female, is that they don’t grow as vigorously or as strongly. For reasons unknown, <strong>feminized seeds just aren’t as good as regular seeds</strong>. The best way to tell if a seed bank is good or not is by testing a few of their seeds and seeing exactly how stable they are – if the seed bank used regular seeds to create their hybrids, then the resulting plants should be <strong>stronger and less likely to get stressed – regular plants will always give much more yield</strong>, as long as they’re female and have been grown in good conditions.</p> <p>The strength that regular seeds have might be due to the fact that they haven’t gone through any sort of chemical feminization treatment such as STS or with gibberellin. All of these characteristics like strength and weakness are transferred to future generations as well as any clones or cuttings taken from the plant – clones from regular plants will root much faster than clones from feminized plants.</p> <p>Another good thing about regular seeds is that you can make your very own hybrids using regular seeds, choosing the phenotype and strain that you prefer. It’s a great way to learn to differentiate between male and female flowers.</p> <h3><strong>If you’re not sure what seed to pick, you can go ahead and get in contact with us for some free advice!</strong></h3>
  • Autoflowering seeds
    <p>Find the <strong>autoflowering marijuana seeds you were looking</strong> for in the GrowBarato catalogue. A wide selection of the best seed banks in the cannabis world with great discounts on all strains. Purchase the genetics you were looking for, for much <strong>cheaper than you had imagined</strong> and regardless of the bank.</p> <p>Many growers refuse to grow autoflowering marijuana because they claim resulting plants are unproductive and that they all taste the same. <strong>In we've been growing Autoflowering strains virtually since they first appeared</strong>, and we have seen their evolution, crop after crop. It might be true that in the past they were of a poor quality and plants could stay tiny, but <strong>it was also true we didn't have experience on how to grow them. But all this has changed. Whatever strain you decide to plant, as long as you take proper care of them, you will get a fine quality and decent sized plant</strong>. On the other hand, if you don't make sure the right parameters are kept, administering a poor watering plan (for example, by flooding the pot at the beginning) or plant it straight away in a huge pot, you will certainly get smaller and bad quality plants. But the seeds are not the ones to blame! If you do it your way you might be lucky sometimes,<strong> but if you want to get your autoflowering plants right always and since the start, just follow our advice by reading our blog and watching our tutorial videos!</strong></p> <p>There is an essential difference within the<strong> two types of autoflowering seeds: seeds of the first type take 2 months to complete their cycle after sprouting, whereas seeds of the other type take 3 months.</strong></p> <p>The<strong> 2-month ones are the most sought-after since they will yield quick harvests indoors or outdoors during the summertime.</strong> In this way, you will get to smoke your own weed much quicker than with seasonal plants. <strong>In the same time you get a crop with feminized seasonal plants you can get almost 2 crops with autoflowering ones,</strong> getting more weight in a shorter period. Autoflowering seeds are thus ideal for those who smoke a lot and tend to run out of weed, since having to wait for 2 weeks to smoke isn't as hard as 1 month and a half!</p> <p><strong>The 3-month strains provide very productive yields with very few plants.</strong> We can grow them indoors in a grow room, and with only <strong>4 plants we will have more than enough to cover the space of a 600W spot.</strong> Outdoors it is possible to get very important productions with discreet plants since they can be grown all year round as long as we have the right weather.</p> <p>Many seed banks offer most<strong> of their seasonal varieties in autoflowering version</strong> so that if you love a certain strain you can have it ready for harvesting much sooner. We have many favorite ones, because we are real smokers who appreciate different flavours.<strong> Each person prefers a different feature,</strong> such as to get large plants or an incense-like taste. All you have to do <strong>is read the reviews we've written in order to make an informed choice. Over the last years, we've had time to taste most of them, either because we've grown them or someone has invited us to try them, </strong>so we have tried virtually 80% of the strains we sell.