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Regular seeds

  • ACE Seeds Regular
    <h2>Ace Seeds - Regular Cannabis Strains</h2> <p><strong>Ace Seeds</strong> is a seed bank known for having the best sativas on the market or, at least, the largest collection of sativa strains. You'll be able to choose one according to your taste, preferred color or growing environment since they will all give amazing results if grown properly. With regular seeds you'll be able to get more powerful plants, even if it means you'll also get males. They are designed to be the best. You'll be able to make <strong>your own selection of mother plants</strong> or make your own crosses to create your very own unique strain.</p> <h2>What strains does ACE Seeds</h2> <h3>Bangi Haze Regular Seeds</h3> <p>Ace Seeds has many famous strains such as <strong>Bangi Haze, </strong>a strain capable of putting up with the worst climates. It is an ideal strain for areas with high humidity or very cold places where other strains don't work out or end up rotting. Indoors, it leads to long plants that look like a mini cypress tree, which makes it ideal for setting 9 plants per lamp and square meter. Outdoors, you can get large specimens from which you can get up to<strong> 750g.</strong> If you decide to grow mother plants, you'll have an intensely fungi-resistant plant on your hands. If you tend to have fungi-related problems, this is your chance to start growing without them.</p> <h3>Oldtimer Haze Regular Seeds</h3> <p>If you want <strong>a Sativa </strong>like old school plants used to be, Oldtimer's Haze will soon become one of your favorite strains. Brought directly from the 70's to our time, we can now enjoy this <strong>almost extinct</strong> plant, the purple genotype of Haze. It is a<strong> very old selection</strong> by a British breeder named "Oldtimer" who has kept it alive and kicking all these years. It was one of the first crosses among sativas and in the 80's it <strong>was close to disappearing</strong> with the introduction of indicas and Skunks. Now you can relive the feelings brought up by this strain or use it to create new strains<strong>.</strong> It has <strong>a very strong psychoactive effect,</strong> <strong>totally cerebral</strong>. You will feel excitement and joy from the first drags which will put a smile on your face. With <strong>a very long flowering period </strong>and <strong>low yields it is</strong> <strong>grown for its effects and singularity.</strong></p> <h3>Pakistan Chitral Kush Seeds</h3> <p>You can also find <strong>indica strains such as</strong> Pakistan Chitral Kush, <strong>a 100% indica</strong> from the Hindu Kush mountains. With it we will get <strong>low and compact plants</strong>, with a <strong>fast flowering</strong> and <strong>abundant resin production</strong>. It tastes like sweet and fruity hash, and has a <strong>relaxing and narcotic effect</strong>, ideal for the last joint of the night or to fight pain and insomnia. Indoors, it has a very fast flowering period which makes it <strong>ideal for commercial growers.</strong> It only takes 55-65 days fto flower. If you <strong>choose a fast mother plant</strong>, you'll be able to have many harvests per year. Outdoors, it leads to plants that <strong>adapt to any climate.</strong> However, the higher the temperatures, the better they will grow. Plants are <strong>very resistant to fungi</strong> so, even if the rains of late summer catch you, your plants <strong>won't rot or suffer from mildew</strong> in the cold nights.</p> <h2>High Quality Regular Seeds</h2> <p>If you want <strong>maximum quality seeds and above all, pure strains,</strong> ACE Seeds regular format has a strain for you. Get guidance by reading our <strong>reviews and detailed descriptions</strong>. In our website you will find all of ACE Seeds' strains <strong>at the best price, thanks to our permanent discounts.</strong></p>
  • Barnery's Farm Regular
    <h2>Regular Barney's Farm Seeds</h2> <p><strong>Barney’s Farm</strong> is a seed bank that doesn’t need an introduction; it’s an internationally renowned bank known for their potent strains and seeds. They have created some of the most important strains in the world of cannabis. This is their new regular seed range so that you can make your very own strains or try and <strong>select female plants</strong> to grow some of the best weed you’ve ever tried.</p> <p>It all started in the Himalayas, where their breeders learnt everything they could about cannabis plants, choosing strains based on <strong>flavor, aroma and THC content</strong>. This is how they were able to create and collect rare strains from all corners of the world – from Afghanistan to China.</p> <h2>Barney's Farm Best Sellers</h2> <h3>Pineapple Haze regular Seeds</h3> <p>One of our favorite strains is <strong>Pineapple Haze by Barney’s Farm</strong>; it comes from a Skunk#1 that was crossed with an Old School Haze, resulting in a sativa-dominant plant that produces large yields of pineapple flavored weed. This plant does perfectly indoors and outdoors in most climates; it puts up well with humidity outdoors, making it great for beginners.</p> <h3>Afghan Hash Plant regular seeds</h3> <p><strong>Afghan Hash Plant</strong> is still one of the <strong>most popular strains</strong> from the Mazzar-i-Shariff region. This indica plant is known for its enormous yields and intense flavor of earth, accompanied by a citric aroma. Its perfect for indoor grows as its super easy to grow and doesn’t need much care; it takes just 8 flowering weeks to grow. Outdoors it’ll grow super easily, with hardly any care at all.</p> <h3>Widow Remedy regular seeds</h3> <p><strong>Widow Remedy</strong> by Barney’s Farm is a strain that was <strong>created after crossing a Tijuana sativa</strong> with an Indian Kerala, resulting in a plant that contains a lot of cannabinoids. It was then crossed with a pure Afghan plant in order to shorten its flowering period. This plant is perfect for indoor and outdoor growing, letting off citric and minty aromas. Its effect is relaxing and it’s perfect for those that suffer from insomnia or stress.</p> <h2>Barney's Farm - One of the Best Seed Banks</h2> <p><strong>Barney’s Farm</strong> is a household name among smokers and growers all over the world thanks to the quality of all of their seeds, which is why they’re one of our favorite seed banks. Now, you can <strong>grow quality Dutch strains</strong> and read our detailed descriptions to find out which is the best match for you!</p>
  • Cannabiogen Regular
    <h2>Cannabiogen | Exotic Regular Strains</h2> <p>Cannabiogen has an amazing<strong> collection of well known and prized regular seeds</strong>, so that you can grow their best strains in your own crop. You can find <strong>all kinds of genotypes and hybrids</strong> so that, no matter your taste, they'll have something you enjoy.</p> <h2>Cannabiogen | Grow Quality Mother Plants</h2> <h3>Buy Tropical Cannabis Seeds</h3> <p>They have <strong>tropical plants</strong> such as <a href="">Caribe</a>, a strain with <strong>an energetic and cheerful effect</strong> that can be grown indoors or outdoors. It is a super-sativa crossed with an indica in order to shorten the flowering period. Indoors, you will have <strong>to tame it with a SCROG system</strong> or else your plants will reach the light and end up with burnt tips. Outdoors they <strong>will become gigantic,</strong> yielding up to <strong>1kg each.</strong> It is <strong>resistant to mold and rains</strong> so, even if it rains at the end of the summer, your crop won't rot.</p> <h3>100% Sativa Cannabis Seeds</h3> <p>Nepal Jam is a 100% sativa strain, the result of a combination between a<strong> Nepali sativa and a Jamaican sativa.</strong> It produces strong <strong>plants, very vigorous</strong> during the growing period and exhibiting an incredibly strong flowering period<strong>.</strong> It is ideal for the outdoors since it is one of the most resistant plants against mold, fungi and cold. <strong>It deals well with low temperatures</strong> but if you grow it in hot weather it will grow much larger. It has <strong>an exhilarating and laugh-inducing effect, along with a sweet and mellow taste.</strong> Its <strong>fragrance and bluish color will mesmerize you.</strong> If you enjoy making extracts<b> this is one of the most productive strains for BHO and hash.</b></p> <h3><b>Purple Cannabis Seeds</b></h3> <p><a href="">Peyote Purple</a> is another of their <strong>star strains, not only because the lively color of its flowers</strong> but also because it has very unusual effects for an indica. It can be grown indoors and outdoors, though plants will develop differently. Indoors,<strong> plants develop mainly a central bud, and 9 plants per m2</strong> is a good amount. It takes 55-60 days to complete its flowering. This is a fast and productive plant and you could get up to <strong>400g</strong> per 600W light. Outdoors, it'll grow as tall as it does wide thanks to the strength of the sunlight. It supports the weight of the buds so we won't have to train it. In most cases, you <strong>will get a deep purple plant,</strong> with a <strong>soft and awakening effect</strong> for the everyday smoker. It<strong> tastes sweet and muddy at the same time,</strong> with <strong>incensed hints, </strong>very much like Haze. Old School smokers like it a lot.</p> <h2>Cannabiogen Strain Information</h2> <p>Whichever feature you're looking for in a plant, <strong>Cannabiogen has the ideal strain for you.</strong> In order to find it, all you have to do is read our <strong>descriptions and follow our advice.</strong> You will find <strong>great discounts on all seeds</strong> so that you can plant the best strains without worrying about the price.</p>
  • Delicious Seeds Regular
