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  • Essenz Vaporizadores...
    <p>Essenz is a <strong>brand of vaporizers and electronic cigarettes with tens of models</strong>. Some models can <strong>vaporize dry weed, others are intended for hash, some are good for BHO extractions while others can vaporize the former three.</strong> All of them are p<strong>ortable and use a long lasting rechargeable battery. </strong></p> <p>There are <strong>economical models such as the VapBox and the Vapipe that despite their low price aren't of a bad quality. Those vaporizers won't make the most of weed, but are all just fine if you want to enjoy vapor for little money.</strong> They are rechargeable batteries that we charge with the included charger and <strong>heat up a resistance t</strong>hat will evaporate the resin of the weed that's in the bowl. By pressing the battery towards the inside the resistance <strong>will light up and heat up at your will.</strong>  Once it is hot, you can release pressure on the battery so that it turns off. If you are a regular smoker it might not satiate you much, but if you don't like smoking that much you will appreciate the vapor.</p> <p><strong>Marijuana portable vaporizers</strong> are one of their strong products and the brand brings several models to satisfy diverse needs. The simplest one is the <a href="">Vapherb</a><span style="text-decoration:underline;">:</span> a marijuana vaporizer both simple and discreet. All we have to do is filling the bowl with weed and light the vaporizer up so it becomes hot. It only <strong>has 1 button,</strong> so it is super easy to operate. By maintaining pressure for a few seconds temperature will change from one mode to the next (there are three preset temperatures). When the <strong>selected temperature is reached it will change color </strong> telling us our vaporizer is ready to be used.</p> <p><strong>Another of the simplest vaporizers for marijuana is the Essenz Micro,</strong> a portable marijuana vaporizer that works quite well. It is like a hip flask that holds the vaporizing system and the bowl in a very discreet design that won't let anybody imagine it is a vaporizer. There is <strong>just one option of temperature.</strong> All you have to do is pressing a button and wait for the light to change, which means the vaporizer is ready to be used. It vaporizes marijuana and though it is not one of the best models, it will satiate a smoker.</p> <p>The <strong>Essenz Multi is the best sold model by the brand. Temperature can be adjusted and it has a digital screen to show temperature and remaining battery.</strong> This leaves the user the capacity of controlling vapor as well as marijuana and battery duration. There are <strong>3 levels of temperature</strong> and all you have to do is pressing the button SET to select it. Then, open up the hood, introduce your marijuana and wait for the vaporizer to reach the selected temperature. <strong>In 1-2 min our vaporizer will be ready to be used.</strong></p> <p><strong>If you prefer to consume extractions of hash or BHO you also have several options</strong> within the offer by Essenz. Consuming these substances has become increasingly more popular. One of the most widely used is the <strong>Vapen, a vaporizer with the looks of a electronic cigarette that will allow us to vaporize hash or a small amount of weed.</strong> It has a resistance that is in permanent contact with the material, so, in case it is weed, this might be slightly burnt (but the smoke will be more satiating). It is i<strong>deal for hash, since a small amount of hash will be enough to provide quite a long time of smoke and taste.</strong> It charges quickly and has a battery pilot to tell us the level of remaining battery while we smoke.</p> <p>The vaporizer<strong> Essenz THC can be used with dry weed and also BHO or hash,</strong> but unlike Vapen, it<strong> doesn't burn the weed and only heats it.</strong> It has <strong>two interchangeable bowls,</strong> each of them with a resistance. The <strong>one for dry weed has the resistance inside</strong> to avoid direct contact with the weed.<strong> The BHO and hash bowl has a resistance that touches the material directly so that it is vaporized easily.</strong> It has a lithium battery that is very long lasting and can be reloaded easily in any USB port as a regular e-cigarette.</p> <p><strong>If your thing is BHO extractions, there are 3 oil vaporizers</strong> that will certainly quench your thirst for smoke. <strong>The BHO vaporizer is one of the most economical ones and widely used</strong> by BHO fans since all you have to do is <strong>connect the cover to a e-cigarette battery</strong> and start to enjoy its vapor. Lift the cover and put your oil inside: only by lighting up your e-cigarette you will see how vapor builds up inside. All you have to do it <strong>inhalate to absorb the cannabinoids. </strong></p> <p><strong><a href="">Essenz Wax</a> is a small and disguisable vaporizer that will raise no suspicion. It has a clip similar to pen caps to attach it to your pockets and carry it with you. Every time you want a puff all you have to do is press a button for a few seconds until oil starts to evaporate and smoke. It is very easy to clean since all you have to clean is the outside. If you insist on cleaning the bowl to roughly you will most likely end up ruining the battery and will have to buy a new vaporizer.</strong></p> <p>The <strong>Essenz Oil is a vaporizer that will help us to evaporate BHO with a discreet design</strong> that won't make it look as what it is and won't raise any suspicion about its content. You will get to evaporate BHO anywhere. <strong>Despite its small size, the battery lasts long time since it's made of lithium.</strong> It is<strong> undoubtedly one of the easiest ways of using your oil</strong> without blowtorches or voluminous pipes.</p> <p><strong>Whatever portable vaporizer you are looking for, you will find it in the section of Essenz</strong> vaporizers. Vaporizers as well as spare parts and accessories of all models so you can keep yours as if it were new for a long time. All of them come with<strong> a detailed explanation about how to use it, clean it and which substances to use with, among many other pieces of advice.  </strong></p> <p><strong>Take advantage of our offers</strong> and get your Essenz vaporizer for both marijuana and extractions at unbeatable prices.</p> <p></p>
  • Pepita Marijuana and...