</p> <p><strong>If you ask for a quick recommendation, we can tell you about a few strains</strong> and the best of each of them, so that you don't spend too much time searching and are aware of a few safe bets, at least. If you are looking for a <strong>powerful plant, with an effect that will make you sweat and a earthy taste,</strong> you can certainly go for the 2-month Sweet Skunk by <a href="">Sweet Seeds</a>. If you're looking for <strong>very productive plants, with a lot of resin and an incensed-earthy taste, Deimos of Buddha Seeds</strong> might be the right one for you. If you i<strong>ntend to get a very high production growing indoors, get 16 Critical + Auto by</strong> Dinafem under a 600W spot for 2 months. If what you want is an <strong>important  outdoor production, try any of the XXL strains of <a href="">Dinafem</a>, Big Devil XL of Sweet Seeds or Magnum of Buddha Seeds.</strong></p> <p class="p1">ALL OUR SEEDS <b>UNDERGO QUALITY CONTROLS THAT GUARANTEE A 90% SPROUTING</b> AND ARE KEPT IN THE FRIDGE UNTIL SOLD. <b>MAIN CAUSES OF FAILURE IN SEEDS ARE RELATED TO SPROUTING PROBLEMS.</b> FOR EXCHANGES OF FAILED SEEDS YOU NEED TO <b>FOLLOW THE SPROUTING STEPS DETAILED IN OUR BLOG,</b> TAKE PHOTOS OF THE PROCESS WITH A DIGITAL CAMERA (INCLUDING THE DATE) AND KEEP THE CONTAINERS. IF YOUR SEEDS DO NOT SPROUT WHILE FOLLOWING THESE STEPS, WE WILL REPLACE THEM IF YOU SEND US THE PHOTOS BY EMAIL ALONG WITH THE FAILED PACKS TO OUR SHOP.</p>
  • Regular seeds
    <p>Regular seeds from several banks. <strong>Regular seeds are the classic ones, those which have been selected and kept over the years to maintain their properties of smell, taste and productivity.</strong> Come back to the era where buds were buds and get your best productions. <strong>In our catalogue you will find regular seeds from many seed banks along with detailed descriptions where we tell you everything we know</strong> about the strain.</p> <p>Regular marijuana seeds <strong>work the old natural way.</strong> They <strong>can become male or female,</strong> but you can be sure they <strong>have undergone unique selection processes to guarantee you'll get a plant chosen among thousands for its quality, </strong>strength and productivity and not for being 100% female (as it is the case of feminized seeds). This selection vs. manipulation results in <strong>important differences of quality between feminized and regular seeds</strong>. The latter <strong>have not been genetically modificated to become female</strong> and so they <strong>are much more resistant to a whole series of problems.</strong> The most common problem among <strong>feminized seeds is they might produce male flowers when facing different types of stress</strong> such as an excess of heat or lack of watering.</p> <p>Many <strong>of the old classic banks we started to work when we first opened keep on producing their strains in regular format. Banks such as Sense Seeds or Paradise Seeds have been offering their seeds for more than 20 years through the</strong> crossbred of strains from all over the world. Little by little, they have evolved to follow the market evolution by offering feminized seeds, too. However, <strong>in their catalogues you will always find the original strains that allowed them to gain a reputation.</strong> Skunk#1 or Jack Herer are quality insignia of Sensi Seeds, and it happens the same with Nebula or Sensi Star of Paradise Seeds. <strong>White Label is the second seed bank of Sensi Seeds, where you can find most of their strains at an economical price.</strong></p> <p><strong>Other banks only offer regular seeds. For instance,</strong> <a href="">Mr. Nice Seedbank</a> has remained loyal to its beliefs and only sells the <strong>most powerful cannabis seeds from its selections and crossbreds that have gained it a solid name.</strong> Strains such as <strong>Critical Mass or NL#5 Haze will surprise us with a strength and productivity</strong> we have not found since feminized seeds became the norm.</p> <p>You can find <strong>renowned seeds such as Ak-47 or White Russian from Serious Seeds, winners of many Cannabis Cups. Their different varieties together have won many cannabis competitions awards all over the world</strong>, which has brought them fame among growers. The fame of these powerful strains is well-deserved. <strong>Ak-47 is the most outstanding one but in their catalogue you will also find true genetic gems such as Warlock, Kali Mist or Exile,</strong> all in their regular format to give you maximum power, weight and satisfaction.</p> <p><strong>Dutch Passion is another of the big seed banks which has strains for all tastes.</strong> Almost all growers have tried at least one of their plants. In their catalogue you can <strong>find names such as Blueberry, Mazar or Euforia.</strong> They've been <strong>producing quality seeds for more than 20 years</strong> and their plants are regularly awarded in all kind of events. <strong>If you are looking for a Sativa but dislike waiting for too long, you have Power Plant.</strong> This strain, with a Sativa predominance and a short flowering stage will be the right one for you. <strong>If you are looking for a super high experience, Mekong Hight</strong> will give you that kind of brain trip full with silly laughs.</p> <p><strong>Flying Dutchmen is a seed bank ideal for those who appreciate incensed tastes that remind us of old churches.