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Expert growers and cannabis strain enthusiasts, as well as those that make their own hybrids, will absolutely love our wide range of regular seeds that you can choose from. You can use these strains to grow your very own hybrid strains using fresh, regular seeds. Take a look at the different seed banks that we have in this sector, you might just find a diamond in the rough and grow your very own potent, psychoactive regular strains.

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Regular seeds

Regular seeds

Regular seeds are considered as the classic ones, those which have been selected and kept over the years to maintain their smell, taste and productivity properties. In GB The Green Brand you can find a large selection of regular cannabis seeds, that are provided by the best national and international banks around the world.

Even the most experienced growers and genetic-lovers rate positively our hard task in selecting the best regular seeds posible, with the objective that you can grow your own genetics thanks to these incredible seeds.

Regular seeds with incredible psychoactive potential

One of the main advantages that this type of seed has is the incredible psychoactive potential that their genetic contains. Likewise, these strains are perfect for more experienced growers that love botanic. In addition, as they haven't been modified genetically, it allows you to produce yields of the highest quality, with the possibility to create incredible mother plants to keep planting.

One of the reasons why seed banks use regular seeds to create their own genetics is thanks to the plants great resistance and strength, clearly superior to feminized seeds. This strength is due to the strains not being subjected to any type of feminization treatment such as STS or giberelin. Therefore the strength of the plants is passed onto future generations and cuttings, posibilitating faster rooting.

The best regular seed strains

Infinite options when choosing from our catalogue in GB The Green Brand,we have selected 4 genetics that will turn your crop into an authentic delight.

Pakistan Chitral Kush is a pure indica strain that is known for its famous coloring and beautiful flowers full of trichomes, with green, redish, pale pink or dark violet tones. Ideal to choose as a mother plant as it produces dense and fat buds. Its aroma and flavour is associated with sweet blackberry bubblegum, as well as having relaxing and pleasant effects. We can categorise it as a perfect strain to make exotic hashish, as it yields potent resin.

Power Plant is a strain that has been around for 20 years, originating from south africa and worked on by Dutch growers. A strain with pure genetics that offers high yields and THC levels.It is important to add that it has a floral and sweet aroma, with some bitter notes that remind you of nuts. Regarding its effects, it can activate and relax you at the same time, as it contains energetic components and narcotics.

Crockett’s Haze Regular by DNA Genetics is a Haze that has deep, incensed flavor. Although it's 80% sativa, it only needs 10 weeks to flower indoors. It is featured for its sticky resin and to be very grateful for being under lamps. Its flavor is deliciously incensed with hints of spice and black pepper, combined in a potent psychoactivity mental effect.

Bubble Gum Regular by Serious Seeds is a sweet, high-yielding plant. This strain has a delicious strawberry chewing gum aroma that will have everyone drooling if you go out with some on you. It flowers incredibly fast, producing compact plants regardless of the medium. Has a gradually building euphoric effect, although you can also notice a series of physical and cerebral sensations. This strain is originally from Indiana, USA and has won 10 times the High Times Cannabis Cup.

The Best Regular Seed Banks

Down below, we will list a selection of the best regular marijana seed banks that supply the most incredible and productive genetics to our grow shop online.

Ace Seeds is a seed bank known for having the best sativas on the market or, at least, the largest collection of sativa strains.  You'll be able to make your own selection of mother plants or make your own crosses to create your very own unique strain. The most important strains it has are the Pakistan Chitral Kush, as well as the Bangi Haze and the Purple Haze X Malawi.

Dutch Passion is a Dutch seed bank that's been spreading their strains all over the world for more than 30 years. Indeed, regular marijuana seeds are generally stronger, more stress-resistant and higher-yielding. Their most renowned strains by marijuana growers are Power Plant, Blueberry and  Mazar.

DNA Genetics is a seed bank based in Amsterdam which offers the best seeds. Since the 60’s, DNA Genetics has studied the cannabis properties, having won more than 150 prizes for the creation of their sativa, indica and hybrid genetics. In between their strains, the most well known are Crockett's Haze, Crockett’s Dawg and Crockett’s Confidential

Serious Seeds is a Dutch seed bank that has been supplying award-winning strains for many years. Among their strains they offer one of the most prized strains in the world of cannabis, the same strain that has won trophies such as the High Times Cannabis Cup or High Life Cannabis Cup, on more than 20 occasions. All of their genetics present high quality and a strong capacity to produce cannabis plants full of incredibly dense and resin buds. It has some of the most prized plants in the world, such as AK-47, Chronic, White Russian, Kali Mist and Biddy Early.

The remaining banks you can find in GB are :  Barney’s Farm, Cannabiogen, Delicious Seeds, Exotic Seed, Flying Dutchmen, French Touch Seeds, Kannabia, Mandala Seeds, Medical Seeds, Mr. Nice Seed Bank, Nirvana, Philosopher Seeds, Reggae Seeds, R-Kiem Seeds, Sensi Seeds, Tropical Seeds Co, The Devil’s Harvest, White Label and SubCool The Dank.

How to Grow Regular Seeds

At first as we dont know 100% what sex will our plants be, it is convenient to germinate all of our regular seeds, with a photoperiod of 18 light hours and 6 dark during its growth stage. Afterwards, when it starts to grow leaves, we should start performing the relevant cuttings.

Likewise, after removing the cuttings, the flowering stage will start. You will give the plants a photoperiod of 12 light hours and 12 dark hours. As the male and female parents flowering times are different we will be able to differentiate each plants sex.

At this point, we can withdraw all the male plants to avoid the pollination of the female plants. Once they harvest your female plants, we can choose which ones will become mother plants to obtain clones.

Choose the best seeds strain in GB The Green Brand

In GB The Green Brand you can find a wide and extensive catalogue of regular seed strains, shipped by the best seed banks in Spain and the rest of the world. Likewise, we advise that you inform yourself with our complete description that appears on every product. You can also visit our blog and Youtube channel to learn tricks and tips on how to grow cannabis indoor and outdoors.

All the seeds have been subjected to different quality tests that guarantee 90% of its germination. The same way that they are conserved in fridges without humidity until they are sold. The reason most of the errors happen are during germination.

Therefore, if this is your case, you have to follow the steps that are in our blog, take a picture during it process and keep the packages. If they don't germinate, we will handle the changing of seeds that have not germinated.