    <h2>Regular Delicious Seeds</h2> <p><strong>Delicious Seeds</strong> is a seed bank with a large spectrum of varieties and many years of experience in creating <strong>delicious flavors</strong>. Breeders have focused on improving flavors and aromas; growing their strains is a great pleasure. Their seeds can be grown both <strong>indoors and outdoors</strong> and there's an incredible range of strains for all tastes. Let's take a look at some of the strains in their catalog.</p> <h3>Sugar Black Rose Regular Seeds</h3> <p><a href="">Sugar Black Rose</a> in regular format emerged as a consequence of the huge success the feminized version of the strain got, mainly due to <strong>its excellent flavor.</strong> In order to feed the growing demand existing after <strong>several consecutive awards,</strong> breeders put themselves to work and came up with this fantastic seed. Indoors, it leads to plants that will produce <strong>very strong branches with aromatic buds and yield about 400 g/m2</strong> of dried flowers. It is possible to set up to <strong>9 pots (7l)</strong> under each lamp. Outdoors, plants will become <strong>beautiful and average-sized specimens</strong>, which can reach 2m tall. They produce <strong>huge colas filled with resinous buds of up to 900g</strong> of dried weight.</p> <h3>Caramelo Regular Seeds</h3> <p><strong>Caramelo</strong> is one of the best known strains by Delicious Seeds, thanks to the unique sweet taste from which the strain got its name. It <strong>grows strong and compact</strong> indoors, and<strong> its resinous buds crowd together in the central colas</strong>. When it is cold, buds might adopt bluish colors. It is a <strong>very vigorous</strong> strain that reacts very well to pruning, and it's ideal for a SCROG system since it will grow many branches to intertwine in the net. This technique will give you balanced <strong>crops with fantastic buds</strong> and yields up to 450g/m2 in the hands of an experienced grower. <strong>Outdoors, it also gives amazing results, yielding up to 500g per plant in favorable climates.</strong></p> <h3>Marmalate Regular Seeds</h3> <p><a href="">Marmalate</a> is one of the most productive strains in the catalog of regular seeds of the brand. This cross of Critical Mass with Lavender leads to very regular plants, with <strong>large colas filled with buds.</strong> Its delicious flowers release intoxicating scents. It can yield impressive quantities both <strong>indoors (500g/m2) and outdoors (600g</strong> per plant) if taken care of by an expert grower.</p> <p>Delicious Seeds' strains will reward your efforts with a precious and sweet final product. You will enjoy<strong> the best buds you can get by growing marijuana yourself,</strong> which is an <strong>additional pleasure</strong> to top up the delightful effects of these plants.</p>
  • DNA Genetics Regular
    <h2>DNA Genetics Regular Dutch Seeds</h2> <p><strong>DNA Genetics Regular</strong> is a seed bank <strong>based in Amsterdam</strong> which offers the best seeds you've ever seen. All the strains in their catalog are of the highest quality. These strains were ignored until recently and will help you get the best possible results. Here you can find wonderful strains brought from all around the globe. If you want to grow these seed packs you must be careful and check them regularly to detect the appearance of males among female plants as soon as possible.</p> <h2>Regular Crockett's Family Farm Seeds</h2> <p>This seed bank <strong>has been offering the best Dutch genetics for many years,</strong> since they have been doing research and fostering cannabis culture all over the world since the 60's. This prestigious company <strong>has been awarded more than 150 prizes</strong> for their strains, whether they are sativas, indicas or hybrids. All of them fulfill the expectations of the most professional growers.</p> <p>Among the strains offered by this bank you can find plants as impressive as <strong>Sour Banana Sherbet,</strong> a plant from the States which has captivated everybody with its excellent indica-looking buds, filled with resin to the top. It releases <strong>different scents from what's usually commercialized</strong> and this is why thousands of consumers have started trying these fantastic strains brought from the other side of the pond.</p> <p>You can also find strains offered by the firm<strong> Crockett's Family Farm</strong> which have won countless cups such as the well-known High Times Cannabis Cup in Holland. We'll count with a large selection of strains ranging from the best indicas to the most productive sativas, all with <strong>effects different from what we are used to.</strong></p> <p>If you're looking for <strong>stability and <a href="">good results</a></strong>, you should be able to find everything you need<strong> to do your own selections or create your own strains</strong> here. Try them and create an exclusive produce that will make a difference.</p>
  • Dutch Passion Regular
    <h2>Regular Dutch Passion Seeds</h2> <p>Dutch Passion <strong>is a Dutch seed bank</strong> that's been spreading their strains all over the world <strong>for more than 30 years.</strong> These strains <strong>have been maintained for ages</strong> so that you can re-plant your favorite plants again and again. Their regular seeds give you the chance of growing your favorite strains <strong>in their best possible version.</strong> Indeed, regular seeds are generally stronger, more stress-resistant and higher-yielding. Besides, you can use them to make <strong>your own hybrids,</strong> adding in strong and old genetic makeups that will prevail in the mix.</p> <h3>Original Blueberry Cannabis Strain Information</h3> <p><a href="">Blueberry</a> is one of their <strong>best known and most widely grown strains.</strong> It may be due to its fast bloom, its flashy color or its <strong>relaxing but not narcotic effect.</strong> It has also the peculiarity of producing very <strong>hard buds</strong> like indicas but in<strong> long colas, like sativas</strong> do. It can be grown indoors or outdoors, giving very good results in both media. If you grow it<strong> indoors you'll find less difficulties than outdoors.</strong> A weekly <strong>organic feeding and a balanced pH</strong> will suffice to get the maximum harvest. It is outdoors where you can make more mistakes, since it is easy not to have the right parameters all the times over such a long growing cycle. However, you could <strong>harvest up to 600g</strong> per plant so it is worth pampering it.</p> <h3>Original Power Plant Cannabis Strain Information</h3> <p>Power Plant is <strong>one of our favorite strains</strong> in the bank, since it has a quick flowering period for a sativa. It is <strong>a good producer</strong> and its taste does attract attention. It is a strain that grows very well indoors and outdoors. It adopts a <strong>very flashy light green color. </strong>The pistils on the calyx are shorter than usual, giving a weird look to the buds. Indoors, it has <strong>a fast flowering period </strong>that won't take too long to start once the light schedule has changed and that won't stop until the end. Outdoors, this strain <strong>develops better in a warm climate</strong>, but which will look very much like indoor plants. It is ideal for the smoker who smokes for inspiration since <strong>its effect is very mentally active.</strong></p> <h3>Original Mazar Cannabis Strain Information</h3> <p><a href="">Mazar</a> <strong>is one of the most widely grown strains by this seed bank.</strong> It's a 100% indica of fast bloom and maximum production. Ideally, it should be grown at 18h during the first 10-12 days and then flipped 12h. You should be able to harvest <strong>500g per 600W light.</strong> Indoors, you can grow large plants with long colas that will thrive in hot and warm climates. <strong>These plants dislike humidity and cold,</strong> although <strong>they will only impair their growth relatively since they are not weak.</strong> You must provide your Mazar crop with plenty of space to grow and become <strong>tall and slender.</strong> This strain has a <strong>strong and sweet taste,</strong> with a <strong>wooden/incensed aftertaste.</strong> This is one of the strains you must plant at least once if you want to know what a good harvest means.</p> <h3>Original Mazar Cannabis Strain Information</h3> <p>When you grow seeds by Dutch Passion you <strong>are planting part of marijuana history. </strong>You can <strong>find your ideal strain</strong> by reading the reviews and descriptions written by ourselves. Learn about their effects, growing techniques and<strong> tips to get the best production</strong> from real growers' experience. Besides, thanks to our <strong>permanent offers</strong>, you can enjoy your Dutch Passion Regular seeds at the best prices available.</p>
  • Exotic Seeds Regular
