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Reflectors and screens for indoor growing

There are an incredible amount of grow light reflectors on the market, each one with specific qualities, from simple to incredibly complex versions that can even extract any extra heat from your plants. A handy way to gauge the efficiency of a reflector is to measure the lumens reflected from it.

You can get cooled reflectors, open reflectors, hammertone, smooth, hooded – there are many different kinds that have different efficiency ratings and specific characteristics.

Cooled reflectors are usually needed during the summer or in areas that are quite warm – they’re used to stop any excess heat from affecting your plants. They tend to have the bulb in a closed reflector with an inlet and outlet connected to an aluminum tube – with the help of a small extractor, they get rid of extra heat. Remember to use an anti-odor filter too, or else you may end up tipping your neighbors off to what you’re up to.

The cooltube is one of the most common cooled reflectors for cannabis as it’s incredibly efficient. However, it reduces the quality of the light your plants produce due to having the extra glass in the way. It is, however, an efficient solution for those that have issues with heat in their grow room.

We also have Raptor reflectors, which is one of the largest reflectors on the market – and possibly one of the most expensive. You can double the amount of light your plants absorb per square meter; you can use 1200w in a 1x1 area which increases yield quite a lot.

Another potent reflector similar to the Raptor is the Xtrasun6 reflector. This device concentrates light from a 600w light in a square meter area, and it’s potent enough to reach the lower branches on your plants. It also has an inlet and outlet which allows the reflector to cool down much faster, which stops heat buildup underneath the reflector itself.

The Daystar also looks similar to the previous model, although you can use it with up to 100w bulbs in incredibly small areas. It’s super easy to set up – simply hang it up and make sure it’s nice and secure.

The Sputnik reflector may possibly be one of the best cooled reflectors – all of them allow for a cooler grow room but have the disadvantage of reducing light strength.

Their non-cooled hooded reflectors are used to increase the amount of space your light reaches – if your 600w bulb can cover one meter squared, when using a reflector it can cover around 1.5m squared. In order to reduce the heat for your plants, however, we recommend using a device called a spreader, which is used to spread the heat out underneath the bulb. This helps you to stop from burning the lower plants, and makes for a more even light distribution. It’s similar to the Adjust-a-Wings.

There’s a reflector for almost every need and situation, covering anywhere you need to cover. All of these reflectors have a specific use – check them out, they all come with full descriptions with all of their characteristics and how to use them.