    <p><strong>Portable vaporizers Pepita, for marijuana but particularly intended for your BHO extractions since Pepita Seeds is, as you know, a bank specialized in extractions and its consumption</strong>. Though the devices are portable they are very powerful and will help you vaporize oil and hash very easily. <strong>Batteries last a long time and there are spare parts for all their components, so whichever you choose it will be a right choice.</strong></p> <p><strong>Calima is a marijuana vaporizer for</strong> weed resin and it is totally portable. A button located in the middle  will give you access to several options, from blocking it to selecting any of its <strong>3 levels of temperature. This makes it simple for the user to try and choose the vaporizing temperature that suits better his taste.</strong> All you have to do is press the button 5 times and then hold it for 3-4 secs until the LED changes its color which will mean temperature has changed. When <strong>the light becomes green, it will be ready to vaporize.</strong> Once we are done, we can press the button 5 times again in order to turn it off and block it.</p> <p>The model called <strong>Pejula is ideal for vaporizing BHO since this system does not use much battery and lasts a long time. It consists of a bowl with a resistance inside a glass hood, so that it is possible to see the oil at all times</strong> and tell whether it is being consumed or it is still generating vapor. The head of the device can be mounted on an e-cigarette battery so if you run out of battery you can take the battery of any electrical cigarette and keep on using it.</p> <p>The <span style="text-decoration:underline;">Bocana</span> is <strong>one of the most widely used products since it has different bowls for different products (BHO, hash or marijuana pipe).</strong> Depending on the head we mount on it, resistance or heating method will vary and the best vaporization method will be used. It is <strong>charged through any USB port in any device</strong> and though it only lasts between 20-40 min it will charge very quickly and everywhere. It <strong>can be used while being connected to the charger</strong> so it won't be a problem to use it for a long time as long as it is connected to a charger.</p> <p>The <a href=""><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Siroco</span> </a>is <strong>one of the most discreet models of vaporizers in the market</strong> since it looks like an e-cigarette when in truth, it can vaporize BHO or hash. Depending on the material to vaporize you can use any of the <strong>two interchangeable bowls. A small amount of hash and oil will provide us with long vapor puffs.</strong> The<strong> battery is one of its main strengths since it provides up to a continuous use of 1 hr</strong>.</p> <p><strong>Pepita P1 atomizer is one of the best sold models to vaporize BHO,</strong> due to its accessible <strong>price and versatility.</strong> Used to vaporize BHO it can also be used as a marijuana pipe with a small amount of weed. It consists of a interchangeable bowl with a resistance and will turn <strong>red-hot in a matter or 1-2 secs.</strong> It charges quickly through any USB connection and though it battery only lasts between 30-40 min, it can also be used while charging. A b<strong>locking system will prevent it from turning on accidentally while it is inside your pocket.</strong> The button itself has a pilot that will tell us that the vaporizer is very hot and we have to wait for a long time until we can use it again, if the battery is running out or if its completely charged.</p> <p>If you need <strong>any component or spare part of your Pepita vaporizer such as bowls or resistances you will find it here at unbeatable prices. As always, products come with detailed descriptions</strong> explaining how to use them and detailing their properties so you<strong> won't encounter any problem when you receive your vaporizing material.</strong></p> <p></p> <p></p> <p> </p> <p></p>
  • Volcano Vaporizers and...
    <p>In this section you will find <strong>your Volcano vaporizer</strong> along with many accessories and spare parts. Volcano is a reliable brand and they have been in the market for more than 15 years. If, hard as it is, a piece breaks down, you can always find your spare parts at From filling chamber grids to the bags containing vapor.</p> <p><a href="">Volcano </a>vaporizers are <strong>some of the best in the market not to say they are directly the best.</strong> They provide a satiating vapor for any regular or casual smoker, which will depend on the density desired by the user. Vapor is gathered inside a bag from which it is absorbed little by little and for 15 min before it loses its quality. The vaporizer consist of a ceramic body with a pump pushing the air from the outside to inside a balloon, and it is the pass of hot air that heats marijuana and vaporizes the cannabinoids, bringing them inside the balloon. </p> <p>This system <strong>makes the most of your weed,</strong> and just half a gram would be enough for filling more than 4 times the vapor bag with a density similar to the smoke of a regular joint. This means that <strong>with the amount of weed employed in a single joint it is possible to get the effect of smoking 4 by vaporizing the product.</strong></p> <p>Besides getting a lot of vapor from a small quantity of marijuana, our body will absorb it better, since when it is vaporized <strong>our body can assimilate up to 90% of the cannabinoids</strong> of the original plant, ie. almost all of them. You will enjoy much more the vapor and will notice the nuances of flavor much more than in any other vaporizer.</p> <p>There are two models of Volcano vaporizer: the <strong>digital and the analogue.</strong> The analogue is the oldest one: by means of a simple wheel temperature is selected and a few minutes after, the device is ready to start filling the bag with vapor. The digital counterpart is more precise with the desired temperature and it is ideal to vaporize at a specific level of temperature and absorb cannabinoids better.</p> <p>Both are used likewise. First of all, temperature has to be selected. Secondly, the start button has to be be pressed so the device starts to heat up. Once hot, an orange pilot will turn on, showing the device is ready to start filling bags. <strong>All we have to do is set the filling chamber with the weed on it and the balloon</strong> on the top part and press the green button. You can leave it hot and use that balloon to fill in another one, or you can turn it off to keep on vaporizing a short time later. Whether we leave it on or off, the best is removing the filling chamber if we are not filling the balloon so that weed vapor is not consumed while we aren't filling.