</strong> They have many hybrids of Haze and an Original Haze. They have <strong>the famous Fuma con Dios (Smoke with God), since when you smoke it it releases a scent exactly like the one in a church. </strong>Swazi Safari is a 70% Sativa with many buds and few leaves, ideal for SCRoG and outdoors crops, since its production is concentrated in the tips. <strong>Pot of Gold is a true source of resin</strong> and will be ideal for extractions lovers who will enjoy seeing this Indica growing.</p> <p><a href="">Cannabiogen</a> <strong>is a Spanish seed bank that brings their genetic strains from all over the world. Their strains have carved out a position for themselves and are today among the best</strong> varieties. Pakistan Chitral Kush, Caribe or Nepal Jam are just a few names. They have <strong>seeds as strong as Destroyer, a 100% Sativa that runs out of stock every time it's released</strong>. <strong>Sugar Loaf is one of the favorite hybrids of the bank. In many occasions, this bank launches collections for a limited amount of time where they introduce new strains of different parts of the world, such as the Colombia Punto Rojo (Colombia Red Point) or Colombiche Mexicana (Mexican Colombiche).</strong> They have strains for all tastes, different in between and searched among the best ones. </p> <p class="p1">ALL OUR SEEDS <b>UNDERGO QUALITY CONTROLS THAT GUARANTEE A 90% OF SPROUTING</b> AND ARE KEPT IN THE FRIDGE UNTIL SOLD. <b>THE MAIN CAUSES OF FAILURE IN SEEDS ARE RELATED TO SPROUTING PROBLEMS.</b> FOR EXCHANGES OF FAILED SEEDS YOU NEED TO <b>FOLLOW THE SPROUTING STEPS DETAILED IN OUR BLOG,</b> TAKE PHOTOS OF THE PROCESS WITH A DIGITAL CAMERA (INCLUDING THE DATE) AND KEEP THE CONTAINERS. IF YOUR SEEDS DO NOT SPROUT WHILE FOLLOWING THESE STEPS, WE WILL REPLACE THEM IF YOU SEND US THE PHOTOS BY EMAIL AND THE FAILED PACKS TO OUR SHOP.</p>
  • Bulk autoflowering seeds
    <p>Bulk autoflowering cannabis seeds; some of the best available strains, available in packs of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50,100... The higher the amount, the better the price. Don't be fooled by the price, as these seeds are of the utmost quality; they're sent to us by renowned seed banks in packs of 1000 so that we can sell them in bulk and at a better price. It's a great idea if you need a large amount of seeds or are simply looking for the cheapest option. At you'll find a large selection of strains from which to choose.</p> <p>There are varieties such as the renowned <strong>Auto Critical</strong>, with a large central bud that will produce virtually 80% of the yield if grown indoors. If you place several of them together, around 16 plants per m2 with a <strong>600W lamp</strong>, you'll get high yields only<strong> 60 days after sprouting</strong>. Its flavor is citric and sweet, very well known to any self-respecting smoker.</p> <p><strong><a href="">Auto Northern Light</a></strong> can give large and high-yielding plants. Though they take a bit longer to develop, the wait is well worth it. If you want a good yield you shouldn't plant many. You shouldn't go over 9 plants per m2 indoors to get excellent yields. Its flavor is earthy and strong and very pleasant for those that appreciate dense smoke. Its r<strong>elaxing effect</strong> will put a smile on your face.</p> <p><strong>Auto Cheese</strong> is one of the most resinous strains and provides a very strong taste that made it very popular some years ago. It produces plants with open and resinous buds and in general, it's very aromatic. It's ideal for those who make hash or BHO extracts as you can get a good return from these plants, even from the leaves. 9 plants per m2 will be enough to get around 350g in just 2 months. If you plant it outdoors in good soil, it will improve in as far as flavor as the resin trichomes can grow bigger.</p> <p>If you enjoy sweet flavors, <strong>Auto Maxi Gom</strong> will give you that fruity touch many smokers seek. Not everybody enjoys strong flavors and dense smoke; many people like softer smoke. Plants of this kind are short and therefore ideal for grows on balconies, indoors or guerrilla gorilla grows.</p> <p><strong>Auto Widow</strong> is another of the largest plants in this section, as it takes quite a lot of time before it starts flowering. It's hard to tell how, but the truth is its buds reach completion at the same time as other strains (i.e. 60-65 days after sprouting). Somehow, the buds develop more quickly. These plants have dense and resinous buds on the tips of the branches and we don't recommend placing more than 4 plants per lamp if you know how to train them properly, or a maximum of 9, if this is one of your first autoflowering grows.</p> <p>If you want plants with dense and resinous buds, don't miss out on <strong>Auto Diesel</strong>. This strain has a bitter-sweet taste and produces excellent quality yields. It develops a large central bud and smaller buds along the branches. It is an ideal strain to plant up to 9 per m2 with a 600W lamp. This setup should allow you to obtain 400g in just 2 months after germination.