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Electronic adjustable ballasts Lumatek

Lumatek is a British company that’s devoted to creating professional lighting equipment for indoor growing. They started back in 2004 and since then, they have managed to produce some incredibly impressive products. They make all sorts of products such as reflectors and bulbs, they’re considered specialists in developing electronic ballasts. Lumatek’s devices are everywhere nowadays; hospitals, industrial buildings, governmental infrastructure, universities etc. They’ve established themselves in over 30 countries now.

Lumatek is so sure of the quality of their devices that they offer an additional 5 year warranty with no extra charges. Ever since they started out, they’ve strived for excellency and they’ve gotten it, producing some of the highest quality lighting devices thanks to their engineers. Lumatek produces some of the most reliable devices on the market that you can use to grow indoor cannabis.

Lumatek has expressly asked us to tell you all about their Dimmable Electronic ballast, which is available in 400, 600 and 1000w. These ballasts are highly appreciated among cannabis growers around the world thanks to the fact that you can dim your lights, which is good for your plants as well as your electric bill! Logically, you’ll need to increase light strength as your plants grow more and more, and you can even activate the Super Lumen mode, which is used to fatten buds. Their ballasts are designed in such a way that they hardly release any heat.

All of their dimmable models have various settings; the 400w model can go from 250w to 400w, and 600w can go from 400w to 600w. Their incredibly potent 1000w ballast can be adjusted from 600w upwards. These three dimmable ballasts were created to be used depending on the size of your room and the amount of bulbs/plants that you have.

Here at we’ve designed various lighting kits, with the Lumatek Ballast as the main player. You can choose from different reflectors, as well as various different bulbs. Their mixed spectrum Grolux Lumatek bulb provides amazing results in small and average-sized grows, making it perfect for both plant growth as well as flowering and fattening.

We’d recommend Lumatek’s products any day of the week; their ballasts are created to provide some of the best results on the market, and you’re guaranteed a working, quality ballast for years to come. Get your hands on one and bring your plants to the next level thanks to their dimmable settings!