</p> <p>Then, there are <strong>other portable vaporization systems</strong> by the same brand. One of them is the one called Plenty, the most satiating portable vaporizer for regular smokers. <strong>It produces tasty vapor puffs</strong> that can also be adjusted in terms of temperature. All we have to do is wait for it to reach the selected temperature and press the trigger, so that vapor starts to come out of the tube. It <strong>has to be plugged</strong> in order to work, but it is nonetheless much easier to carry around than the Volcano.</p> <p>The brand has <strong>two battery portable marijuana vaporizers</strong>, the Crafty and the Mighty. Both work similarly but display some differences that make them unique. The mighty has a <strong>digital screen</strong>, where we can see the state of the battery, select the temperature of the vaporizer or tell if that selected temperature has already been reached.</p> <p>The <a href=""><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Crafty</span> </a><strong>is linked to a mobile phone</strong> through an application, so that it's possible to can check on our phone the current temperature and desired vaporization temperature. It is possible to<strong> provide a temperature boost</strong> that will make the device reach 215°C. If we have already set the desired temperature we won't need our phone any more, since a LED will tell us when it is ready for vaporizing. If you want to give that temperature boost we'll have to press the start button twice. </p> <p>If you need spare parts you can choose them among a<strong> wide catalogue of spare pieces for Volcano vaporizers.</strong> Find grids for vaporizing oils, bags or new balloons, filling chambers or any other deteriorated piece at the best price. Enjoy our appealing discounts at Each product or piece comes with a detailed description <strong>so you won't make any mistake</strong> and start vaporizing hassle-free from the moment you get your material at home.</p> <p></p> <p></p>
  • Vaporizers and...
    <p><strong>Marijuana and BHO vaporizers of several brands and spare parts for many vaporizer models.</strong> Here, you'll find from the classic marijuana wooden vaporizer and its spare hose to the desktop vaporizer Zephyr Ion, <strong>one the best economical vaporizers with bag. Enjoy vapor with any of these vaporizers and say goodbye to combustion.</strong></p> <p><strong>Get the marijuana, hash or BHO vaporizer that suits your budget best.</strong> Indeed, in this section there are <strong>vaporizers of all prices, brands and models.</strong> You'll find from the most economical ones like the BHO Deluxe pipette to v<strong>aporizers with bag that will make the most of your weed</strong> such as Herbalaire H3.</p> <p>Also, <strong>you'll find spare parts for your vaporizers</strong> such as new mouthpieces for your DGK vaporizer or a hose with bowl for wooden vaporizers. A whole catalogue of spare pieces so that you keep your vaporizer as if it were new.</p> <p>Pipette <a href="">BHO Deluxe</a> is a<strong>n e-pipe that helps us to vaporize BHO.</strong> These pipes are very easy to use and will help us vaporize your BHO anywhere. it charges by means of a USB connection very quickly. Thanks to its <strong>locking system it won't turn on while you carry it in your pocket.</strong></p> <p>The <strong>Electronic pipe 3 in 1 Arthur is very similar to the BHO Deluxe, but it has several interchangeable bowls t</strong>o use a different one according to the substance you want to vaporize. For instance, there is a <strong>bowl with a resistance for BHO</strong> which will vaporize in a few seconds. Then, <strong>there is another one for hash</strong> that will get you a good time of smoke with a small amount of hash. Finally, <strong>there is another one for herbs. The problem with that one, is that with this type of resistance weed might ignite -which,</strong> on the other hand, is more satiating for the smoker.</p> <p>There are <strong>other portable marijuana vaporizers such as the DGK which is one of the more discreet portable models</strong> and more satisfying at the same time. All you have to do is turning it on so that it starts to heat up and, in less than 1 min it will reach the highest temperature. There are <strong>3 different levels of temperature</strong> that can be selected by keeping the button pressed for 5 secs. The bowl will manage to <strong>heat up weed homogeneously</strong> and will provide a uniform vapor (preventing the bottom weed to burn out while the top part is still green). Its <strong>battery lasts a lot</strong> and this is what makes it one of the best models to carry with you at all times.</p> <p><strong>VapoMax vaporizers differ from the rest in the resistance heating speed,</strong> since it manages to reach very high temperatures in a matter of seconds. The <strong>VapoMax V.5 is the most economical one</strong> but it is already quite good. A pilot will help us to select one of the three levels of temperature to get a vapor up to our taste. <strong>The Vapo Max V.8 is the one that will guarantee a maximum precision in terms of temperature selection,</strong> allowing us to increase it degree by degree. By getting <strong>much higher temperatures</strong> this model is more satisfying for regular smokers. Its digital screen displays the selected temperature, the current one and the remaining battery among other options.</p> <p><strong>The vaporizer Lolite is one of the most sought after. It works on gas which makes it much more lasting (depending on the gas we carry with us).</strong> It heats up very quickly and thus it will provide us with a dense vapor that other devices won't get us. All you have to do is fill the bowl with weed and wait for it to be hot. When it reaches this point a pilot close to the start button will turn on meaning it is ready to vaporize. There is another model, called <strong>Wispr, which basically has the same design but incorporates a few improvements. We'll be able to vaporize for much longer since the filling chamber is bigger and there is also room for more gas</strong> (up to 3hr of vaporization).