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Hydroponics and aeroponics

  • General Hydroponics
    <p><strong>GHE General Hydroponics systems</strong> are some of the most trustworthy hydroponic systems on the market right now. The Dutch Pot is one of their innovative and more famous hydroponics systems, used by cannabis growers all over the world as their first ever adventure into hydroponic or aeroponic growing.</p> <p>These growing systems are truly simple to use, and if you’ve never used them before you’ll be up and running before you know it. These systems essentially <strong>recirculate water with nutrients </strong>around your plants roots continuously, so they’re never missing out on anything.</p> <p>Their <strong>famous <a href="">Dutch Pot Hydro</a></strong> is one of the most used systems by both beginners and professionals. It’s essentially a tank and a growing table on which to place your clay-filled flowerpots. A pump pushes water up onto the table and towards your plants’ pots, which will begin <strong>trickling the water down the clay</strong> and through their roots, going back into the tank ready to go again. You’ll be able to grow some <strong>truly incredible plants</strong> with enormous yields like you’ve never seen before.</p> <p>We also have a cheaper version of the Dutch Pot called the <strong>Panda Hydro</strong>. It’s the same system but only fits <strong>8 plants</strong>. Just like the Dutch Pot, there is an aeroponic version of it that you can grow up to 40 clones.</p> <p>We also have a <strong>Dutch Pot Aero system</strong> that’s designed for growing clones. You can grow up to <strong>60 clones</strong> in one square meter, increasing yield quite a lot when compared to growing the same amount of clones and the amount of space it would take to do so. Air pumps push the nutrient solution and water to sprinklers that are just under your plants roots, which are out of the light. They’ll receive a thin spray of water constantly, allowing for plenty of oxygen which translates into larger yields.</p> <p>If you want to start off a bit slower, we have the <strong>Water Farm and Aqua Farm</strong>, which is just <strong>one pot</strong> with a hydroponic circulation system attached. The pot has a tank underneath it, where the water is stored, and a pump that pushes the water up through a tube, waters your plants and filters down to the tank again. These types of pots are perfect for maintaining mother plants, giving them specific nutrients and keeping them under control at all times.</p> <p>Aero Farm is just like Aqua farm, but with an aeroponic system which has sprinklers instead of a pump. These systems are great for <strong>trying aeroponics out</strong> for the first time, learning about pH and EC, which is <strong>needed</strong> when growing in aquatic media.</p> <p>Growers that have large amounts of plants can get their hands on the <strong><a href="">Aeroflo</a>, </strong>an aeroponic system that, instead of a flowerpot, has a sort of rail through which the water is deposited to the<strong> lower level</strong> where the roots are. This causes your plants roots to grow down a lot more, increasing vertical growth. Keep in mind that this system is only apt for rooted clones that you’re flipping to flower in no time, it cannot hold very large plants, but it does increase bud size using this method quite a lot.</p> <p>If you’re looking for a <strong>quality hydroponic or aeroponic system</strong>, this is the page for you. General Hydroponics has something for everyone.</p>
  • Neptune Hydroponics
    <p>Neptune hydroponics is <strong>a brand that offers several hydroponic and aeroponic growing systems.</strong> Neptune hydroponics offers quality products at affordable prices so you can have an hydroponic farm without needing to invest a lot of money. Neptune Hydroponics has a wide range of products for aeroponics, <strong>both for plants and cuttings,</strong> so you can root your cuttings hydroponically and then grow them in any other type of system.</p> <p><strong>One of their best-selling products is </strong><a href="">DWC Pot</a><strong>, an individual pot for growing a single plant in hydroponics</strong>. Growing is easier with these pots, because if there is an issue only one plant will be affected. You can grow plants from<strong> start to finish, or keep mother plants for a long time</strong>. One of their main features is it works by means of an air pump that, in case of breakdown, can be replaced for very little (although it is usually long-lasting). It is possible to<strong> root your own cuttings with the DWC propagator too. It is an easy system</strong> for rooting cuttings since you only need to cut them from the mother plant and place them in the propagator. An air pump will keep water oxygenated and splash the stems. Due to the <strong>high humidity generated under the tray</strong>, cuttings will <strong>start to root in a few days.</strong> It is a reliable system to make clones, where you won't need to spray them or provide any additional treatment.</p> <p><a href="">Octopot</a> is also<strong> one of the best-selling products by Neptune Hydroponics.</strong> It is <strong>a hydroponic system that lets you grow up to 8 plants effortlessly.</strong> All you have to do is fill the tank with water and nutrients, adjusting pH and Ec according to the current stage of the growing cycle. <strong>A water pump system will carry the nutrient solution to the pots</strong> filled with expanded clay balls, watering your plants and returning to the tank through a drain. This system will let you<strong> grow hassle-free</strong>, so all you have to do is change the water once a week.</p> <p><strong>Use Aquaclear filter to remove all organic matter (such as dead roots and small pieces of organic rest) </strong>which comes from the plants which are decomposing in the water. Using this filter lets you extend<strong> the lifespan of the nutrient solution from 7 to 15 days.</strong> We really advise, though, to use an air pump and an air-stone diffuser so water is well oxygenated when it gets in touch with the roots.</p> <p>In this section, you can also find <strong>several spare parts and accessories, such as neoprene collar discs, heating cables and blankets</strong> to ensure roots are kept at a nice temperature. Indeed, if water is too cold plants cannot feed on it nor can cuttings take roots.</p> <p><strong>If you're looking for an affordable hydroponic growing system,</strong> you can find all you need in Neptune Hydroponics section.</p>