    <h2>Regular Dutch and Spanish Cannabis Seeds</h2> <p><strong>Exotic Seeds</strong> is a bank with a long history when it comes to the world of cannabis. Its <strong>extensive catalog</strong> demonstrates the dedication and effort made to produce stable, quality strains. Their philosophy consists of offering hybrids of some of the best Spanish and Dutch strains with the goal of breeding innovative and original seeds. And that's exactly what they've been doing <strong>for more than 20 years!</strong></p> <h3>By Regular hybrid strains</h3> <p><strong>All hybrids vary in terms of genetic indica-sativa balance,</strong> nuances of flavors and aromas, and offer also a large range of effects, whether those are physical or mental. All you'll have to do is <strong>find a strain that suits your needs or preferred taste:</strong> Exotic Seeds satisfies the needs of all serious growers.</p> <p>These seeds can be planted using different growing techniques, either in soil - to yield, production and taste - or hydroponics to get the heaviest flowers. <strong>Exotic Seeds guarantees quality strains which adapt well to their environment.</strong> Among their regular strains we recommend <strong>White Jewel, Mango Cream and Spicy Bitch.</strong></p> <h2>Exotic Seeds Strain Catalogue: White Jewel, Mango Cream and Spicy Bitch</h2> <p><strong><a href="">White Jewel</a> is a sativa-dominant regular plant</strong> with a column-like structure, ideal for planting a large amount (<strong>16-25 per m2</strong>), set directly to bloom, so that they end up being about 1m tall. Great potency and resin production, fruity and fresh flavor. Its joyful effect will put a smile on your face for hours. Once the effect is gone, you mind will be clear and lucid, with almost no hangover.</p> <p><strong><a href="">Mango Cream</a> regular</strong> is one of <strong>the sweetest plants in their catalog</strong>. Its buds are compact and hard as stone, brimming with resin. It'll be ready after just <strong>8 weeks of flowering</strong>. This plant could become your ideal mother plant for indoor and outdoor settings. It's <strong>resistant to pest attacks such as thrips and whiteflies.</strong> However, we always recommend using preventive treatments such as insecticides.</p> <p><strong><a href="">Spicy Bitch</a> regular</strong> is a sativa plant. It takes about <strong>9 weeks of flowering</strong> under artificial light and can yield up to <strong>400-500g per m2 in a short time</strong>. It's ideal for making <strong>BHO and ice-o-lator extracts.</strong> Its thick trichomes and resin make the final results incredible. The effect is mild, allowing you to enjoy it during the day while you <strong>keep on performing your daily tasks</strong>.</p> <p>Exotic Seeds gives you <strong>possibility to plant their strains in regular format.</strong> You'll be able to make hybrids with their strains and create your own exclusive plants or choose the perfect mother plant that you can keep for years and years.</p>
  • Flying Dutchmen Regular
    <h2>Flying Dutchmen | Unique Regular Cannabis Seeds</h2> <p>Flying Dutchmen is a <strong>Dutch seed bank</strong> that has quite a large selection of regular seeds. You are <strong>certain to find a strain</strong> that suits your needs in their catalog. You can find anything<strong> from pure indicas to the best sativas and any hybrid in between.</strong> All you have to do is choose the one that suits<strong> your needs best.</strong></p> <h2>Flying Dutchmen - Fuma Con Dios Regular Origins</h2> <p>Some of their strains, such as <strong>Fuma Con Dios (80% Sativa),</strong> produce <strong>an extraordinarily strong cerebral effect.</strong> You will see plants that grow<strong> tall and slender</strong> which will need to be <strong>tamed with a net</strong> so that they don't end up reaching your grow lights at the end of the flowering stage. This strain needs good exposure to light to develop properly. In any case, you<strong> won't get more than 350g per m2 with a 600W light.</strong> <strong>Outdoors,</strong> the plant will look like a bare skeleton with very few leaves and many buds. It is a late plant and it will be ready by the beginning of November. Its production rarely goes <strong>beyond 600g per plant</strong> but it is worth waiting for. It has a <strong>very Haze incensed flavor and produces a cheerful effect.</strong> Indeed, it's one of those strains everyone should try at least once.</p> <h3>Delicious Regular Strains</h3> <p><a href="">The Pure </a>combines the <strong>best of sativas and indicas,</strong> producing a hybrid plant with great productivity and quality. You'll see <strong>long buds forming colas</strong> that will increase their <strong>weight and size </strong>thanks to their indica genes. Indoors, Pure plants behave well: they are quick to bloom and don't grow much. They are ready for harvest after <strong>60-65 days.</strong> Outdoors, you will also have early plants that will be ready before the first rains, avoiding rot. You will get <strong>up to 400g per plant</strong> by the <strong>end of September.</strong> <strong>Its taste is like wood or sweet hash, very nice</strong>. An ideal strain for those seeking to <strong>escape stress</strong> since it calms both body and mind and won't allow you to think of your troubles.</p> <p>If you are looking for a <strong>relaxing indica</strong>, <a href="">Pot of Gold</a> is your strain. Besides having the expected effect, it is <strong>one of the best strains by the bank.</strong> The amount of resin it produces increases the taste and the effect and also enables you to get a good return when making extracts. <strong>Indoors, plants grow short and compact</strong> so you'll have to place <strong>9 plants per lamp and put them</strong> <strong>to bloom after 20 days of growth</strong>. <strong>Outdoors</strong>, this plant might grow to just <strong>1.5m tall, but can yield up to 500g each. </strong>It tastes like sweet hash and its <strong>relaxing and narcotic effect</strong> is awesome for the end of the day.</p> <h3>Check out Flying Dutchman's Regular Seed Catalogue</h3> <p><strong>These and many other strains are waiting for you.</strong> All you have to do is read the detailed descriptions and find the right one for you. You'll find<strong> permanent offers and discounts on all seeds by Flying Dutchmen Regular.</strong></p>
  • Kannabia Regular
    <h2>Regular Cannabis Seeds Made in Spain</h2> <p><strong>Kannabia Seed Company</strong> is a Spanish seed bank that is <strong>innovating and creating</strong> new regular cannabis seeds. Regular seeds have all the original genes in them and haven’t been put through any sort of chemical process to feminize them. You’ll get <strong>some pretty powerful strains</strong>, although if you don’t want any males you’ll need to be on top of your plants constantly to make sure no males pop up to polinize your females. For authentic cannabis lovers and growers, regular seeds offer much better results when you know what you’re doing, and <strong>you can even make your own mother plants</strong> out of your favorite genotype and have the same quality weed for years. <strong>The process used in feminizing seeds</strong> tends to slightly decrease the main qualities of the strain, so when you grow using regular seeds and select your strains and phenotypes carefully, you can get much stronger and resistant plants, capable of producing incredible buds.</p> <h3>Regular Kannabia Seeds</h3> <p>Kannabia’s first regular strain is called <strong>MC Early</strong>, a strain that gives amazing results in almost any environment, and their packets tend to have mainly female seeds in them, making for an easy grow. You’ll be able to detect any runaway male plants from an early age, as this plant can be ready in just <strong>45 flowering days</strong>. Outdoors, this plant should be ready around the beginning of September, giving up to 800gr per strain. <strong>This strain is potent</strong>, offering growers a pleasing and simple experience when grown. The buds are full of the best aromas and flavors, similar to Skunk with an intense earthy flavor.</p> <p>This strain, among many others, is part of Kannabia’s <strong>special and essential selection of magazine-worthy plants</strong>. If you’re an experienced grower or a breeder then you should be able to get your best results from Kannabia’s seed selection.</p>
  • Medical Seeds Regular
    <p>Medical Seeds is <strong>a very famous Spanish seed bank,</strong> which<strong> has acquired notoriety thanks to strains as powerful as Y Griega, as fast as Channel+ or as sedating as Prozack.</strong> They come back to their roots, <strong>launching regular seeds to satisfy those growers who want to plant classic strains</strong>, without genetic modifications. Regular seeds lead to plants which are more powerful and less prone to suffer stress as feminized ones.<br /><br />They <strong>have launched a new strain that will satisfy any smoker</strong> with its flavor and strength. After just a few months after its release it <strong>has already won several cups, all in the extractions category</strong>. It produces plants with <strong>thin and hard buds, very resinous.</strong> Although buds might not become too big, weight is considerable thanks to their density and amount of resin.</p> <p><a href="">Deep Neville</a> is the result of <strong>a crossbred of Neville's Haze from the 90's with an elite clone of Deep Chunk</strong> done by a private breeder who lent his genetics to Medical Seeds. It leads to plants that <strong>adapt very well to any climate,</strong> <strong>both indoors and outdoors,</strong> and which will get us very high productions of an awakening and cheerful weed.<br /><br />Its <strong>taste is sweet and similar to lemon. Also, it's somehow incensed like its mother Neville's Haze</strong>. It mixes perfectly with the <strong>muddy flavor of</strong> its other parental side, <strong>Chunk. A perfect mix</strong> for the smoker who loves classic strains.<br /><br />This <strong>strain has quite a strong psychoactive effect</strong> so it is <strong>not advisable for users who don't smoke often</strong> or at least they should smoke it little by little. When used for medicinal purposes<strong> it is ideal for those patients who have to undergo radiotherapy,</strong> since it will help them to <strong>get their appetite back</strong> after such a hard treatment.<br /><br />If you are looking for <strong>new strains in regular format,</strong> don't forget to try Medical Seeds' collection. Besides, <strong>you will find the lowest prices of all seeds in our catalogue</strong>. Whichever pack you choose it will come with an attractive discount. Take advantage of our prices and <strong>get your seeds from Medical Seeds Regular at an amazing price.</strong></p>
  • Mr. Nice Seed Bank...