</p> <p>The <strong>vaporizer</strong> <a href="">Arizer Solo</a> <strong>is one of the most recommendable vaporizers for regular smokers since it is very satisfying and produces a dense smoke</strong>. It will allow you to have an <strong>absolute control of temperature</strong> so you can choose between a denser smoke (shorter duration of marijuana) or a softer one (which will make marijuana last longer). it <strong>has 7 levels of temperature as opposed to most models which only have 3.</strong> Vapor is inhaled through a borosilicate pipe to guarantee an unaltered flavour. You'll enjoy your vapor at its maximum <strong>both at home or anywhere</strong> since it can also be carried around (up to 40 min battery).</p> <p><strong>The Herbalaire H3 is a desktop vaporizer to get much more vapor than vaporizers without bag.</strong> A current of <strong>16 air jets passing through your marijuana will fill a balloon with the vapor of your marijuana from which you'll be able to inhale for 15 min.</strong> There is also the <strong>option of absorbing vapor through a hose,</strong> although the balloon is more advisable for a fresher taste. The range of temperatures to <strong>choose among is wider, and the level of temperature can be chosen by means of an analogue wheel. It will never go beyond 200°C</strong> in order to avoid combustion and it will turn off automatically if need be.</p> <p>The<strong> Zephyr Ion is another of the vaporizers for marijuana that works with a bag and is one of the models that make the most of your marijuana.</strong> A<strong> digital screen</strong> will allow us to select the ideal temperature with two buttons. The screen will<strong> start to blink until it reaches the selected temperature and the screen will go from red to green</strong> and become steady when the selected temperature is reached. Then, we'll set the balloon and press the air button and <strong>in a matter of seconds, our balloon will be filled with vapor. It will be a satisfying vapor able to quench the thirst for smoke</strong> of any regular smoker.</p> <p>Look <strong>inside our catalogue and select the vaporizer that suits your needs best</strong> just to get it at the best price in the market. In our catalogue you'll find permanent discounts. All products come with a detailed description where we tell you its best mode of employment, what it is used for and all its main characteristics <strong>so you get a better idea of what you are about to purchase. Some models are more satisfying than others</strong> so read well the descriptions and won't choose the wrong ones.</p> <p></p> <p></p> <p></p> <p></p>
  • Kalumet vaporizers
    <p>Kalumet Vaporizers is a <strong>vaporization brand producing portable devices for BHO and marijuana.</strong> With a battery, they will help you benefit from the p<strong>ositive effects of marijuana without enduring the harmful ones due to combustion.</strong> They come in different models to suit your taste and needs, since this depends on what we want them for. Look for the one that better matches your needs and trust this brand that was a pioneer in the world of marijuana and BHO vaporizers.</p> <p><strong>Weeda vaporizer is on the easiest to use marijuana vaporizers</strong> and its battery lasts long time. A button will enable us to <strong>choose between 3 different vaporization temperatures.</strong> A LED will display the selected temperature and when it is ready to vaporize it will let us know by changing color . We will put our weed inside, select temperature and after a short <strong>wait of 1 min we'll get our vaporizer ready to be used.</strong></p> <p>The <a href=""><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Naira</span> </a><strong>vaporizer will help us to vaporize oils anywhere.</strong> By pressing a button we'll be ready to vaporize our BHO. <strong>It has a glass hood from which we'll see the bowl and the resistance,</strong> so that it is very easy to tell whether vapor is ready or if there isn't any material to vaporize. <strong>Very easy to use</strong>, all you have to do is pulling the hood and put some BHO inside. <strong>Press the button, wait for a few seconds</strong> and wait for vapor to build up inside before you can start to inhalate. It <strong>lasts a long time and can be easily charged through any USB port or wall plug.</strong> It is also one of the smallest vaporizers of Kalumet.</p> <p>THe <a href="">Wakan</a> <strong>is a vaporizer for those who want something more than a portable pipe. It has several menus and submenus where we can completely customize our vaporizer,</strong> choosing for the working voltage of of the battery to the W we want to direct towards the resistance. A <strong>total control over the vaporizer so it vaporizes at your will. It comes with a bowl to vaporize BHO but we can also purchase the T2 head to vaporize dry weed.</strong> The menu includes a <strong>puff counter</strong> so that you can estimate how long the battery lasts. You can <strong>regulate in OMS the power of the resistance</strong> and the W we want it to use, in order to <strong>make the most of your battery or save it's running out.</strong> All of this can be seen in a screen within the vaporizer itself. It is one of the most appealing products.</p> <p><strong>All Kalumet vaporizers come with tools</strong> to help us with the cleaning and dosing such as brushes, dabbers and small boxes to keep and carry oils. If you need any spare part you'll certainly find it in <strong>our wide catalogue of resistances and batteries,</strong> so that you can keep you vaporizer as if it were new for a long time.</p>
  • Fuzion Vaporizer