  • Nutriculture
    <p>Nutriculture is the <strong>king of aero and hydroponics cloning systems</strong> thanks to X-Stream, a product that makes cloning cuttings a piece of cake. Nutriculture also has some of the best flood and drain irrigation systems on the market at affordable prices.</p> <p><a href="">X-Stream</a> makes <strong>cloning cannabis very easy</strong>. All you have to do is take the cuttings from the mother plant and attach them to the aerocloner by means of a neoprene collar disc. Since the propagator has a lid, humidity won't escape and cuttings won't end up weakening, which tends to happen in these cases. Some sprayers or diffusers spray the stems under the trays, causing roots to appear in just about one week. Then, you can grow them in any kind of growing media: soil, hydro or aeroponics. Almost no cuttings will be lost - perhaps, 1 or 2 -, so you can expect almost all cuttings to <strong>develop into plants</strong> as long as you chose the right branches and use the product properly.</p> <p>Nutriculture proposes <strong>neoprene collar discs in several colors</strong>, so it is very easy for you to distinguish among the different varieties within your aeroponic propagator or afterwards, once you move them to a different growing system such as the Amazon. They are also available in black: more affordable, they do their job and are fine for growing just one variety.<strong> Amazon is an aeroponic growing system</strong> for flowering cuttings. It works like the propagator, ie. by spraying the roots, with the difference that, in this case, nutrients are added to water. Your plants won't lack water or nutrients at any time. Besides, spraying guarantees water is well oxygenated and roots are ventilated. As a result, plants will feed better and yield an enhanced product. You can move your cuttings directly from the X-Stream to this system and get them to bloom with the <strong>best possible results</strong>.</p> <p>Nutriculture offers pots for growing<strong> 1 or 2 plants in hydroponics</strong>. With the <strong>Flo &amp; Gro 500</strong> system it's possible to grow a single plant in hydroponics, starting from a seed or a cutting<strong>.</strong> It can be used indoors or outdoors, since it can hold a large radicular system and thus, you can also grow seasonal plants. These pots contain expanded clay balls and stand on top of a tank where the nutrient solution is stored. A water pump drives the solution to the roots through a hoop that releases water around the trunk. The mix of water and<strong> fertilizer is very oxygenated keeps the roots clean, </strong>so they can absorb nutrients more efficiently<strong>.</strong> It is very simple for any user and <strong>ideal for beginners </strong>who want to get a grasp of the hydroponics world. There are <strong>two water systems, one for each plant.</strong></p> <p>Flooding systems are <strong>becoming increasingly more popular</strong>. This is the case of the <a href="">Ebb &amp; Flood</a> system that lets you choose the number of plants you want. It is basically a 1x1m hydroponic garden. The system employs a tray filled with expanded clay balls where plants are placed. An irrigation pump with a timer will fill the water tank while a drain will channel the runoff water back to the tank when it overflows. In this way, water will return little by little, and not all at once. This system <strong>prevents water from getting warm</strong> even when under the sun or grow lights. Besides, nutrients will never build up around the roots since they'll end up washed away with each watering.</p> <p><a href="">NFT systems</a> are also very good options for growing hydroponically, both <strong>indoors and outdoors</strong>. They include flowerpots with expanded clay to grow plants from seeds or from cuttings. The system consists of a support tray where meshed pots are placed and which stands, in turn, on another tray, where a chamber to host the roots is created. The lower part includes a <strong>compartment to store nutrients</strong>, totally accessible at any time. Water is permanently propelled from the tank by a pump and circulates through the plants like runoff water in a slope, falling towards the other side of the tank. In this way, plants are always properly fed.</p> <p>In other words, if you are looking for a simple hydro system or want to explore<strong> new cultivation methods, Nutriculture</strong> might be the right brand for you. Easy to assemble and user-friendly products to start a successful adventure towards a great harvest.</p>
  • Wilma
    <p><strong>Wilma systems by Atami</strong> are some of the most efficient, simple hydroponic systems. Growing in hydro was never so easy. Now, thanks to Wilma, you can grow hydroponically as easily as if it were soil. Wilma systems allow you to grow in individual pots from 4 to <a href="">20 plants</a> in an <strong>easy and convenient</strong> way.</p> <p>These systems are as close as you can get to growing in a pot with regular soil. They consist of <strong>independent pots where plants are grown</strong> in expanded clay pellets. The pots stand over a tray that covers the nutrient solution tank. Plants can be treated individually: they can be taken out to be sprayed or turned around so <strong>light reaches them everywhere</strong> evenly.</p> <p>A tank placed at the lower part of the system stores your <strong>plants' nutrient solution</strong>. All you have to do is to prepare the solution, measuring and adjusting pH and Ec levels to ensure nutrients are properly absorbed. A water pump pushes the solution to the pots, and the tray itself will act as a drain, draining the water back to the tank. As a result, your plants will always be hydrated and fed. Eventually, they will <strong>grow incredibly large</strong>.</p> <p>Depending on the type of plant you use or if you <strong>grow from seed or clones</strong>, you must choose one type or another. Indeed, <strong>there are <a href="">6.5L </a>and 11L pots</strong>. The 11L are much better for growing mother plants or growing from seed. On the other hand, <strong>6.5L</strong> ones can also be used to grow short-cycle plants (indoor plants) or clones which are allowed to grow for very little time before being set to flower. In order to keep your system working, all you have to do is change the water weekly and prepare a <strong>new nutrient solution</strong> with the corresponding amount of fertilizer and additives for that week.</p> <p>Made of <strong>highly sturdy plastic and not porous</strong> at all; it can be cleaned easily after every use since dirt doesn't stay attached to the surface and can be easily removed.</p> <p>If you need any accessories or spares such as <strong>hoses, drippers, pots or a new tray</strong>... you can find everything you need for your Wilma systems here. Do not hesitate anymore, try this fantastic system and unravel the mysteries of the hydroponic world!</p>
