Calibration Solutions

  • Pipeta Pasteur Plástica de 3 ml. y de 5 ml.

    Pipette Pasteur

    You can use these droppers to measure the perfect amount of nutrients in your plant’s water – made out of plastic, available in different sizes.

  • Vasos Medidores de varios tamaños en ml.

    Measuring cups

    Stop using 20 droppers in your water and start using measuring cups if you need high doses of fertilizers, making everything faster and more comfortable.

  • Líquidos de calibración - Liquidos para calibrar tus medidores

    Calibrating Liquids for meters

    Calibrating liquids to calibrate your measuring instruments accurately.

  • Regulador de ph Ionic Down - Liquido para bajar Ph Ionic

    Ph Down Ionic

    Ph Down by Growth Technology is a highly concentrated product made of phosphoric acid which will allow you to adjust the acidity level of your nutrient solution whenever necessary.

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  • Solucion de limpieza 230 mL para instrumentos de Medida

    Cleaning Solution

    This cleaning solution allows you to clean your measuring instruments, ridding them of any accumulated minerals or lime which tends to happen after a lot of use.

  • Líquido calibrador EC 2.77 Bluelab

    BlueLab pH and EC Calibration Liquid

    pH and EC calibration liquids for the BlueLab EC gauge with which you’ll be able to completely renew your gauge, ensuring maximum precision.

  • Solucion de mantenimiento 230 mL

    Maintenance Solution

    If you store the sensors on your pH and EC meters in this maintenance solution you’ll be able to keep them as accurate as possible for much longer.

  • pH and EC Calibration and Maintenance Kit

    pH and EC Calibration and Maintenance Kit

    This calibration and maintenance pH and EC kit by Bluelab that can be used to keep your probes and electrodes clean – perfect for growers that use pH and EC meters. If one of them isn’t working correctly, it might simply be dirty.

  • Regulador de ph ionic Up
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    pH Up Ionic

    Ph Up by Growth Technology is the most concentrated liquid calibrator on the market. Since it contains 25% of potassium hydroxide, just a few ml of this product will suffice to increase the Ph level of many liters of water.

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Calibration Solutions

Calibration Solutions are the only way to get reliable results from your pH and EC meters; these devices need to work as precisely as possible. Each solution is a specific pH or EC level, which allows you to calibrate your meter to the same level and keep it working like brand new.

You can choose between pH 7 and pH 4 buffers, which allow you to calibrate any pH meter on the market. Some of them simply require a button to be pressed, whereas most meters require you to adjust a screw that controls the calibration. The meters that require the screw to be turned usually only need one calibration sachet, whereas the other ones may require two, one of each.

We also stock EC liquids, 1413 and 12880 to be specific. Some meters require one type, and others require the other type. The 1413 buffer is usually required for meters that don’t go over 9.9, and the other one is for meters that go over 9.9 (even if your plants won’t even come close to this much EC) – very few meters require this specific liquid, such as the waterproof ADWA meter.

In order to keep your meters clean of minerals you’ll need to use a cleaning solution made specifically for this purpose. Simply place the sensor in the cleaning solution and it’ll rid it of any accumulated minerals, which can affect readings; keep your devices working as precise as possible.

You’ll need to do some regular maintenance when it comes to keeping your pH and EC meters working properly. It’s not good for the sensors to be dry for too long, especially not the pH sensor. When you put it away you’ll need to place the sensor in some liquid. This stops it from drying out too much, which can cause it to flake and break. Use our maintenance liquid in order to keep your sensors hydrated and working like brand new – if you use normal water and then let it dry out, it may end up covered in lime which could also break.

We stock 20ml sachets as well as 250ml bottles; depending on how often you plan on using your meters, you’ll need more or less – the sachets are one-use only, whereas the bottles save money and time; cleaning and maintenance liquids only come in 250ml bottle.

If you’re looking for reliable buffers and calibration solutions for your pH and EC meters, look no more! Have a look through our catalogue and detailed descriptions to find the right one for you.