    <p>Fuzion brings us many <strong>models of vaporizers and of very different prices so that everybody can access the world of THC vapor. These vaporizers are ideal to get into the marijuana vapor world without spending much money though they don't make the most of weed.</strong> Ideal to have a good time or as a gift for a smoker friend.</p> <p><strong>When properly used it is possible to get more vapor</strong>, but otherwise it can be difficult to make vapor. What we do is <strong>bending it a bit while we inhalate so that weed touches a bit the resistance and thus, when breathing in hot air runs through the weed.</strong> If it is not slightly bent when we breathe in, weed moves with the air and stays under the cover, and then we only inhalate hot air.</p> <p><strong>Each model presents different properties and designs, but</strong> <strong>they all work in a similar manner.</strong> They all work by <strong>plugging them directly to the electric power network</strong> until they <strong>reach high temperatures</strong> but the problems come from the fact of us inhaling too quickly. When we do this the air we breath hasn't enough time to heat up before running through the weed and this is why we bend it and take advantage of the heat of the resistance when breathing in.</p> <p><strong>The most common one is the wooden <a href="">AVR102</a>. It is a simple -in both use and design- vaporizer.</strong> It consists of a <strong>wooden box with a resistance that heats up until reaching the preset degrees we want. It has a digital screen</strong> that displays the temperature we have selected and all we have to do is increasing or lowering it by means of small arrows. <strong>When it is ready we'll connect the hose with the marijuana and start to breath in.</strong></p> <p><strong>The KBX vaporizer has many similar characteristics,</strong> such as temperature selection and a digital screen but with a more modern touch. Its design is nicer though it works very similarly. It comes with<strong> exclusive designs such as the checkered one or the one with skulls. The choice is totally random</strong> since you don't know which one you'll get until you open the box.</p> <p><strong>VP 350 is very similar to the former ones, but it has a great advantage when compared to them. The resistance in this vaporizer is not straight but slightly bent upwards.</strong> This helps a lot to improve the vaporizing and it is not to bend it so much when breathing in (though it is still necessary).</p> <p><strong>The Galaxy Vaporizer is the best one, since the resistance is set directly upwards</strong> so all the heat will come through your weed and all the vapor through the hose. It has <strong>several accessories to connect to your bong or your water pipe.</strong> In this way you will get a fresher vapor.</p> <p><strong><a href=""><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Hoses</span> </a>have two glass pieces and one is more important than the other.</strong> <strong>The one where we put the weed is the one that breaks up usually</strong> since when leaving it on the table or pulling from the hose or removing the vaporizer cracks easily. These are fina glass pieces and besides, they are hot, so a small torsion or a little of extra strain will make them break. We have spare hoses so that you can keep on using your vaporizer even if these pieces break. </p> <p>If you are looking for <strong>a simple and economical vaporizer, knowing that you aren't purchasing the best in the market,</strong> Fuzion might be perfect for you. You will find <strong>all Fuzion vaporizers in a single section</strong>, all of them with a detailed description about temperatures or the information displayed by the screens. </p> <p></p> <p></p>
  • DaVinci Marijuana...
    <p>DaVinci brings us their <strong>last generation portable vaporizers.</strong> <strong>Satiate your hunger for smoke</strong> by simply vaporizing and make the most of your weed by s<strong>electing temperature accurately.</strong> <strong>Made of the best materials and with long lasting batteries</strong>, they are real portable vaporizers.</p> <p>The <a href=""><span style="text-decoration:underline;">DaVinci</span> </a>vaporizer is one of the <strong>first portable vaporizers that started to use lithium batteries, which increased their lifespan notably.</strong> Another incorporation was being <strong>able to regulate temperature degree by degree,</strong> so that the density of the steam and the duration of weed in the bowl are totally dependable on the user. It has<strong> two filling chambers, one for marijuana and another one for essential oils,</strong> so it covers a large range of products that can be vaporized. <strong>It heats up quickly</strong> so that our vaporizer will be ready to be used in a few seconds. It is <strong>one of the most satisfying portable vaporizers.</strong></p> <p>Then, the <a href=""><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Ascent</span> </a>came out. It is <strong>an improved version of the DaVinci.</strong> The design is <strong>much smaller so we save a good weight to carry in our pocket.</strong> It incorporates technological improvements such as the inhalation tube made of borosilicate to guarantee a clean and unaltered flavour. The <strong>pieces required to heat up the weed are reduced to their minimum expression, so cleaning is easier.</strong> The bowl has gone <strong>from being made of stainless steel to ceramic,</strong> achieving a much better taste and a more homogeneous heating. Our <strong>weed will heat up everywhere in a uniform manner,</strong> so we <strong>won't get burnt weed at the bottom while the top part one is still green.</strong> A <strong>digital screen</strong> displays both the selection of temperature and the remaining battery, so you are kept up to date constantly. After <strong>10 min of use a safety system will turn the vaporizer off,</strong> to avoid it to overheat and to save battery. </p> <p>If one of your DaVinci vaporizers needs any <strong>spare part</strong>, such as the inhalation tube, you will find them in our catalogue. <strong>Keep your vaporizer as if it were new</strong> and prolong its lifespan thanks to spare pieces. You can use the <strong>essential oils chamber to vaporize your best extraction</strong>s. If the charger breaks down and you can't load your battery you can always <strong>buy a new DaVinci charger</strong> in our website. <strong>All pieces are original parts by DaVinci to keep a maximum quality.</strong></p>
  • Vaporite Vaporizers