</p> <p>If you want a strain that guarantees large plants, you should grow <strong>3-month autoflowering plants</strong>. We have several strains that don't flower until 30 days after germination, whereas the 2-month ones will start flowering after day 21. To flower as much as a 2-month plant (40 days), a 3-month strain needs about 60 days. Due to having a longer growth period and flowering phase, it's only natural that they would give much more yield too.</p> <p>Bagnum is a 3-month strain that grows <strong>high-yielding plants in 90 days</strong>. They are ideal for outdoors, as they get much more sunlight all over, even on the bottom leaves - this rarely happens indoors due to the nature of artificial lights. Its tastes like incense and it must have Haze genes, also clear in its lucid, mental effect. Its flowers are open and full of resin, similar to a Skunk/sativa hybrid. You can place up to 4 plants indoors if you enjoy this strain, but it can be a bit awkward to grow for beginners.</p> <p><strong><a href="">Auto Serious</a> is similar to Northern Lights</strong> due to its hard, dense buds and earthy flavor. It can grow out wide, so be careful to not place many plants indoors. Its branches form long colas of buds from top to bottom. You can get up to 6g per branch and it usually grows between 16-20 branches and 17g from the central bud in a 7l pot; just imagine what you could achieve outdoors! They don't like high levels of nutrients, so take care with that - on the other hand these plants have a long cycle, so it is important to respect a regular fertilizing plan, avoiding excesses.</p> <p>We have many other varieties, each of them with their advantages and disadvantages. Find the one that suits your way of growing best, has the taste you prefer or provides the effect you seek after. It will be easy for you to find your way in our catalogue since all the strains we sell have been tested by the team and we know them perfectly well. We have written detailed <strong>descriptions of each of them, describing pros and cons so you are fully aware of what you are sowing before you start growing.</strong></p> <p class="p1">ALL OUR SEEDS <strong>UNDERGO QUALITY CONTROL, GUARANTEEING 90% GERMINATION </strong>AND ARE KEPT IN THE FRIDGE UNTIL SOLD. <strong>THE MAIN CAUSES OF FAILURE IN SEEDS ARE RELATED TO GERMINATING PROBLEMS.</strong> FOR EXCHANGES OF FAILED SEEDS YOU NEED TO <strong>FOLLOW THE GERMINATING STEPS DETAILED ON OUR BLOG,</strong> TAKE PHOTOS OF THE PROCESS WITH A DIGITAL CAMERA (INCLUDING THE DATE) AND KEEP THE CONTAINERS. IF YOUR SEEDS DO NOT SPROUT WHILE FOLLOWING THESE STEPS, WE WILL REPLACE THEM IF YOU SEND US THE PHOTOS BY EMAIL AND THE FAILED PACKS TO OUR SHOP.</p>
  • Autoflowering Regular...
    <p>Autoflowering regular seeds – here you can find regular plants that can be either <strong>male or female</strong> from which you can create your own autoflowering hybrids. Sensi Seeds and Buddha Seeds offer some amazing seeds.</p> <p>Autoflowering seeds can’t be maintained as mother plants, so the only way to create them is to <strong>constantly cross them with each other</strong> or with a feminized plant to improve quality and flavor. You can make your own seeds by crossing them with each other or with other strains.</p> <p><a href=""><strong>Sensi  Seeds</strong></a><strong> </strong>offers two regular autoflowering strains, from which you can extract pollen for the males for your hybridization. One of their strains is <strong>Ruderalis Indica,</strong> a fast-flowering plant that grows quite fast but it doesn’t grow too big at all. This will give your hybrid indica genes, producing a large central stem and flowering quite early. If you cross these strains, the result won’t take over 60 days after germination to finish their cycle.</p> <p>Sensi’s other regular auto strain is <strong>Ruderalis Skunk</strong>, a more potent and flavorful strain. Its flowering tends to start when it gets to a certain size, so these plants tend to grow quite a bit. It’s perfect for crossing with other plants, increasing potency in as far as effect and flavor.</p> <p><a href=""><strong>Buddha Seeds</strong></a><strong> </strong>also works with autoflowering regular seeds, offering seeds such as <strong>Deimos and Magnum</strong>, autoflowering plants that take a total of three months to fully mature, yielding quite a lot of quality buds. They have other strains such as Syrup that can give your hybrid plenty of resin and sweet flavors, or White Dwarf so that your plants stay nice and short.</p> <p>If you’re looking to buy <strong>autoflowering regular seeds</strong> to make your very own autoflowering strain or simply to create your own seeds, now you can get your hands on some quality strains. You can make your very own stable hybrids.</p> <p>You can <strong>stabilize seeds</strong> by using other strains, but you need to cross them at least five times and keep the original father. Contact us if you want more information on how to do this yourself, as it requires quite a lot of explaining.</p> <p class="p1">ALL SEEDS <b>UNDERGO QUALITY CONTROLS THAT GUARANTEE 90% GERMINATION </b>AND ARE KEPT IN THE FRIDGE UNTIL SOLD. <b>THE MAIN CAUSES OF FAILURE IN SEEDS ARE RELATED TO THE GERMINATION PROCESS.</b> TO EXCHANGE FAILED SEEDS YOU NEED TO <b>FOLLOW THE GERMINATION STEPS DETAILED IN OUR BLOG. </b>TAKE PHOTOS OF THE PROCESS WITH A DIGITAL CAMERA (INCLUDING THE DATE) AND KEEP THE CONTAINERS. IF YOUR SEEDS DO NOT SPROUT WHILE FOLLOWING THESE STEPS, WE WILL REPLACE THEM IF YOU SEND US THE PHOTOS BY EMAIL ALONG WITH THE FAILED PACKS TO OUR SHOP.</p>
