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Climate control

Climate control for cannabis indoor growing

The best climate control systems for marijuana are available at Humidity and temperature controllers, extractors and any other item you might need; all of them are in our catalogue. It is important to provide the plants with the clean air they need, as it is not to disturb anybody with noise. This is particularly important because, apart from the nuisance to others, that might lead to the detection of your grow op. This is why we also sell quiet soundproof extractors and soundproof boxes.

Here you will find insulated ducts that will prevent noise from passing through the thin walls of the normal pipes. In addition, they help transfer the temperature from the air inside the tube towards the indoor space and thus, warm it. In this section, you can find everything you need to join the ducts safely, with pieces such as flanges and metal adhesive tape of the best quality. You can also find all parts needed to do splittings and fix systems of vent ducts, so that growing parameters are optimized.

Besides, our catalogue includes the best climate controllers on the market. They are essential to keep growing parameters under control and will help you get large productions.

Whatever you are looking for to ensure a right growing environment for your plants, you'll find it here. As always, products are the best price on the market, in stock and ready to be shipped to your home so that you can start your growing op on the right foot.