    <p>Vaporite is a brand of <strong>herbs vaporizers.</strong> It can be used to vaporize medicinal and aromatic herbs. Many of their vaporizers include pieces for aromatherapy to release vapor with the smell of your favorite herbs. Exclusive designs, temperature regulators and even remote controls are some of the features displayed by the products of the brand to make sure you <strong>can enjoy vapor as you like.</strong> They are inexpensive and will allow you to enjoy the vapor of your marijuana at an unbeatable price. All Vaporite vaporizers have been <strong>tried and tested</strong> and if you follow the instructions you will get puffs of the <strong>best vapor with very little weed.</strong></p> <p>The Ball Vaporizer<strong> is one of the most economical ones</strong> since its mechanism is quite simple. It consists of a bowl connected to a resistance which will heat up progressively when we turn it on. A glass hood will cover the bowl with weed and thus we will get to see when vapor is generated so that it doesn't escape. When the ball is full with vapor all we have to do is inhale it through a hose. It is not the best possible vaporizer and it does not make the most of weed but it will<strong> get us started at the vaporizing world for very little.</strong></p> <p>Then, we have<strong> other models that are more complete</strong> and that will allow us to control at least temperature of the resistance, providing a vapor more to the taste of the consumer. If you are a regular smoker, this vapor won't satiate you as much not even at the hottest temperature, since vapor is less satiating than smoke. But, though you won't feel it so much in your lungs or don't feel it in the smoke, you'll be <strong>absorbing many more cannabinoids</strong> multiplying its effect by 3.</p> <p>The vaporizer <a href="">VR-004</a> is one of the most economical ones with<strong> temperature selection</strong> -though it doesn't display the degrees at which it evaporates-. It's a box with a resistance where air is heated up while we inhale, so if what we want is to get some vapor we'll <strong>have to breath in slowly.</strong> If we do it heavily or like if it were a joint, only cold air will get in and won't vaporize the resin. Puffs must be long and slow, otherwise you will never enjoy your vaporizer. Then, we will only have to turn it on, <strong>wait until it's hot</strong> while we fill the bowl with weed and then, once it's hot, we'll be able to vaporize it.</p> <p>Vaporite Solo is just an improvement if VR-004 where we can select a specific vaporization temperature. There are two available models with the <strong>same characteristics</strong>, the <a href="">Analogue Solo</a> and the Digital Solo. With the analogue one we can choose the desired temperature with a wheel while the digital screen display the chosen temperature. A light will let us know the temperature has been reached and all we'll have to do is put the hose with the weed to start vaporizing it. It has another piece to use other type of plants for aromatherapy by releasing their scent to the room.</p> <p>If we choose the Vaporite Solo Digital we'll have several advantages, one of them is that we'll see the current temperature in the screen and will know how long it's left until we can vaporize. <strong>A screen in two color s</strong> will display both temperatures: the selected and the current one. In many occasions we think the device is hot enough to vaporize but it doesn't seem to work at all. This happens because this type of vaporizers need about 10 min to reach the maximum temperature. Sometimes we think they don't produce any vapor and the reason is weed has been put in place too soon. With Vaporite Solo Digital we always know precisely when it is ready and <strong>won't waste any weed.</strong></p> <p><strong>If you're looking for an economical vaporizer of a good quality</strong>, Vaporite has a solution for you. Their models are particularly used for new comers into vaporizing world since they don't require an excessive investment. Some vaporizers produce much more vapor but they are also more expensive and not everybody can afford them.</p> <p>If you need<strong> any accessory such as the hose or the filling chamber,</strong> you can buy spare parts in our website. All Vaporite items come with a detailed description explaining <strong>main characteristics and best mode of employment</strong> so that you can choose the one that suits better your needs. </p> <p></p>
  • Verdamper Vaporizers...
    <p><strong>Verdamper Vaporizers have been recognized as some of the best in the market since they were first launched in 1995.</strong> <strong>Almost every Dutch Coffee Shop owns his</strong> given it does make the most of weed, providing a great amount of vapor. Each vaporizer consists of a borosilicate main body with several glass pieces that fit in perfectly to assemble a whole vaporizer. <strong>A heater will heat the air that passes through the weed and a water filter will cool down the vapor</strong> so it reaches your mouth with all its flavour.</p> <p>The commonest model is the <a href="">Verdamper De Luxe</a><span style="text-decoration:underline;">,</span> <strong>a model similar to a big bong.</strong> The bong consists <strong>of several parts, and depending on the chosen model the body and different accessories will differ.</strong> There are <strong>two sizes of main part: large and small.</strong> What both models share is that they have a filling chamber and a heater while the rest of the parts are different.</p> <p>It is also <strong>possible to choose it with a safety valve or not but keep in mind that if you choose it without a valve you won't be able to purchase it and fit it later.</strong> This valve <strong>protects the water filling chamber, in case someone coughs inside the vaporizer</strong> when inhaling. If there is <strong>no valve and we blow inside, water will come up through the tube and end up soaking our weed</strong>. This unfortunate incident can be avoided by not blowing in or with a <a href="">safety valve</a>.</p> <p>There is another and <strong>more economical model</strong> that instead of presenting a borosilicate bong looks rather like a jar with a cork lid. <strong>The Verdamper Reizer uses the same system with a heater, produces the same amount of vapor, but it has a much more economical</strong> body than the borosilicate.</p> <p><strong>All models work the same way, although the vaporizer shape might change.</strong> A bowl located inside holds the weed at the top part of the vaporizer. A heater is set on top of the bowl and inside a cannula of borosilicate and it is plugged to the power network. <strong>Everytime we take a puff the heater will heat the air passing through the weed so it vaporizes the resin</strong>. Vapor will go then through a water filter that besides removing many impurities will cool it down, making it<strong> much fresher and tastier by the time it reaches your mouth.</strong></p> <p>It is one of the vaporizers that makes the most of your marijuana, <strong>besides being quite similar to smoking weed in a bong. You'll get a cleaner and more powerful effect with a smaller amount of marijuana. In addition, you will get rid of many of the harmful substances that exist in the smoke of joints due to combustion.</strong> As a result, both your pocket and your lungs will be thankful!</p> <p>When you <strong>purchase a Verdamper vaporizer, you have a device for life s</strong>ince there are spare parts of all components. Indeed, in our catalogue you will find the <strong>own main body or any of the smaller pieces</strong> that might have broken. All components are made of high quality borosilicate by Verdamper.</p> <p><strong>Your vaporizer will look as if it were brand new forever.</strong> It is the v<strong>aporizer that the medicinal cannabis user cannot miss</strong> since it is certainly the <strong>cleanest and healthiest option to consume cannabinoids without smoking.</strong></p> <p> </p> <p></p>