  • Hemp Seeds
    <p><strong>Cannabis hemp seeds</strong> have been around all throughout history, known as some of the most useful plants to ever have existed. For centuries now, hemp plants’ properties have been made the most off in order to make <strong>fiber, hemp oil, clothes, paper</strong> and even fishing nets thanks to how strong it is.</p> <p>Hemp plants have been grown all around the world for years now, although nowadays industrial hemp plants are being grown all over Europe, taking up large masses of land and generating plenty of job positions. This is because you can make the most out of <strong>every single part</strong> of this plant; stems, branches, leaves, flowers and roots.</p> <p>Spain is a country in which cannabis, in its hemp and psychoactive form, has always been present in one way or another, with <strong>Valencia </strong>being most-known for its hemp farms. In<strong> Alicante</strong> you can visit the<strong> Hemp Museum</strong> and learn all about how to grow and harvest this plant. Now, we’ve added legal industrial hemp seeds to our catalogue; they are authorized for transport and handling thanks to the EU. In order to buy hemp seeds simply have a look through our catalogue, where you can find strains chosen for their<strong> fiber, flowers, seed and oil yield</strong>.</p> <h2><strong>Where to buy hemp seeds<br /></strong></h2> <p>Right here! Have a look through our catalogue and choose the industrial hemp strain that most suits your needs.</p> <ul><li><strong>Santhica</strong> <strong>70</strong>: this is a monoicous industrial hemp strain that was developed in France. You can get some pretty impressive yields from this plant. Its flowers are quite medicinal thanks to their incredibly low THC content <strong>(+/- 0.12%)</strong>, average CBD content <strong>(+/- 0.25%)</strong> and high CBG content <strong>(+/- 2-3%)</strong>. It can also be used for making CBD and CBG extracts, both of which contain many beneficial properties.</li> </ul><p></p> <ul><li><strong>Kompolti</strong>: this type of hemp strain is dioicous, and it was developed and created in Hungary. It’s known for producing an enormous amount of hemp seeds that contain <strong>a lot of hemp oil</strong>, which is known for being one of the best natural oils available. You can also use it for its flowers, making your own CBD extracts.</li> </ul><p></p> <ul><li><strong>Futura</strong> <strong>75</strong>: another monoicous strain that was <strong>bred and grown in France</strong>, where it has been grown for years thanks to the amount of CBD-rich flowers it produces. This particular strain is one of the most used to make CBD extracts using CO2.</li> </ul><p></p> <ul><li><strong>Felina</strong> <strong>32</strong>: this industrial hemp strain grows quite large and has a short, fast flowering period. It can be used to make amazing CBD extracts due to the fact that its flowers are <strong>rich in CBD</strong>, and it has the perfect combination of terpenes.</li> </ul><p></p> <ul><li><strong>Zenit</strong>: a Romanian monoicous strain that’s grown quite a lot due to its ability to produce an enormous amount of large, high quality hemp seeds that are ideal for making large amounts of hemp seed oil.</li> </ul><p></p> <ul><li><strong>Monoica</strong>: this is one of the best industrial monoicous hemp strains out there. You can get incredible results regarding seed yield, and their seeds produce quite a lot of oil. You can also obtain quite a high amount of flowers that produce lots of CBD.</li> </ul><p></p> <h2><strong>Is it legal to buy hemp seeds?</strong></h2> <p>All of the hemps seeds available for purchase on our webpage have been authorized for growth, transport, cultivation and use for <strong>product elaboration by the EU</strong>.</p> <p>These strains have been <strong>stabilized</strong> so that their THC levels do not go over the established limits. Keep in mind that if you don’t want your plants to produce more THC than intended, you will need to make sure that <strong>they don’t receive too intense of a diet</strong>; do not give them large amounts of fertilizers or nutrients. This may intervene with <strong>THC production</strong> and increase it.</p> <p>Another factor that may interfere with the amount of THC produced in your hemp plants is the area where you’re growing and the weather. Make sure, before you start growing, that your climate is similar to the <strong>original climate of the strain</strong>. Check out our catalogue to buy your own hemp seeds and make your own medicine.</p>
Quality marijuana seeds from all seed banks