    <h2>Mr. Nice - The Origins of Critical Mass Reg</h2> <p><strong>Mr. Nice Regular</strong> is well-known all over the world for their strength and, of course, their founder. <strong>Howard Marks</strong> is a very popular name in the cannabis movement and there's good reason for it. He always looked for the best marijuana in order to have complete control of the cannabis market, which leads them to have some of the best strains on the market. Who hasn't heard about <strong>Critical by Mr. Nice</strong>? Every old school smoker remembers seeing delicious <strong>Neville's Haze flowers in magazines</strong>.</p> <p>No matter which strain you plant, you'll get very <strong>strong and productive plants</strong> that won't disappoint if you put plenty of effort and love into them. Now, thanks to <strong>regular formats</strong>, you'll be able to make your own crosses or select the most powerful mother plants.</p> <h2>Mr. Nice Cannabis Strains</h2> <p>Black Widow is a strain that combines a<strong> Brazilian sativa with an indica from the Hindu Kush region,</strong> resulting in <strong>a real resin bomb.</strong> When it grows, it exhibits a normal color, the usual light green like any other plant, but when it starts to flower its<strong> leaves go a darker shade,</strong> almost black-looking, hence its name. Indoors, you'll get plants that grow <strong>wide and compact,</strong> so the best way to do it is place 4 plants per m2 in order to get good yields. Your plants will be ready for harvest after 55-60 flowering days yielding up to <strong>450g per m2.</strong> Outdoors, plants will grow <strong>as tall as wide</strong> and will almost certainly require to be tutored. By the end of September or <strong>beginning of October,</strong> your plants should be ready for harvest, producing around <strong>300-400g each</strong>. Black Widow produces <strong>a relaxing effect, both at a mental and physical level,</strong> ideal for resting mind and body after a stressful day.</p> <p>What can we say about <a href="">Critical Mass by Mr. Nice</a>? It's <strong>one of the most widely grown strains</strong> and most present in hybrids, particularly in those created<strong> for indoor settings.</strong> Critical Mass comes from a combination between <strong>of an Afghan with two tropical sativas.</strong> It produces <strong>dense buds and heavy yields and it is fast to bloom.</strong> If you grow it indoors, you'll get large central buds and few branches. The best thing to do is to place 9-16 plants per lamp and set them to flower soon afterwards. In some <strong>55 days</strong> we'll get our harvest ready and we'll be able to pick up around <strong>500g of buds per 600W lamp</strong>. Outdoors, you can grow<strong> large plants.</strong> Thanks to regular light exposure, <strong>branches will grow better</strong> and <strong>production per plant will increase</strong>. You'll be able to harvest up to <strong>800g from a single specimen</strong> <strong>by mid-September.</strong> It has a fruity and sweet taste with a very sour touch. It has a <strong>relaxing and narcotic effect, very medicinal.</strong> It is ideal to fight intense pain, insomnia and even to make creams and oils of great therapeutic use.</p> <p>If you need a <strong>truly therapeutic cannabis, there is no better strain than</strong> <a href="">Medicine Man</a><span style="text-decoration:underline;">.</span> It is a sativa/indica hybrid that gives us plants with <strong>a high content of CBD and THC</strong>, so despite its large amount of cannabinoids, its psychoactive effect is light. The <strong>CBD will counteract the mental effect of THC</strong>, leaving only the medicinal effect. It is <strong>analgesic, anti-inflammatory, relieves pain and helps people fight eating disorders by bringing back their appetite.</strong> It can be grown indoors and outdoors although, to make the most of it, one should grow it in warm or hot weather. Indoors, it will flower very fast and<strong> in 70 days</strong> it should be ready for harvest, yielding some<strong> 450g </strong>of weight. Outdoors and in a good climate it can <strong>yield 800g per plant</strong> easily, by <strong>mid-October.</strong> A flavor of <strong>sweet and fruity hash will disguise its sedative effect</strong> that will cure all your ailments before you even realise.</p> <h2>Mr. Nice Strain Information &amp; Pros</h2> <p>Mr. Nice Seeds <strong>has a regular strain that's just perfect for you</strong>. You'll get males and females, so you'll be able to make your own hybrids, breed your own seeds or <strong>grow it to get maximum strength.</strong> As always, if you buy them at GrowBarato you'll be purchasing your seeds at the best price since we have permanent offers and discounts on all Mr. Nice seeds. Don't hesitate any longer and get <strong>the best strains while saving money.</strong></p>
  • Nirvana Regular
    <h2>High Quality Dutch Cannabis Seeds</h2> <p>Nirvana is a Dutch seed bank that has been <strong>commercializing and improving their own marijuana strains for more than 20 years.</strong> They were one of the first banks and today they are <strong>still in the Top 10</strong> at a worldwide level. Now, you can<strong> enjoy their collection of regular seeds</strong> from which you'll get females and males to make your own seeds. You can also <strong>cross them with other strains,</strong> creating <strong>our own selection</strong> or get the best specimens for smoking since <strong>regular seeds provide the best weed.</strong></p> <h2>Buy Regular Nirvana Strains</h2> <h3>Regular Pure Power Plant</h3> <p>One of the <strong>best strains</strong> for growing outdoors or in humid indoor rooms is <a href="">Pure Power Plant</a>. <strong>Resistant to fungi and high humidity,</strong> it will work great even when grown by <strong>inexperienced growers.</strong> Indeed, Pure Power Plant is so easy to grow that <strong>one doesn't need to be an expert</strong> in order to get an abundant harvest: <strong>a soil rich in nutrients and a basic liquid fertilizer</strong> leads to very productive plants. When grown indoors, plants will feature tight internodes and can be grown without a SCRoG system or by toppings. Under grow lights, it will be ready for harvest in <strong>70 days from the change of photoperiod,</strong> while outdoors it should be ready by <strong>mid-October</strong>. We will have an invigorating and energizing marijuana, laugh-inducing and ideal for having a good time in the right company. It is <strong>used as an antidepressant</strong> since it makes the user feel like doing stuff and it is not an introspective weed. Your mind won't stop and you'll have <strong>fleeting and kind of crazy ideas.</strong> It has an <strong>incensed and muddy taste</strong>, very pleasant for old-school smokers.</p> <h3>Master Kush regular</h3> <p><a href="">Master Kush</a> is another <strong>ideal option for outdoor crops, though it works well indoors, too.</strong> The most remarkable feature of this strain is it can yield very heavy weights even with a short size, so <strong>a seasonal plant can easily yield 1kg,</strong> provided climate is favorable. When grown in a humid climate it is also unlikely to rot and <strong>it resists fungi.</strong> However, it won't yield up to its maximum potential in such as setting. Indoors, the best you can do is <strong>an apical prune,</strong> since branches tend to produce a lot. If we tutor it with a SCRoG net we'll foster fattening even more, achieving the maximum production per m2. It takes <strong>55-60 days</strong> to flower from the photoperiod change and can produce up to <strong>550g per m2</strong>. Outdoors, it will be ready by mid-September with an approximate production of 800g per plant. <strong>It tastes like muddy and sweet hash</strong> at the same time. It has an <strong>awakening and smiley effect with a relaxing come-down.</strong> Before you notice, you'll have <strong>fallen asleep with a smile on your face.</strong></p> <p>If you want <strong>regular seeds of top quality,</strong> Nirvana Seeds is one of the banks to keep in mind. Make your <strong>own selections of mother plants, create your own seeds</strong> or grow the <strong>regular and most powerful version of your favorite strain. Take advantage of our permanent offers and buy them at the best price.</strong></p>
  • Philosopher Seeds Regular