  • Snoop Dogg Vaporizers
    <p>Snoop Dogg is a <strong>brand of portable marijuana vaporizers created by Greco Science with the collaboration of the rapper Snoop Dogg.</strong> Their vaporizers are made of the <strong>best materials to guarantee a long duration of the battery and a high temperature</strong> to vaporize weed properly and get a satiating smoke. </p> <p>There are s<strong>everal models available in the collection: some of them only vaporize while another model work as an electronic pipe</strong> rather than a vaporizer. <strong>Vaporizers heat marijuana enough so that resin evaporates and we can inhalate it</strong> as if it were smoke. The key is that marijuana must be hot enough without burning. But, the truth is the model with a resistance usually causes vegetal matter to burn and<strong> though vapor becomes more satiating, it is not as clean since it includes rests of the combustion.</strong></p> <p>The model <a href="">Snoop Dogg G Pen</a><span style="text-decoration:underline;"> </span>i<strong>s the e-pipe/vaporizer we are talking about. It consists of a long duration battery like the ones of e-cigarettes</strong> and a part that includes the mouthpiece, the bowl and the resistance. By pulling on the mouthpiece we will find i<strong>nside the bowl with a resistance where crushed weed has to be introduced. There is room for a good amount so we'll have a nice smoke experience.</strong> Then, the start button has to be pressed 5 times in order to free it and then, all that's left to do is smoke the cannabinoids of our marijuana. <strong>We press the button a couple of seconds before inhaling and then we can breath in.</strong> When you are done with your puff, release the button and repeat for the next one. K<strong>eep on stirring your marijuana with a little stick</strong> in the bowl while you are using, so the bottom part doesn't burn out while the top part stays green.</p> <p><strong>The DGK Model is the one that's been in the market for longer. It is a vaporizer with a very well done camouflage design.</strong> It is i<strong>deal for those who only want vapor</strong> <strong>since it doesn't cause combustion</strong> and yet, it's quite satisfying. Remember <strong>marijuana portable vaporizers don't usually produce much vapor and sometimes we cannot even notice it in our mouths. However, with the DGK  at least we will get to see the vapor when we take a puff.</strong> We will enjoy the taste of our weed much more, particularly because it will be 3 times more intense than the flavor of any joint made with the same weed. You can vaporize at 3 different temperatures and it's easy to change from one to another by simply holding the button pressed for 5 seconds. It comes in a transport case with a card grinder, spare grid filters for the mouthpiece and a cleaning brush.</p> <p><strong>Snoop Dogg G Pro Brush is a model very similar to the DGK but it comes with the pack Bush.</strong> This is how the last album by Snoop Dogg is called and within the box you get a code to free download the album. Vaporize your weed at 3 different temperatures while you listen to the tracklist. <strong>Besides, there is a cleaning brush, rubber mouthpieces in order not to burn your lips, a pot to sow your Bush seeds  and a plastic plate to crush your buds. The G Pro Black Scale is a vaporizer with a different outer look and has a faux-leather handle. Black Scale is an American clothes and gear brand</strong> that brings their designs to the model Grenco. This is able to vaporize up to 0.5g of marijuana anywhere by choosing among 3 different values of temperature. <strong>Design varies among these models and also the accessories included in the pack. In some cases, we find the small tray to crush the buds and with the word ILLEGAL, a card grinder, rubber mouthpieces, spare grids for the mouthpiece and a cleaning brush.</strong></p> <p><strong>The <a href="">Snoop Dogg G Pro</a> is the first one that was given its name by the rapper. It is one of the nicest in the outside and displays a flashy design with marijuana plants in blue and white. It comes with a Snoop Dogg tray for crushing the buds, two long rubber mouthpieces and 3 short ones, a card grinder by Grenco and a cleaning brush. It is very similar to the former ones, with 3 levels of temperature and a bowl with room for more than 0.5g.</strong></p> <p>Find <strong>your vaporizer among our selection</strong> at an <strong>unbeatable price since all our Snoop Dogg vaporizers are on offer.</strong> <strong>Choose the model you like best</strong> and take it home for much less than you expected. We provide <strong>our opinion about every item in the product description so you are aware of pros and cons</strong> before you make your choice.</p> <p></p> <p></p>
  • CloudV
    <p><strong>CloudV is a company founded in Southern California</strong> that’s dedicated to designing high quality, top range vaporizers. They pay attention to every last detail in order to give their customers the best possible vaping experience. This is exactly why they’ve won <strong>14 prizes</strong> for best product; this is the only company specialized in designing and making vaporizers that has won that many prices.</p> <p>This company puts a <strong>lot of work</strong> into investigating modern vaporizers in <strong>portable format</strong>. They want to improve upon existing devices and offer even better results. Their designs are quite <strong>elegant and discreet</strong>, and they are incredibly easy to grow; you can use it whenever and wherever you want.</p> <p>The <strong>CloudV Pen</strong> is one of the most discreet vaporizers in the market thanks to the fact that it looks exactly like a pen. You can carry it around in your shirt pocket if you want and nobody will have a clue that it’s a vaporizer for weed; <strong>it’s super discreet</strong> and you can consume your liquids and extracts easily.</p> <p>The <strong>CloudV Diamond</strong> is a more compact vaporizer that produces an incredibly high quality vapor that’s dense and still maintains the original flavor of your weed. It’s super easy to use, like most of CloudV’s vaporizers; you can control the <strong>temperature by degrees</strong> so that it fits your needs perfectly.</p> <p>The <a href="">CloudV Phantom</a> is one of their best vaporizers thanks to its elegant, discreet design that will go fully unnoticed when used out and about. It’s perfect for those that want to stop smoking their cannabis and start vaping it, which is much healthier.</p> <p>The <strong>CloudV F17</strong> is a highly efficient vaporizer that’s quite small, weighing in at <strong>120g and just 10cm long</strong>. Thanks to its super compact size and great design, you can enjoy incredibly dense and quality vapor.</p>