Seeds are one of the reproduction methods of many plants, including Cannabis Sativa, better known as marijuana. Marijuana plants reproduce sexually, which means two types of reproductive organs are necessary. Some plants are male whereas others are female. However, a female plant might bear male flowers and thus, self-pollinate. 

On the other hand, there are also types of cannabis that are designed to produce fiber, food and medicinal extracts. This type of cannabis is called industrial hemp, and it’s a lot more laid back. You don’t need to worry about male and female plants mingling, because the parts you want from this plant are the trunks, branches and leaves. These plants are bred and grown to not produce high amounts of psychoactive substances. Regardless, they can still produce cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG, both of which have amazing medicinal properties. You can also grow them to produce seeds, which produce a high amount of hemp oil which is one of the most beneficial oils that you can include in your diet.

In nature, male flowers would pollinate female ones, seeds would fall into the ground and as a result of the surrounding humidity of so many plants, the seeds would germinate, becoming new plants. Female flowers are the ones that have a calyx or receptacle, whereas the male ones have staminate flowers that produce pollen. When the flowering time arrives, the female plant catches the pollen in the pistils of its flowers thanks to a resin it generates. From the pistils, pollen gets into the calyx, where a new seed is formed.

Usually, we need to let the seed dry for a few months before it becomes ready to germinate. In natural conditions, seeds dry out inside the plant itself, since cannabis is a deciduous plant that dies every year just to be reborn the next one from the seeds that manage to germinate.