    <h2>Philosopher Seeds | Quality Regular Strains</h2> <p><strong>Philosopher Seeds</strong> is a Spanish seed bank that gives us the opportunity to grow<strong> widely accepted strains</strong> for their excellent results both indoors and outdoors. This well-known brand works every day to offer <strong>cutting edge products in terms of new and improved strains</strong>, capable of surprising any grower, regardless of her/his level of experience. They have true feminized gems that have allowed them to gain worldwide prestige thanks to their <strong>excellent results</strong> and quality. So far, the bank had only focused on producing feminized and autoflowering strains. Philosopher Seeds now has a collection of Regular Seeds consisting of two strains of <strong>indisputable quality</strong> so that you can make your own hybrids <strong>or select a mother plant</strong> for cloning.</p> <h2>Spanish regular Cannabis Strains</h2> <p><strong>Jamaican Blueberry BX</strong> is a well-known strain from the island of Jamaica. It's very resistant and fast to flower. This strain appeared recently and offers an <strong>extremely simple cultivation</strong> process in any growing medium. However, it does much better outdoors in a location with plenty of direct sunlight. Breeders know that this strain <strong>produces excellent buds</strong> with sweet scents and a<strong> thick and sticky resin</strong>. It needs to be grown organically to get to the end of its cycle at its best, yielding up to 600g per seasonal plant. Indoors, it'll be ready in 60-70 days after germination, yielding up to<strong> 400g with some 10 plants per m2.</strong></p> <p><strong>Nepal Gum OG</strong> is also able to give excellent results thanks to its high levels of resin, which will increase until your plant completely covered with white trichomes. It was created from a Nepali plant which was crossed with a Bubblegum and then, with an OG Kush which <strong>increased THC levels, pushing them up to 22%.</strong> Easy-to-grow, it produces stable and average-sized plants, without many lateral branches. It was created with <strong>Kush and hash lovers in mind,</strong> since its flavor is reminiscent of Afghan and Indian genetics. It's a good producer and the indoors is its favorite medium. It'll allow you to harvest up to 500g from 9 plants per m2. Outdoors, it's convenient to give it plenty of nutrients during the flowering period since it needs lots of food at that time. You can harvest up to <strong>650g of weed at the end of September.</strong></p> <p>Philosopher Seeds believes in quality and has managed to bring back the excitement of growing your own strains and <strong>creating your own hybrids.</strong></p>
  • Reggae Seeds Regular
    <h2>Reggae Seeds Regular CBD Strains</h2> <p><strong>Reggae Seeds started as a group of cannabis enthusiasts</strong> with a lot of experience growing and breeding. Created in 2006, this seed bank seeks to honour Jah with <strong>their wonderful collection of strains, as diverse as they are powerful.</strong> They have devoted themselves to the <strong>search and creation of great strains.</strong> They have achieved<strong> great strains through a careful selection process.</strong> The core characteristics of their seeds is that they all have a high content of CBD with an infinity of medicinal and recreational uses. Their work with regular genotypes has granted them a certain amount of prestige. As a matter of fact, their results denote<strong> rigorous work with fantastic test hybrids and the most exclusive genetic selections.</strong> We believe male plants are really important since it is thanks to them that we can create new cannabis strains. All seeds by Reggae Seeds have something in common: they all lead to plants with a very good structure, apt for indoor settings, small and with few branches, which can also be planted outdoors.</p> <h2>How does Reggae Seeds make Regular Seeds?</h2> <p><a href="">Kalijah</a> is <strong>our favorite strain by this bank,</strong> since it gives great results in any growing medium. This strain has been used to create many of the other strains offered by the bank. Thanks to its fast flowering period and incredible productivity, <strong>Kalijah has become one of the most demanded strains by the bank.</strong> It has a light color that might change to blue, adopting an attractive shade if the temperature is right. It yields plenty of flowers indoors (400g per 10 plants in 1m2) since plants grow robust and with few branches; production is concentrated along the central cola, which oozes with resin.</p> <h2>CBD-rich Regular Seeds</h2> <p><strong>The second strain worth mentioning is Roots,</strong> a sativa-dominant plant with sweet flowers. It has <strong>a compact structure</strong> but shoots up quite a lot during the flowering period due to its genes (Reina Madre by Delicatessen Seeds). Its Kalija genes allow it to form heavy buds without increasing the amount of flowers, so its pistils are thicker and more resinous. It <strong>adopts a shiny shade thanks to the layer of resin that covers it.</strong> You'll get harvests of up to 400g per plant outdoors. The best yields, though, will be achieved indoors, with an average of 500g per m2 with 12 plants.</p> <p><strong>Finally, we have</strong> <a href="">Guayaka </a>(<strong>Chem Dog x Afghani x Chem91), an original American clone crossed with our Kalijah male, carrier of CBD.</strong> The result is a compact plant with a thick stalk, resistant to diseases. <strong>It doesn't shoot up much during the flowering period, it has few branches indoors and adopts a bushy shape outdoors, with purple, blue, red and green shades at the end of the flowering stage</strong>. Easy to trim, it yields average productions (350g per specimen outdoors) and displays very compact and resinous buds. Its aromas are somewhere in between roasted wooden touches, citric and strawberry. Besides, it features an impressive bouquet of dense and delicious flavours. The effect is energizing and inspiring. Very recommendable.</p> <p>Reggae Seeds is bank that will give <strong>a lot to talk about when users come to try the stability and quality of their genetics.</strong> They carry out a good work and put love into it, and you can tell it. Try their <strong>regular seeds at the best prices</strong> and discover these incredible strains by yourself.</p>
  • R-Kiem Regular
    <p>R-Kiem Seeds is<strong> a seed bank created by the best Spanish and international growers</strong>, who have been <strong>sharing their knowledge since 1998</strong> and keep on improving their strains. We will find top-notch quality seeds since, besides <strong>selecting their packed seeds by hand,</strong> they grow their crops only with <strong>pure organic products.</strong> Their products inherit healthy genes, which will lead to healthy plants. This<strong> improves the quality of our crops</strong> which is an added value when it comes to choosing your seeds.<br /><br />They <strong>only have one strain in regular format, but it will produce very generous plants</strong> we can use it to create your very own hybrid strain. It comes from a <strong>cross of elite clones from USA and Canada</strong> that was stabilized via hybridization with an M8 Blue. By using this strain in a cross, you will be able to increase resin production and shortening the flowering period while turning an amazing color.<br /><br /><a href="">R-Kiem</a> is their regular strain. <strong>It adapts to all type of climates and crops,</strong> whether it is indoors or outdoors. You'll get a high production in both media. However, you will have to take good care of your plants if you want to make the most of this strain.<br /><br />Indoors, R-Kiem plants grow well,<strong> becoming a bit tall (about 1.2m high)</strong>. You'll have to put a net with 9 plants per m2 or do an<strong> apical prune and then set 4 plants in the same space.</strong> This will be more than enough to cover the space and will get to collect <strong>up to 500g per 600W spot.</strong> Using a net will help us achieve the maximal weight since <strong>buds become much thicker when their weight is supported.</strong><br /><br />Outdoors, this plant can put up with many different stressful issues, particularly fungi. As a result, you<strong> won't have to worry about the first rains or humid climates.</strong> Where other plants don't manage to sprout, R-Kiem can produce some of the best harvests you've seen. Your plants can grow to <strong>about 1.5-2m tall,</strong> becoming slightly rickety when the buds gain weight. The best thing to do is perform <strong>the same apical pruning as indoors but just from the 5th node.</strong> This will result in many more branches and <strong>an impressive ball of buds.</strong> By proceeding this way it is possible to harvest <strong>next to 1kg per seasonal plant.</strong><br /><br />If you want to buy R-Kiem regular seeds on our website, now's the right time. Besides having <strong>permanent discounts,</strong> each description contains<strong> all of the information you need to make an informed decision.</strong></p>
  • Sensi Seeds Regular