  • Zeus
    <p><strong>Zeus Arsenal</strong> has an incredible passion for making high quality vaporizers, making it more of a lifestyle than a job. Their main objective is that people <strong>enjoy their vaporizers so much</strong> that it becomes a constant in their lives, like eating and breathing. Zeus has designed some pretty innovative vaporizers that are at the forefront of the future.</p> <p>They work with a <strong>large team of German designers</strong> that work on developing ways to improve the vaping process, using vehicle-grade technology to make for swift and precise vaporizers. Their designers took to heart the opinions and reviews given by their customers when designing their new models, adapting their designs to the needs of their customers. The continuous <strong>feedback</strong> received allowed them to focus on the general experience their customers were having.</p> <p>Zeus has created <strong>various different vaporizers</strong> in different sizes and different price ranges for all budgets; each and every product is of the highest possible quality and incredibly sturdy. They have various high-performance vaporizers such as the <strong>ARC GT and its innovative accessories</strong> and add-ons. Zeus Arsenal has always made sure to <strong>produce high-quality product</strong>s that are accessible to all walks of life.</p> <p><strong><a href="">Zeus Arc GT</a></strong> is definitely their most <strong>impressive creation</strong>; we can definitely say that this is one of the best portable vaporizers on the market, making even the most demanding smokers happy. They’re made out of quality materials on both the outside and inside, so you’re guaranteed a sturdy, long-lasting device. Its gold finishes are <strong>incredibly beautiful</strong> and its potent battery allows you to use it for quite a while. <strong>The Zeus Arc GT vaporizer</strong> produces an intense dense vapor with an intense flavor. You can get your hands on their accessory which allows you to switch your bong to a vaporizer, cooling down your vapor instantly and making for the most intense flavor.</p> <p><span>Zeus Arsenal has made itself known in the <strong>world of vaping</strong>, with their attention to detail and incredibly efficient, effective devices.</span></p>
Marijuana vaporizers for medicinal use

Marihuana and BHO vaporizes of all models and prices so that, even if you cannot afford a Volcano, you can enjoy the vapor of your cannabis. Vaporize and forget about CO2 and combustion, keeping just the therapeutic effects of marijuana without the harmful effects of inhaling CO2 and other products of combustion.

Here you'll find vaporizers of marijuana and BHO extractions so that you can also enjoy your oil. In our catalogue we have a wide selection of table top vaporizers and also portable ones with battery which will allow you to enjoy your weed wherever you are. We also sell spare parts of all the models we have to make sure you can always replace a broken piece and enjoy your vaporizer as if it were new.

Portable vaporizers are very useful when we're out of home and still want to take our regular dose of cannabinoids often. You'll be able to vaporize your cannabis anywhere since they run on batteries. Depending on the models, batteries can last more or less time. Some models such as Vapomax V.8 that run on lithium batteries are quite good and last long time.

Table top vaporizers are intended for use at home. They are plugged into a regular outlet so they will never let us down when vaporizing. Another advantage is that, since they are directly plugged to the net, resistances are more powerful and thus provides higher temperatures faster. Generally speaking, they tend to satiate much more than the portable ones. As it happens with portable ones, the most economical ones are those which make the least of our marijuana in terms of vapor produced. For instance, the vaporizer Bola doesn't produce much vapor per marijuana gram. On the other hand, Volcano can give you 4 bags of satiating smoked with that very same amount of marijuana.

Consumers of medicinal marijuana have now an alternative option to use their medicine, other than smoking it. In this way, the can benefit to the maximum from the active ingredients of weed. For example, when a joint allows you to absorb 20% of the original cannabinoids of the plant, vaporizers allow you to absorb 90% of it; which is a substantial improvement and much more profitable.

If what you need are strong effects, the best you can do is vaporize cannabinoid extractions such as BHO or Hashish oil. Since cannabinoids are more concentrated it will be easier for us to achieve a strong and immediate effect. Besides, vaporizers for these substances are more economical than those used for marijuana. You have several models of electrical pipes with resistance such as Pipeta Deluxe or Vapen, which will allow us to vaporize easily two substances in the same pipe.

Vaporizers that produce little vapor are rarely used for recreational purposes. The higher the temperature, the more dense the vapor will be. However, you'll be renouncing very important cannabinoids such as CBD that evaporates from 60°. Therefore, the lower the temperature, the better the medicinal and relaxing effect will be although the smoke will be barely noticeable and won't satiate the regular smoker.

Our vaporizers are all classed by brand since many vaporizers are alike and you can even find the same ne in different brands. Whichever you choose and whatever you're looking for, you'll be able to buy your portable or top table marijuana vaporizer for weed or BHO -or even both- in our website. Permanent offers in all our vaporizers.