In a natural environment, hybrids (interbred plants) are not very common because the plant is globally banned and there are not many uncontrolled plantations. However, and for some years now, seed banks have been emerging to look for outstanding marijuana varieties and do one of this:1) fix the breed or 2) interbreed (cross) different varieties in order to get hybrids that feature the best characteristics of both species.

According to some studies, marijuana seeds strength has increased by 300% during the last decade.

Little by little, technique has evolved and, though marijuana has been smoked for many years, it is only in the last decade that its power has been increased by 300%. In the 70's THC content was about 10%, in the 80's it was close to 12%, in the 90's it went up to 15%, by 2000 it was already 20% and in 2015 THC content has gone up to 30%. This means that as times goes by, much stronger marijuana species are being found and fixed.

Apart from the strength, many other aspects have been improved. As already mentioned, seeds can lead to female or male plants (50% of chances for each). The truth is it is not always a 50%, since final gender depends a lot on the growing parameters of the first days. A higher ambient relative humidity will get our seeds to develop into female plants mainly, whereas if the ambient is hot and dry mostly male plants will develop. Nowadays, most commercialized cannabis seeds are feminized and lead to 99% of female plants and 1% of hermaphrodites. Though this is not perfect, we have gone a long way from the times we had to discard 5 plants out of 10 to nowadays situation, when only 1 plant out of 100 has to be discarded. Considerable progress has obviously been made.

Usually, a grower person tends to plant between 4 to 10 plants, and then, the probability of failure (only getting male plants) is very small. On the other hand, germination is a much more delicate stage where failure is more probable. Indeed, this not depends so much on the seed but on the conditions we surround it with.

Marijuana seeds need a constant humidity supply from the moment they germinate until the plant dies. Normally, in order to germinate the seeds we put them between paper serviettes or cotton, we wait between 2 to 15 days until they pop up and we see the first root. Then, we plant them in an environment where the seedling starts shaping up. Later, and after 15 additional days, we start seeing our marijuana plant. From then onwards, everything goes too fast but it is very common humidity is wrong before the root develops.