  • Gi-Grow Maximum...
    <p>With the <strong>Gi-grow you can take a different approach to growing cannabis</strong>. This maximum-yield system is designed to produce the most possible flowers on your cannabis plants. It’s a compact system that allows you to place a high amount of cannabis plants in an area less than 3m squared – up to 36 plants.</p> <p>The <a href="">Gi-Grow Wheel</a> is a hydroponic system in which rockwool is used as a substrate. It’s fully automatic, so all you need to do is <strong>check on it periodically</strong> in order to make sure that it’s working fine and in order to replace the water once a week. When growing hydroponically you can get much larger yields, and if you add the fact that you’ll essentially be <strong>growing 7 square meters</strong> of plants, you’ll be growing an incredible amount of cannabis.</p> <p>These wheels have an automatic watering system that’ll <strong>keep your plants fed</strong> while it turns. The drippers are along the top, and they have a detector that lets water flow once a row of plants reaches the tip. The faster the wheel spins, the less your plants will be watered and vice versa. You’ll need to be careful with this feature and check in on it every now and then; you don’t want the water to fall on your budding flowers or your plants may end up with rot issues.</p> <p>It has a line of racks used to hold the plants up; you’ll be able to fit a certain amount of plants per rack depending on their size. You’ll need to place <strong>rockwool 10x10cm cubes</strong> in each line of racks – make sure the clones have already rooted so that they don’t fall when hanging upside down.</p> <p>The middle of this device has a slot for a <strong><a href="">cooltube</a> and two 600w lighting systems</strong>. The cooltube doesn’t have a reflector, so the light is constantly being evenly spread out over 360 degrees; your plants will have all of the light they need.</p> <p>You can adjust its diameter to two different heights; one is for small plants, and the second is for when your plants begin to flower, allowing you to move the lights away further. We recommend flipping your clones to <strong>flower as soon as possible</strong>, as they can’t grow too tall in this device. If growing from seeds, make sure to choose small strains so that they don’t get out of control.</p> <p>Once you’ve harvested your plants, it’s pretty easy to clean; your <strong>rockwool cubes</strong> should come out on their own and they hardly leave any dirt behind.</p> <p>It’s made out of incredible strong materials that are rust-resistant; if you treat it right and clean it after every use you can get <strong>quite a long life</strong> out of one of these beauties. If you’re looking for somewhere to grow a large amount of plants without needing to take up that much space, this device is perfect for you; it saves space, time and electricity!</p>
  • Pi-Technics
    <p><strong>Pi Technics</strong> is a company that has invented a brand <strong>new vertical growing system</strong> that allows growers to make the most out of their available space in a completely new and unique way. Thanks to this new grow system you can place plants on top of each other without worrying about light distribution, or having them intertwine.</p> <p><strong>Pi Technics</strong> have developed a revolutionary system against all odds, and they definitely don’t disappoint; every grower to try these systems has come away happy and convinced.</p> <p>The Pi-Rack is the top vertical growing system out there, allowing you to grow up to <strong>320 plants in a space just over two square meters</strong>. This system has revolutionized growing systems in general, as growers no longer need enormous warehouses to get the enormous yields they’re looking for. It’s the best invention for commercial growers or those that grow for cannabis clubs. It has an <strong>octagonal shape</strong>, and you can place a total of <strong>40 flowerpots</strong> in each of its eight sides. The shape and structure of this system has been thoroughly studied and developed to be as efficient as possible, avoiding issues such as pockets of hot air and thus avoiding issues such as fungi. You’ll need to install <strong>a complete air filtration system</strong> if you want your plants to have the absolute best possible environment.</p> <p>The <strong>Pi-Wall</strong> is essentially a <strong>lone wall from the Pi-Rack,</strong> designed for growers that have even less space or for those that simply have enough with just one wall. You’ll be able to grow just 40 plants, which is definitely more than enough for home-growers. You’ll need just <strong>two lights for your Pi-Wall</strong>, and you can easily use reflectors to make sure that your plants get as much light as possible.</p> <p>As well as these growing systems, you’ll need <strong>other accessories to successfully grow marijuana</strong>, which is why Pi Technics also sells lighting and watering kits.</p>
  • HidroHug
    <p>HidroHug is an innovative hydroponic growing system that is turning the growing world upside down – they no longer use typical grate pots, now they have <strong>innovative fabric pots</strong>.</p> <p>They have an <strong>incredible amount of options for their systems</strong>, allowing you to grow from just 8 hydroponic plants to an incredible 112 plants all at once. Thanks to their various models, you’ll be able to grow in pretty much any space you want – space will no longer be an issue.</p> <p>They’re made out of some of the best materials on the market, catalogues as <strong>food grade PVC</strong> meaning that you can grow either cannabis or actual food in these systems if you’d like.</p> <p>All models come with a <strong>pump and a water storage tank</strong>, so you shouldn’t need to get any extra parts in order to get it up and running as soon as you get your hands on it.</p> <p>In order to guarantee the best possible outcome for your cannabis plants, make sure to <strong>keep the pH and EC levels up and running</strong>, ensuring that your plants get the exact nutrients that they need.</p>
Hydroponics and aeroponics pro-systems

