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These cannabis and BHO vaporizers come in plenty of sizes and prices – you may not be able to afford a full Volcano tabletop, but we’re sure that you’ll find something in this category that fits your needs and your budget. Stop burning up your weed and start vaping to make the most of the medicinal effects of your cannabis.

We stock vapes for just cannabis and then other vapes for extracts such as BHO, allowing you to vape your oils just like cannabis. We have quite a wide selection on our page; from full-on tabletop vaporizers to more portable, battery-operated vaporizers that you can use wherever and whenever you want. We also stock spare parts for all of the vaporizers that we sell just in case you have a mishap or your vape isn’t doing too well because of good old wear and tear.

Portable vaporizers are great for bringing out and about with you, especially for medicinal users that require their specific dosage every certain amount of time. You can vape your cannabis anywhere you want thanks to these battery-operated models. Depending on the model, your vape should have a long battery life, although some models such as the Vapipe or VapBox use rechargeable batteries that don’t last too long. However, the Vapomax V.8 uses long-lasting lithium batteries.

Tabletop vaporizers are best for keeping at home and plugged in – you’ll never run out of battery halfway through. They also have much more potent coils and generally produce more vapor than portable vaporizers; they’re perfect for those that need to see the vapor after toking to feel satiated. When it comes to these vapes, price definitely matters – if you get one of the cheaper versions, such as the Bola vape, you’ll have a good experience but you’ll still be wasting part of your weed, as it isn’t as efficient as other models. The same half a gram in the Bola vape can last for up to 4 Volcano balloons.

If you consume cannabis for purely medicinal reasons, smoking is definitely not the best option, especially if you’re trying to treat something. When vaporized, cannabis is much more potent, there’s no combustion involved and its properties are much more pronounced and intensel. When you smoke a joint you’re absorbing up to 20% of the cannabinoids in your weed, whereas when vaporizer, you can absorb up to 90% - this is much handier for those looking for medicinal properties and not just a good time.

If you’re looking for strong effects we highly recommend vaping cannabis concentrates or extracts such as BHO or hash. These extracts contain high amounts of concentrated cannabinoids, which offer a much more intense and faster effect. Plus, vapes designed for cannabis extracts are generally cheaper than those designed for flowers. We stock Vaporizers and Spare Parts, such as the Pipeta Deluxe or the Vapen Vape, both of which allow you to vape both cannabis and extracts.

Vapes that don’t produce much vapor aren’t usually used for recreational purposes; the higher the temperature the denser the vapor, although many important medicinal cannabinoids evaporate from 60 degrees onwards. The lower the temperature the more medicinal and relaxing the effect, however you won’t see much vapor and this is usually a downside for those looking to feel satiated in the same way as they do when they smoke.

Have a look at the various brands and models that we stock above – compare different brands, as we have similar vapes by different brands that might catch your eye. Regardless of the type of vape you’re looking for, we have something for everyone, from portable to tabletop, from expensive to cheaper – get vaping today! Plus, we have amazing discounts on almost all models.