The reason why they do not tend to germinate is because the paper or cotton dries out before the first root manages to come out, and since they cannot absorb water, the humidity supply ceases and they die. No matter how much you moisten them; at this point they will only rot. This is the most common failure scenario. Another one is to drench the serviette paper in excess so the seeds suffocate and rot straight away. A third failure mistake is to have a wrong temperature: when it is cold, seeds do not germinate but when it is too hot, the wet paper will "cook" seeds which will  also die.

In many occasions, seeds are blamed for a missed crop, but the truth is cannabis seeds germinate in 99% of the cases, even if they are low-quality. It is very common to see a grower trying to germinate 5 different types of seeds and failing with all of them. It can't be the seeds' fault but the grower's!


There are also many myths about marijuana seeds. Some people say that if you put them in a glass full of water and they float this means they are empty and won't germinate, but I have grown myself this kind of seeds and they have become perfect plants. Another myth that needs to be refuted urgently is that the ones that can be squashed are empty, the same as the floating ones.

All seeds you try to squash will be eventually squashed, this depends only on the applied pressure. There is no scale for this, but what I can assure you is that if you try hard enough, you will smash your seeds. So, why don'ty you try to germinate them normally, instead?

Another myth to be denied is that a small or whitish seed will not germinate. There are many varieties whose seeds are small and white and they germinate as well as the biggest and blackest ones; you only need to give them a chance.

Once you get your plants to germinate we will enjoy the sight of your marijuana plants with their beautiful and recognizable leaves in only a few days from the potting-on. If we use seeds of different types, we will normally get very different plants.

Within the same species of marijuana we can find different subspecies, which are classed as Sativas and Indicas. Within those two types there are hundreds of subspecies that can be interbred. Then, there are other two distinct factors that differentiate seeds: seasonal seeds and autoflowering seeds.

We can get a hybrid that has 60% of Sativa genes and 40% of Indica ones and it might turn up as seasonal or autoflowering, depending on the type of plants that have been interbred.

Seasonal plants depend on the photoperiod outdoors in order to bloom. This means that as the days get longer, from the beginning of winter till the arrival of summer, our plants will be at the growing stage. As the days start to shorten and nights become increasingly longer, our seasonal plants will start blooming. Being extremely sensitive to light, your plants mustn't be disturbed at night time with any type of light such as a street lamp or a light in the terrasse. 

Autoflowering plants' bloom does not depend on any photoperiod. They come from a species called Rudelaris, which originated in the North of Europe. It grows wildly in the coldest mountains and their seeds are able to freeze and germinate once again when the weather is favorable. This type of plant blooms in two different ways: either it reaches a certain height and blooming starts or it starts flowering once it's reached a specific age.

The quality of both seasonal and autoflowering plants keeps on increasing . Until very recently, autoflowering seeds provide quite a low quality and reduced productions. Now, autoflowering plants have improved a lot, and some hybrids are as good as seasonal plants besides providing 60-day-old cycles from the moment they sprout till the harvest.

It is said that Sativa plants produce a more cerebral effect since they possess a higher THC content, whereas Indicas are more relaxing due to their high levels of CBD and CBN among their cannabinoids. The truth is that cannabis is not a hard drug and if you are a regular smoker you will notice the effect more or less depending on the context, time of the day and who you are smoking it with. However, it is true that a concentrated extraction of these cannabinoids such as BHO will increase the effects noticeably.

Now you can get down to work and plant your seeds, create your own strains by interbreeding and selecting the ones you prefer or become an expert on your favorite plant's behaviour. Seeds are both a well and badly known acquaintance for many growers, who distrust them from the beginning and decide to grow from slips. A crop from seeds will always lead to plants which are somehow different, the same way siblings of the same family are not all just the same. On the other hand, they will also provide us with much more marijuana than a crop grown from slips.