Hydroponics is an advanced technique for growing marijuana and any other type of plant, guaranteeing a constant and proper supply of water and nutrients without having to worry about watering.

Hydroponics is a growing system based on a very simple principle of recirculation. The system consists of an inert medium that supports the roots and the potted plants and a recirculation system. Water runs through hoses from a tank to the pot and then the surplus of water comes back to the tank. Plants always have water and nutrients available so they grow up more quickly and become more productive, while their cultivation requires less dedication than growing in regular soil.

One of the simplest hydroponic growing systems is Wilma, a type of pots set on top of a tank where water is permanently recirculated.

In hydroponic systems, water is paramount for the system to work properly. Therefore, you will have to ensure it has a proper acidity level (pH) and an adequate conductivity (Ec) for your plants. During the growth stage pH should be 5.5, whereas for the flowering stage it's usually around 6.5. Electric Conductivity reflects the amount of salts or fertilizers in the water. This value must be 0.8-1.0 EC during the growth stage and 1.2-2.0 during the flowering. 

There is another important factor to be considered: water temperature. Water temperature is closely related to the level of oxygen that remains in the water; the warmer it is, the lesser p.p.m. of oxygen will be. Conversely, the cooler it is, the higher the concentration of oxygen will be. However, temperature must not be lower than 16°C or the roots will become blocked. Optimal temperature for the plant to take roots during the first few days is 25°C. In order to ensure a proper feeding and nutrient uptake, temperature must be 20°C.

Using hydroponics can produce double the yield very easily, so it will become necessary to train them with plastic stakes or trellis nets. Otherwise, your harvest could be at risk. An additional risk to take into account is the possibility of a water pump breakdown that might deprive your plants from water. Therefore, a spare pump is necessary in case the breakdown takes place on a holiday since it'll let us save our plants. When deprived from water, plants are able to survive for a few hours with the lamp turned off but only very little with the lamps turned on.

The water in the tank must be changed every week, although a Bio Filter by GHE can be used to remove the organic matter and then it can remain unchanged for up to 2 weeks. In this case, you only have to refill the water that is effectively absorbed and fertilize it according to the optimal EC values to ensure the right parameters are kept at all times.

In short, hydroponics is a different method of growing cannabis automatically and obtaining some of the best yields. Take the next step in your cannabis journey.