    <h2>Sensi Seeds | The Best Regular Seeds</h2> <p>Sensi Seeds <strong>is the most renowned seed bank in the world.</strong> Their strains have been planted by almost all cannabis growers all over the planet, at least once, with great results. Now you can enjoy <strong>their classic strains in the classic format,</strong> i.e. <strong>the regular version</strong>. You will be able to select <strong>mother plants that won't perish with time or make your own seeds</strong> by mixing males and females, making<strong> hybrids</strong> with other strains or keeping and breeding females to achieve the best version of your favorite strain. A regular plant <strong>will always work out better than a feminized one,</strong> showing more strength and featuring a more intense flavor.</p> <h2>Original Jack Herer Seeds</h2> <p>California Indica is <strong>one of our favorite</strong> strains since these plants are very generous even when grown with little care. It is an <strong>ideal strain for outdoor growers.</strong> With good soil, rich in nutrients, good sun exposure and a regular watering schedule, you can get quality, high yielding plants<strong>.</strong> It is a mix of Orange Bud and an Afghan, which gives it<strong> a very noticeable flavor of sweet citrus.</strong> Its resin yield has been increased thanks to its Afghan genes. Indoors, you will get plants that grow<strong> compact and strong</strong>, with good trunks and branches. When you set them to flower, they can bear their own weight easily and yield up to <strong>450g per m2</strong>. Outdoors, this plant appreciates sun and nice weather and, given the right conditions, it will grow almost <strong>as wide as it does tall.</strong> It produces buds along the tips of the branches and along the central cola. Its buds are very dense and heavy. <strong>By mid or end September</strong> your harvest will be ready for cutting, with <strong>an approximate yield of 700g per plant.</strong></p> <p>Then, <strong>there's Mexican Sativa,</strong> <strong>one of the first strains we got to try at and a real pleasure for any outdoor grower.</strong> This strain grows virtually on its own: it <strong>barely needs any water</strong> and it is pretty much the same with regards to fertilization. All you'll have to do is provide it with good soil and make sure it is sufficiently hydrated. She'll do the rest. It produces <strong>thin and long flowers</strong>, consisting of hundreds of balls of buds which, together, form long colas. <strong>Indoors, it will be a bit difficult to handle</strong> so it is not a really profitable option under grow lights. However, <strong>outdoors it can be the perfect plant for many growers.</strong> Beginners will find it is quite <strong>easy to grow. </strong>This strain will also suit those growers who cannot afford to visit their plants more than once a week, as it doesn't need much care at all. It is an early flowering sativa plant and has <strong>an energetic and happy effect,</strong> ideal for<strong> having a laugh </strong>with your friends.</p> <h2>Growing Jack Herer Reg</h2> <p><strong>Their ultra famous</strong> Jack Herer is <strong>the most popular and demanded strain by the bank.</strong> This strain is dedicated to an American cannabis activist to whom the breeders wanted to pay <strong>tribute</strong>. This plant grows ungainly and thin, but its flowers are a true gift for the senses. <strong>It produces a pleasant state of euphoria and mental intoxication, inducing fleeting and crazy ideas.</strong> Its <strong>incensed flavor is very remarkable</strong> and no matter how many times you smoke it, it will never taste the same. It produces <strong>3 different genotypes, two of them being very recognizable</strong>. <strong>One has a quick bloom</strong> and produces denser and harder flowers. <strong>The other one takes longer to bloom</strong> and buds come up less dense. Contrary to what you might think, the most sought-after genotype is the open one. It is an <strong>ideal strain for outdoor crops in warm climates,</strong> where we'll be able to get a more abundant production than in a humid climate. However, it is still difficult to harvest more than <strong>500g per plant.</strong></p> <p>If you are looking for top quality regular seeds, Sensi Seeds brings us their collection developed over 30 years of work. These varieties will produce both males and females so that you can<strong> create your own seeds, do crosses or select a mother which will keep its original vigor over the years.</strong> You'll find your regular Sensi Seeds at the best prices in our catalogue.<strong> Enjoy our offers</strong> and find your favorite seeds while you save money.</p>
  • Serious Seeds Regular
    <h2>Buy AK47 Reg by Serious Seeds</h2> <p>Serious Seeds<strong> is a Dutch seed bank that has been supplying award-winning strains</strong> for many years. Among their strains they offer <strong>one of the most prized strains in the world of cannabis</strong>, the same strain that has won trophies such as the High Times Cannabis Cup or the High Life Cannabis Cup, on more than 20 occasions. <strong>All strains in their catalogue are top-notch quality</strong> and have been selected for one specific characteristic that makes them unique.<strong> Now you can enjoy their regular versions, from which you'll grow the best specimens of your favorite strains.</strong></p> <p>Chronic is one of the most sought-after strains by the bank and <strong>it's ideal for indoor crops.</strong> This plant grows short and slowly, with very tight-spaced internodes that end up forming a whole central cola. Such a short size allows light to hit the plant everywhere. As a result, Chronic will yield high amounts from 16 plants in what looks like <strong>a natural SoG system.</strong> If you grow 9 plants per m2 you will have to let them develop properly since otherwise you won't fill the space in the tent. After just<strong> 65 flowering days you can harvest up to</strong> <strong>600g per 600W lamp.</strong> Outdoors, this strain grows well. These plants thrive in sunny and hot climates. If you grow Chronic seeds in a humid area you risk encountering fungi-related or rot problems, so it's an important factor to take into account. Your plants will be ready by the beginning or mid-October, yielding <strong>up to 500g per specimen</strong>. Plants will be short and filled with buds to the top. Chronic<strong> has a relaxing, physical effect,</strong> ideal for chilling. It has <strong>a sweet and intense taste,</strong> very appealing for smokers who enjoy feeling the strength of their weed's smoke.</p> <h2>AK47 Regular Characteristics</h2> <p><strong>Serious Seeds has some of the most prized plants in the world,</strong> such as <a href="">AK-47</a>. It is very famous all over the world. Many other banks use the name but you'll only find real, original AK-47 at Serious Seeds. It is a<strong> super strong strain that will send you into a trance</strong> from the very first drags. When you smoke it, you'll feel <strong>a strong effect running through your body</strong> from head to toe. You'll feel how your brain calms down and you'll stop worrying about your problems; there will be only room for enjoyment. If you plant it indoors, it will take more time to flower so it is advisable to employ a technique such as SCRoG. By tutoring them under the net we will be able to keep height under control and achieve a much higher production than if we left the plant growing on its own. Outdoors, it is <strong>a very good option for any climate</strong> since it is a very resistant plant that will put up with everything apart from frost. If you grow it in a warm climate they can yield up to 1kg per seasonal plant.</p> <p>If you are looking for <strong>an ideal strain for the outdoors,</strong> one of the best options on the market is <a href="">Kali Mist</a>. It is a <strong>100% Sativa</strong> that makes for hefty and big plants, particularly if given a long growth period. <strong>Branches grow in every direction</strong> and by the time the plant starts flowering, you will have to tutor them so that they don't break under the weight. It produces <strong>long bud colas</strong> on all branches, all of them with many flowers and few leaves. It <strong>develops trichomes with a thick head,</strong> and it is almost possible to tell if they are ripe with the naked eye. When smoking it, you'll feel <strong>an energizing and uplifting effect,</strong> ideal for smoking with friends and spending an afternoon full of laughs. It's got a <strong>tropical and sugary</strong> flavour, and it's very easy to smoke. It is <strong>pleasant for non-regular smokers who dislike intense smoke in their lungs and want to enjoy a good high.</strong></p> <h2>The best AK47 on</h2> <p>If you are looking<strong> for powerful strains which are different from any other,</strong> Serious Seeds in regular format is <strong>one of the best options on the market suitable for all kinds of grower</strong>. All you have to do is choose your favorite strain, based on the provided descriptions. We have made sure price is not an issue since we enjoy permanent <strong>offers and discounts on all regular seeds by Serious Seeds.</strong></p>
  • Tropical Seeds Co....
