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Clipper Products

Clipper Lighters - Quality and Efficiency

Clipper is a Spanish company that is known around the world for their quality, highly affordable lighters. It was founded in Barcelona, 1972, and are still the leading lighter company to this day. Everyone that smokes has a clipper lighter in their pocket or in their house – they are everywhere, on holidays, at bars, on nights out, on work breaks; everyone has a clipper.

How did they do it? They became necessary, and began to produce amazing designs and sell their lighters at incredibly low prices. We have a wide range of the Clipper catalogue here at, with plenty of their lighters and beautiful designs. They release new designs and collections all the time, with beautiful drawings and colors, as well as specific cannabis-related designs. They also sell classic lighters with silicone cases that keep your lighter safe and are super easy to clean.

They stock a wide range of Minitube Clipper lighters too, which are slightly longer at the top. They’re perfect for using with bongs and pipes without burning the tips of your fingers. Their deluxe metal lighters are absolutely magnificent, and come in golden or silver colors. They’re made out of sturdy materials and look great – make sure your friends don’t steal it though! All of their models are currently selling out.

Clipper has always been one of our main collaborators, even making us some personalized lighters. They also made our exclusive, limited edition Growbarato Cup lighters. They’ve been super helpful, placing our designs on their lighters so that our customers can have the latest designs wherever they go. Clipper is definitely our favorite lighter brand and we hope it’s yours too!