Marihuana and BHO vaporizes of all models and prices so that, even if you cannot afford a Volcano, you can enjoy the vapor of your cannabis. Vaporize and forget about CO2 and combustion, keeping just the therapeutic effects of marijuana without the harmful effects of inhaling CO2 and other products of combustion.

Here you'll find vaporizers of marijuana and BHO extractions so that you can also enjoy your oil. In our catalogue we have a wide selection of table top vaporizers and also portable ones with battery which will allow you to enjoy your weed wherever you are. We also sell spare parts of all the models we have to make sure you can always replace a broken piece and enjoy your vaporizer as if it were new.

Portable vaporizers are very useful when we're out of home and still want to take our regular dose of cannabinoids often. You'll be able to vaporize your cannabis anywhere since they run on batteries. Depending on the models, batteries can last more or less time. Some models such as Vapomax V.8 that run on lithium batteries are quite good and last long time.

Table top vaporizers are intended for use at home. They are plugged into a regular outlet so they will never let us down when vaporizing. Another advantage is that, since they are directly plugged to the net, resistances are more powerful and thus provides higher temperatures faster. Generally speaking, they tend to satiate much more than the portable ones. As it happens with portable ones, the most economical ones are those which make the least of our marijuana in terms of vapor produced. For instance, the vaporizer Bola doesn't produce much vapor per marijuana gram. On the other hand, Volcano can give you 4 bags of satiating smoked with that very same amount of marijuana.

Consumers of medicinal marijuana have now an alternative option to use their medicine, other than smoking it. In this way, the can benefit to the maximum from the active ingredients of weed. For example, when a joint allows you to absorb 20% of the original cannabinoids of the plant, vaporizers allow you to absorb 90% of it; which is a substantial improvement and much more profitable.

If what you need are strong effects, the best you can do is vaporize cannabinoid extractions such as BHO or Hashish oil. Since cannabinoids are more concentrated it will be easier for us to achieve a strong and immediate effect. Besides, vaporizers for these substances are more economical than those used for marijuana. You have several models of electrical pipes with resistance such as Pipeta Deluxe or Vapen, which will allow us to vaporize easily two substances in the same pipe.

Vaporizers that produce little vapor are rarely used for recreational purposes. The higher the temperature, the more dense the vapor will be. However, you'll be renouncing very important cannabinoids such as CBD that evaporates from 60°. Therefore, the lower the temperature, the better the medicinal and relaxing effect will be although the smoke will be barely noticeable and won't satiate the regular smoker.

Our vaporizers are all classed by brand since many vaporizers are alike and you can even find the same ne in different brands. Whichever you choose and whatever you're looking for, you'll be able to buy your portable or top table marijuana vaporizer for weed or BHO -or even both- in our website. Permanent offers in all our vaporizers.