    <h2>Tropical Seeds Co. Regular Seeds</h2> <p><strong>Tropical Seeds Co.</strong> was started in the Canary Islands as<strong> the result of many years of work by</strong> breeders with a great diversity of backgrounds. From the beginning, these breeders have shown <strong>a profound collectivist attitude </strong>that <strong>sets them apart in the world of seed banks.</strong> Their catalogue includes <strong>landrace strains with impressive genetics from all over the world.</strong> They maintain <strong>genetic lineages in danger of extinction,</strong> growing them regularly in environments<strong> as close as possible to their original climates</strong>. These guys are <strong>true sativa lovers,</strong> though they have also selected excellent indicas and created <strong>super powerful hybrids.</strong></p> <h2>The Best Regular Sativa Strains</h2> <p>Old Congo is a <strong>100% sativa strain</strong>, the result of many crosses of landraces with the aim of discovering <strong>curious genotypes with flowers in flashy colors and ungainly long branches</strong>, capable of<strong> resisting strong winds and high humidity levels.</strong> It has very fruity flavours with an infinity of phenotypes for your smoker's pantry. It can yield up to <strong>300g/m2 indoors.</strong> Outdoors, fantastic<strong> 3m high specimens</strong> can produce up to <strong>700g.</strong></p> <p>Smooth Smoke is an <strong>indica-dominant strain</strong> whose main genotype features <strong>beautiful purple flowers</strong>. It is the result of a selected <strong>cross among strains coming from the mountains of Pakistan</strong> -the ones that contribute the <strong>odd color</strong>- and strains from <strong>Nepal which provide it with a high resistance to humidity and fungi</strong> along with <strong>abundant resin production</strong>. It is the <strong>best-selling strain by</strong> <strong>Tropical Seeds Co</strong>. Now, it is available in regular version so that you can create your own seeds. You will get up to <strong>400g/m2 indoors</strong>. Outdoors, plants can<strong> become 2m high </strong> and yield over <strong>1200g each.</strong></p> <h2>Tripical Seeds Catalogue of Original Strains</h2> <p><strong>Full Energy</strong> is a mainly<strong> sativa strain with an amazing vegetative growth.</strong> Plants can grow over<strong> 3m tall outdoors</strong>. This strain will yield fantastic productions of <strong>electrifying resinous buds</strong>, with an average of <strong>800g per plant</strong>. It is very appreciated for its <strong>invigorating and psychedelic effects</strong> to the delight of most demanding smokers. It features a <strong>very intense aroma </strong>due to a large range of <strong>citrus terpenes that vary depending on the phenotype.</strong> It is possible to get up to <strong>350g/m2 of beautiful psychotropic buds</strong> in an indoor setting. It is recommended to employ a SCRoG system so that there is no need to raise your lamps. By using this technique, all tips will stay at the same distance from the bulbs.</p> <p>We have to <strong>thank this seed bank</strong> for <strong>selecting and keeping landraces</strong> with their <strong>original genetics</strong> and <strong>enriching the spectrum of marijuana seeds with fantastic strains</strong>. Tropical Seeds Co. gives us the chance to work with specimens very different from anything else we might find on the market. <strong>If you are willing to sow marijuana plants which are entirely different from what you know, this is your seed bank.</strong> In Tropical Seeds' catalogue you'll find super wild <strong>100% sativa plants</strong> that will allow you to get fantastic outdoor crops (which are only recommended to expert growers for their indoor cultivation).</p>
  • The Devil's Harvest...
    <h2>Devil's Harvest | Regular Seeds</h2> <p><strong>The Devil's Harvest</strong> came onto the market unexpectedly, <strong>winning cannabis cups and many prizes right off the bat</strong>. It was created when <strong>two successful Dutch breeders</strong> decided to join forces and create this fantastic cannabis seed bank. The goal of their founders, Daire and Paul, is to bring their <strong>fantastic strains</strong> to every grower in the world and they are very close to attaining that. They are specialized in crossing classic (Old school) strains with new strains in order to get delicious flavors in the form of <strong>very productive and compact plants</strong>, adapted to indoor and outdoor crops. Their regular strains are intended mainly for those growers who want <strong>to create their own lineages</strong> or who wish to crossbreed them with local strains in order to <strong>increase production</strong>. You will <strong>get female and male specimens</strong> so, if your goal isn't creating seeds, you'll have to keep an eye on the first signs of male presence. You'll have to detect their<strong> early flowers</strong> on time and keep them away from the rest of the crop from the moment you're <strong>certain about their sex</strong>. We'll describe a few of their most outstanding strains briefly so that you can get to know a bit more about them.</p> <h2>The Best regular Dutch Strains</h2> <p><a href="">John Doe</a> is a <strong>very productive</strong> strain, that seeks to produce <strong>clear and energizing effects</strong> by blending sativa (60%) and indica (40%) properties. Its <strong>long bud colas, with a pointy edge,</strong> give it a special look. It got its <strong>name after the unknown parental plant from which it inherited</strong> <strong>such a peculiar look</strong>. Its short flowering time makes this strain <strong>one of the fastest sativas on the market;</strong> <strong>ideal for indoor crops</strong>. This strain makes it is possible to achieve large<strong> yields of 300g/m2</strong> in the best grow rooms. Outdoors, they grow <strong>strong and beautiful flowers, with large and pointy bud colas.</strong> It produces large quantities of dry buds, yielding up to <strong>600g per plant</strong> under the right conditions.</p> <p>You can also find <a href="">Hell's Bell</a>, a majorly indica strain that produces <strong>large and resinous buds</strong> in very compact plants. These plants will suit indoor set ups, producing <strong>large amounts of trichomes all over its delicious flowers. </strong>You'll be able to <strong>harvest up to 300g/m2</strong> under optimal conditions. When grown outdoors, plants become quite big and will be<strong> filled with long and sticky bud colas.</strong> <strong>Your plants will end up covered with a thick layer of resin </strong>that will extend to the leaves at the end of the flowering process. It usually leads to specimens that <strong>can yield up to 500g of resinous buds</strong> under favorable climatic conditions.</p> <h3>Get your regular seeds at</h3> <p>When <strong>you sow The Devil's Harvest seeds you are choosing winning strains, </strong>guaranteed. Their regular strains give you the chance of working <strong>with excellent quality material</strong> and make your own crosses to create new strains like you want. It is and ideal bank to initiate oneself in the world of seed breeding and<strong> develop very powerful and productive hybrids.</strong> <strong>Thanks to our discounts you can start your breeding experience for a very reasonable price.</strong></p>
  • White Label Regular
