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Nutrient Packs

Nutrient Packs for Growing Cannabis

If you want to start growing cannabis and you’re not sure where to start, have a look through our nutrient pack catalogue. We have kits and packs of all sorts to suit all growers’ needs, for both organic and mineral grows depending on the brand you choose and your preferences when it comes to growing cannabis.

Top Crop kits are some of the most used nutrient packs when it comes to growing cannabis. Their basic kit comes with a root stimulant called Deeper Underground, as well as a growth and flowering kit, allowing you to successfully grow average plants. They also stock an autoflowering kit that has absolutely everything your auto plants could need. Autos tend to start flowering after around 20 total days, so it contains mostly flowering products. Top Crop’s complete kit contains absolutely everything your plants need for both the growth and flowering periods, which is essentially their entire range of products – your plants will have access to absolutely everything they need.

Hesi’s Starter Box is a full range of mineral fertilizers. All you have to do is pick the right box that corresponds with your growing medium; they have a version for soil, hydro and coco coir. Each one has the necessary products for each medium. These incredibly affordable packs are perfect for beginner growers.

Grotek’s Mega Pack is one of the most professional packs you can get, as it contains products used to increase yield from cannabis plants. It’s a combination between organic and chemical products that’ll give your plants everything they need when it comes to quality minerals, which are easily absorbed. It comes with specific nutrients for each and every phase, as well as additives. You can get the Six Pack which comes with all of their flowering fertilizers in 250ml containers, which make them perfect for autoflowering plants, cuttings that are being flipped to flower or for buffering up your large plants’ flowering period.

Canna’s fertilizer kit is another of our most-sold kits, as it’s known for the amazing results that it provides and how affordable it is. You’ll be able to cover your plants’ entire cycle; you won’t need a singly additive or extra nutes if done right. You’ll be able to grow large roots thanks to Rhizotonic, stimulate the flowering period with Canna Boost Accelerator and fatten your buds using pK 13/14. Grow amazing plants thanks to this professional yet affordable nutrient pack.

BioBizz also has a complete nutrient pack that allows you to grow cannabis plants; their organic ingredients allow you to increase flavor, strength and aroma in your flowers. You’ll be quite surprised by the amazing results that you can obtain from organic nutrient; they contain an enormous amount of sugars that fatten buds and can help your plants to avoid nutrient deficiencies.

Atami has various different kits too, as they stock both organic and mineral products for all grow medium. Their ATA Organic Box contains all of their organic products in order to get the best results in as far as quality. Organic fertilizers produce slightly less flowers than mineral fertilizers, although the quality of your final product will almost be much better. Also, when growing outdoors in the ground, you can’t use mineral products as they may contaminate the environment. If you want to get larger yields, we highly recommend the Bloombastic Box which comes in soil, hydro and coco formats. Bloombastic is one of their best products, as it’s used to create sweeter, larger and denser cannabis flowers.

BioTabs stocks one of the simplest packs; once you’ve used these products you probably won’t need to use any more at all in the entire process. These fertilizers are slow-releasing tablets that can be used in your plants’ substrate or hydroponically – we highly recommend setting up an automatic watering system for these tablets. During the flowering period you may need to dose again, although that’s pretty much it. All of the nutrients in the BioTabs pack are perfect for your plants’ roots, including beneficial fungi and bacteria.

So, if you’re looking for a full pack that will allow you to grow cannabis from start to finish; all you have to do is choose your growing medium and the best kit for it. Each product description contains a detailed description on how to use each pack, and the expected results with each product. Make the most of our permanent offers!