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Advanced Hydroponics

Advanced Hydroponics fertilizers for cannabis

Advanced Hydroponics of Holland is a brand of nutrients used for growing cannabis specifically in hydroponic systems. This professional brand offers growers a series of nutrients that contain top-quality salts used to feed your plants and help them grow during their different phases.

Grow, Micro and Bloom are three products that constitute a proper nutritional base for your plants in their day to day growth and flowering. Depending on what phase your plants are in you’ll need to use more of one or another to ensure that your plants are getting exactly what they need.

Advanced Hydroponics also offers a series of components that you can add into your plants’ feed and that will help your plants do some of their main functions. For example, you’ll need to use Root Stimulator during the first few weeks to ensure that your plants develop a healthy and strong root system capable of absorbing lots of water and nutrients.

With Growth/Bloom Excellerator you’ll be able to increase your plants strength during both growth and flowering period, producing more cells that will in turn create new sprouts and branches during the growth phase, and during the flowering phase they’ll produce more buds and resin. This, of course, means more yield and more flavor.

With Enzymes+ you’ll take perfect care of your plants roots, decomposing any leftover organic material and turning it into essential sugars that your plants can absorb – this pushes roots to keep growing and stay young.

With Final Solution you can clean your plants out entirely before the harvest, ensuring nutrient-free plants when you cut them down – this increases the actual flavor of the weed, as it’s not contaminated with nutrients that can sometimes stick around in the branches and roots.

We also have a complete kit with base nutrients and additives so that you can get the entire Advanced Hydroponics of Holland range at the best price possible.