    <p>White Label is<strong> a Dutch seed bank</strong> backed by another great bank, Sensi Seeds. They work in together to bring us different strains and strains with the same name but from different lineages. If you grow a Super Skunk by each of these two banks at the same time, you will see that despite having the same name, each of them displays particular features. However, it's impossible to say which one is best; they are simply different. You can find <strong>maximum quality seeds in regular format</strong> to make the best selections of <strong>top quality strains.</strong></p> <p>Master Kush is <strong>one of their most widely grown strains:</strong> an Indica crossed with an Afghan that will lead to <strong>indica plants with a very early flowering period</strong>. The combination of these two strains produces compact and heavy plants, ideal to be grown indoors, under grow lamps. Outdoors, Master Kush is <strong>prone to have fungi-related problems, since buds are too dense and resinous and tend to keep moisture inside.</strong> Indoors, plants will be very generous: you can expect an ultra fast flowering period and 450g/m2 after just <strong>55-60 days from the moment they are set to flower.</strong> This strain tastes like <strong>wooden or incensed hash</strong> and it is used by many Old School smokers. It has a marked <strong>corporal and relaxing effect,</strong> ideal for resting at the end of the day or for treating insomnia, nervousness or muscular pains.</p> <p><a href="">Super Skunk</a> is <strong>one of their insignia strains;</strong> it is the one that catapulted them to fame and they are really proud of it. <strong>It was created with the commercial grower in mind,</strong> since this one yields large productions of quality weed in a short amount of time. Starting from a selection of Afghan plants, they managed to get a plant that can be grown indoors and outdoors and can yield <strong>very large crops of resinous and very hard buds.</strong> Its <strong>taste is strong and pleasant</strong> for the smoker and the effect is powerful and demolishing. Indoors, it grows tall and ungainly, letting light penetrate all parts of the plant and <strong>develop buds all over.</strong> After 65 days of flowering, yields can be over 500g/m2 and overall, it is a <strong>very easy and undemanding crop.</strong> Outdoors, plants will <strong>adapt to any climate</strong> since they only need an aired soil and some 4-5 hours of daily exposure to sunlight to give abundant yields. By the end of September or beginning of October, our plants will be ready for harvesting, with next to 1kg per specimen. Super Skunk<strong> taste is sweet and strong,</strong> nothing to do with the muddy flavor of Skunk#1. Its effect is relaxing for mind and body, <strong>ideal for escaping your stressful issues and feeling happy.</strong></p> <p><a href="">White Widow</a> is <strong>one of the classic strains</strong> that we will never get tired of planting due to its quality and high productivity. This plant is not delicate at all, which makes it <strong>ideal for the beginner grower</strong> who doesn't know much about plants. It can be grown indoors and outdoors and will lead to very fine specimens in any medium. Plants will <strong>become very wide and produce plenty of branches,</strong> so you shouldn't plant more than 4-9 plants per square meter indoors. If you want to stop them from reaching the lamps, you <strong>shouldn't allow for more than a few days</strong> of vegetative growth. The<strong> flowering stage should start after 2 weeks </strong>(even if plants look still quite small). If you train them with a net, they will produce better buds at the edges of the branches, increasing the final weight of the harvest up to <strong>600g/m2.</strong> Outdoors, you can grow specimens which don't demand much, apart from<strong> good soil and regular watering</strong>. If you add solid nutrients to the soil such as humus during the growing stage or guano during the flowering, you will barely need to use a nutritional base to get very productive specimens. One of the most <strong>remarkable features about this strain is the amount of resin it produces. Thanks to its many large trichomes,</strong> both flavor and effect will be increased. <strong>White Widow tastes strong and bittersweet.</strong> A couple of seasonal plants will be more than enough to go through a whole year and this is the reason why they are <strong>some of the most popular varieties</strong> for outdoor crops.</p> <p>If you are looking for regular seeds, <strong>White Seeds has the right strains for you.</strong> Have a look through their different strains and choose the strain that suits you best in terms of taste, desired effect and growing conditions. Our <strong>descriptions detail how to grow each variety</strong> so that you find it easy to make a choice and grow it. As always, we have <strong>discounts and permanent offers</strong> so you don't have to worry about the price.</p>
Regular seasonal seeds from several banks

Regular seeds from several banks. Regular seeds are the classic ones, those which have been selected and kept over the years to maintain their properties of smell, taste and productivity. Come back to the era where buds were buds and get your best productions. In our catalogue you will find regular seeds from many seed banks along with detailed descriptions where we tell you everything we know about the strain.

Regular marijuana seeds work the old natural way. They can become male or female, but you can be sure they have undergone unique selection processes to guarantee you'll get a plant chosen among thousands for its quality, strength and productivity and not for being 100% female (as it is the case of feminized seeds). This selection vs. manipulation results in important differences of quality between feminized and regular seeds. The latter have not been genetically modificated to become female and so they are much more resistant to a whole series of problems. The most common problem among feminized seeds is they might produce male flowers when facing different types of stress such as an excess of heat or lack of watering.

Many of the old classic banks we started to work when we first opened keep on producing their strains in regular format. Banks such as Sense Seeds or Paradise Seeds have been offering their seeds for more than 20 years through the crossbred of strains from all over the world. Little by little, they have evolved to follow the market evolution by offering feminized seeds, too. However, in their catalogues you will always find the original strains that allowed them to gain a reputation. Skunk#1 or Jack Herer are quality insignia of Sensi Seeds, and it happens the same with Nebula or Sensi Star of Paradise Seeds. White Label is the second seed bank of Sensi Seeds, where you can find most of their strains at an economical price.

Other banks only offer regular seeds. For instance, Mr. Nice Seedbank has remained loyal to its beliefs and only sells the most powerful cannabis seeds from its selections and crossbreds that have gained it a solid name. Strains such as Critical Mass or NL#5 Haze will surprise us with a strength and productivity we have not found since feminized seeds became the norm.

You can find renowned seeds such as Ak-47 or White Russian from Serious Seeds, winners of many Cannabis Cups. Their different varieties together have won many cannabis competitions awards all over the world, which has brought them fame among growers. The fame of these powerful strains is well-deserved. Ak-47 is the most outstanding one but in their catalogue you will also find true genetic gems such as Warlock, Kali Mist or Exile, all in their regular format to give you maximum power, weight and satisfaction.

Dutch Passion is another of the big seed banks which has strains for all tastes. Almost all growers have tried at least one of their plants. In their catalogue you can find names such as Blueberry, Mazar or Euforia. They've been producing quality seeds for more than 20 years and their plants are regularly awarded in all kind of events. If you are looking for a Sativa but dislike waiting for too long, you have Power Plant. This strain, with a Sativa predominance and a short flowering stage will be the right one for you. If you are looking for a super high experience, Mekong Hight will give you that kind of brain trip full with silly laughs.

Flying Dutchmen is a seed bank ideal for those who appreciate incensed tastes that remind us of old churches. They have many hybrids of Haze and an Original Haze. They have the famous Fuma con Dios (Smoke with God), since when you smoke it it releases a scent exactly like the one in a church. Swazi Safari is a 70% Sativa with many buds and few leaves, ideal for SCRoG and outdoors crops, since its production is concentrated in the tips. Pot of Gold is a true source of resin and will be ideal for extractions lovers who will enjoy seeing this Indica growing.

Cannabiogen is a Spanish seed bank that brings their genetic strains from all over the world. Their strains have carved out a position for themselves and are today among the best varieties. Pakistan Chitral Kush, Caribe or Nepal Jam are just a few names. They have seeds as strong as Destroyer, a 100% Sativa that runs out of stock every time it's released. Sugar Loaf is one of the favorite hybrids of the bank. In many occasions, this bank launches collections for a limited amount of time where they introduce new strains of different parts of the world, such as the Colombia Punto Rojo (Colombia Red Point) or Colombiche Mexicana (Mexican Colombiche). They have strains for all tastes, different in between and searched among the best ones.